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Review #1, by UpdateQueste: A Run-in with Chastity

30th August 2009:
Oooh, very interesting. I'm not sure if I reviewed the previous chapter (if I didn't, I'm sorry) but I liked that as well. So, at a guess, Salazar's parents are trying to set him up with someone? I hope it's Rowena. That is, I hope it's Rowena if they do end up together. If they don't, I hope he ends up with Rowena. But you probably guessed that already.
Please continue! I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: thank you so much :) I'm glad you're enjoying it. Yes Salazar's parents are trying to set him up with Rowena, but it's a little more complicated than that... I haven't actually decided how everyone is going to pair off yet, so we'll both just have to wait and see. ;)

thanks again for the great review

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Review #2, by UpdateLegend: Chapter One

17th July 2009:
This is amazing! I really hope you update soon! (And, yeah, Joaquin Phoenixx makes a great Salazar, doesn't he?)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Update! And yes, I completely agree. Joaquin makes the perfect Salazar with his brooding, moody visage. ;) The next chapter should be posted soon. I hope you have a great week!


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Review #3, by UpdateArranged Marriage Tutorial: Arranged Marriage Tutorial

2nd July 2009:
While I completely and totally respect the staff's right to limit the content in this archive, I do think that in historical fiction, i.e. the pre Hogwarts or founders eras, the rules might be loosened a little. My reasoning for this is that arranged marriages were an integral part of society at that point, and it was very rare indeed for the woman to be asked her consent in upper-class matches. Therefore, many stories set in that era might partially or largely center around the subject of arranged marriages. I understand that this is a sensitive issue and I appreciate that you are dealing with it to the best of your abilities.

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Review #4, by UpdateI Know You're Going To Hate Me: Nightmares and the L Word

8th May 2009:
Aw... My god, poor Rowena! Tell me who the other guy is so I can hunt him down and kill him: THERE IS NO COMPETITION FOR SALAZAR!
Love this! It just breaks my heart, though... She has those nightmares every night?!?
Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #5, by UpdateLove always starts with a fight: Love always starts with a fight..

22nd April 2009:
You know, it really annoys me when people write really excellent stories with better grammar and spelling and punctuation and so on than I have come to expect from eighty percent of the English-speaking population, and then English turns out to be their second language. (Yes, I'm joking.) It makes me feel so inadequate. (I mean, I am a long way from writing a fic in French, let me tell you.)
This is really amazing! I like how he's all trying to be cool about it at first, like 'Oh, so you've got a date, how nice' but he just can't keep his mouth shut. The last line was a killer, too. Nice work!

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Review #6, by UpdateI Know You're Going To Hate Me: Confession

19th April 2009:
Aw. So sweet! I love how he stayed up all night. And the mind games were very Salazar. Love it!

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Review #7, by UpdateI Know You're Going To Hate Me: The Morning After

7th April 2009:
Oh! What happened to her? Did she hurt Salazar? How? Hang on...
...But this is a public review system. Bah.
I have a theory...
I guess we'll see if I'm right.

You know, I wondered what was wrong with her...

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Review #8, by UpdateI Know You're Going To Hate Me: Revelations

3rd April 2009:
Aw... *sigh*
That's so sad! And now she's leaving... But not for good.

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Review #9, by UpdateI Know You're Going To Hate Me: Rain, Firelight, and Hazel Eyes

26th March 2009:
Ooh, Salazar likes Rowena!!! *grin*
That's so like Helga, fussing over a complete stranger. I love it!
*waits for validation of next chapter*

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Review #10, by UpdateMy Mirror, My Sword, My Shield: A Story of the Founders Four: Chapter Two: Growing Pains- Part One

11th February 2009:
Wow, awesome! *chuckles* 'Not-so-sweet' eh? Love it! I'm glad you updated!

Author's Response: Yeah.

Helga's always been described as like, "sweet" and "cheerful." I figured I could put a spin on some things.


Thanks for reading!

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Review #11, by UpdateMy Mirror, My Sword, My Shield: A Story of the Founders Four: Chapter One: A Birthday Guest

27th January 2009:
I'm not usually a huge fan of Round Table/Founders fics, but this is really sweet.

Author's Response: Hahaha, thanks.

I hope I can partially change your mind. :]

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Review #12, by UpdateImagined War: Chapter One

7th November 2008:
Um - look, this is really good - and I mean really good... But Helena is Rowena's daughter. The founder of Hufflepuff is Helga.

Author's Response: gah thank you.
I hadt realised that was what i put, but i'll fix it asap.
im glad you liked it!
Thanks for the review

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Review #13, by UpdateP.S. Wanna Start A School?: P.S. Wanna Start A School?

28th April 2008:
Oh, Lord, you can't do this! (Even though you just did, obviously.) Please continue this. Please!

Author's Response: lol thxs but I don't think I should

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Review #14, by UpdateRed and Gold: The Boys

22nd March 2008:
Lord! Poor Cynewulf - although he is a bit of a prat. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, Cynewulf hasn't had a very easy life... and he is a major prat; but a very proud one! :)
I will update as soon as I can (and as soon as I'm allowed by maintenance)
Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by UpdateSomething of Us All: A Clandestine Meeting

6th March 2008:
"Nice Story" or something of the sort.
I'm so glad this has been updated! I meant to add it to my favorites before, but I think I forgot... I'll do it now...

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Review #16, by UpdateThe Hunter And His Prey: The Figure

1st February 2008:
*cheers* Yay, Rowena! Poor Prince... *snicker*
I'm not going to take an outright guess at who the vampire is, but I have an inkling - which may be completely wrong, of course. Please update often! (This is going on my favorites.)

Author's Response: Woo!
Hehe yes poor Prince indeed *cough*
The vampire shall make a bigger appearance pretty soon x]
Really thrilled that you like it. I'll update as soon as i can =]

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Review #17, by UpdateGreen Finch and Linnet Bird: How is it you sing?

28th January 2008:
Going on my favorites.

Author's Response: Thanks, Update! ♥ Ginni

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Review #18, by UpdateThe Founders: Godric Gryffindor

18th January 2008:
Wow! Please update very soon!

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Review #19, by UpdateFunny Business: The Marauders Proudly Present: Sexual Education

20th December 2007:
Oh God!! Wow!
(That's a positive Oh God!! Wow! by the way.)

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #20, by UpdateA Bit Peevish: P.O.W.E.R.

4th December 2007:
Accckkk! You can't do that. *ignores the fact that you just did* Update really soon!

Author's Response: Update~

your name cracks me up! and so do you!

lol, thanks for the review.


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Review #21, by UpdateFounders Four: Heathen of the Glen

19th November 2007:
Awesome! I love this! And your pictures are great, too. Please update soon.

Author's Response: thanks for the review...someday...someday soon, i'll finish the already drafted next 5 chapters...don't know why I've stopped...maybe its all these collage applications

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Review #22, by UpdateBefore the Beginning: Flames

18th November 2007:
Accck! You can't do this to me! (Actually, you can, obviously, but that's not the point.) Update soon! Please? I'll give you virtual... er... virtual... VIRTUAL EVERYTHING! Please!

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Review #23, by UpdateBehind a Title: Chapter Three

9th November 2007:
If I give you virtual presents *gives virtual gift certificates, cake, brownies, ice cream, cookies, money, autographs of the founders* will you update soon?

Author's Response: next chapter is going up now

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Review #24, by UpdateThe Story Begins...: The Quest Begins

8th November 2007:
Gaah! Update very soon! Please?

Author's Response: Oh, I am so sorry it's taking me so long. I promise to update soon.

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Review #25, by UpdateStray Threads a Tapestry Make: Stray Threads a Tapestry Make

8th November 2007:
Wow! PLEASE update soon!

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