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Review #1, by SillyLilyAll In: Here Comes the Bride?

18th May 2008:
GAH!!! I want more! I love this story! When is more coming? Cuz this is GREAT!!!
10/10 Love Sillylily:P:P

Author's Response: Sorry! I sent in a new story and the back up is 11 days back! I'll get it in asap!

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Review #2, by SillyLilyWhat I've Done: The First Drink

23rd April 2008:
Great story! I love this, literally!! My favorite HP charactars, too! Keep up the awesome work!!

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Review #3, by SillyLilyAlong came Teddy: Along came Teddy

22nd March 2008:
Awww!!! I love this!!! You're a really good author! I hope you keep writing more stories!!10/10!!
Love SillyLily:P

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I have written other stories on HPFF and I'm not going to stop anytime soon! Writing is my release and I probably couldn't live without writing at least a little bit each day.

Hugs, Lily

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Review #4, by SillyLilySurprise!: pregnancy

13th February 2008:
ADD MORE!! lol.
pretty please?
I beg you.
I like reading these kind of stories, lol again!! :):):):)
You're doing a good job so far!!!

Author's Response: Okay :) i will write very shortly :)

I will most likely write tommorow on 15/02/08 :)

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Review #5, by SillyLilyLily Potter + Pregnant + Marauders = Chaos: Of Old Ladies and Quilts

28th January 2008:
"Never you old hags!" Said James definetly holding the quilt tightly to his chest.
"OLD HAGS?" They screeched before they began to attack James with their brick-like purses.

I hope you keep writing more to this-I'd love to read your story here anytime!

Love SillyLily :P

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Review #6, by SillyLilyShattered Illusion: Actions have consequences...

28th January 2008:
Aw! I like this story! Greatjob! I hope you keep writing!
Love SillyLily :P

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Review #7, by SillyLilyFinding Courage: Finding Courage

25th January 2008:
Aww! *favs*short and sweet!! I love this story! You did a greatjob! please keep writing!
Love sillylilly :P

Author's Response: Thank you very much. One of those burning in the back of my head stories. :)

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Review #8, by SillyLilyThe Last Marauder: The Final Battle

7th January 2008:
WOW!!! to be one hundred percent honest i was on the verge of tears when Bellatrix and Tonks were fighting. And whenever Bellatrix said some offending thing about werewolves and when tonks would say he was a man and a great wizard, i couldnt help thinking, "Right on, Tonks, you show her! Remus was the BEST!!! (along with tonks and teddy)" I just never pictured their deaths like this and it just made me so happy it ended with such a great ending!!! Your an amazing author--i say, write a story about Teddy growing up or something cuz youve got me dying for more!!!
10/10 completely!!
Love SillyLily :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P
Long live Remus and Tonks and everyone would fought in the battle in our hearts and stories!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! That's probably one of the best reviews I have ever gotten! I nearly cried while I was writing that scene between Tonks and Bellatrix! I also always saw Tonks standing up to Bellatrix and defending her husband. That's how I pictured her death scene upon finding out that Bellatrix was the one who killed her. I also didn't want to Lupin to have one of those boring traditionnal Hero deaths where he sacrifices himself to save someone else because I think they are way over done! Anyway I am so glad you liked my story! I will definately be writing some more fanfiction soon but I have my mock exams in school coming up so I won't have to time to write until after they are finished! But I promise that I do have some more stories up my sleeve and I will submit them once I get them down on paper! Thanks again for all your reviews and thanks for reading my story!


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Review #9, by SillyLilyTogether: Together

31st December 2007:
that was really cool and short and so sweet, which i love stories like that!!! Excellent work on this with the marauder thoughts and opinions-just genius!! Keep writing more please!
Love, SillyLily :P:P:P

Author's Response: Thanks for liking it so much, although this is a one-shot so there won't be any more. Thanks loads for the review.

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Review #10, by SillyLilyI Have Been Waiting For You All Night, under the Glow of the Satellite: I Have Been Waiting For You All Night, Under the Glow of the Satellite

28th December 2007:
Aww! that's so cute and funny how you had Tonks guess what Remus was-I would've never thought of something like that!!! Add more pretty please I would be so glad to read it! More! haha. :)

"A vampire?"
"Um, no"
"A veela?"
"Are you seirious?"

That part had me smiling the most!!! Great Job!!
Love SillyLily :P:P:P

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Review #11, by SillyLilyMisery Business: Misery Business

20th December 2007:
Actually, after your authors notes.I tink im gonna watch alice in wonderland now!
*Grins happily*
Love the chapters so far! add more!!!
*grins happily even wider*
Love sillylily
*puts in alice in wonderland*

Author's Response: YAYAYYAYYAYYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad you like it. And glad you read the authors note!Yay!
Enjoy the story adn enjoy Alice in Wonderland.(Not like someone CANT enjoy it)

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Review #12, by SillyLilyOvercoming Prejudice: Overcoming Prejudice

20th December 2007:
"He is not bloody dangerous!"
thats my fav line. hilarius. Right on Tonks!!!
Werewolves arent dangerous, theyre just bloody cute!
So says Tonks. lol. I tink Lupin's awesome. My fav marauder! aNyway, Fantastic job with this!!! :) i love how you wrote this with Andromeda and Ted too, i wouldve never ever ever thought of that!! Cant wait for chapter 2, and if there isnt a chapter 2, youve got a LOT of explaining to do. Nah, Im just pulling your wand!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!
LOve SillyLily::P

Author's Response: Lol. Glad you liked it, and thought Tonks' parents were a good addition. Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by SillyLilyPinkalicious: A New Day A New Job

18th December 2007:
Oh my MErlin, knowing Tonks her class could be ANYTHING
(In a good way, no durr!)
ADD MORE PLEASE!!! :):):):):):):P)P:)P:P)P:P)P:P)P:P)P:
Love SIllylily:P

Author's Response: That's the fun of it!! :D
I'll try update it asap!

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Review #14, by SillyLilyNewlywed Warriors: Newlywed Warriors

18th December 2007:
this is so good! I litterally CANT STOP READING THIS!! Everytime i go on HarryPotterFanFiction, I read your story!!! 10/100!!! :P
Love SillyLily :P

Author's Response: 10/100?! Thats a F!- lol- i kno it was a typo- im glad my story is addictive

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Review #15, by SillyLilySaving Lily: Normal days!

17th December 2007:
ThAt WaS sO kEwL!!!
KeEp WrItInG mOrE! i WaNnA rEaD iT!!!
Love Sillylily :P
Ps: Do you like my typing? Some people get annoyed by it, and I can understand why! I dont know why I do it though! I really like how you did this story, It was really enjoyable and funny! I can't believe people haven't reviewed on this story---well they're just missing out on a good story, then! Too bad for them!! HAhA!!! :P
"Pwease pweet pweet pwease wiv a terry on da top," Sirius said putting on a baby voice and puupy dog eyes.

My Favorite line!!!

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Review #16, by SillyLilyLily Evans' List of the Top Five Ways to Turn off a Girl: There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Cologne

16th December 2007:
Oh my merlin, i just cracked up laughing
*shakes head* typical sirius!! LOL.
Keep writing more!! More chapters, I tell ya, I wanna read them all!
Love Sillylily :P

Author's Response: Thank you ! You keep me writing!!

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Review #17, by SillyLilyRuining my parents past with a Timeturner: "Meet the Marauders, Harry!"

15th December 2007:
There's way much more coming in chapter three! (This chapter). This is halfway finished, and I'm going to add to it in a day or so!! NO MORE SHORT CHAPTERS FROM NOW ON!! YAY!!! Hope you all enjoy!

Author's Response: This comment is just a little note to all people that have read this so far.
Don't worry-more is coming! Enjoy!
Love Sillylily :P
Keep reading and writing!

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Review #18, by SillyLilyKiss: It Begins

15th December 2007:
LOve Sillylily :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P::P:P:P:P:P:P

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Review #19, by SillyLilyBrightest: Firefly

15th December 2007:
I demand u to bring her back!! LOL.:P:P:P
Add more pretty pretty pretty please with whipped cream on top add more to this!
LOve Sillylily :P

Author's Response: Oh Sillylily... I'm sorry that I cannot do that :-P But thank ou for your review ;-)

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Review #20, by SillyLilyNewlyweds: May Life Always Be So Sweet

15th December 2007:
AWW! this is good! :P
Love Sillylily :P

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #21, by SillyLilyAt Her Beck and Call: At Her Beck and Call

15th December 2007:
funny!! you know, sometimes talking to kettles (and/or other objects) is a lot of fun!!! I love talking to anything meat saying "Im sorry they killed you..." and so on! :) youre story is so great! You should add more to this pretty please!!
LOve Sillylily :P 8/10!!!

Author's Response: haha. Not to this one. I'm kind of sort of revamping one of my other stories, because it is going nowhere, and I hate abandoning them, and I'll see where that goes. =] Talking to objects IS fun.
Thankyou SO much for the review =]

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Review #22, by SillyLilyTo Love And Be Loved: Christmas

14th December 2007:
AWW!! this is so good!! :) Keep adding more soon!!!
Love Sillylily :P

Author's Response: Oh, you thought it was cute! I'm so pleased. And you keep on reviewing! You deserve a prize. I'll update soon. Thank you for your review!

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Review #23, by SillyLilyThe Last Marauder: Hogwarts is Fighting Back

12th December 2007:
that is so kewl how Teddy's fav stuffed animal just so happens to be a wolf? tonks is right-that is so cute!!
GREAT JOB. u did excellent. nobody wants to stop reading this story with a death of everybody fav charactars, and u did a good job of keeping everybody in good spirits and not crying (well i tink i almost was about to) i love this. this is absolutely fabulus!
Love Sillylily! :P

Author's Response: Thank you so much! One more chapter is yet to come and it will be the sadest of the lot of them (if I write is properly!) I am so glad you like my story! Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by SillyLilyA Cinderella Story (Kind Of): The Invitation

8th December 2007:
this is good!
Love sillylily :P keep writing!!!
add more chapters!

Author's Response: I'm going to carry on writing my stories xD
I just had a bit of a break =]

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Review #25, by SillyLilyParenthood: Study/Eater

7th December 2007:
hehehehehehehe this is so funny!
Love sillylily :P

Author's Response: Thank you!

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