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Review #1, by ReggieUnder the Radar: The True Gryffindor

7th March 2016:
Damn I love this story. I am obsessed with Victoire. Seriously, she is the ultimate cool girl and I am so freaking excited for the rest of this story. I love every single character, they are all so funny and real in their own ways. I am super confused about what happened at the end there so I'm excited to see where this goes and how the heck Victoire gets power from knocking a million people unconscious. I also love that her big move was that crazy and wasn't just rumour spreading or something silly. I'm so excited for more!!

I also didn't know I could follow you on social media, is that a personal thing or could I follow it somehow? I'm probably going to try and find that now.

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Review #2, by ReggieHormones: The Quidditch Final

10th December 2015:
What a great chapter. Seriously amazing. I absolutely loved this story and this was a great way to end it. I honestly had no idea who was going to win or what was going to happen.

But I also seriously hate that last conversation. I'm really not down for Ryan just randomly being a stay at home mom and acting like quidditch isn't her passion. I think your characterization of Ryan throughout the story was too good. My understanding of Ryan's character is very solid and this conversation just doesn't work. If the idea that she only played quidditch for her parents had been developed earlier maybe I could believe it but unfortunately here, I don't. It just doesn't fit with who she is. She loves quidditch and acting like its some huge issue for her to keep playing is demeaning.

I am still obsessed with this story but will probably alter the ending in my mind.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for the review - and all of your awesome reviews! I promise to get to answering the rest of them as soon as possible. I'm hopelessly behind and the worst.

I'm not ready for it to end! There's still one more chapter after this one, but I haven't finished it yet and I think I'm probably putting it off on purpose, especially since the rest of them were written back in the spring/summer when I went on a writing kick.

Though I did want to mention from your review that Ryan didn't say she wanted to be a stay at home mom. She doesn't - what she said was she didn't want to be a professional Quidditch athlete. She believes the time involved and the time away from the people she loves wouldn't be worth what she'd be missing. She does love Quidditch, but she doesn't love it enough. Not anymore. Before, it was her only ticket to survival - which is why she was so furious she couldn't play at the start of the story. Fred didn't know at that point Ryan's parents had abandoned her, so it was downplayed given Fred being the narrator. When she went ahead and trained to play in the final, that was Ryan's way of proving to herself she had it in her to accomplish anything she put her mind to, and she did. Fred being an unreliable narrator kind of skews things, but I placed them in - I just must not have placed enough! That's the hard part about writing a story over four years, haha.

That being said, Ryan hasn't picked out what she wants to do yet, but she didn't say she was just going to stay at home, though I can see how it was read that way. There will be more on that subject in the final chapter, though.

Sorry for the long-winded response! Thank you again for following along all these years :)

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Review #3, by ReggieUnder the Radar: The Huffle-cation

8th November 2015:
I seriously love this story. I think I go through this weird crazy optimism phase with every one of your stories but I am just so excited for where this is going. I love relationships that start out as friendships and you do that so well. Everything is so natural and I really love how kind and crafty Teddy is and Victoire's overall coolness (yay to girl Quidditch players). I can't wait for more!

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Review #4, by ReggieHormones: On the Prowl

25th October 2015:
So I checked hpff this morning for the first time in a couple months to catch up on all your stories and I loved the new keeper's daughter chapter so much that I had to check hpff again to see how often you were posting and you had posted another chapter! Really great day!

I still love your writing so much. I am so so excited for Ryan to get back on the broom and for Ollie to be figuring out her priorities and for Fred to be fathering!! You do not have a single poorly written character in any story. I am super into popular Victorie and secretly popular Teddy. That story definitely has a different vibe than the others but I think it is going great places. Especially since I believe Hufflepuffs and all kind people deserve way more credit and I am excited for you to tackle that.

I am also majorly loving where Gee's story is at right now (just realized there are a lot of girls named after George floating around). Matteo and the injury was bumming me out a bit for a while there and I was waiting for the good stuff to start. And absolutely nothing is as good as post-quidditch make outs and returning model ex-girlfriends.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm still a HUGE fan and I'm super excited that you are writing an original fic; I know it will be wonderful! Also so grateful that you haven't given up on any of these stories and are still working on more new ideas!

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Review #5, by ReggieDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Kidnapping

31st January 2014:

Honestly, I love you.
I know I usually write pretty controlled/articulate reviews for Hormones but James and Avery are actually my one true passion and I just can't even right now. Seriously though, I totally thought I had a vague idea of where this was going (we'd have some weird code figuring out stuff and some weird we're married now stuff) AND INSTEAD IT IS ALL SO MUCH MORE SPECTACULAR STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE AND KIDNAPPED STUFF. Thank you forever. What a beautiful gift this is that I didn't even know I needed. I don't even know how to process how happy I am. I mean sucks to be James but he literally just agreed to be kidnapped and I thought it was all a seduction plan and instead HE GOT KIDNAPPED. I seriously don't even know.

And I just read this over and it doesn't make any of the points I wanted it too and I didn't even tell you properly how much I love your characters but it is just pure emotion at 2am and I think you'll appreciate that.

OH WAIT, also Harry freakin Potter is a real life dad who is amazing and not amazing at the same time and so many props for that because no one is harder to write than 1. him and 2. a real parent

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Review #6, by ReggieHormones: Thanks. Or Whatever.

23rd January 2014:
That was very sweet of you to mention me in chapter 21. I missed that update and got a lovely double read today :) Honestly though you deserve much more praise than what I could ever type in this little box. These chapters were again phenomenal. The quidditch dynamics are so refreshing and the one liners are spot on. I was chuckling constantly. It was adorable to see Annie and Fred together again. I really love how you don't rush through things. And the updates are so speedy!

I gotta tell you though, I have forgotten why James is with Ollie. She has been Slytheriny for such a long time and we haven't seen any James/Ollie moments lately. I'm sure you've got something up your sleeve. I'll have patience.

I also can't wait for the new story! Particularly interested in how Jane ends up with a child named after George. I just love your humour and it will be nice to have a girl in the spotlight now that 30 Days is wrapping.

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Review #7, by ReggieHormones: Kick

9th December 2013:
You have an impeccable talent to create funny without cheese and it is evident in all of your stories. I am an avid fan and I was very sceptical about a teen pregnancy story but you have completely 100% won me over. Your characterizations are also exactly on point and are evident in every decision the characters make. Basically I love everything you do. Especially the fact that you update regularly :) Cheers!

Author's Response: You are seriously the best! And so kind!

I'm really happy you gave this story a chance. To be frank, the reason I started it was because so many pregnancy stories annoyed me and I wanted to write it how I thought it would happen, while keeping things true to both pregnancy and the characters. So I'm thrilled people who are giving it a shot are really responding to it.

Thank you so much for the review and I hope you continued to enjoy the story!

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Review #8, by ReggieDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with a Plan for Bink

9th September 2013:
I will love this story forever.


That's the best.

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Review #9, by ReggieDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Breaking Point

5th March 2013:
Yes! I loved it! The fluke was fabulous (can't wait for Lily's reaction). I loved everything about this. All of the characters are fantastic! Maybe I should be nervous of a James/Ali situation but I just like their friendship dynamic too much!
Can't wait for more, and I see it's already in the que! Thank you!

Author's Response: I loved the fluke idea. I knew james couldn't just come out kicking like a star. That's not how things work. Especially with everything going through his mind.

Thank you so much!

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Review #10, by ReggieDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Media

22nd October 2012:
Love sassy Lily. Love hobo Bink. Love hopeful Avery. Love big headed James.

Author's Response: LOL Hobo Bink. I just laughed WAY too long at that. Hobo Bink. bahahaha.
Thanks for the review! Really hope you enjoy the rest :)

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Review #11, by ReggieHormones: I Remember When

1st May 2012:
You are putting me in a very bad position.
I absolutely love your writing. Unbelievable skill. You are the Ryan Davies of writing.
But I HATE teen pregnancy stories. More than anything.
And I can see how a pregnancy would ruin everything for Ryan's dreams and career. As an elite athlete you are making me so mad. She will have to give up everything. Please don't let her give up everything. I'm so sad thinking about it that I can't even laugh at your hilarious jokes.
But I'm going to have to read it because you are amazing. Damn.

PS: Loving the Albus and Roxy characters. Nice little changes.

Author's Response: Okay, I'm responding to this quick before bed.


Almost every single pregnancy story makes me crazy. Which is, you know, why I had to write my own.

But look at my stories right now. Look at what Jane gets. Well, James is up in the air right now. But look at the characters at the end of my stories.

Use that to know that Ryan isn't going to have to give up her entire life because of this.

And there is a lot more going on in the story other than the pregnancy. The sub-plots would be enough to carry it without that, but I liked the idea of trying it from a boy's POV and trying something new for me. So I really hope you like it! And give it a shot :) Because I'm SO excited about it!

Thank you so much! Okay sleepy time!

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Review #12, by ReggieBreaking the Quidditch Code: Explosion

27th January 2012:
Love it so much.
Every little situation is the perfect balance of emotional and hillarious. A lot of heavy topics in this chapter and they all worked beautifully. Loved Albus' line "Tell me this whole thing isnít because I havenít asked you to be my girlfriend?Ē. Finally we see the Potter courage in him. I am a HUGE fan of the continuing flirtation between Rose and Bink. And Avery finally gets the full story! I have no idea what she's going to make of this or how much of what James said was even understandable but its progress!
I'm so excited to read more! I see that the next chapter is waiting, do you have a certain amount of time between chaters?

Author's Response: Yes, this chapter was...intense. I think the title fit it well, haha. Al's Gryffindor courage is going to come out a lot more in the coming chapters!

I don't have a certain amount of time, but I like to update one at a time (Hide and Seek and then BTQC) and wait until I'm sure a good amount of people have realized it's up before I update another chapter. It's rare I have a chapter waiting so I take advantage of not having to feel TERRIBLE that I wait too long between updates. I'm trying to stay more on top of it though! Thanks!

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Review #13, by ReggieDreamcatcher: Awake.

23rd November 2011:
I am in love with how much James is in love with Lily. Also with your writing, which is amazing.
I really want to write you a detailed review but I just can't right now.
Loved every second of it, and it really picked me up from a poor day.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I am in love with that also, and I'm glad it's coming across well. Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your review. I hope your day ended up well!

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Review #14, by ReggieFalling To Pieces: You'll See My Smile Looks Out Of Place

20th November 2011:
You have just made my weekend. I do not believe that there is a single other fan fiction story that can compete with your ability to keep the reader engaged through everything. So many stories of on-off couples are all over the place, scattered with repetition and annoying whining. Sirius and Dee have legitimately grown throughout this story and react to every situation having learned from the last.

On this chapter specifically, the transition through mood was impeccable. Lily stays so thoroughly ture to her character while comforting Deb. Lily and Dee's relationship has grown leaps and bounds and the bed hopping scene is fantastic. It would appear that our little Dee is acting like a, could it be, a lovesick teenager? LOVE IT. I could not be happier that Sirius has chosen to crash, a true victory for all romantics.

I was worried that you had left this story (and us) to wither away. Yet you have returned with force and I cannot wait for more!

I am actually now planning on going back and rereading FFA and the beginning of FTP. I hope that you are inspired (by the massive amounts of reviews I know this chapter will receive) to keep writing this amazing story.

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Review #15, by ReggieHide and Seek: The Lighthouse

2nd November 2011:
For a few seconds I thought we were going to go through a BTQC kinda chapter and I was going to lose it. Instead I effing loved it. The usual.

Author's Response: Hahahaha. Poor James. He suffers. Jane I let suffer on and off. James just gets kicked while he's down. Thank you!

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Review #16, by ReggieBreaking the Quidditch Code: Quit Playing Games (with my Heart)

17th October 2011:
I just bawled my eyes out. Right now I hate fan fiction so much because I can't keep reading till I get to the happy part. You are an amazing writer and you've made me so close to your characters. While waiting for this chapter I was incredibly antsy so I re read the entire story. Which makes me even more sad because I miss the days ofJavery just hanging out and being them and happy funny Avery. I also realised a couple phrases from my everyday life are actually from you... Which I didn't even know.
You're writing style is so unique and amazing. If I had any clue how to use the forums I would have voted you that best next gen dobby award.
I have to go wash the tears off my face now and listen to children laughing or eat a candy to cheer up.
But actually, thanks so much for writing this.

Author's Response: AWWW I'm so sorry you're crying! Ahhh! It'll get happy! I promise! Eventually. Love you. haha. Also, what phrases? I really, really wanna know!

I think you should watch The Holiday or something to cheer up :) Thanks so much for the amazing review! I really appreciate it!

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Review #17, by ReggieMesmerised: Three Old Dances

1st February 2011:
So I've just completely re-read the entire story.

And now I feel like crying. I forgot how absolutely spectacular it is. And I definitely forgot the HUMUNGOUS cliffie you left it at.

And it's been something like 2 years now. And I'm so happy and soo soo sad. This is SUCH AN AMAZING STORY!

You are absolutely remarkable and I will forever pray that one day you decide to continue Lily and James's story. You write it so flawlessly! Your characterizations are marvellous and I will forever miss them all! I have to stop now because 1) I actually am going to make myself cry and 2) I've run out of synonyms for amazing

Mesmerised will be my favourite fan-fiction and one of my favourite peices of writing forever.

I miss you :(

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Review #18, by ReggieFalling To Pieces: He Looked Left; She Turned Right; Meant To Be Together But Not That Night

14th December 2010:
i love this story!
the ending is amazing!
finally dee realizes how she feels, and sirius is just scared! (i'm hoping...)

it was a rather short chapter... but i noticed this from the side thingy so i scroled down really slow. like one line at a time. sometimes i re-read lines to make them last...

loved it! cant wait for more!

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Review #19, by ReggieBreaking the Quidditch Code: Not just Broken (Shattered)

13th November 2010:
im so excited right now!! i just love your story!!
there are so many sad things already in the world, and i find myself reading sad stories as well. The pure happiness of BTQC is just so refreshing and AMAZING! plus james is just so wickedly HILARIOUS! i loovee super-spy lily, and avery's note is amazing. The shower scene is perfect! I thought the story might get kinda angsty (or as angsty as this story could get) soon, with javery being stuck in a rut, but this is absolutley fantastic! i know that at some point there will probably have to be some sort of conflict that isnt absolutley hillarious, but i have complete faith you will guide us through it swiftly :)
can. not. wait. for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: YAYYAYA :)

Ah, you're so absolutely right. I think that's why I write it, because it's so refreshing and uplifting and let's face it, when I can be James it's hilarious. And yeah, in the future there will be some conflict, but you know no matter what James puts a sense of humor in it. Heck, when he was depressed in Italy about his team and Avery, he did it in style with Aviators. haha. And yeah, it'll be a swift conflict. Hopefully.

Unless James messes something else up.

Thank you so much!

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Review #20, by ReggieTwice Defied: The Right Thing

1st November 2010:
im glaring at you. literally death-staring you.

you are going to leave me there? with that?
and the promise of long updates?

if i didnt love you and your story so much i might throttle you.

your lily and james are just so perfect! i just found this sequel and squealed with excitment. and its soo good. i like this little rough patch (im not calling it a break up because i refuse to be negative). i loved that lily had the courage to just speak up and tell james about feeling inadequate. i think it shows the courage that they both seem to think is a little lacking. i know she'll do just fine and prove herself spectacularly with the Order.

im so excited for more :) also good luck with uni!

Author's Response: Eek, I can feel the glare from here! Even more so because I realize it's been nearly a month since you reviewed... *hangs head in shame* Very, very sorry for taking so long, both to update and to reply to you.

I'm so glad you love the story! And I quite agree that Lily will do a great job in the Order--this whole mess has helped her grow, I think, and hopefully that will come through in future chapters.

Thanks for the luck--the semester is almost over, so hopefully I can write a few more chapters over the holiday break!

Thank you so much for the review! I'll update as soon as possible!

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Review #21, by ReggieFalling To Pieces: Still Tangled In Yesterday

17th September 2010:
Holy crap.

hahah I remembered the beginning of the chapter as soon as I typed that.

Back to the point, HOLY CRAP!
I just love this story soo much!!!
You can pretty much just read this in all caps because I'm screaming these thoughts in my head. I actually screamed out loud when I finished.
I love this story. SO MUCH!
more please!

my god I love you!!!

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Review #22, by ReggieBreaking the Quidditch Code: Underground Tension (and Squiggles)

7th September 2010:

This is absolutely 100% completely my favourite chapter!! It was so amazingly hilarious! I'm just so excited right now!! It was like James was written more maturely in this chapter, yet he was still, no he was even more funny than he has been previously!!

I love that they're finally together (a bit) but they're reacting like its no big deal. James is such a roller coaster of emotions and he over reacts to every little thing that his lack of emotion just seems sooo perfect!


Author's Response: Ah, yay for favorite chapters! I had so much fun writing this chapter. I'm glad you caught the hint of maturity with James. I put that in since he's growing up...but not too much, because then he wouldn't be James and that would just be messy and horrible (with squiggles).

I love James's roller coaster of emotions. They're about to turn upside-down.

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #23, by ReggieAnnie: Four

23rd August 2010:
yay yay yay!
I absolutley ADORE this story! It is truly in my top 5.
Finally Annie is starting to see she likes Sirius and his way of thinking! This reasures me so much that she may end up in Gryffindor :) I think if she ends up in Slytherin the constant double life may become tiresome. I'm sure you have many tricks up your sleve to keep me loving Annie no matter where she is sorted to though :)
A new girl torn between the two houses and falling in love with Sirius is so cliched yet everything Annie does is so funny and fresh :). Finally someone (aka you) is writing Sirius/OC the right way! I can't wait for more!!

Oh and I wish you the best of luck with your move!

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Review #24, by ReggieFalling To Pieces: Your Subtleties They Strangle Me

25th June 2010:
I love this story soo much. Dee and Sirius are both so relatable! It's so hard, because I understand everything Dee thinks but I know just that one little chapter from Sirius' view so I understand so much from him! I'm so excited to see how this will work out! It looks like there are many fights and laughs in our future :)

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Review #25, by ReggieSomething Cruel: Some Kind of Miracle

23rd June 2010:
I love this story!
Charlie and Ada are hilarious. This story is definitely under appreciated, but I'm sure it will take off.
You're a really good story teller and I can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you that is so nice for you to say, I was a little concerned by the lack of response so I really appreciate the review! Thank you so much! :)

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