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Review #1, by TheDirigiblePlumHave a Biscuit, Lupin: Have a Biscuit, Lupin

10th August 2014:
This was a very enjoyable read! They were both incredibly in character; I loved how you captured Lupin's insecurity without making it obvious and how you made McGonagall stern but warm hearted.

It was all very subtly done and written very well.

Thank you for writing it!

Author's Response: you're very welcome and thank you for your lovely comments! i'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #2, by TheDirigiblePlumIrrational: Rumor Has It

13th July 2011:
"Why was it that the days when I didn’t get any work done were always the most exhausting?"

The most perceptive thing I have heard in a long time! :D

I loved all the office banter, with all the teasing. Why are humans so mean to each other when we start dating people?!

This story is easily one of my favourites on this site (practically all the other favourites are yours too:P) because the characters are all so believable! I feel really wrapped up in their lives and their conversations are so real that the characters become real too. Percy and Audrey as just impossibly cute together too. The way you've written them anyway. :D

Even my cat enjoyed this. Though that may have been because of the mentions of chicken and lamb...

... going straight on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: You're back!! (And me too! Sort of!) Sorry it's taken me awhile to respond to this review!

I'm glad you liked that line. I think it sums up Audrey's personality pretty well. She's perfectly content to sit and do her work, but when she's called upon to be social it's a daunting task.

Thank you so much for this review! I always love hearing from you, and it's good to see you back again!


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Review #3, by TheDirigiblePlumSnoggus Interruptus: September 1st

13th July 2011:
"looking like someone had just killed her cat (Percy had, in fact, nearly accomplished this on several occasions, but that was neither here nor there)."

“Are you blackmailing me?”
“No,” he said simply, “I am adjusting your attitude.”

“I don’t know what on earth I’m supposed to do with my time now.”
In every. Room. Of the house.

Heeheehee. :D These three bits made me laugh out loud! Like proper laughing, with noise and everything. But then you seem to have a gift for making me laugh so I shouldn't be suprised. :)

I love that you love Percy! The misunderstood character of the Harry Potter series. I've always had a soft spot for him and I love how you show his fun side in your stories. The side we never see but somehow we know is there...

I really feel for Ginny though. Once is bad but twice... :D
Well done again on another very funny story involving one of the favourite Weasleys!


Author's Response: I love how you always point out the lines that I'm secretly most proud of. :-) You and I have some kind of weird psychic connection.

Percy is definitely the misunderstood character of the series. I love writing him in a way that will hopefully make a lot of readers re-think their attitudes about him.

Thank you for the review!


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Review #4, by TheDirigiblePlumThe Morning Waffle: People Who Actually Get Paid to Do What They Do

27th February 2011:
Dox sounds like Nox! Is that where it's from? If so, I really like Rolo cookies. If not, forget I said anything. Or is it from Doxy? Am I still wrong? :D

Anyhoo! So amazing to see this updated! The laughs are back, especially from lines like:

"...Ted’s relationship with anyone lucky enough to own such a Muggle novelty, was something like that of a drug addict with his dealer."

Also loved the idea of Harry being a "cornered bunny rabbit" whilst doing public speaking. It just makes me love him more (if that's possible). Probably because I love Harry and rabbits. It's one liners like this that make this story so funny! Have you considered stand up comedy?

"Twelve year-old girls were known to run up to him in public and beg him to bite them..."

Not sure what this says about me but this cried out "Robert Pattinson" when I read it, and it really made me laugh. :D

This story is so funny and lively and I love how all the characters feed off each other's lines and get along so realistically. Just like a bunch of real people! Which in my head they are, but this leads to "aspersions cast upon my sanity" as Elphias would say.

Sooo happy to see my favourite fanfiction writer update a favourite story! :D Gave me a perfect excuse to neglect the biology revision for a while... and it made me feel guilty about being terribly terribe at updating my stories... must get round to that. You have inspired me back into action! (she says, optimistically)

Love, TheDirigiblePlum


Author's Response: Gah, it's YOU!! -dies-

When I came back from my very long hiatus I took a peek at your author page to see if there was any new activity, and it didn't look like it, so I figured that you, too, had been eaten up by real life. So imagine how surprised and thrilled I was to see this review from you!

You guessed it right on the second try, I came up with "Dox" as a slang term for "Doxy" or "Doxy droppings." It just hit my ear right, you know? So I ran with it.

You know, for a long time I did actually want to do stand-up comedy. Problem is, I'm not actually that funny in person. -___- I suffer from mild Zero Personality Disorder. XD I still do have the dream, however, and maybe someday I'll get on a stage during open mic night.

I most definitely had RPatz in mind when I wrote that line about the girls begging Chico McClane to bite them. It was nice to get a little Twilight dig in there.

You remain, to this day, one of my favorite writers on this site, and I am always ecstatic to see a review from you. And I'm sure you'll get the time and inspiration back to return to your stories - when you do, I'll be eagerly waiting to read the updates!!

Thank you again, so much!


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Review #5, by TheDirigiblePlumThe Battle of the Pitch: The Battle of the Pitch

28th September 2010:
Eep! Thank God he survived! Though I knew he does you still got me worried there. It is Harry we're talking about after all!

Again with the stunning fight scenes! You're a master of setting pace to stories, like you have complete control over how fast you want the reader to see the scenes. For me anyway! For some reason I always imagine fight scenes going here there and everywhere and all over the place so it's all a bit "ARGGHHH!! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!", just like it's supposed to be. But you can also write the slower and more friendly scenes. It gives your chapters great diversity and makes them linger in your mind after you read them!

Their friendship is so close, the way they all look out for each other and have nothing but loyalty for their side is really refreshing to read! There's too much betrayal between friends in real life so it's great to know that people like Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny exist! (Just to clarify: I do have a firm grasp on reality and realise that they're not real people... But it's fun to believe they are!! Who cares about those madness accusations?!) Their friendship shines through all the tumult and turmoil and delivers a little glow of optimism to the story!

“I’ll always hear you. Always. Not even Death could ever keep us apart.”

This line just made me want to cry! I love it that Harry finally has someone who cares this much about him. I know Ron and Hermione do but it's not quite in the same way... at least I hope it's not... ahem. He really needs someone as strong as Ginny in his life, because I think anyone weaker may bring him down and leave him to dwell on all the terrible things that have happened in his life, and I think you really show Ginny's strengh in this story and portray her perfectly.

Thank you for writing another amazing story that's kept me on my toes and desperate to find out what happens next! These types of stories don't crop up often so it's exciting when they do. :) Lol thank you mentioning me at the bottom! I'm not sure I deserve it since it's taken me months to review this story. :( I apologise for leaving it so long!

Great read! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.


p.s Muggle Fairy Tales is causing writer's block and I'm devastated!! I will not give up on it I can promise you that, and I sincerely hope I manage to keep at it and update soon! I'm quite fond of this story. :D

Author's Response: DP!

You pretty much summed up the reason I loved the Potter stories so much: friends and family. That's what its all about. People standing together, thru thick and thin, supporting each other, loving each other, giving each other a hard time when necessary (or maybe even when its not) but still staying close.

I completely agree with your take on how important Ginny's love of Harry is, if for no other reason than to keep him grounded and not have him succumb to all the horrors of his life.

Believe it or not, this kind of love/friendship does exist in RL; but it is devilishly hard to find. (And, what do you mean the stories aren't real?! The voices in my head keep telling me differently - LOL!)

That said, I've tried really hard to hang on to this premise in my post-DH fic; its really flattering that you point it out here.

I love actions scenes. Just can't get enough of them. It is getting more difficult to keep them fresh and original and I struggled a bit in this story to keep it that way. I'm really glad you liked them.

As for mentioning you in the author's note, that was a gimme - but, you're welcome just the same. And don't worry about the delay. You got here, that's all that matters.

What's next? Good question. I'm still on a break, trying to ensure my wife doesn't become a Potter-widow anytime soon. Also, my computer recently died so I have limited net access (which is why it took me so long to respond to your review). So, it may be a while before I get back to writing. But don't worry, I'll let you know when I do.

Great Hearing from you!


P.S. I do hope you work thru your writer's block. Muggle Fairy Tales has to be about the funniest thing I've ever read. I wish you the best of luck!

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Review #6, by TheDirigiblePlumThe Battle of the Pitch: Horseshoes and Handgrenades

24th September 2010:
Hi! Remember me? The very negligent writer and reviewer ... Sorry it's taken me so long to return to your story! And reading this chapter has made me wonder why!

The way the story of the escaped death eaters is in between Harry dying - tense by the way, as he is the love of my life - makes you forget that he is, so when it jumps back to it at the end it's like "Eek!"

I like how you add a whole extra level to the Aurors, like you've invented new things for them which really makes it feel like the Ministry has advanced, just like JK said it would! Things like the Crematius curse, and Auror armour, and cool extra spells that reveal things! It gives the story a real personal touch, and the interaction between Harry, Ron and Hermione is really realistic. The dialogue flows well! :D

I don't like that the Death Eaters have escaped! When Hermione said: "It's a promise... of terror" I actually felt uneasy! It's always great when a story makes you feel a real emotion because it's like you're inside the story! Always a fun place to be! Unless these Death Eaters really do start causing ruckus and then I may have to view the story from a safe distance! Oh I do come up with rubbish sometimes.

Seriously though! I do feel like I'm inside the story, which to me shows that it's a job well done in that it comes alive inside my head. :)

And yet again, you leave your chapters on such cliffhangery cliffhangers that I have no choice but to proceed...


Author's Response: DP! Great to hear from you. No worries about your absence. And, my apologies for not responding to this great review sooner. My computer just died and my alternate means of internet access are spotty at best.

The format for this story, leaping from 2004 back in time to the year 2000 was easy to write, at first. And then it became devilishly difficult. I'm really glad you liked it.

As to the Auror's development, I took a lot of inspiration from justanothermuggle and siledubghlase's great fiction (see my favorites). The trio's interaction, still fighting and digging at each other, but, at the same time, closer than they've ever been, I take great pride in. I'm thrilled you like that, too.

Keep in mind the bulk of this story takes place two years before Children's Crusade, while the intro story line (with Harry near death) takes place two years after Crusade. Regardless, it always seemed to me that the Quartet would've grown exceptionally close given all they've been thru. I hope that comes through.

As for the cliffhangers, well, you know they're my great weakness. I can never get enough of them.

Thanks again for this great review.


P.S. Any new "Muggle Fairytales" on the way?

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Review #7, by TheDirigiblePlumInches: Bridging the gap

11th September 2010:
I wondered when I read that line in the book whether they every actually did hold hands, because I always thought it would be too "coupley" for them to deal with at the time. But I did wonder... :)

Your description of Ron describing Hermione (this sentence already sounds silly) was perfect as it was obviously filled with care and love but it never went overboard and became really un-Ron. There was also a background sense of the danger they were in, which made the story more realistic and also highlighted why they were holding off from being together properly.

This is exactly the story I love! Ron and Hermione written by the best person ever at it (with the exception of JK herself of course). I love your writing so much! I always say it but can it ever be said enough times?!

Thank you for making me feel all happy inside through my haze of tiredness. :)


Author's Response: I wondered, too! And I really can't decide which interpretation I like better.

Hahaha, your sentences are never silly, except in the best way possible. I always know exactly what you mean. :-D

However, as YOU are the best at writing Ron/Hermione, I will disregard the rest of your silly review. XD (Kidding!) Thank you so much...I love your reviews!


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Review #8, by TheDirigiblePlumSanctuary: Sanctuary

25th August 2010:
I never thought I'd feel properly sorry for Draco Malfoy! How do you manage to make me like him so much??? I spent most of the books hating him! :D

This was almost hard to read sometimes, hearing about the way Scorpius was treated by someone I've always percieved to end up a good person. I think the event that made me the most sad was when they broke his broomstick, and he was so matter of fact when thought, "It was my first broomstick, after all." It just made it all the more upsetting, almost like he couldn't be bothered to react to the bullying anymore because he was so used to it.

Was this hard to write? Because I don't know if I could tackle something like this. I now think you're really brave! You've written it in a stark and uncomprimising way that it makes it impossible to hide from, a bit like the way it's shoved into Draco's face at the end. I can't imagine what that must be like, having to witness someone else's pain like that, especially your child's.

I think you got the ending really well, all his anger and desire to help and also sadness combined into one big rush as all the memories poured on top of him at once. It was an amazing climax, but then that didn't surprise me because you are rather good at them. :) You always manage to build up that tension through the story and then deliver so well at the end. I thought Scorpius would end up killing himself so when he said "Obliviate" I was like this :O.

His response was very mature compared to what I think Draco would've done at his age. Instead of expecting his father to help him he took it upon himself to protect his father instead, which I found to be a very noble and Gryffindor thing to do.

I always write you such long reviews! It's because I always have loads of things I want to say about your stories and I have to say them all or I'll feel like I've diddled you! I like the word diddle. :)

Anyway I promise I'll go! This story was amazing from it's plot to the characterization to the way it built up and and and I'll shut up.


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Review #9, by TheDirigiblePlumChimera: whispers

15th August 2010:
Wow! You sure know how to keep me hooked onto your every word!

Reading it was like seeing inside a strange dream, all the different images flashing around without a definitive setting gave the story a floating quality, if that makes sense. It was like it had nothing tying the words to the page (well, screen really), like they had no base or structure, and that they'd been born of nothing other than a flow of imagination. Which is what a dream is really.

The contrasting images added an interesting touch, like how there are modern images there but then there's the fantasy ones too. Like this bit:

"Could you love a man with the soul of a poet, if he had a face like the back end of a bus? I thought you could have, once, but you chose the face of a god with the soul of a used broom salesman. You resided on the mountain with the other immortals and tossed me crumbs from your banquets."

Imagining buses and salesmen along with immortal people living in mountains was really cool! It was like being on a reading rollercoaster, all flowing and continuous but with an original edge.

How do you manage to write ever single type of story so well?? Your versatility is spellbinding! I love using that word on this site... makes me think of magic. :)

Despite its pessimistic view on humanity I really enjoyed it, because it was like reading a stream of water... that was filled with evil women.

It was weird! But weird is always, always good. :)

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Review #10, by TheDirigiblePlumIrrational: It's Really Nothing

15th August 2010:
Yay!!! Could that have potentially been the cutest scene I've ever read on this site?? I think it might just be! Oh Percy I just want to give you a hug. They're so perfect for each other... I feel like my brain is full of candyfloss, rendered completely fluffy and "squeee!"like after reading this.

Again your funny quote had me in considerable giggles, especially this one because this is e.x.a.c.t.l.y what my Dad does whenever my mother and I decide to have a heated debate over dinner and one of us turns to the calm old male for back-up that never comes.

"I gaped and looked to Dad for support, but Dad’s policy was to stay out of these high-strung female discussions. He was contemplating a potato with vague interest."

Marvellous ! :D

Audrey's great fun to read, mainly because she's so believable. It's funny but I find female characters harder to make "real" than male ones so I always have lots of admiration for people who manage it! Basically I'm just saying that you're a writing genius.

Please update soon! You can't leave a cliffhanger like that and not let me know what happens next!! :D


Author's Response: I'm so glad you think so! It was certainly cute in my mind, so I was hoping it would translate in writing. I really wasn't sure I'd be able to accomplish it, though - I keep worrying the characters' awkwardness is just going to make my writing seem awkward. XD

Audrey's dad is so much fun to write. I love his placid demeanor and his relationship with Audrey. Unfortunately for her, her future husband is a little more high-strung.

I'm getting more comfortable with Audrey's characterization every time I write her. In the beginning, I wasn't too sure about it, especially because I was using first person and all. But so far I guess she's working out! :-)

Thanks for the review! I will try to update very soon!


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Review #11, by TheDirigiblePlumIrrational: A New Friend

15th August 2010:
"I made a mental note to stop voluntarily highlighting my own swottiness."

Heehee! Good old mental notes! They always get ignored though... :D

I love how softly you're building up their gorgeous little romance! Like how he caught Audrey staring at him and how genuinely interested he is in her and her life and him talking about all the Weasleys! I've always liked how you focus on characters who aren't in the limelight in the books, such as Percy and turn the tables so it's them that we get to learn about. It also means that your stories are really original, because there's more room to play with characters we don't know so much about!

I love Audrey by the way. She shows that being socially inept and quiet can be a beneficial thing because it gets you in with great people like Percy. He was always a bit of a favourite (bypassing his "blip" where he was mean to his family) of mine because he's very funny. I thought so anyway... :)

I am very quickly moving onto the next chapter...


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I always keep in mind, when writing Percy, that in the HP books we see him through Harry's POV. And of course a kid who's three years younger and doesn't care all that much about academics is going to think Percy is a total loser. So I've always thought there was a lot of room to make Percy likable, especially from the perspective of someone like Audrey, who values him for what he is. It's fun trying to balance out his canon traits with all the other stuff I believe is there but was never explored in canon.

I think he's funny too, in his way. I'm trying to give him a bit more of a sense of humor in this novel, because I know he has one, and I'm sure he would have used it a lot more after the war.

Yes, the "blip"...let's just pretend that didn't happen. I like to, anyway. XD

Thanks again for the wonderful review!


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Review #12, by TheDirigiblePlumMyrmecophobia: Phobia of Ants.

3rd August 2010:
I had to laugh at her! Now when I read her in the books I'll think "You're scared of ants, you're scared of ants! Not so evil any more are you?!" I really hate Bellatrix so reading about her with a weakness really satisfied my hatred of her! Mwahahah...

Anyways! The story flowed really well and the separate parts ran together smoothly which made it nice to read and understand.

I think when she burst into tears at the dinner table was really realistic, because you could feel the tension building up between all the characters and Bellatrix before she felt the ant, and while you're tense little things always make you want to cry! Even for evil termites (wow I've got serious insects on the brain here!) of the Dark Lord.

Rodolphus being slightly harassment-like was funny! Lol I call it harassment because I don't like him, in any other case I would call it "cute" and probably use the phrase "Aw...".

Thank you for doing my challenge! I really enjoyed reading this! It fulfiled my curiousity about Bellatrix with a fear of ants would be like!


Author's Response: Ahaha, yes, the great and powerful Bellatrix Black is afraid of small measley ants. MUAHAHA, I love being a writer so I can mess with cannon. Hehehe >:D

Thanks, I'm glad the story is easy to read for you.

Yeeah, when you're scared out of your wits and every little thing makes you cry your eyes out.

Rodolphus, what a guy. What kind of crazy person is looney over Bellatrix?! Well, then again, he loses her to Old Voldy. Ah, the weird aspects of 'love'. I can see you really hate the both of them, it's evident since you're just throwing punches at all of them. Hehe, its okay, I'm totally same-thinking as you.

Thanks for letting me be IN your challenge, dumbo me for not remembering that it had to be less than 1500 words. This was totally fun, phobias and evil witches spur imagination like no other! Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by TheDirigiblePlumThe Morning Waffle: Snappers, Creepers, and Other Things That Go Bump In the Night

1st August 2010:
"I’ll bet he secretly collected stamps. Homicidal nutters always have weird hobbies like stamp-collecting."

How do you manage to make me laugh at least twice a sentence in this amazing tale??

Before I get distracted I just want to say: Poor James. But can't wait to see what happens, so I'm not that sorry. :D

I bet I'm 27 and living alone with two cats. It seems like something I would do... I'm a bit of a cat person. It's things like this that just make me CONNNECT with the story, and love every moment and character in it!

Hearing Neville's news was great! It's nice to hear from the "original" characters as well as all their offspring. It really creates a network of all their lives and how they weave together. :) Despite the magical side it's all so real!

"This was one of those female mind tricks. She gave me the impression she actually wanted my opinion, when in fact there was a predetermined correct answer."

It's so true. Really we just want someone to confirm our choice but disguise it as a free vote! Heehee that cracked me up that line did!

Also the random accusations that everyone is the Snapper makes me chuckle. I love how amongst all the love and dates and random trials of life there's an evil criminal running around. Just like real life! I think...

Please keep this story going forever! The characters now have a permanent home in my brain and they're not about to move out anytime soon!!


Author's Response: I knowww, poor James. XD

I'm glad you're connecting with the story - I always hope that readers will connect with the characters, in some way.

I'm glad you liked that line about the female mind tricks. It is from a guy's POV, after all, so he should notice all those admittedly weird things that we do. It was funny for me, writing lines like that, because I'm definitely guilty of playing those mind tricks, too. XD

Thanks so much for your review! Your reviews are always the best!!


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Review #14, by TheDirigiblePlumWhen Bella Swan Entered Hogwarts and Hermione Granger Threw a Hissy Fit: When Bella Swan Entered Hogwarts and Hermione Granger Threw a Hissy Fit

1st August 2010:
“I don’t sparkle,” Harry said unnecessarily. “I’m also not gay, if that was in any way unclear.”

?!?!?!??!?!?!?!! HAHAH :D That random line was enough to make me splutter with laughter due to its complete randomness and brilliant placement. :D

Your portrayal of Bella is perfect - I thought you were Stephenie Meyer for a moment. No, I'm sorry, please forget I said that, I'll never insult you like that again. You really got the essence of her personality, from her plainess and... and her clumsiness and how she likes her boyfriend and... that's it! This story has just made me love Hermione all the more, as it shows the reader exactly what a true character looks like.

Ron is great, seeing how steadily freaked out he got really made me laugh!

“Or about the law, apparently,” Ron added quietly, looking absolutely terrified.

:D :D

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Review #15, by TheDirigiblePlumThe Morning Waffle: The Potter Persuasion

4th July 2010:
"Uncle Harry, that’s you rustling a piece of paper in front of the phone. I’m not stupid, you know."

Who knew Harry could be so devious? It's so funny when a character tries to be clever (like Harry here) and then the other character knows exactly what they're doing and tells them and they try to deny it etc.

I love the way you write their little family unit. It's so cute and happy and the family dynamics are all there. Like the "you're in my family therefore you're irritating" dynamic and the "you're in my family so I can insult you all I like" dynamic and the "you're in my family so I can turn up at your house whenever I like" dynamic. It's all so real and believable and funny which is why I lovelovelove this story!


p.s I thought I'd heard that line before somewhere! It is a very good one: "I find it weird I have to ask twice." :D Lovely stuff.

Author's Response: I think Harry is kind of a dork at times, so I like making him do stupid things like that. :-)

I love the Weasley family - all of them - forever and ever. I never get tired of writing them and their funny dynamics. I don't do it as well as you, but I try. :-D

Thanks so much for the review!


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Review #16, by TheDirigiblePlumLike Coming Home: Sixteen years later

30th June 2010:
It's amazing how people's perceptions of other people's perceptions of them can be so wrong/ muddled up. Seeing how Rosmerta thought Lupin had made something of his life when he thought he was useless was really sad. His self-esteem needs a real shake up! Luckily Tonks changes it for him in the end.

"Well, Rosie, I can’t keep a job because I’m an abomination of mankind.If I were to die tomorrow, nobody would notice.”

No no no! That whole paragraph almost made me cry because I wanted to tell him it's not true! It's horrible how he looks back and thinks of what he could've been. I think the worst part is how he what it would've been like if he still had all three of his best friends. Especially as he's the one who survives the longest to see them all die in the end.

I'll stop wittering on now. :) A very simple but emotional story that was a little bit heartbreaking to read!

I want to give Lupin a hug.


Author's Response: What is it with me and my terrible response time for your reviews?? I think it's because your reviews are always so thoughtful, I want to make sure to leave a good enough response. :-)

Anyway, I think you got exactly what I was going for, which was how each of them looks at the other with admiration, but at the same time they each have doubts about their own self-worth.

I know, I always feel very sad when I think about what Remus had to go through. He always struck me as a very lonely man, and it's heartbreaking. I don't know where I got the idea of pairing him with Rosmerta, or the idea of making her so angsty when she's normally a vibrant character, but once I got the idea in my head I couldn't get it out!

Thank you for the lovely review!!


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Review #17, by TheDirigiblePlumIrrational: Damn Lifts

30th June 2010:
First person really works for this story, because it lets us know what Audrey's thinking, but we never really know about Percy. Makes him seem all enigmatic and mysterious... but sweetly so. :) I always find first person adds a more personal touch to a story, and also as Audrey appears to be quite shy I think using the first person helps us to see the thoughts that she might not say out loud, making her very endearing.

" How exactly were you supposed to act when you weren’t perfect strangers but not exactly friends? I hadn’t yet worked out the answer to that question, which was why I avoided unnecessary contact altogether ... "

I thought I was the only one with this awful predicament!! I also can't randomly start conversations with people I hardly know. I'm more of a "Hi!" and smile at person I hardly know type person, before quickly scooting off before I say something silly. It's these little things that make me love the way you write characters so much. You put in lovely little insertcharacternamehere-isms, that may not seem a very important personality point at first, but they really help me relate to your characters. It helps me love them! :D Poor Audrey, being loved by me.

I am intrigued as to what happens next! They seem so perfect for each other despite all the awkwardness, which just makes them all the more cute. Possibly even as cute as Ron and Hermione... and from me, that is saying something.

I'm so happy you updated this! I've been waiting for it avidly for ages! And now the next chapter's finally here!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the review, and thanks for pointing out all that stuff about the POV. I think that's what drew me to using first person in the first place. :-) So I feel better about it now.

Yeah that predicament is one I think a lot of people have. I sort of wish I could have written it better...it's difficult to explain, you know? But alas. Awkwardness all around, I suppose.

Yes! Ron/Hermione...and Percy/Audrey! -dies from cuteness-

I'm so sorry I kept everyone waiting for an update. I think I should be able to update again this weekend. :-) Thank you again so much.


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Review #18, by TheDirigiblePlumLove Conquers All.: -birthday.

24th June 2010:
"Perfect Husband Potion"

Permit to use the phrase "lol" here. :D

This was pure and wonderful Ron/Hermione fluff and I loved it. Anything which leaves me with a silly smile on my face gets an automatic 10/10 from me! It was a simple tale but still conveyed Ron and Hermione beautifully in it, from their arguing to their sudden make ups and just - just everything!!

Thank you for making me ever so pleased!!
And by the way, I really like your penname!


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Review #19, by TheDirigiblePlumLove Conquers All.: -horizons.

24th June 2010:
“Don’t be sorry, you daft wombat! That was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” Hermione smiled lovingly. She just couldn’t help it; it was just such a Ron thing to do! “Why did I have to pick the boy with the emotional capability of a carrot?” Hermione wondered fondly, “First he says he loves me, and then he apologises! What am I supposed to do with him?”

"Emotional capability of a carrot!" Inspired! I always love hearing new crazy metaphors and similes, especially when they're used to describe Ron.

This was gorgeously fluffy, but the first paragraph was also very sad. You can imagine how quiet it would be, and how awful it must be for them to see Hogwarts in the state it was in. The owl flying around symbolised a glimmer of hope for me! Like a little flying trace of pure good magic.

This chapter carried magic in it, and had Ron and Hermione perfectly written in it too, so it left me with a big soppy smile on my face!

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Review #20, by TheDirigiblePlumOf Square Pegs and Round Holes: What Now?

24th June 2010:

*combusts due to Ron/Hermione blissful fluff overload*

This is what Ron and Hermione are all about! They're both ridiculously emotionally inept characters and you write them so well! (I've just realised how that might sound and would like to add that I'm not implying that you too are emotionally inept.)

I will now compile a list of my favourite parts:

Ginny felt it incumbent upon her to try the delicate approach first.

“Ron,” she said one day, cornering her brother in the kitchen at the Burrow, “stop being an idiot.”

“Sod off.”

The Weasley's certainly know who to sort out those delicate emotional matters. We have much to learn from them.

He strode over to the door and kicked it, and a startled squeal issued from the other side of the door. “Go away, Ginny!” he yelled.

The Weasley's certainly know how to eavesdrop badly. We don't have much to learn from them there.

The clear, rational, mature approach, they decided, was to continue with the snogging until all awkwardness had dissipated, and they could then continue alternately pestering and snogging each other in total comfort.

The Weasleys certainly know how to form the perfect relationship. We can learn everything from them to make our own happy ending!!

And now I must bring the cheesiest, fluffiest review I've ever written to an end. Let me tell you that you are one of the best writers in this world. No one does Ron/Hermione quite like you. Reading them in your stories is like reading them in JK's stories. It's quite unnerving sometimes.

This story was perfect in every way. I honestly mean that.


Author's Response: LOL! Your review cracked me up. Thank you so much. I'm really glad you enjoyed it, as I think you're one of the best R/Hr writers out there and you really should be recognized for it more often.

And don't worry. I believe I am quite emotionally inept. This must have something to do with the fact that I like Ron and Hermione do much.

Those lines you quotes are some of my favorite, especially the last one. And your commentary is priceless. :-D

Thank you so so so much for the review! Your reviews make me so happy.


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Review #21, by TheDirigiblePlumThe Battle of the Pitch: The Reckoning

24th June 2010:
“You’re all of age now. After all you’ve been through, I expect you to know your limits without my intervention. However, if you’d like the firm hand to reach out and find you again…”

Had to laugh at that!

But moving swiftly on, talk about a mean cliffhanger!! "This is where he would die." You'd better not be talking about killing Harry now would you?! You know how much that would displease me... he's my favourite character!

Your post-battle of Hogwarts world is a lot different to mine. I think mine's probably a little too optimistic! Is this how you really imagined it to be once you'd finished the book, just out of interest? Not that I'm complaining, because it's made for some great stories from you! You manage to capture that state where a country's in disarray and the government's trying to rebuild itself and reinvent really well, generating the constant ebb of unease that makes some very tense chapters!

I liked how the Weasley family scene was sandwiched between the two scenes with Harry in. The contrast between them made them stand out, leaping from one emotion to the other, which again created a lot of tension in the scene where Harry's dying.

Can't wait to see how this plays out! And I'm really pleased you liked my potion! I hope it saves Harry's life!


Author's Response: Hey DP!

I really liked writing Molly as not just being a screamer - no fun that. I'm glad you liked it.

Will Harry die? Great question. Moving on.

Actually, I had no idea what Post Hogwarts life looked like when I read DH, which is how I stumbled on to this site and I'm glad I did, I've read some great fic out here (yours included).

But, to directly answer your question - no - I never really pictured post DH looking like my stories portray it - it just kind of turned out that way, courtesy of my muse.

Nonetheless, I'll happily take your praise as to the tense story line (but, between you and me - I like to read stories that show the happier version of post Hogwarts, like yours and JAM's and SD's - but don't tell anyone I said that)

I'm glad you like the two different story lines here. I figured that, for folks that already read Children's Crusade, it would provide some mystery and, from your review, it looks like that worked.

Can't thank you enough for letting me steal your potion! I really appreciate it and thanks for this great review.

The next chapter should be up in a week or so.


P.S. Loved the new chapter of Muggle Fairy Tales - everyone really needs to go read it! And, it's being featured on the podcast!

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Review #22, by TheDirigiblePlumHeat: embers, all that will remain

31st May 2010:
Lovely stuff :D Dramiones I think are fast becoming secret guilty pleasures of mine... I used to believe they were blasphemous stories because they deviated from Ron/Hermione - the most wonderous of all pairings.

Anyways! I loved this, despite its length it delivered a lot. It dips between passion and normality and heartbreak and heat like a rollercoaster story, barely spending enough time on each emotion for it to sink in properly, which I suppose is what a love affair like this is all about. :D

It starts so fiery and then ends on a cold dismal note, which shows how quickly something so hot can be extinguished. It's quite sad really. :( In this way it's very true to life, yet still has that element of fantasy that makes it a Harry Potter story. :)


Author's Response: this means a lot :) thank you!

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Review #23, by TheDirigiblePlumHome: Home

31st May 2010:
This was - this - this was SO SADDD *Bursts into tears*

But it was sad in a happy way, like there was an understanding that life was going on and that it was ok to still miss Fred. It was just a peaceful story, for me anyway, and it accepted that death is something that can't ever really be understood. It honestly made me cry! It made me miss Fred so much!!

A very lovely story that was simple yet delivered great emotion.


Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #24, by TheDirigiblePlumThe Proposal: Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

25th May 2010:
Sorry I feel I've been away weeks and week!! Exams and art deadlines have been stealing my life away from the beloved world of harrypotterfanfiction and I feel horribly guilty for it!

I was very pleased to see that two new chapters are up to this story! Your stories are always such fun and they always have a nice big fight scene that takes my breath away before it all ends well and they finally get engaged. :)

This definitely put a smile on my face because it all seems so perfect at the end. I still feel sorry for Hermione in Children's Crusade though. :( (I won't say too much in case someone accidentally reads my review!)

Thank you for making me smile over the top of my heaps of revision notes! I can't help but feel like Hermione sometimes...


Author's Response: DP!!

I'm so glad to hear from you. I figured life had caught up to you; I hope things are getting easier. No need to apologize.

I figured you'd appreciate the proposal scenes. They were entirely too much fun to write, as were the fight scenes. Thanks so much for the praise.

As to 'Mione. I promise you, she lives happily ever after.

Glad I got you smiling. Hang in there with the revising. Summer's on the way!

I'm writing another story in the "Crusadiverse." It's called "The Battle of the Pitch." I hope to start posting in a few weeks.

I hope you get back to writing soon. I really do love your stuff! Re-read Muggle Fairy Tales the other day and it still gets me laughing!


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Review #25, by TheDirigiblePlumRussian Roulette: Russian Roulette

25th May 2010:
I think I stopped breathing during that last bit! You have such a great habit of making a stunning ending. I love Draco/Harry stories (not as much as you though it has to be said :P) and you can give them such a dark edge.

Their characters are spot on. Harry's passion is all there, along with the fact that he can't seem to let Draco go. I think it's because most - if not all - the people he's loved and lost have done so because they've died, whereas Draco had obviously left him for different reasons and I think Harry would struggle to understand this due to his other unfailingly loyal friendships. I think this is something very important to his character, and it seems to show through in the way you write him. And then at the end Draco does die and I think he still loves Harry! That ending really shocked me and I didn't even realise I'd been scrolling down the page until I reached the end.

Wow that was a long paragraph! :D

This story held my breath for me and stories are always special when they manage that. Keep writing!!

love TheDirigiblePlum

Author's Response: Hello dearest!

Thank you for another stunning review, I must say you spoil me!

So happy you like my Harry - I know how much you love him, so it does mean a lot to hear that you enjoyed my characterisation when it comes to him.

Yes, you're right, Draco left Harry for reasons Harry didn't know of, and he still loved Harry when he died. I'm glad the ending shocked you, that was exactly what I went for here ^_~

Thanks again for the lovely review my sweet!

Lovely Slytheriness x

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