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Review #1, by IellwenMelting: His Mother's Eyes

23rd July 2014:
I'll shamelessly snag the first review ♥

Oh the goosebumps, the chills and the feels you just gave me!! All under a 1,000 words, so I am even more amazed by your genius!

I love Snape and I love that you used the first person to write his POV, making the read all the more intense.
These are, after all, his final thoughts - all the more touching and credible that they are about Lily.
His Lily.

A very emotional read, great job!
Kudos for writing this!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much!! This just made my day :D aww, you are so sweet!!! X

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Review #2, by IellwenThe Fire Inside: One

22nd July 2014:
Heya Sam!
Reviewing for our Pit's July Review Exchange :)

I am so angry and frustrated right now, you have no idea - so I'll tell you. ;)
This prologue is awesome and I want f not need to know what happens next.
What does Theo have to find and retrieve from Gringotts? Is this to save Hermione? Who was the guy that tortured her?

Honestly, you write a short, attention-catching prologue like this one and don't upload the second chapter?! I ought to find you and shake it out of you.

I love that Theodore was angry inside yet resigned and broken, so much he could not yell or scream, only able to whisper. That his pain was so strong he became numb.

I'm thinking the evil guy can't be Voldemort because Theo was pushed out of a moving car. But 'He' has henchmen to push Theo out of said moving car, so obviously an influential bad guy. I really want to know more about 'him'!

Theo is in such a bad shape! Already falling on his face and breaking his nose, then being thrown on the street mercilessly for him to bleed even more - all his endures for 'her' sake. ♥

Will he kill to save her life? Will he?!
You've broken me for today. I've read those 600 words of five times by now. I really can't imagine what could happen next. You've reduced me to Theo's first state and I am begging you - not to stop, but to continue.
Please? Pretty please?
With a cherry on top?

All in all, a great first chapter and prologue :D
You better update soon or I'll come and hiss at you in the Pit!

P.S: you do understand that my threatening and yelling is purely my cold-blooded way to show affection, right? ^^

Author's Response: Hello!

Wow, such a mega review for a little chapter! I'm glad you liked it that much. Thank you!

You'll find out something about Gringotts in the next chapter. Not the whole story, just the ending. But that's the beauty of a mystery. ;)

Is it to save Hermione? Ooh, you'll probably figure that one out in the next chapter as well. The guy will be back. :)

Well, you did. You shook and now the next chapter is almost done. :P

Oh, Theo. It killed me, but I enjoyed writing it.

No, it's not Voldemort. This is post-war. And as canon as I can make it, despite what the pairing says. This is something I imagine in my headcanon for after the war. You'd think post-war headcanon would be happy... Mwahahahah! *cough* No, it's not.

Will he kill to save her life? He'd do anything... ;)

I'm definitely continuing, don't worry. :

Thank you for the amazing review!


P.S. I'd expect nothing less from a fellow snake. :D

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Review #3, by IellwenIn The Hogshead: In The Hogsgead

16th July 2014:
Here for our Pit's Review Tag ♥

At first I thought this one-shot was new on your AP then noticed you wrote it in 2011 - WHY DIDN'T THIS GET MORE REVIEWS?!

By the first quarter of the one-shot, I was grinning and thinking 'Oh, how cute' then thought they were having a lover's spat and got curious about Cedric's having to leave.
Then I got goosebumps and a bad feeling.

I love that she yelled when he didn't answer and that he soothed her as he could when she started breaking stuff.
Resigned, loving yet painful.

The tug of grief.
The madness of loss.

Though (and that's my personal opinion) all the emotional blubber that built up in me evaporated at the last sentence. I really expected her to sit on the floor and cry hysterically, alone and in pain, and that I would cry with her.

It was still a very, deeply emotional read and a wonderful insight on Cho's grief after Cedric's death.
It made me want to read more about their relationship, even though I never found it really interesting until now ^^

Thank you for the read and for writing this!!


Author's Response: Awww thanks!!!

And yeah I didnt thought it was so horrible to get so little reviews -_-

That was the point, you think its good, you see there's something more to it then fluff then it gets emotional and then bam. I felt it was expected to end that way so I chose a different way, so I think I done that lol.

I'm realllyyy glad you enjoyed it and made you want to read more about them,
this review made me really happy!!
Again, thank you so much for a awesome review!!

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Review #4, by IellwenExplosion: Squealing Piglets and Bachelorr's

14th July 2014:
Aah, that was cute :)

I love that Harry not only has a crush on Luna but even confides in Ginny!

And yes, well, a pigeon - beggars can't be choosers xD
Bwahaha!! Piglet squeal!

Noo, Malfoy! Don't put your shirt back on!!!

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Review #5, by IellwenEvent 3: Fear Appears: Boggart.

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 :)

I'm slowly starting to really, really like the Next-Gen and this one-shot was really sweet!!

I love that Victoire was ready Homer when she heard the Boggart and that she really wasn't expecting it, because that made her fear and pain towards its transformations even stronger.

Hers is a terrible fear, the same as Molly and a fear that is born of love, hence seemingly impossible to overcome. The fear of losing all your loved ones, of watching them die as you helplessly stand there and cry, unable to do anything else.

Dominique was really harsh, considering what just happened! This is my first time reading about her being a grumpy and harsh person (again, I'm new to the whole Next-Gen ^^)

This was a very interesting take on overcoming adversity! Victoire suffers through her fears of losing everyone yet does not let it drag her down and she does not forget to use Ridikkulus properly.
As a reward, she gets to hug her sister that is alive and well.

This was a very ending, kudos for writing this!!


Author's Response: Hey Gee!

I personally LOVE the Next-Gen so much! Thank you!

(I love Homer so much!- Classics is quite literally one of my favourite subjects ever- that and Harry Potter of course!)
Seeing as Victoire wasn't ready and had already been slagging of her family mentally, the boggart would have been exaggerating.

I see as the head female of the family, (Teddy being an honorary head male and overall), she has a reputation to uphold and a family to take care of. She probably feels responsible for them, which is why I believe that would be her fear.

I see Dominique as quite a no-nonsense sort of girl who enjoys pranking and mostly being one of the guys- although a very beautiful, quite feminine one! It could be considered as different to a lot of stories but since we don't have a lot to go on with Next Gen (we just know their names!), we can create whoever we like!

Well, I'm glad you think it was interesting. She had to overcome adversity for this one, but that comes in many different shapes and sizes so it was a broad title.
Yep! Happy Ending!

Thanks so much for reading, reviewing and saying such sweet and nice things! It means a lot!

Emz xxx

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Review #6, by IellwenMr. Potter: Chapter One and Only

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review.

That was a very interesting POV! I'm a big fan of the Ginny/Harry 'ship and always appreciate a good interaction :)

I really like that Ginny worries about Harry's troubled past and his nightmares and wants to help him. She's always been kind and caring.
I wonder if she asked Harry the questions she asked herself or if she's comfortable with just keeping on guessing what her husband suffers through.
Most of it, she knows anyway so she'd really have little gain from asking ^^

I love that she is devoted and compassionate enough to suffer with him, to endure his pain with him.
The best kind of love is not judgmental; she stays at his side for the better as well as the worse, shouldering him and his burdens without trying to tell him how she thinks he should get some closure.
As well as a wife, she is his friend.

This one-shot was really sweet and warm.
It was fun reading :)


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Review #7, by IellwenRose-Coloured Glasses: Real beaches have sand

12th July 2014:
In the name of the House Cup 2014, I review thy story! :D
(Go Slytherin! Hehe^^)

Since she was in Perpignan until now, in the warm and sunny South of France, no wonder poor Jeanette got used to the
warm ocean ^^
Quick question about your OC, though: did you purposely give her a boyish nickname? (Because Jean is a boy's name ;) ) Not that's it in any way bad or anything, I'm just curious ^^

Wow, that was a cold reaction from Dominique; you don't see your sister for two years, she shows up on the doorstep because of the wedding and okay, you have a right to be a little angry and ask where she hid this whole time... But man, Dom is a grumpy gal.

I really love that you used Maugis as a Merlin equivalent :D You just set me back 15 years, when I was still a kid and we talked about Charlemagne at school xD
Anyway, really nice touch ^^

I wonder why did Jeanette go to France in the first place beyond her mother's roots? Also, are you placing Beauxbâtons in the south of France, near Perpignan? :)

Ooh, Teddy feels a bit disgusting as a man... Especially considering he's to get married and can't even tell his future sister-in-law that he's looking forward to it. I mean, even if you get cold feet, LIE! Except if he's trying to impress Jeanette somehow, to let her know he's not entirely bound to another just yet.
Which is disgusting behaviour so, yeah, beurk is really appropriate xD

But well, you know when you want to sunbathe naked on a non-nudist beach, no matter the country, you're bound to be stared at. ^^
About staring, I wonder if Jeanette seriously thinks there is nothing hotter than an unfaithful husband? o_0

Considering Fleur is a quarter Veela and Charlie isn't a full-fledged Werewolf, I was surprised by the importance you place on the Veela and Werewolf blood, as it influences their looks and Victoire's temper. :D

This was a really interesting and original first chapter! I'd definitely be interested in reading more about Jeanette, find out what she did in France during those two years and if the wedding is going to go as planned or if some mad, chaotic disaster is going to ruin it ^^ Teddy seems to be unable to focus on his fiancee (ack, no accents allowed ^^') and shows really unwanted attention towards Jeanette, so I'm expecting chaos ;)

Feel free to notify me when the next chapter is up, in case I miss it ;)


Author's Response: Ahahaha hello - you Slytherins are a tenacious bunch ;)

About Jeanette's nickname - I grew up with a nan named Jean, and so I'm pretty accustomed to it being more feminine, though I know it's a masculine name. My Jeanette is the kind of ungirlish girl, so having a masculine nickname really suits her personality, I reckon - but we'll get to know her better further on down the track to discover it more ;)

Dom is a really grumpy girl, but she is happy to see Jean beneath it all - as we'll discover further on too.

Jean's a pretty enigmatic character, I reckon, and the reasons for her moving to France come together bit by bit as we get further on in the story!! And I haven't made Beauxbatons in Perpignan, we'll understand the significance of southern France as the story progresses ;)

Teddy is a bit of a slimebag, and Jean's not squeaky-clean either, so I totally get why you're repelled with all the unfaithfulness - be warned, it's a factor prevalent throughout this story, though it isn't my foremost theme, don't worry :D

I will most definitely be notifying you when the next chapter is up, and thank you so so so much for this review, it was awesome!!! :') Good luck in the Cup!


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Review #8, by IellwenThe Mirror: The Mirror

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review! :)

Ooh, I love that she didn't think of her deepest dream until she sees it in the mirror! Because Bellatrix is entirely devoted and loyal to her Lord, her first, second and third thoughts are for him and him only - but what about her secret, deeply hidden thoughts? The ones pushed back so far away even she had no idea she had them! I love that she was a bit surprised yet not enough to reject the idea...
The thought of her wanting Lord Voldemort accept her, acknowledge her as strong and even his equal, as he pays homage to her! Genius.

Having the imaginary scene take place on the heaps of piles of corpses just reinforces that Bellatrix is really, deeply and truly twisted. And evil. And barking mad. :D

I love that you had Bellatrix look into the mirror then switched to the final Battle and her death. I think it fits that Bellatrix was fighting and thinking that the battle is already won, that a part of her thoughts were concentrated on the future glory of killing as many as possible for her Lord to be proud or happy.

After reading this one-shot, I'm thinking the only reason Bellatrix was defeated was because she wasn't fully concentrated on the battle at hand - until now I thought she had simply underestimated Molly and gotten too comfortable. ^^

It was a really interesting and fun read! Kudos for writing it! :D


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Review #9, by IellwenMugshot: Mugshot

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!! :)

This is definitely one of the best Bellatrix POV's I've read so far! Wow, that was intense!!

I love that you kept most of her thoughts short and that you didn't even start them with a capital, because that's Bellatrix's mind, it's not 'proper' and 'ordered' per usual so it'd be even more chaotic during her stay in Azkaban.

I really love that she punched the wall until her fists bled, just so see there's still something warm in her even though she's locked away in the cold cell, surrounded by Dementors - even though it surprised me at first that Bellatrix would want to feel warmth, this is not under normal context and she's somewhat human in the end :)

I also love that she thought of her sisters, yearning for them close and laughing, because even though Bellatrix is scary crazy, she'd still defend Narcissa with her life if may be and I like to think that, deep down inside, she feels regret for losing Andromeda. As you wrote her rotting away in her cell, I can believe that Bellatrix would only admit to herself that one time, that she misses Andromeda's laugh even if she 'betrayed' her blood.

And for all the compassion I started to feel for Bellatrix, you added the bits with spiders - I'm not actually fond of spiders but I'm not a fan of animal cruelty either, so I squirmed with the arachnid as its legs were pulled of or as the other was squished...
I love that Bellatrix didn't let Azkaban ruin her lust for pain and destruction :D

This was a great read!
Kudos on writing it!! :)


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Review #10, by IellwenA Pain Worse Than Death: The Road To Insanity

11th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

I really love that you wrote a one-shot about Alice and Frank Longbottom - I'm pretty sure that's the first time I ever read about them! And I just know I've never read anything about their torture before.
So this was a very interesting and refreshing read!

There were a few repetitions that disrupted the flow and descriptions a bit (i.e: knife, cold, ice...) but I really enjoyed reading about Alice wishing upon the sweet release of death as pain washes over her, as she is tortured to insanity by Bellatrix and other Deatheaters...
And I love that her tortured mind just kind of 'clicked' and broke, gave way. Kind of like a rebooting. ^^

I love that you didn't use dialogs for this POV because the more I think about it, the more I feel that they would've ruined the mood and the intensity of your narration :)

That was really interesting and entertaining read!


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Review #11, by IellwenHis most faithful follower: The death of her!

11th July 2014:
House Cup Review 2014.

Bellatrix is a handful to write and it takes a lot of hatred and bitterness to get her insanity to show properly ^^
Considering this one-shot focuses on her death and last thoughts, you wrote her very, very mild. For a moment there, I thought I was reading about Molly's thoughts at the time or about a slightly angry Narcissa ^^

Anyway. That was a really interesting idea, writing about the last thoughts of Bellatrix Lestrange!
I like that she focused on getting her hands on Harry, to kill him and make her Lord happy, until the 'plan' changed.

I like that this one-shot ends with Voldemort screaming in fury and pointing his wand at Molly, the witch responsible for his most loyal supporter's death; it's almost like he cared about Bellatrix and that her death saddened him ^^

This was an interesting read :)


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Review #12, by IellwenA kindess: A kindess

11th July 2014:
Reviewing for the House Cup 2014
So I'm wandering on the archives looking for Bellatrix fanfictions and stumbled upon yours - since you've written this in 2008 and have not posted other stories since, I have to expect you might never read this, but still. I think this one-shot deserves at least one review :)

That was a very disturbing read xD Not that I expected either of them to be canon (after all, your summary had Voldemort and love in one sentence ^^) but I really didn't expect this either :D
You surprised me in a good way :)

In a way, it was indeed very kind of Voldemort to give his most loyal follower what she dreamed of, even if it cost her her life in the end. One has to twist the limits of logic but after a few seconds of deep thinking, I can see the kindness :D
Though I really couldn't picture Voldemort kneeling in front of Bellatrix as she undresses him of even uttering the words 'make love to me'. Heck, him saying the word 'love' will forever be a strange notion! xD

This was a very interesting read! I can feel you had fun writing it :D


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Review #13, by IellwenOf Fallng and Nightmares: My one and only chapter

11th July 2014:
Reviewing for the House Cup 2014!

You have a few typos here and there as well as some spacing issue :/ But nothing major and I managed to understand it all pretty well, not being English and all ;) For example: 'monstasity' I understood 'monstrosity' or 'jelious' as 'jealous', etc... As far as I'm concerned, one or two typos aren't that big a deal... But when it's one almost every ten word, I have to wonder; how fast did you type this? Hehe ^^

It's very interesting that you chose Hermione to have nightmares about falling endlessly down, when one stops to consider the [modern?] interpretation of the dream. Falling down supposedly holds, among other meanings, the signification of little self-confidence and fears in general (yeah, that's a silly interpretation, I agree^^) and I've read somewhere it also held the meaning of disappointment/feeling betrayed.
So that nightmare definitely fits in your Hermione's thought pattern :)

It's been a while since I've read a Hermione/Harry shipping, so that was somewhat refreshing :D (I was actually looking for Bellatrix action^^)
I wonder who HE/HIM was? Voldemort? 'Long and disgusting fingernails' could also mean Greyback?

Anyway! T'was an interesting read!! :D


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Review #14, by IellwenMania: Mania

11th July 2014:
For the House Cup 2014, I was looking for stories to review and felt like reading about Bellatrix; boy, am I glad that I read this!

This is wonderfully, beautifully twisted! And hateful and despicable, yet the yearning and vulnerability made it fascinating.
Honestly, I had never really picture Bellatrix being anything close to passionate with her husband, but the way you've described it just fits... Mutual destruction.
They use each other, whether they like it or not, as tools to release their anger.

I love that Bellatrix is drawn to the pain she knows his eyes have seen as he inflicted it.
I also love that you managed to make a companionship out of the Lestrange couple, even so twisted (but this is Bellatrix we're talking about, it couldn't possibly have been of butterflies and rainbows! ^^) and self-destructive as described!!

And that she tastes blood and he smiles? Almost as if to state; 'yeah, you drew blood but that's what make the adrenaline pump!' WOW!

Also, I'm very impressed that you managed to pack to much information so smoothly with only 500 words!!! That is quite the impressive feat and you have my awe! :D


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Review #15, by IellwenThe Grim's Curse: The Grim's Curse

11th July 2014:
In the name of the House Cup 2014, I review thy one-shot! :D

I really liked that you wrote this in the first person, slightly confusing the reader as to whom is narrating at first (I thought it was a banshee^^), and you've done a bang-up job with the first person! :) Also, I love that I can't figure out if the Whisp is female or male or neither xD So I'll refer to it as OC ^^

I love that you created the Whisp (at first I thought, will-o'-the-wisp? but then read your A/N) as a 'Wacky OC' because that's an interesting feature! I wonder, is she kind of like a Seer (only she really sees the Grim Riper, unlike Trelawney ^^) and looks like a 'normal' human or is her appearance also affected by the curse? Or is the Whisp not a psychic aspect but an actual creature? (Sorry, I'm probably overthinking this, please take no offense ^^')

Also, I'm really curious about the terrible future that awaits the next generation! Have you thought of continuing this story or with this OC? I would be really interested in reading about this too!!
I'm really interested in OC's curse of the Grim - what kind of curse is it? Was OC born with? OC seems to be resigned, used to the curse and the death she sees.

OC must be terribly lonely, being rejected and ignored, doomed to foresee the deaths of all around itself... What a terrible curse it is, you see it yet cannot prevent it, for the sake of all...

That was a really great read, even if the tone is very dark (hey, I looked for Angsty and got what I wanted!! ^^) so thank you for writing it!!


Author's Response: Hello, Gee! I am very happy you liked this story. I'll answer some questions for you.

She/He is a human with a curse. They look just like a normal child, just perhaps act sort of autistic to the people around him/her... They may even think the child is somewhat autistic.

I have not decided whether this person is female or male, I left this up to the reader to decide (in this one shot anyway).

I would like to think about making a full story to this(and even other types of Whisps), my thoughts on this were to be that the Grim offered a "loving" mother or father a choice; die and go to the underground, or sacrifice their child for eternal life in the current world. The parent chose to sacrifice their child, and thus how the curse begins. The child is really of no use to the Grim, other than for entrainment of terrorizing an innocent soul.

The Whisp actually interacts with The Grim, and I have even thought of allowing her/him to speak directly to the Grim by voice or telepathically, they need to communicate somehow.

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Review #16, by IellwenWarning: There are no cliches present in this story: Illogical

10th July 2014:
I was looking for my next House Cup 2014 Review and couldn't look away from the title :D And darn you, you said no cliches in your summary, too! ;)

Ooooh, how I laughed!!! I recognized so many of the thousands of Dramione I read over the years - heck there were even more than those cliches (shame, accents mess up the script :/ )!

Your description of Hermione?! HILARIOUS - walking around aimlessly carrying books because she's a bookworm (duuuh) and of course she's suddenly hot and girls wanna be her and boys want her, and Draco the Sex God!!

I could definitely feel the drama in THIS IS A FLASHBACK !! XD
I love how you point out all the flaws of 'bad' Dramione with such great writing that it's just incredibly fun to read, that's a huge feat!

I love the flat dialogs xD The snide comments in the narration about Draco's chiseled chest!! :D How you skip the poor plot twist and have them simply said it out right and incorporate the notion of the writer XD

Angsty Harry was hilarious! :D (say that three times in a row ^^)

AND THE IPOD!! - RAAH I can't list everything, that would take away the purpose of this awesome one-shot!!

My favourite (though it was hard to pick) sentence was: "I never saw this coming!" because at that point, my sides were hurting and it's good I didn't manage to roll off my bed!

I snorted and giggled in the middle of the night like a madwoman!!
I simply adore your sarcasm! ♥


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Review #17, by IellwenThe Mirror: Mirror, Mirror

10th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!! :)

I really love how you built up the romance to that huge slap in the face in the end. :D He just lied straight out didn't he? ^^
I was really expecting something else entirely so I couldn't help but chuckle (then I felt guilty, because poor Hermione^^) at the thought of Draco beating Voldemort and taking his place! And that he wants to make his father beg?
That is so arrogantly evil and twisted of him, I love it!!

And poor Hermione is hopelessly, truly in love with him while he... well... lives up to the Malfoy reputation, one might say :D
I wonder though, does he even love her a bit in your scenario or is he just entirely using her for some purpose? ^^

That was a really fun (and very surprising, hence doubling the fun!^^) read, thank you for writing it!!
There is something very free in the way you write, it's a delight to read :)


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Review #18, by IellwenThe Fool's Journey: The Fool

10th July 2014:
Me again ;)
House Cup 2014.

In my previous review, I forgot to mention two things;
1. I love your use of the cards Sybill uses and that you obviously know your Tarot (or researched it very well^^)
2. You're story's title is very endearing to me because of a little story told in a manga called Fruits Basket (by Natsuki Takaya) called the Foolish Traveler - anyway, that's just a side note to my personal feelings ^^ Having gotten to know your story's Fool a little, I can safely assume the one has nothing to do with the other :D In short; I like your title. ^^'

Colin is a Muggle; thinking of taking a picture and being surprised at Gellert's 'talent' yet not afraid (nor was he at the thought of running into wolves) and calmly asking for assistance instead of asking question after question - I can maybe start to see what some would call him a fool.

Aah Grindelwald - I love that Colin meets in a forest xD (because as you probably know, 'Wald' means 'Forest' in German ^^) and the he gets off with a wrong idea of Dumbledore because of Gellert's reaction!

I was a bit confused that Colin didn't understand how Gellert knew he was headed for the village... Because he just told him... "I need to get to the village. You can’t leave me in the forest." :/ Maybe I misunderstood something, though xD

Also, is Dobby already working for the Kitchen of the castle in this story? :D I'm not complaining, just asking (and thinking of how cool it'd be for Dobby never to have worked for the Malfoys :D)

I really love the descriptions of the forest (is it the Forbidden one?^^) and the village - very vivid and detailed without too much unnecessary information that could bore a lazier reader or even worse, slow down the flow. Your descriptions are perfectly balanced! Leaving just enough wiggle room for the reader's own imagination without completely lacking a solid base.

Oooh, what has started? I need to know :D
I'll be looking forward to the next chapters!! I'm officially hooked!! :D


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Review #19, by IellwenThe Fool's Journey: Cassandra of Troy

10th July 2014:
Here to spread Love and for the House Cup 2014 :D

I was a bit worried about reading this story at first, because I just got Trelawney as protagonist for a Challenge XD
But I'm relieved to read you are showing a different side of hers than what I'm planning on going for, so there's no way this would influence my writing. Well, there's little way. Well... I'll make sure to sway from your wonderful take on her ;)

I was a bit confused that Sybill already knows the name of James Potter and couldn't picture him looking grim (and that she alread, considering she was only hired in 1980 whereas the Potters were murdered in 1981, but that is such a tiny detail it might not be relevant for the progression of your plot ;)

I love that you had Trelawney and Dumbledore meet beforehand, under such tragic circumstances, too! That he didn't want to believe her before as he was a child, yet his sister died after she predicted it, makes it logical for him to pale at her last words in this chapter.
Albus is still young so... is she talking about Grindelwald? Her words were so full of mystery, I'm really curious about the next chapter!!
Also, I can't help but wonder why she considers herself so stupid, why she blames herself for letting 'The words' slip from her mouth like that! :D

I really love that she had recurring thoughts about her sherry yet not drinking in front of Albus and Minerva. Deep down, she knows it's wrong, that they'll not approve ^^

I absolutely adore that Sybill sees different kinds of future, the possibilities of lives, even her own!

I wonder who that fool is, the one that'll perhaps save them all as your summary states!
I have to read the next chapter!! ^^


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Review #20, by IellwenThrough My Sister's Eyes: Through My Sister's Eyes

10th July 2014:
Hey Cassie! :)
Reviewing in the name of Love! And The House Cup 2014 ^^

I just couldn't resist a sister theme :D

This was a really adorable one-shot and I love the way you brought forth the simplicity and naivety of a young child facing the departure of the dead.
I love Padma's take on not being selfish, on being happy for her Aunt who can see Nana again. That was a really warm and positive thought.

I couldn't pinpoint Padma's age until she asked her older sister Ravi if she remembered - Ravi was 13 and the twins were 4, now Ravi is 15 so the twins are 6. Wonderfully subtle way to give the reader information!! :D

It's very surprising to me that Padma asked questions and made sure Ravi remembered before continuing telling her story, because it shows just how gentle she is, caring for others and knowing empathy (that's rare in a child, in my opinion^^).
"Smile no matter what because happiness can work miracles" is a wonderful motto and a wonderful thing to tell a child... Or someone grieving after making them smile.

I really love that Padma worried so much that her eldest sister was different, that she wasn't smiling anymore, and that it wasn't good. ♥

This was a very warm and loving one-shot, even if a close relative of them passed away, it takes a courageous and gentle soul to worry about others.
I really liked reading this :)


Author's Response: Hello!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this story! I loved writing it, because I think there are so many moments in life that seem really sad or negative, and kids are able to have such a positive outlook on them anyway. I wanted to show the hopefull side that can be found even in a dark situation like this.
I always thought of the Patil twins, Padma would be the quieter one. Probably because JKR always has Parvati giggling with Lavender, and we don't see Padma very often in the books. I wanted to expand this, and make her a quieter child, too, and I think she would be more of the observer, looking out for what other people need.
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this for me!
Cassie :)

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Review #21, by IellwenCome with Me: Come with me

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 and Fifth Decree!

Oh, wow.
This was so intense, so tortured... So sad!
Come with me... Calling for him, rendering him mad with grief, unable to deal with his loss... Unable to go on...

I love the repetition you used, to let the read sink in the inevitable madness along with Draco..
Depression starts when you can't break the vicious circle of 'bad' thoughts...

I don't know who Catherine is, but she was obviously so important to Draco... And she died from the Battle of Hogwarts, at the hands of Rodolphus nonetheless... I wonder if Bellatrix, had she seen her husband aim him wand to kill her nephew, would have reacted...

Poor Draco. He really couldn't see any light, couldn't pick himself from rock bottom...

That was very intense, kudos for writing this!!


Author's Response: Hello there! Thanks for reading and reviewing. I am glad you liked this and found it intense, as that was my aim.

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Review #22, by IellwenOf Stars, Galaxies and Daffodils: Of Stars, Galaxies and Daffodils

9th July 2014:
Heya, here to spread the overwhelming love! Also, House Cup 2014 and through a wonderfully lucky coincidence, the Fifth Educational Decree!

The title called me - it is SUCH a great picture of the three sisters!
Also, I've never read anything from Andromeda's perspective so far, so I was really intrigued (to say the least)!!

THIS WAS SO HEART-BREAKING! I cried (I'm really sister-sensitive right now and the thought of one leaving is just... very emotional) as Cissy understood it was too late and cried to, even when Bellatrix was so hurt, felt so betrayed that she got angry...
Poor Andromeda, punished and outcast by her own parents because she fell in love with the 'wrong' guy...
All three sisters were mourning, mourning the end of their era. Even Bellatrix who after all, also ran to the gate...
Part of me thinks she didn't join in because she hardened her heart... Oh, Bellatrix... She thinks she's so strong, yet she may be the weakest among the three... It takes strength and courage to admit your pain, to let your wounds heal, to let go of anger, fear and suffering...

I adore that Andromeda was so out of sorts after saying adieu to her sisters that she got angry at Ted for drying her - she was wet from the rain she and her dear sister had cried under, it was like her last connection to them...
And what a good husband Ted is for comforting her even though she tries to push him away... ♥

About the French, I have only one comment: 'autour' means 'around' so, even if the rest of your translation was top-notch, that one bit didn't really fit. The perfect translation would be 'et nous tournons, tournons' but I also understand why you added the 'autour', for the picture of turning around something but if you want to stick to that, you might want to add the object in their center... For example: 'Nous tournons autour de ...' 'We turn around the...'
But honestly, that's such a little detail, it's really not important so feel free to leave it as it is ;)
Also, another tiny detail is that the female form of fiance (the review won't let me add the accent) is fiancee so when Ted thinks of Andromeda, feel free to add the female E. :)
Anyway, I love that you had the girls invent a game as kids, because it's very credible that they had to learn French, growing up in a wealthy, Pureblooded Family.

This was a GREAT read!
Kudos and thank you for writing this!!!


Author's Response: hi! thanks for such a thorough review! im so glad that you enjoyed it :) -emma

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Review #23, by IellwenThe Second Uprising: Shock

9th July 2014:
Heya, here to spread the bursting love and, also, review for the House Cup 2014 :D

This may be my inexperience in Next-Gen talking, but I've never heard of Deatheater Next-Gen and this first chapter already woke my Dramione feels and I am really looking forward to read about Scorpius and Rose struggling as Heads, falling in love, getting engaged and suffering through the allegations, hopefully staying strong and united, fighting to prove Scorpius' innocence and finally getting married to live happily ever after.
I would love to read that. :D (Even if the plot I just described seems a bit plain, it's the journey you'd take me on that interests me)

Second of all, where does Hermione get off telling Rose to mind her language when her man is being accused of being a Deatheater?! Shut it, mum, what do you know? Ack.

Thirdly, I'm sure Scorpius has a reason for staying quiet while being accused. Is he being blackmailed? What's the plan behind the shocking action?! He can't possibly really be a Deatheater, can he?
Did he approach Rose to get closer to the Weasleys and Potters?
Also, how did he manage to seduce her?

Aaah, so many questions left unanswered... This is going to drive me so nuts, I'll probably regularly come back to see if you've updated (if you do update, please tell me!!)

I have a feeling that Kingley's resignation has something to do with the whole plot and I am definitely smelling some kind of conspiracy cooking.
I love conspiracies!!

I really liked what you did with the Crappy Auror bit; you can totally have Rose mentally name him Crappy-Auror (you know, one word instead of the normal two) and maybe lead up to her nicknaming him like that? For example when Rose thinks about how Uncle Harry knew better but the other dude wanted to act on his own and losses were suffered because of his arrogance/stupidity, you could totally add something along the lines of: 'such a crappy auror does not deserve to be remembered through his actual name' or whatever feels appropriate to you :D

And why did Rose think of needing a gun (beyond being ready to run amok, of course^^) did she often watch westerns or shoot'em up movies? What's her connection to guns (it could be really fun and original!)

Also, what if she swears a bit? HER MAN IS BEING TAKEN AWAY, SHE HAS A RIGHT TO BE PISSED!

Anyway - I think this is an awesome first draft of a first chapter and that'll lead to an even more awesome plot, so CHOP-CHOP!
Get back to your very first noir WIP ♥ if you want/need to brainstorm on this one, PM me anytime. If you just needed a motivating push, I hope I managed just that.
I mean, if you're thinking of marking this as abandoned because of some 'Yeah but I don't like that' airhead-comment, it would be a real shame, because every story needs, nay, WANTS to be told. You are bound to encounter a few people here and there that'll complain that you're not writing what they want to read - but that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong or bad.
The variety of genres, likes and dislikes make the world go round and keep it pretty... But the unique soul of the one is the most beautiful art :)

Rose and Scorpius, you gave them a story, gave them a life and threw them in a mad, twisted plot (just writing this, I'm itching to read more). It is your duty to help them see it through :D
Okay, enough of me being pushy (I apologize if that bothered you^^)



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Review #24, by Iellwen(Event Three) Moony's Memories: One.

9th July 2014:
Here to spread the love AND for the House Cup 2014 so... Two birds with one stone, I might say, hehe ^^

Oooh, I laughed so hard picturing Minerva refraining from smiling!
You came up with such great Marauders-puns under the pressure of the third Event! I'm amazed and a little bit jealous at the same time!!
No wonder that memory helps Remus summon a Patronus! ♥

I always tear up when a Marauder hopes for a better future, since in their case they'll never get to live it...
Oh, the goosebumps the ending gave me!
Such a selfless thing to think, Remus! Not afraid that he's going to die, not regretting... Just hoping... Hoping for his son to be happy...
It's a shame he never go to see that Teddy'll grow up surrounded by love...
I'm a sucker for fatherly love... :)

I love that you started this one-shot with a description of the boys in the Animagus form, surrounding Remus and keeping him company without losing their comradely and the slight competition feels of Sirius! And his 'I let you win' had me grin like an idiot ^^

I love that Minerva was surprised to see Remus among the others, him being a responsible Prefect an all, and I love that the boys came up with such a ridiculous explanation on the spot, so typical of mischievous teens it reminded me of my 'youth' (ack, do I feel old for writing that right now) and the time at school when a teacher caught a friend and I... Years later, I talked to that teacher again and we had a few laughs because she looked at me and asked if I had seriously thought she had believed me xD
Anyway ^^'
Even if McGonagall punished them as she had too, she's still a softie inside ^^ Heck, she probably sneaked around herslef once or twice when she was a student :D

It was a really great one-shot and kudos for writing it for the third Event!!


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Review #25, by IellwenThe Lost Wolf: Sommersi e Salvati

9th July 2014:
In the name, House Cup 2014, review, blah!

And understand such strange circumstances, too!!

Okay, so this chapter brought forth new questions like; what the heck did Cassandra let Bill (whom I presume is the Mr Thompson I didn't recognize in the previous chapter^^) do to her?! And so regularly, too, even though her body was under such critical conditions?!
And what's going to happen now that Sirius morphed back into a human form in front of Muggles?! (lemme think... Bill is a Muggle, right??!!)
And who was that ghost-like girl Harry saw - young Cassie while she stayed at Hogwarts? (would make sense, since her dad was a Griffie)

Also, my little grey cells finally managed to come up with a logical explanation to why Remus got bits of Cassie and Sirius' conversation!
I mean, it's only logical (look at me, Spock-ing around *sigh*) - it's the pack connection, right?
Ugh. I can't believe it took me so long to get there (please tell me I'm right, it's been driving me nuts for days! ^^') since you've left clues all over the place! :D

You forgot to finish that sentence ^^ "light leaked through the keyhole and the ." but judging by the context, I'm thinking you meant the crack underneath the door? :/
Also, I love the lucky coincidence that a typo had you call the caretaker 'Mr. Flinch', because the name really fits xD

Also, I love that you had McGonagall doubt Sirius being a mass murderer a little, because I often thought her attitude towards her previous student was a bit weird and cold, considering just how much she knew the Marauders and the consequences of the Potter's death. I mean, yeah, of course, Pettigrew is weak and no one would suspect him and he disappeared and everyone though he was dead, but heck, Sirius was innocent and had she bothered to actually talk to him during his imprisonment, like it seems she has done here, would definitely have brought doubt in her heart like that!

I positively adore your use of the drowned and the saved, Minerva's regret towards the young souls she couldn't save no matter how hard she tried!

Okay, enough rambling, I have to read on!!!


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