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Review #1, by JimmboPuddlemere United: Chapter 2.

18th February 2013:
Nice chapter, loved your description of the fight between the seekers!

Author's Response: Yes, that Pippa has some anger issues, but I love her despite this! Thank you for the review!

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Review #2, by JimmboPuddlemere United: Chapter 1.

18th February 2013:
Just came across this story and it seems really interesting, full of promise!

Author's Response: Awh! Thank you so much! :D

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Review #3, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Knights of Mordred: Chapter 10: An Auror For Tea.

13th February 2013:
Nice little chapter and don't worry about the length of time it took to update, you are far more prompt than I am. I feel your deadline pain!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
Deadlines are horrible! Fortunately, I've only got to finish my second draft for language and I'm all done for the year.

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Review #4, by JimmboMudblood to Murder: Blood in the Streets

24th January 2013:
I was saving my review for the end seeing as I have had a lot of chapters to catch up on, but I thought that this chapter very much deserved one. The writing on this is absolutely superb, the set-up in the previous ones built it all up brilliantly and the action was breathless. Well done!

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Review #5, by JimmboThe War Generation: Chapter 5: A Sign

18th January 2013:
I decided not to leave a review on every chapter before I caught up so here is a sort of uber-review.

I'm really liking the story so far, the characterisation is good and its nice to see Robards in a different setting. I think you have each character doing the right things and the atmosphere of the whole story is very nice. Look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: I don't blame you, that's a lot of reviews haha.
Thanks for the compliments, it's difficult to get it all right I have to say, but I'm enjoying writing it so far :')

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Review #6, by JimmboThe War Generation: Chapter 2: Beginning a Legacy

18th January 2013:
This chapter was much better than the last, really liked it. Nasty chilling moment at the end too (nasty in a good way obv). Super job

Author's Response: It was chilling, wasn't it? I'm a big fan or foreshadowing.

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Review #7, by JimmboThe War Generation: Chapter 1: Meeting of Legends

18th January 2013:
Finally got round to reading your other story. Enjoying it so far, good job

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it

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Review #8, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Knights of Mordred: Chapter 9: The Chosen Babysitter

17th January 2013:
Well I have to say I never thought I'd read about a car chase in a HP fan fic. I'm pleased Harry hates VW Beetles - nasty ugly horrid cars that they are. Really good chapter again, looking forward to more as always

Author's Response: They truly are hateful aren't they?
I've always wanted to write a car chase, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. Glad you liked it, and keep an eye out for more :)

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Review #9, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Knights of Mordred: Chapter 8: Casualties

8th January 2013:
So good to see a new chapter, its been a wee while. Enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next one. Hope you had a Happy Christmas!

Author's Response: I know, it's been ages! Next chapter's already written so it'll be up as soon as the current chapter of War Generation is validated.

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Review #10, by JimmboAlienation Beyond Measure: Explosions and expulsions

19th December 2012:
Just caught up with your story and I have to say that I am loving it. The only thing I would say is that I think you need to proof-read a little better cos this chapter in particular is littered with spelling mistakes that are a little distracting. The story though is first-class, can't wait for updates!

Author's Response: I do agree with you about the proof-reading. I wanted to get this chapter in before the queue closed and I admit that I didn't really check it out so much. I also know that I need a beta to help me out; being French, spelling and grammar errors slip by me easily!!

Thanks again for your lovely review, I'm glad you enjoy the beginning of my new story; I can't wait for the queue to re-open in order to send in the next chapter!

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Review #11, by JimmboAlienation Beyond Measure: Ravenclaws and Weasleys

19th December 2012:
Another good chapter. Love the idea of the Code of Conduct and all the many many Weasley's sticking together.

Author's Response: Thanks ! I think the cousins would stick together, not being all best friends but getting along enough to watch out for each other. Glad you thought it was realistic :)

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Review #12, by JimmboAlienation Beyond Measure: Sortings and surprises

19th December 2012:
Really great first chapter and great to see something different in this era. Tired of some many stories being just the same. I hope very chapter is as good as this one

Author's Response: Hi and thanks so much for your review, I'm glad you liked this first chapter and thought it was different from what we usually see in next-gen :) I do hope you'll enjoy the rest as well!

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Review #13, by JimmboToil and Trouble: A Tall Dark Stranger

9th December 2012:
Been looking for a decent new HP/HG fic for a while and this seems to fit the bill nicely. Like what I read so far, hope it keeps going as well as this!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you. That really means a lot.

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Review #14, by JimmboA Rather Reluctant Potter: Summer Celebrations

9th December 2012:
Hey, like the story so far, though the large number of siblings (including some OCs) are hard to keep track of. It makes a little more sense now that I realise it is a little AU

Author's Response: Yes there are a fair few of OC character but don't worry it doesn't get that confusing plus I've included a list of who is who. I'm really glad that you like the story.

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Review #15, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Knights of Mordred: Chapter 7: Bedridden

2nd December 2012:
Another great chapter, hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again!
P.S, in the last reply I meant through not few haha

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Review #16, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Knights of Mordred: Chapter 6: Under Attack

2nd December 2012:
Hey, had a bit of a break from HPFF to deal with a number of pesky deadlines, but am back now. Really liked the chapter, especially Hermoine's commando style escape. Only criticism is that there are a few formatting issues about, missing line breaks and that sort of thing. Its quite small and I know from my own stories that these things can just pop up when you copy/paste the story in.

I look forward to reading on!

Author's Response: Ah, Deadlines, the bane of our lives!
I'm glad you liked Hermione's escape, I was worried it might be a little far fetched.
I'll do a read few soon and change the bits I've missed, thanks for pointing them out!

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Review #17, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Knights of Mordred: Chapter 5: Mistake

18th November 2012:
Wow, great chapter! Really enjoyed it, things starting to hot up here

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you enjoy the new villain, because I'm loving writing him :')

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Review #18, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Knights of Mordred: Chapter 3: Discoveries

9th November 2012:
Good work as always. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks, I will do! :)

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Review #19, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Knights of Mordred: Chapter 2: The Life We Chose

3rd November 2012:
Nice chapter, can't wait for the story to really get going

Author's Response: I hope you like it when it does-trust me, it's not long.

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Review #20, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Knights of Mordred: Chapter 1: In Loving Memory

31st October 2012:
I thought I'd have to wait a few more weeks before you started the next story! Good start, though there are a few formatting issues here and there. Can't wait to see how the story pans out!

Author's Response: Ah, I couldn't stay away! I started it a while ago to tell you the truth, as soon as I finished Forgotten Enemy, but there isn't that much done since I kept changing the first one.
I'll have a read through and check for mistakes, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy.: Epilogue

28th October 2012:
Wow! even fluffier :P I thought we were in a for a Pride and Prejudice style double wedding there for a moment!

Also thanks so much for the acknowledgement at the end, as an author myself I know how nice it can be to get reviews, and I hope that I in some way contributed to helping you get the story out. Whilst not perfect, I really enjoyed your characterisation throughout, the way you wrote battle scenes and did the relationships between HP/GW and RW/HG. Your OCs were well thought out, especially Robards and you general plot stood up to the length of the piece which made it all the more satisfying.

One of the true pleasures for me on this site is sifting through stories and mostly finding fairly poor, badly spelt and thoughtout tales but then every once and a while coming across a real gem and this has been that! I really look forward to reading your next stories, I am sure you will not disappoint.

Congratulations on a superb story and, more importantly,

Thank You

Author's Response: Ah no! I don't think Hermione or Ginny would settle for sharing their special day (although Ron and Harry would've probably welcomed the idea)

I had to acknowledge you, you've been a fantastic reviewer for so long now!
I don't think I ever could be perfect-JK is perfect, and I don't think I could ever be that good if I live to be a thousand.
Robards has to be my favorite OC to write-he's just fantastic, lovely depth to the character too.

I hope you like the next story, thanks for being so faithful!

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Review #22, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy.: Chapter 35: Gryffindor Vs Slytherin

28th October 2012:
Nothing like a bit of fluff to end on!

Author's Response: Nothing at all, not that Fluff is my favorite to write, but sometimes it's necessary :')

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Review #23, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy.: Chapter 34: Nurenmgard

28th October 2012:
Really liked the chapter, though maybe it could have been a little longer, more of the fight with Grindelwald? Otherwise it was excellent as always!

Author's Response: Honestly? I wanted to make it longer, but I genuinely ran out of things for them to do to one another haha. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #24, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy.: Chapter 33: Abduction

21st October 2012:
Brilliant chapter! Everything seems to be building to a big finale. Can't wait

Author's Response: I won't lie to you, it's pretty big. I hope you enjoy it! Should be up in a few days

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Review #25, by JimmboHarry Potter and the Forgotten Enemy.: Chapter 32: The Double Agent

17th October 2012:
Really enjoyed catching up with the story. Can't wait to see how it ends

Author's Response: I hope you'll enjoy the end, it won't be long now!

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