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Review #1, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Inches: Bridging the gap

26th November 2010:
Wow. I honestly don't even know what to say aside from 'wow'. That was captivating, breathtaking, touching, and so very tender. I loved it.

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Review #2, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Azure: The Someday Sweater

26th November 2010:
I absolutely ADORED this! As you no doubt noticed from my name, I am a HUGE Ron/Hermione fan, and this was so well done. It was full of humor, romance, and just the right amount of angst. There were a few grammatical errors which can be fixed easily, and in comparison they hardly mattered. Ginny had some awesome lines and I don't think anything was funnier than Molly referring to Lavender as "some tramp". Brilliant!!

Author's Response: I am a gigantic Ron/Hermione fan, too! I love them more then any other pairing. As you can see, my author's page is littered with stories with them featured as the main couple. I did see them, but I don't see any point in fixing those errors, because the story is already up. I loved Ginny in this, and Mrs. Weasley was SO fun to write. But, yeah, I've never been a huge fan of grammar! ~writergirl8

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Review #3, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Stop All The Clocks: The Disaster at Hogwarts

14th October 2009:
The only thing that would have been worse than Fred's death was another Weasley death added to it. You almost had me in tears when all of the Weasleys faced off against Voldemort. I feel so sorry for Ron and Hermione - the last two to remain after seeing everyone they love fall. I would not want to be in there place.

Another great chapter! I really enjoyed the fact that you stuck with Molly killing Bellatrix. That moment in the novel was simply too great. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: I'm sorry this story is such a wake. But, it had to be done to reach the result I wanted: Ron as the undisputed hero. (I was never happy with Fred's death either).

I couldn't take away Molly's big moment. I never guessed it would be Molly to finally put paid to Bellatrix, but in retrospect, it makes perfect sense. Had to leave it in.

I'm glad you're enjoying it, and really look forward to hearing from you again.


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Review #4, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Stop All The Clocks: The Cliffs of Dover

14th October 2009:
I am an avid Ron/Hermione shipper, and one of my friends who knows this linked me to this story. I'm glad he did because I am already hooked.

After the Battle of Hogwarts, I was so caught up in the deaths of so many main characters that I never stopped to consider what it would have been like had Voldemort won. I'm very interested to see where this leads. Ron cannot possibly die.

Great story thus far!

Author's Response: I'm thrilled your enjoying it. Thank you for the lovely review!

Being a huge R/Hr shipper, I wanted to finally give Ron the chance to play the hero. This story was the result.

I am currently writing the sequel. So, stay tuned!

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Review #5, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Memory Dust: Crookshanks's Flight

28th July 2009:
"What lunatics" Hahaha! I laughed out loud and actually scared my dog!

Wow. After all of Ginny's searching, she has FINALLY managed to find them. I should've known it would be Crookshanks who technically found them - he's a genius.

I loved this chapter. You can see so many instances of Ron and Hermione in the way they used to be (eg. his jealousy), and it just makes me more excited to keep reading! I felt like crying along with Ginny and Harry when they saw them.

This chapter was just as ridiculously awesome as the others, and I can't wait for the next! Update soon =)

Author's Response: Poor dog, lol, but I do the same sometimes. I loved the idea of Crookshanks finding them, especially Hermione since he was her pet. After all, he's half-kneazle and therefore a very smart animal.

I enjoyed writing Ron's jealousy. He always gets so mad and irritated, almost mean, and it's a lot of fun to write, actually. Wow, just thank you so so much for this nice review. :)

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Review #6, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Memory Dust: A Touch of Past

22nd July 2009:

I have to admit that I had somewhat given up hope that you would continue writing this, but I am SO THRILLED you did! I LOVE this story, and I was super excited when I saw it on the updated list.

My heart literally broke when Hermione found out her parents had died (even before she knew who they were). Did they die of broken hearts and grief or were their deaths more sinister? You definitely have me wanting to know way more!

What a wonderful gift at the end! Even though it was just a light kiss, I became very excited at this part, too. I loved when Hermine wonders if they were in love, as well as both of their reactions to the quick kiss. Genius.

I really hope you update soon - I'm always looking to see if this story has been updated. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: To have you back as a reader is truly a blessing.

Their deaths will be explored later in the story and I know, it's so sad! I'm glad you liked the kiss. I didn't have it in plan, but it sort of just came along naturally. I will update soon now, I swear. :)

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Review #7, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Memory Dust: As If By Magic

19th October 2008:
It's so sad that Ron longs for a family!! Family is such an important part of his life, so I can only imagine how hard it would be for him to think he had no one. My heart breaks for him.

At first my heart ached when I read George's name. I thought it was going to be something to do with Fred :(. However, once Ludwig began talking, I had to laugh. What an interesting tale that must have been!

The bit with Ludwig has me thinking that he'll be helping Ron and Hermione. Imagine how thrilled he'd be to help two thirds of the Golden Trio!! I love how you're creating a puzzle in this story, where each little tidbit of information is a piece that may or may not fit. It's challenging to write that way, and not give too much or too little away, so I applaud you.

I almost cried I laughed so hard at the library bit. It is Ron in the books who says, "It's what Hermione does. When in doubt, go to the library." You managed to incorporate that key aspect of her character and it was so perfect!!

This chapter is very clever, what with the Butterbeer and the moving portraits! Poor Hermione probably thinks she's finally lost her mind. I laughed again when the bottles floated over and they were staring at them - too funny. I wish Harry HAD turned now - I could just kick him!! It was hilarious, because when I was reading that part of the chapter from Harry's view, I kept thinking to myself, 'turn, and they'll be there!'. Damn it, Harry!! Wait until Ginny hears about this!

I love that they took Crookshanks in - I was wondering what happened to him. I love that he won't let them leave without him, either.

I loved this chapter. It's my favorite yet, and I'm really eager for you to update, so please do it soon! I will be leaving you a lovely message on eHPF :). Excellent work!!

Author's Response: I realized this after I started writing that Ron really ended up as the poor guy, because he's lacking a big family that is secretly natural to him. And his current life, even with Chelsea and all that, simply doesn't complete him. While Hermione misses all this as well, to her the Weasleys are not SO CLOSE as to Ron, of course, so that's where that comes from. :)

George's sleeping problems were caused by both Fred and Ron's being gone. He's still not perfectly alright and while he's trying to live a normal life and regain that humor of his, it's not as easy, hence the dreams. But being the hilarious George he is, he doesn't mind the slightest bit whole of Diagon Alley can see his privates. :D And you may be right about Ludwig! And I was thinking the same when writing the library bit. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

I'm thrilled to hear you liked this chapter as I had fun writing it and it's my favorite so far as well. Aww, and I love Crookshanks. I just had to add him! I'll try to update very soon. Thank you so, so much for all your wonderful reviews. They mean the world to me. :)

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Review #8, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Memory Dust: Distance

19th October 2008:
I love that Hermione constantly thinks about Ron with no apparent reasons for why she does. I'm so glad you included that Ron's ears turn pink - that is one of my favorite traits of him! And Ron getting a bit jealous and upset is just so... Ron. Well done with that! I also enjoy that you put in Hermione's little bit of jealousy, too. Ron was so completely jealous of Krum, that Hermione's sublte jealousy of Fleur often gets looked over by readers, I've noticed. I'm glad you included this little bit of jealousy on both their parts, even if they don't recognize it.

I love that she had the dream. It was so cute, but I wish she had a dream about her first encounter with Ron! That definitely would have left her feeling very strange afterwards, haha! I also love that they came out of Platform 10 - the closest possible to 9 3/4, of course!

Ron's little bit of sarcasm was hilarious, too: "This is perfect," Ron said sarcastically as they sat in the car. "I can clearly imagine us going from person to person asking, 'Hello, sorry to interrupt you, but do you, by any chance, recognize my face?'" .. Classicl Ron, once again. Having Ron get so upset and uncomfortable about the money issue was great as well. I think my favorite moment was when Hermione simply said, "I trust you." That was so sweet and honest and absolutely perfect! Loved this chapter, as well.

Great work! I'm so excited to read the next chapter (haven't read it yet - I wanted to re-read the whole story first :) ).

Author's Response: I love when Ron's ears turn pink, it's great how you noticed that. The jealousy coming from both of them wasn't really planned but came kind of naturally once I started writing. Ron was more than jealous of Krum as we all know (the GoF scenes still crack me up) and when Ron was dating Lav-Lav, Hermione was in quite a distress (canaries and all that crazy stuff, lol), so yeah, I guess jealousy to them would apply in that healthy, lovable way. :D

A dream with Ron would be nice, but too fast. The memories are coming back in no particular order and I really wanted Hermione to think of Harry. It was this little parallel between her and JKR, who first thought of Harry on a trainride to/from Scotland. :D

I'm glad you liked the sarcasm part. Ron's always so sarcastic in the books, so even though I'm not all that good at sarcasm all the time, i wanted to add a bit of it in here.

Your reviews are simply amazing. I'm very happy and thankful that you read and reviewed the entire story.

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Review #9, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Memory Dust: Fail to Complete

19th October 2008:
One of my favorite things about Ron/Hermione is the way they bicker. Yes, it gets annoying, but it's also usually hilarious. This little bit that you included in the beginning of the chapter really worked well :) You also have me intrigued as to Hermione's sister and brother-in-law. Are they actually her relatives, or are they the ones who planted the memory dust? Oh, suspense.

I love the tension you create between Ron and Hermione. It is once again reminiscent of their past. As for Jonathan, he needs to be properly ditched. I like him even less in this chapter than I have in others. He's too arrogant. I think he sort of only wants a wife so that he can be 'doing the right thing'. Sort of like Percy was.. he's all about appearances.

As much of a Ron/Hermione lover as I am, I have to admit that I don't mind Chelsea. She's definitely not anywhere near as bad as Lavender, and of all the women Ron COULD have ended up with, I'm glad it was her. Now that Hermione's back in his life though, Chelsea needs the boot. Another fabulous chapter, and another step closer to their journey together!!

Author's Response: I love when they bicker, lol! It's such obvious love, hehe. About the 'relatives', teehee, that's a secret for now. When portraying R/Hr's relationship, I'm trying to go with what we know already about its nature while moving it a bit forward and my way. I'm very happy you like my version of it so far. :D

I laughed when you compared Jonathan to Percy. Yes, they have slight tendencies to care about appearances much more than it's necessary, but Jonathan...well, we'll see about him. :D

I like Chelsea, too. Even more than I expected to, actually. Haha, yeah, maybe Chelsea needs the boot, but relationships are ever so complicated so who knows. Thanks so much!

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Review #10, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Memory Dust: Lost and Found

19th October 2008:
Throughout all of JK's books, I wanted to slap Harry sometimes for the things he said. This is one of those times. At the same time it is such a hard thing to lose a best friend, and in this case, he lost two! Grieving is different for each person, and we can't fault him for that, however, he needs to kick back into his incredibly over-protective hero mode, now!!

It is so like Hermione to be thinking one thing and then do another. We never got JKR's view of her psyche in the books, but there are examples throughout. One of the best is in DH, when Ron returns to them. It looks at first as though Hermione is excited to see him and is going to kiss him. Next thing you know, she's hitting him. The initial moment between them in your story reminded me of that.

I also love that Hermione chooses to be spontaneous and go with the flow. It was so great when she told him she'd call off her trip. I actually laughed in excitement! Another brillant chapter that I absolutely loved. I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Harry is dealing with it his own way. It hurts him very much, but what Ginny is doing is based on purely instinct (which this time is right, but it doesn't always has to be). I was trying to realize that Harry understands death and its principles more than anyone, so then he would try to just accept it.

Hermione is very reasonable most of the times, but sometimes confusion kicks in, especially when Ron is concerned. :) Yes, she's been uptight for a very long time with Jonathan and her current life. Ron brings out the freedom and sense for adventure in her, I guess.

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Review #11, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Memory Dust: Loneliness

19th October 2008:
Part of me feels sorry for Jonathan, and the other part of me just wants him to get out of the way! I do enjoy what a well-rounded OC you've made him, though - well done! As for Ron, he was absolutely adorable in this chapter when he was trying to get Hermione's information out of the receptionist. He certainly hasn't got a way with words.

I feel so sorry for Ginny and Harry. They lost a lot when this happened, but the way it is completely taking over Ginny's life is sad to see. I did get really excited when she saw the newspaper, though! Ginny is so intelligent that she'll piece together their mystery. I only hope that Harry comes to his senses and helps her!

I loved the last section. It was so well-written and a treat to read that part. I love the slight cliffhanger you used at the end. Awesome story!!

Author's Response: Jonathan has these layers that will uncover one by one. I'm glad you like the way he's written. At first I was worried that I'll make the OCs too flat or one-dimensional, even though I'm trying very hard not to, so your comment really cheered me up!
Aw, thanks for everything. I'm not that kind of writer who leaves cliff-hangers all over the place, because as a reader I'm not always fond of them. Though one from time to time is fine and sometimes they just come to end the chapter. :)

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Review #12, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Memory Dust: Risky Business

19th October 2008:
I love this story so much, yet I've barely reviewed!! I'm so sorry, Elizabeth!!

I really loved this chapter. Seeing all of Hermione's jumbled thoughts was hilarious and perfectly in character. When there's a problem Hermione can't solve, it gets to her. Of all the lines in this chapter, this was my favorite: 'If only she could distinguish the face, because when looking it at it, she felt amazing tenderness and longing swell in her heart, one that could never match what she felt for Jonathan.' Such a perfect reminder of how she always felt for Ron!

I also love that you had him say her name!! I got butterflies because it reminded me of one of my favorite scenes in HBP. I absolutely love this story and can't wait to keep reading it!!

Author's Response: Don't worry a single bit, dearest! I'm very happy that you like it and you're just amazing for coming back to review all the chapters.

This chapter really helped me to understand Hermione better. It was funny and even nice to write about all the mess in her head, heh. And I'm glad you liked her confused emotions towards Ron.

Yup, it is a sort of reminder of that scene from HBP. I loved it too! :D

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Review #13, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Harry and Bellatrix: Unbelievable: Harry and Bellatrix: Unbelievable

16th October 2008:
Oh my - I laughed so hard!!! I couldn't join this contest, because I sat down and started writing and wanted to throw up. This was just awesome, however! I think my fave was Bellatrix saying that she's pregnant to Harry right after they had sex - I HATE that. And the poor grammar, of course. Well done, Victoria!

Author's Response: Thanks so much Teresa. Yes, the instant knowledge about pregnacy does bug me a lot too. It seems to point to very incomplete sex education! I'm really pleased that I made you laugh lol and thanks so much for your review.

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Review #14, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Defining Moments: Luna Lovegood: All Things Possible

3rd October 2008:
No problem for beta-ing! Anytime you need it, just ask. I don't recall what I said in my last review, but here goes.

I loved the closeness you showed between Luna and her parents. So many of the Harry Potter characters have either one or no parent(s), so it's a really nice change for the beginning of your story. I also LOVE mother/daughter relationships because I'm so close to my own mom, so this made me get teary.

I loved that the earrings Luna always wears were given to her by her mother - nice touch! When her mother first died, I thought you captured her grief and innocence very well. It's so horrible to lose someone you love, especially so young, and thought you did it justice.

My favorite thing about this chapter is that it took something as quirky and unique as Luna to bring her back to herself. Great addition to the collab!

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Review #15, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Defining Moments: Percy Weasley: Prodigal

3rd October 2008:
Well, I don't really remember anything I said last time, but I'll do my best!

I LOVE all the imagery in it. It is completely fitting for both Percy and the story as a whole. The darkness and emptiness of Percy's life is reflected in the mood of the story. I really feel for Percy in a lot of ways, and your story only made this feeling stronger. You managed to humanize him. In the books (aside from DH) all we really see is someone who strives to do his best and be the best - he rarely shows emotion - and so this was a real treat to read.

My favorite line was, "and the twins looked as if they did not feel 'fool' quite covered the enormity of his own stupidity". That really made me chuckle. I love that Fred was the first to accept him back, because I always saw the twins as treating Percy the worst. Mrs. Weasley hugging her son was absolutely adorable, but I really loved when Arthur hugged him. "He was home at last" is such a perfect way to end it.

Congrats on a great beginning to the collab!!

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Review #16, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Return to Hogwarts: Platform 9 3/4

3rd June 2008:
Awww.. I'm really excited for this story! I can only imagine how awful it must have been for the trio to split. Hermione being without Ron and Harry at Hogwarts is so weird to think about. But you've handled the farewell very nicely. Well done, and I'm excited to read more!!

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Review #17, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246All That Follows: Chapter 1

3rd June 2008:
While it is strange to read about a Lavender who isn't throwing herself at people, I found it incredibly refreshing. I totally agree with what you said - the war would have changed a lot of people. Lavender was almost killed by Greyback during it. I'm excited to read the next chapter. Well done!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. The next one is just waiting to be validated so hopefully it won't be too long until it's up. Thank you again for the review.

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Review #18, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246He Must've Known You'd Always Come Back: Remember

22nd May 2008:
That was so unbelievably sweet!!! Ron doesn't say the right thing very often, but when he does, he says EXACTLY the right thing. I especially loved when she kissed his cheek and he just sat there, feeling rather dazed until she left. I was so mad in the fifth movie that they'd left out when she kisses his cheek (not to mention Quidditch as a whole). But I digress - amazing story, and I'm eager to keep reading!!

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Review #19, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246He Must've Known You'd Always Come Back: Leaving

22nd May 2008:
This was absolutely brilliant, and beautifully written. You captured what I think was definitely going on in Ron's mind during this time, as well as the proper expressions of both Harry and Hermione. It was a great read, and I'm excited for the next chapters!! Well done!

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Review #20, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Me, Myself, and Hermione: Happy Birthday to Me

12th May 2008:
That was so incredibly adorable, and a very interesting idea. I really enjoyed reading it, and I think you captured Ron's worry perfectly. He would definitely do anything for Hermione, that's for sure. Great story.

Author's Response: Thanks. I always wondered about Ron's change in heart, and I thought a near death experience was a bit too pat. Since Ron never does anything in a conventional manner, this came to mind. I appreciate the review.

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Review #21, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Daddy's Little Girl: Daddy's Little Girl

6th April 2008:
This is going to be a lengthy review, so bear with me. Overall, I loved it. It was so funny, and so in-character, and just so...Ron. With Ron and Hermione, you managed to incorporate so much humor, and it was great to see Ron and Hermione's usual banter.

There are two lines that I want to make note of.
Hermione burst out laughing. “You read signs? You couldn’t read a sign if it kicked you in the arse.”
How true is that?!? Poor Ron, we love him anyways. And..
Ron laughed. “Rose has Hermione for a mother. You can just imagine the books Hermione packed for her.”
I loved that as well. It's so realistic and true!!

Your story really made me laugh, and it was heart-warming to see Ron's love for his daughter. Well done, Leah. Great, great work.

Author's Response: I love lengthy reviews. YAY, I am so glad its in character. I always thought I'd never be able to capture their banter the way JKR writes them, but this story just flowed right out of me. My favourite line is the sign one also. How many times were there signs Hermione liked him? Yet he missed them all. The book line was really funny too. Poor Ron is going to break his back. I'm glad I made you laugh Marn and I am so glad you enjoyed it. This my favourite one of my stories so I really appreciate it.

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Review #22, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246A Ripple in the Calm: A Ripple in the Calm

6th March 2008:
That was so cute, and so unbelievably adorable!!! Well done!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! Adorable was amongst the reactions I wanted to get! Squee! :D x x x

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Review #23, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246Home Alone: Home Alone

6th March 2008:
I LOVED this!!! Ron + Harry stirred up so much trouble at Hogwarts, that it's only par for the course that their own children would be trouble-makers. I just loved it!! I think my favorite line was:

“Watch this, Al,” James smirked. He crept up to the doll Lily had left on the sofa and quickly turned it into a spider. Lily screamed with fright and burst into tears, which is just what they expected. They didn’t anticipate Uncle Ron having almost the same reaction.

Poor Ron.
I basically laughed until I cried in this. It was so funny, and totally realistic!!! =) 10/10!

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Review #24, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246The Yearbook: Dinner At The Potter's

4th March 2008:
I really like this story!! As much as I hate Ron + Hermione fighting, I know it'll be GREAT to watch Lily's plan unfold.

Also, I noticed one thing: When you said she kissed his cheek to avoid him seeing the buttons and wishing him good luck, that was in 5th year, not 6th.

Otherwise, I absolutely love it, and I can't wait for the next!! Please update really soon!!

Author's Response: Oppes thanks for pointing that out. I'm so glad you like it!

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Review #25, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246We Gryffies: Wise Advice From The Dobster

29th February 2008:
"I've got detention. I know, I know, we've only been at school for four hours, what could Freddie have done to earn himself a detention already? Well, it's a funny story I'll save for another day," spieled Fred.

^ I LOVED that! He's definitely living up to Fred's name!

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