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Review #1, by Amulu_potterBlood Bound: Twelve

21st July 2015:

wonderfull story!! m glad i found it and could read the whole of it at once :)

waiting for more stories from u!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm a little bit sad that it's finished but I'm really loving the one I'm working on now. I'll start posting it soon!

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Review #2, by Amulu_potter'Till Death Do Us Part: By the Shore

21st May 2014:

interesting chapter! better than nt hving a update.. they r stubborn!!! hufff...

Cant wait for the next chap the wedding?

By far the best Draco Hermione story i hve read.

Write more!


Author's Response: I know, it was short and not much happened, but glad you still think it was interesting. Next chapter is in validation so you will have another chapter in a few days or hopefully sooner. And yes, next chapter IS the wedding =O YAY? And thanks so so much for R&R! ^__^ XOXO

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Review #3, by Amulu_potter'Till Death Do Us Part: New Year's

12th May 2014:
WOW!! your are just too gud...leaving us to keep guessing wht happens next!

Loved both The Prophecy and New Year's!

ONE NIGHT Stand! really?? why cant they just admit their feelings for each other? Both are too Stubborn

Too many misunderstanding Astoria is swt! but i think Blaise will use her for his benefit to get to Draco n Hermione?

I guessed it earlier too and i nw kind of think its true Hermione is pregnant! please say yes!!!

Write more we love reading ur plot


Author's Response: HI! Thanks so much ^__^ Both are stubborn, but also doubtful because the different social roles they have. Draco believes Hermione can't love him because he is a Death Eater and Hermione believes Draco can't love her because she is muggle-born and lacks blood purity. Aw, don't misunderstand Astoria, she isn't like Evelyn. Evelyn was a (w)itch. I like Astoria still. I can't say Hermione is pregnant, anything is a possibility! And I promise I will write MORE ! =D!

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Review #4, by Amulu_potter'Till Death Do Us Part: Happy Christmas

23rd April 2014:

Finally! Awesome Chapter!! Seriously mayb you should write a book n publish you are awesome!!

Hermione under imperious curse!! I never saw tht coming!wow cool plot! you are too brilliant :)

I am falling in Love with Draco too!!

your story has inspired me to continue my own fanfiction but time is the constrain anyway i hve writen a chapter so it shdnt be tht tough...

P.S I am guessing if you r gonna get hermione pregnant nw??(thoughts...)

Write more! love your plot!

Cant wait for the next chapter!!


Author's Response: Thanks so so much ^_^ Glad you liked it! Yes, the curse was even a surprise to me too as I was writing to it! I am glad you like Draco. He can be a jerk, but I think he is still so cute. Yes, CONTINUE WRITING! It is so much fun! And take your time. Many fan fics take YEARS to complete. I just have too much time on my hands, I guess.
I can't say anything about Hermione being pregnant BUT you'll see soon enough.

Thanks so so much for the review =D

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Review #5, by Amulu_potter'Till Death Do Us Part: Leaving You

20th April 2014:

Gr! Seriously! how could you!! i mean how could you do that to Draco Bloody Malfoy!! :( :(

thats sooo unfair!!

"Blaise stepped aside and Hermione tucked a curl behind her ear, refusing to look at Draco. “I accepted Blaise’s proposal… I’m going to leave you Draco and go with him.”

Draco’s heart shattered into a trillion pieces."

when i read that i was just blankly staring at my screen my heart shattered reading that!!

WOW but seriously you are tooo good at writing! So much that u sway our emotions! :)

I accidentally bumped into your story but couldn't stay away.. Will stay 'till the very end!

Do write more and soon!!


Author's Response: I know T__T Sorry! No, your heart will be fix soon! Thank you! I'm okay. I think I have good ideas, but grammar just sucks. Thankfully I have a lovely person to help! Yes, I def. try to put alot of emotion into it ^__^ And I am super happy that you found this and thank you so much for reading it and reviewing =D! XOXO

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Review #6, by Amulu_potterEmbracing the Madness: Warrior

1st March 2014:
hey wolfgirl!

Has anyone told you that you r an awesome author?
I hve always loved the details a story provides and the way you explaind the moony part of Remus was brillant the way hermione wanted the wolf to trust her.

The details of the wolf reaction to her was amazing!

I luved the fight with the deathearters too and the new side sirius sees off hermione

awesome work!

I sometimes wish i had found your story when its completed. but hey where is the excitement of dying to know whts gonna happen!

Do write more! oh and cant wait for your next chapter!!


Author's Response: Hey Apurvaa,
I'm glad you liked it so much. I know there is nothing worse than waiting and waiting for chapters and for a story to just finish so you can sit and enjoy it all at once. I'll try to get more out to y'all real soon.

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Review #7, by Amulu_potterEmbracing the Madness: Welcome To My Truth

19th February 2014:

I never thought i would like hermione paired with anyone else other than Draco in fan fiction but then i found your story and completly luv it!! Its better than some if the storylines of dramione.

Your plot and way of writing is just tooo awesome n gud!

Sirius is soo adorable n charming.i just cant wait to read more!

I hope u hve a happy ending planned for the story :)

Please update soon i will keep checking everyday for it!


Author's Response: Hey,
thanks for reviewing. I'm glad you like the story and that i might've managed to tempt you away from Dramione, but i must admit, i love dramione as a ship too =)

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Review #8, by Amulu_potterThese Dark and Hollow Nights: Chapter Twenty-Nine: Family (PART TWO)

17th February 2014:

Wow!! your plot is just too gud!! and i luv it i just read it in one go..found it yesterday night and it kept me awake the whole time as i could not stop myself from reading! :)

your plot and the way you have scripted the characters is awesome!! cant wait to read more...

but there r a few things like hermione was not well u never said what happened to her..

Do update soon!!


Author's Response: You will find out why Hermione is ill really soon. I bet you can guess if you think about it ;) I am really glad you like it, though I feel bad for being the reason you lost sleep. I am working on the next chapter at the moment, but I'm kind of stuck, so it probably won't be up for a while. Thanks for the awesome review though! I'm glad you enjoyed! (But I recommend getting some sleep while you wait for the next chapter lol!) And while you wait, I have a few other fics up, so maybe you'd like to read those? Thanks again!

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Review #9, by Amulu_potterPlaying House with Malfoy: The Mother In-Law

12th February 2014:

Yaaay u updated!!! :) :) i kept checking for ur update everyday i mean literally! And when i had no internet connection u had updated 2 days ago :(

But now tht i hve read it its awesome! worth the wait hoping you will be updating soon and hope you hve settled in your new place

i am following this story till the very end!!



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Review #10, by Amulu_potterThe Captive's Dream: Volume I

21st October 2011:

wow! you are really brilliant

awesome plot. . .love it!

pls update soon


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Review #11, by Amulu_potterPlaying House with Malfoy: Bats or Cannons?

10th October 2011:
yaay! finally they have made it unhidden!! :)
your New plot is awesome!!! loved it looking forward to more :)
update soon


Author's Response: YaY I know finally!!! And I'm really happy you like the new plot. I was/am really afraid that everyone who has been reading my story from the very beginning won't like the new changes...of course I didn't have a choice :( but I just don't want to lose any readers and fans of my story because of the changes. So I really happy that you will still be reading it. :)

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Review #12, by Amulu_potterWhat is Truth?: Chapter 12: Life in Paint

12th September 2011:
u really r bloody brilant!! :)
i literally cried reading abt hermione's story poor girl had to go through so much :'/
that painting she has done is awesome!!!

i did love to beta ur story but i hve never been a beta before

update soon! :)


Author's Response: you are so nice to me! email me at "jareth sara fae@ yahoo .com" (no spaces) with subject line "HPFF BETA" and we'll talk. plus, i can send you photos of her room - sorta and dresses and anything else you may want to see

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Review #13, by Amulu_potterNanny Wanted!: Chapter Fifteen: There will be no sex. No sex. NO SEX!

11th September 2011:
can't wait to
awesome story

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Review #14, by Amulu_potterUnforgiven: You Break It, You Buy It

9th September 2011:

did hagrid call the DA members??
nice chapter i feel very sorry for hermione :( its not fair to her
hope to see more of draco in next chapter

Author's Response: Hello(:

It's a dinner party. but now that you mention it, several of the invites were sent to DA members.

Hermione is dealing with a lot, isn't she?

There will be more Draco for the next several chapters(;

Thanks for the review:D

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Review #15, by Amulu_potterUnforgiven: Keeping Options Open

3rd September 2011:

Awesome story! :) nice preview too now i can't wait to read the next chapter!! update soon

i think there is gonna be hell a lot of drama at hagrid's place

Poor poor Hermione getting confronted by Ginny
i just hope she doesn't get in trouble with draco


Author's Response: Yay, I'm so glad you liked it! I'm glad you liked the preview, I can't wait for that chapter to get validated! I enjoyed writing it a lot:D 18 is already in the quere(:

There will be drama, I'll already tell you that(;

I know, it's so sad, will she tell or not?


Hope you continue to enjoy it, thanks for the review:D

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Review #16, by Amulu_potterWhat is Truth?: Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited

29th August 2011:
Nightmare Revisited! god i think i m still in tht nightmare.

i really hope this dream doesnt come true both her brothers are soo sweet n protective


Author's Response: message me on aim if you have it. esaperanafae
i need you as a beta

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Review #17, by Amulu_potterWhat is Truth?: Chapter 9, Masquerade

29th August 2011:

well first off u are a AWESOME writer!! really! i just love ur work
WOW Masquerade ball didnt disappoint me at all it was bloody awesome loved every bit of it

to forget a ball which was to happen tomo well its hermione! she forgets everything wen she is into a book

Tht journal entry was nice!! of course i saw the hint u hve been droping it everynow and then but i liked the way u played it to confuse us yes ur editor is right u r cruel but i know hu she means!!! YAY!! :)

The dance was brillant and the idea to disguise was cool and the use of middle names so noone will recoganise them was superb!!

I think after Hermione turned a Zabini she and drama go hand in hand lol :)

i think her nightmare will return but her knight in shining armour will save her!!

Brandon and Blaise are talking abt what i hve been guessing from the beginning!
I really hope tht the golden trio reunite will they??

i was thinking that u forgot about the Parkinson twins but no! u just had to bing them in full on like tht. they deserved wht they got i hoped they will be expeled :(

Hermione is gonna marry Draco :):)

am i right???


Author's Response: you are so far ahead of everyone my friend! let me know if you want to be a beta, im looking for one

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Review #18, by Amulu_potterWhat is Truth?: Chapter 8: To Fly and To Dream

29th August 2011:
To fly. well the way u described hermiones feeling and thoughts i felt as if i was the one who was flying n not her it felt soo real!

tht dream was awefull poor girl!

draco is sweet and awesome as ever. can wait to read abt the ball!!

Author's Response: i love writing deeper feelings, i think it helps draw readers in, so to hear you say its working makes me feel awesome!

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Review #19, by Amulu_potterWhat is Truth?: Chapter 7: A Day Of Girly Pursuits

29th August 2011:

Nice chap!! :) and u did justice to the girls as well as the chapter title :)

I loved the way draco asked hermione out!!! she doubts whether or not having strong emotions for draco!!! ohhh pls tht girl is head over heeel for him i just think she is hving a hard time just excepting it yet
ginny's dialogue was awesome everyone but u two knew

i loved everyones dress

as for the relationship between the lioness and the dragon its going to turn pretty well!! with the prophecy saying it and all ;)


Author's Response: i love how you dissect my chapters, it really helps and makes me feel awesome.

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Review #20, by Amulu_potterWhat is Truth?: Chapter 6, Remembering:

25th August 2011:

Its been really a long time i read ur story m sry for that... i promise to read all the chapters and also review them..

U r just brilliant.. just love ur work!!

i like the way u played hermione's reaction on hearing the lose of her foster parents or rather her mom

Tht song was really nice

i love the young Drakey!!! :) he is soo sweet and the portrial of the whole memory was nicely done

i luv how draco comforts hermione and how they display their emotions preety cool

Ginny and Blaise! really?! i like tht pair:)

ha ha book on how to interpret girls ha ha really??

u know it true tht u can say wen someone has a crush on someone else but wen it comes to urself its..well u cant say if the one u like likes u..

Awww it was sweet of draco to say such things to hermione at the last part

looking fwd for more


P.S lovely pics cya in the next chap ;)

Author's Response: you are amazing! so dedicated and nice! thanks so much for being a constant name on my review pages

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Review #21, by Amulu_potterHow it all started: Chapter one

4th August 2011:
Nice story i liked it pls update soon

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Review #22, by Amulu_potterThe Problem With This: The Beggining Of A New Adventure

30th July 2011:

Ahhh..this is one of my favourite plot hermione not being a Granger but a Zabini :)

Though a short chapter it was to the point a very nicely written!!

i hope u intend to continue the story and get loadds of super cool ideas...:)

i cant wait to read more

pls update soon!!:)


Author's Response: Hi.
I dont think i will be updating soon, as i dont have internet right now.
Ive got three chapters ready, so that might be a good enough reason for the people to kill me.
thanks for the review.

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Review #23, by Amulu_potterCarpe Diem : Chapter 1

15th July 2011:

Nice chapter!! i like it... and i liked ur brief abt the story
but i think i will hve to wait to see how u unfold it

nice going! :)

update soon!!


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Review #24, by Amulu_potterWhat Lies Within: Catching The Rabbit

27th June 2011:
I just Got one word WOW!

ur work is awesome...i love the plot and the way u hve explained...but one thing is bothering me draco says after biting hermione tht the rest of the steps she will hve to do willingly but draco has a control over her so can't he just make her do wht he wants her to do???

won't hermione ever hve her own will? n just be controlled by him??

i just cant wait to read more!!! :)

pls update soon


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Review #25, by Amulu_potterPlaying House with Malfoy: The Parenting Project

12th June 2011:
ur other story hermione and the beast was awesome!

this story is super cool so far

the suprise is Hermione is Pregnant again rite?!

can wait for the next chap
update soon!!


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