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Review #1, by LucyLovegoodDominique: Ten.

9th May 2010:
Ooh! So tense! I want more! It's all happening! Scorpius is such a babe, but I wish he would just come out with it to Rose and her silly wedding could be cancelled. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Yeah, it is all starting now! It's going to come on thick and fast (well not too fast, I want to get the pace right ;)) now. And yes, Scorpius is a babe, and I'm pretty sure you say that in every review you leave. I'm not complaining, I love it that you love my characters!! Thanks for the review, I'm writing the next chapter now. :)

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Review #2, by LucyLovegoodStill Delicate: Cry And Cry Again

26th April 2010:
Urgh, this story is so addictive. Please update ASAP!

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Review #3, by LucyLovegoodDominique: Nine.

19th April 2010:
This story is developing so nicely! I love it. The pace is spectacular, and it's meaty, there's lots happening. Did I mention I love it?

Scorpius is pure babeage. Don't torture him much longer!

Kaity is awesome, isn't she?

Update soon!

Author's Response: Gah. I'm blushing. And yes, Scorpius is amazing. *Sigh*.

Kaity is completely awesome! She's a wonderful beta.

Thanks so much for the review! :)

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Review #4, by LucyLovegoodblood.: An Open Window

9th April 2010:
NOT JAMES AND AL! You are a cruel, cruel woman. Please finish this wonderful story and put me out of my misery! And thank you for your lovely review. You're a love :-)

Author's Response: I know, I know! But I will finish it, I promise. The next chapter is written, it just needs to be edited! So, soon, it will be up. Thanks so much for the review, and I'm sorry about the delayed response.

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Review #5, by LucyLovegoodDominique: Eight.

8th April 2010:
YAY! Wowee, this is really heating up. I'm so intrigued! What's his alibi?!? This review is fairly awful. So I shall leave it at that. :-)

Author's Response: Like I'm going to tell you that. I could, but then I'd have to kill you. Glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #6, by LucyLovegoodFall and Fall Again: Wings

6th March 2010:
Hey Becca! Here's your review!

To tell the truth, I've never read Tom/Minerva and the dynamics are amazing. You've really done them justice. There's a terrific mix of fear and intrigue and enchantment within their relationship. Well done!

Description: Spot on! You didn't go overboard, which I so appreciate, especially because so many authors assume more description = better writing. The repetition in regards to the paper angel worked beautifully.

Plot: Nice. They're such short, unusual meetings - it's original and engaging. You do a good job divulging a lot of information within a short scene.

Pace: The pace is good and steady. It's fitting to the style, perhaps a little slow for my liking, but appropriate nonetheless.

Flow: Flows well. The segmenting and set out is something I've seen before a couple of times now, and it always strikes as slightly odd, but I think it works in this story. The use of second person usually puts me off too, but I think there's something quite alternative about this story which almost validates the use of second person, if you know what I mean? It's not your traditional love story, is it? It's quite obscure - in a good way!

Characterisation: Tom is so wonderfully dark! I love it! And I love how you have Minerva so entranced and terrified him at the same time. It's really believable. All of her wishing him to go away is brilliant. That sounds odd, but it makes the story.

Great stuff, Becca!

Author's Response: Hey Lucy! Thanks for the lovely review!

There are a few Tomerva's floating around, but it's still quite an obscure ship. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Description- Too much description is something I hate, so I'm glad I didn't go overboard. This is about as desriptive as I get :P.

Plot- I'm glad you liked the short meetings! I was afraid they might be a little too short, and not have any substance to them.

Pace- I'll have a look at it and see if I can make it a little faster.

Flow- I've seen it a few times, and I quite like using it because otherwise it is too confusing or too jumpy. Haha, second person is something I am growing to love. I'm glad you felt it didn't detract from the story. And a traditional love story it certainly isn't :P.

Characterisation- Tom is rather dark, isn't he :P. I'm glad you enjoyed the characterisation, this was more about that than anything.

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #7, by LucyLovegoodDominique: Six.

2nd March 2010:
I love this story, it is so good. Sorry I can't be more eloquent in my reviewing :-)

Author's Response: Hey, no worries, thanks for the review anyway! :)

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Review #8, by LucyLovegoodblood.: Treacherous Friends

28th February 2010:
AH, BRILLIANT! I figured Dom and Lysander would have something to do with it, accidentally. Makes me think Lorcan is responsible for the shenanigans on Vera's Island? Anyhoo, what a gun are you!? SO GOOD!

Author's Response: Hello! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter and I wish I could say more to the point of your questions, but spot on guess there with the Dom/Lysander thing! Cheers, Miranda

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Review #9, by LucyLovegoodHopeless...: Perfection

28th February 2010:
Chapter title says it all. Write more ScoRose! I love it!

Author's Response: Aww thanks! =D
And I will be writing some more ScoRose, have a couple of pieces waiting for a good edit.
Anywho, thank you very much for the lovely review =]

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Review #10, by LucyLovegoodMy Timeless World: sweets.

25th February 2010:
This is crazy beautiful. All of your work is amazing, but you've really excelled with this. Wowee. Nicely done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Hearing that all my work is amazing is far too much of an ego boost... I have come over all big-headed. ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed this story so much, because I loved writing this one as the pairing isn't one that I've ever done before.

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Review #11, by LucyLovegoodOh My Merlin!: Oh My Merlin!

25th February 2010:
You really are a genius. The end.

Author's Response: I really do love you. The end.

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Review #12, by LucyLovegoodblood.: Letters from the Sky

20th February 2010:
Please, god let the cry of pain come from Chrys. What a knob. No idea what Dom and Lorcan are hiding. Something to do with Lucy. Dexter is awful. That was a fabulous chapter :-) NOW UPDATE FOR GOODNESS' SAKE. THIS IS ADDICTIVE.

Author's Response: While you're not the first to pick Chrys, or the first to come out and dislike her! I'm glad actually, though I tried to create some sympathy for her...but she is quite something...Dexter isn't as bad as I make him out to be, but then that may mean he's worse! Whoa! Elusive author statement! Anyway, this story practically writes itself so you can expect an update soon!

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Review #13, by LucyLovegoodblood.: Missing the Exit to the High Road

20th February 2010:
This story is brilliant, but you're breaking my heart killing off all these next gen kidlets!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! And um...sorry...but it must be done. Breaks my heart, too, actually!

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Review #14, by LucyLovegoodHopeless...: Reunited

19th February 2010:

I thought it was an awesome chapter. Early on, there were a few sentences that could have been cut in half into more concise phrases, but other than that, it was fine. PLEASE UPDATE SOON, THIS IS BRILLIANT.

Author's Response: Ah I know what you mean about the sentences, I've been trying to stop myself doing it. Spent ages yesterday going through the next chapter and sorting it out, so I'll definitely have an edit of this chapter when I can =]
Why? Because I had to!! I had to leave it there, it's evil but well, worth it. Hopefully I'll be forgiven by the next chapter? lol I'll update soon
Thank you for the review, and for pointing out something I could improve =]

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Review #15, by LucyLovegoodNot Like a Stone: Not Like a Stone

6th February 2010:
Amazing. Poor, poor Ginny. You raised all these points that hadn't even occurred to me. Wow. Amazing.

And the award for coherent review writing goes to...

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Review #16, by LucyLovegoodDominique: Five.

29th January 2010:
Terrific chapter! I was with you the whole way, the setting was brilliant. Very appropriate, very plausible. Nice work! If you want to PM me on the forums, I'd be happy to beta for you. Never done it before, but there's always a first time for everything! But I'll warn you that I'm a total grammar/spelling nazi!

And Jo Rowling is a total babe.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the offer but I have found another beta! Sorry! And thank you for the awesome review! It made my day :)

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Review #17, by LucyLovegoodA Lifetime of Insensitive Teaspoons: "Hens Do Not Go Moo."

24th January 2010:

Very nice drunk writing.


Author's Response: Wow five "LOVE"s! :D Thanks very much. My story is very flattered to be recieving such love, as am I. :)

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Review #18, by LucyLovegoodOf Square Pegs and Round Holes: Prologue

24th January 2010:
Intriguing, Melanie! I am always, forever and ever, up for R/Hr. More please!

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Review #19, by LucyLovegoodHoliday: Holiday

24th January 2010:

That is all.

Author's Response: I LOVE YOU.

That is all.

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Review #20, by LucyLovegoodHopeless...: Games

22nd January 2010:

More please!!

Author's Response: Hey! =D
So glad you like =]
Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by LucyLovegoodDominique: Four.

22nd January 2010:
ARGH! So sorry it took me forever to review, I've been moving house :-)

This was really sweet. You do a really good job at being descriptive while still keeping the action in progress. It's cohesive. I like it :-)

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! This is awesome! The next chapter is in the queue. :)

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Review #22, by LucyLovegoodPirates of Gryffindor Tower: A Cake Must Be Baked

22nd January 2010:


Any particular reason Molly was going so hard on the drink? I like her a fair bit. She's fun.

I want a Chubbs.

Author's Response: OH GOOD, I DID HOPE IT WOULD BE!


Umm, for the laughs? Can come up with a cunning backstory for you if you want, but really, I just find the idea of Percy's eldest behaving as such rather amusing. I think she's fun as well, obviously need to write more Molly.

Same here, let's catch one?

Thanks for the review lovely!

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Review #23, by LucyLovegoodA Lifetime of Insensitive Teaspoons: Soppy - Friendship and the Like

8th January 2010:
*Raises hand*


Author's Response: Yay! First one so far! :D

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Review #24, by LucyLovegoodA Lifetime of Insensitive Teaspoons: A Visit To Malfoy Manor

6th January 2010:
Astoria is such a babe. It would be great to see more of her! This story is tops, just like all your other work!

Author's Response: Yeah I like Astoria. I like to think of her as enigmatic and snobby on the surface but with a childish undertone. A bit like myself really... haha. No I joke. :D

Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad you enjoy my stories. :)

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Review #25, by LucyLovegoodSnips 'n Snails: A Young Wizard's Tale: A Train Ride and a Look Inside

6th January 2010:
Hufflepuff!? Actually, I think I remember you saying he would be somewhere along the lines, but still! I suppose not every Next Gen kidlet can end up in Gryffindor. It's a good fit.

Really nice chapter! It'll be sad not to see so much Victoire - I do love her. Your descriptions are fantastic and the pacing in this was terrific. You built up his anxiety with terrific depth.

Only issue I could find was probs a typo, near the end with the sorting hat: "Yes, you share in his brBraden." Did you mean bravery?

Awesome update!

Lucy x

Author's Response: hey Lucy!! I saw you on TGS today!!

Anywho... Thanks for reviewing!! It's always exciting to post a chapter and realize that there are new reviews to respond to. :)

Yeppp the Tedster is a Puffer. He is just too kind and un-snarky to be a Gryffie. It just didn't seem right. I'm glad that it seems like a fitting placement.

It is actually killing me not to have Victoire there to write. They are just so darn cute. lol. But I only have a few chapters (2-3) before she starts school. I'm glad that my descriptions and pacing worked. Having just dived into this after a brief absence, I was worried that it would seem 'off'.

hahaha. I'm fixing that typo now. lol. That is indeed supposes to say Bravery and not brBraden. Thanks!!


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