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Review #1, by nailsbygodAbsence of Trust: Of Dreams and Recollections

10th October 2007:
i must say, i love your writing style, my dear. the tone is very punctual, intelligent and sophisticated - my favourite kind of style. i am looking forward to reading more from you, as this story has deeply caught my interest. your vocabulary is believable, as it resembles the speech of highly educated english, and your description is lovely. i absolutely adore where this could be going.

i'm looking forward to reading more. update, please.

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Review #2, by nailsbygodThis Beautiful Blessing: Together At Last

9th October 2007:
aww. so sweet. i love feel-good stories like that. very nicely written, love, i enjoyed it a lot.

Author's Response: =] Thanks. As I've said before in a reply, I'm pleased that people like it; I felt a tad awkward writing it and so wondered if it was going to suffer. Apparently not. =] Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by nailsbygodRemorse Of Riddle: Hogwarts Once More

9th October 2007:
oh, wow! i really like where this is going. your storyline is very original, and very well-thought out. you've got a few grammatical and punctuation errors, but that can be overlooked and easily corrected.

i'm interested in this story. keep updating, please.

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Review #4, by nailsbygodBrilliant Creatures: Prologue

9th October 2007:
oh, i definitely like this so far! this is what i pictured would happen when albus came to hogwarts - slytherin it is. ha! i like where this story is going, love, so i can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I can't imagine Albus in anywher but Slytherin, heh.

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Review #5, by nailsbygodPretty Girl: Pretty Girl

2nd October 2007:
ooh, i like! this is very, very compelling. draws you in, you know? keep it up, dear, i'm enjoying this very much.

Author's Response: Compelling?
Thanks so much for your review!
That's probably one of the best compliments I have ever gotten (: Thanks again!

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