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Review #1, by Water_FayHow not to be a Woodley: Of Potters and Woodleys

27th November 2015:
It is very rare that find a story that has me this attached. I love the plot and the character development. This is magical to say the least. I can't wait for the next chapter to be up.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for that lovely compliment! It's so great to hear this, really... I can't even tell you how much! I am working on the next chapter and it will be up way sooner than the last one ;)

Thanks again for reviewing, I really appreciate it!

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Review #2, by Water_FayThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where James Convinces Me To Break The Rules

12th September 2014:
I haven't read a story this fast on here in a long time. I love the pace and the time hops. It's never too much and makes it so the story doesn't drag. I just started reading yesterday and was so into it that I already finished the chapters you have up so far! I love it! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Aw really? Oh wow, that's made my entire week/month/year/lifetime. I'm so incredibly touched that you love my story so much and my writing. Thank you so so much! More is on it's way!

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Review #3, by Water_FayAnd Love Prevails: The Bride To Be

14th April 2013:
I love this story so much!!! I want to know what's happening back in the future though! Are they still looking for Dom? She's been gone for a long time. Will Harry get his cloak back somehow? Because right now there are two in the past ahHh!! I can't wait to see how this story plays out!!

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Review #4, by Water_FayStarlight: Starlight

10th April 2013:
Beautiful. I loved every second of it.

Author's Response: That's so sweet of you thank you - I'm very glad you think so - this review made my day :)
Thank you so much for your review! It's so lovely of you! :D

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Review #5, by Water_FayThe Lily Potter Problem: When Lily Finally Understands

3rd April 2013:
I really like your story and it's on my favorites list, but it seems a little too youthful in that it lacks depth. The characters are a little too "Mary Sue, Gary Stu". I want to really get to know their personalities at a deeper level. Learn about Lily's faults. Good idea but try to grow on your characterization skills a little. Something what I like to do is set up a fake interview with my characters where the interviewer is you (the author) and the person being interviewed is them. If they were famous and people wanted to know about them what would you ask them? Make the character honest truthfully so you can start to develop them more as separate entities. Look forward to your next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback.
I know that the story is a little dull at the beginning, but I really did try to add some depth in the later chapters. There is more drama and in the next chapter, and the chapter after that is when the story gets really interesting. Thank you for reading, and I hope you keep reviewing so I can know if I've fixed this problem!
Next chapter is waiting for validation right now!

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Review #6, by Water_FayOur Post-Relationship Friendship: Six hundred and forty seven days before

23rd March 2013:
I love how you have the chapters labeled by days before and after. I really like how it starts after the break up and then goes back. keeps it interesting and kinda reminds me of 500 Days of Summer. love your work. You are by far one of my favorite authors on this site. Love!

Author's Response: Hey Water Fay!

Thanks very much for this lovely review! Glad you like the style with the days before and the days after. I've actually got almost all of this story written (apart from the next chapter, which is annoying).

Should be more with you soon! :)

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Review #7, by Water_FayLost in Time: Running

19th March 2013:
I actually liked it. I only wish it was longer. I'm really excited to see what happens next.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! :) Yeah, sorry about the length. It was shorter than I originally intended. But hopefully the next one will be longer! Thanks for the review.


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Review #8, by Water_FayGlad You Came: More Introductions...memorable ones

19th March 2013:
I love this story so much, but I actually prefer it from Al's pov. It makes it stand out more because there aren't as many stories from the boys' view as there are from a girl. It's nice to hear Layla when Al's not with her and it's something important to the plot, but I like your writing from Al's much more. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I love writing from Al's POV as well, I think he is such a complex character (he is in my head) and I wanted to do justice to him...I'm really glad you like Al :D Will post another chapter as soon as possible!! Thank you so much for reading my story and taking the time to review!!
xoxo ;)

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Review #9, by Water_FayThe Underworld: Eight

15th March 2013:
I don't know how there aren't more favorites on this story because it is truly amazing. It is dark and emotional and everything perfect to something almost reminiscent of a Sherlock Holmes story. Your writing style is wonderful and I love the flash backs. I especially love how you began the story a the end and then brought it back. I just had to read more after that! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) Next chapter should be up in the next few weeks!

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Review #10, by Water_FayAverage Ally. : Rule Number Thirteen: Growing Up Is Okay, Right?

13th March 2013:
Oh my gosh, please update soon! I love this story so much. Her character's believable. I hate when writers are like "oh yeahhh this person is like totally shy" but then they're suddenly making crap tons of friends and not acting like they ever would have been antisocial. Her running away thing makes it more realistic. I love Alibus more but it's so hard because Jally is super cute too! Ah! I'm so caught between them! I need more!

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Review #11, by Water_FayThe Redhead: Albus: The Challenge

28th February 2013:
I like the idea behind the story, but the story line itself is a tad bit chaotic. The main character's personality is literally thrown at people, but the secondary characters, who are often just as important, didn't really jump out at me as having clear defined personalities. I do really like your ideas though

Author's Response: Thank you for this :) I'll work on making things less chaotic and develop the secondary characters too..this really helps :D Keep reviewing!

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Review #12, by Water_FayThe Hufflepuff Quidditch Team: III

23rd February 2013:
Cliff hanger alert! I can't wait for the next chapter! It's well written and moves along perfectly. Many stories move slow after the first few chapters though so watch out for that. Please update soon!!

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Review #13, by Water_FayFor Hannah: Chapter one

18th January 2013:
I hope you write more! I really like this story!

Author's Response: I am working on the next chapter now :D thank you so much :D

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Review #14, by Water_FayThe Astonishing Oddities of Mr A. Potter : First.

18th January 2013:
So far it seems really really good. Easy to follow. Easy to understand the characters. No confusing order or anything. It flows really nicely. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #15, by Water_FayCuriosity: Being comfortable.

17th December 2012:
I love this story! Really awesome. Watch your grammar and spelling. Something I always find helpful is to reread it backwards in order to catch mistakes. When you read your story in the proper order it would be so easy to overlook grammar mistakes because it's such a good story. If you read it backwards, however, you'll stop looking at the plot and look at the actual sentence structure and spelling. Just a helpful hint. =] For sure one of my top 10 favorite stories!!! I love her sight so much! Makes her so much more of an interesting character. I wonder more about her mom... and how she and James are going to get along once school starts!

Author's Response: Usually, in my rush to update the typos end up falling off my list of priorities which I know is terrible. Plus, the beginnings of all my stories need a good edit. I think I'll start looking at the properly again in the new year.

Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #16, by Water_FayThe Adventures of Sherlock Weasley: A Case of New Identity

16th December 2012:
I liked how you introduced Hugoís house indirectly. Your transition from Neville talking to him to the train was a little confusing only because I couldnít tell where he was before. I really like the story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I understand the first chapter is a bit confusing to get your head around because I wanted to explain as much as I could, but I'm so glad you liked it! ♥ have a great Christmas and keep checking for updates!

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Review #17, by Water_FayFallen for a Muggle: Meeting the Muggle

9th December 2012:
I love this story so much! So cute and unlike the norm. One thing I do notice is that you change between past and present tense a lot. Other than that, though, the story is amazing so far! Please continue writing!

Author's Response: thanks gal! I appreciate it.

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Review #18, by Water_FayAbnormal: The 'talk' and other atrocities

3rd December 2012:
Words cannot describe how much I love this story!!! I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much :) You're too kind. I'm trying my best to find my creativeness again and I think I have it :) thanks for the lovely review xx

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Review #19, by Water_FayUnpredictable: Chapter 1

3rd December 2012:
I love it. Not a lot of seer stuff on here. Can't wait to see what happens next :)

Author's Response: Yay, thank you. Next chapter might be a while, though. I kinda want to concentrate on my other fic for the moment. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #20, by Water_FayA Bump In The Night: New Detectives and Disasters

30th November 2012:
Very different from anything I've read on here. Started off solid but I feel like it's kind of sizzled out over the past two chapters. I could feel the emotion at the beginning, but it feels so much less so now. Can't quite pinpoint what it is. Kind of sad you killed off Harry =/
I like that it's a mystery though.

Author's Response: I didn't realize it at the time, but I suppose that it is different than most stories, something that makes me rather happy! I'm actually really glad that you pointed out the fact that it was sizzling out a bit though, this was written as a NaNo story awhile ago and looking back at it now I totally agree with you! I'm going to look back at the past two chapters and see what I can do about that! Thank you for stopping by to leave a review, it was very helpful!

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Review #21, by Water_FayWe Gryffies: Pickiní Fights With Slytherins

26th October 2007:
i really liked it BUT...

i have no idea what they were saying in the pig latin part WHAT-SO-EVER! and that rly bugged me. Also I'm a little confused... what year is James in? Cause I thought he was in 6th, but if Scorpious is in 5th, that puts him in 7th... doesn't it? EEEP! I'M CONFUSED HELP!!! lol.

I love how J.D. wants to "smash Malfoys face in" because of his little sister kate lol. It's really how brothers act lol. I also love the language and slang they use like "frick" and stuff... it lets the story be brought to life even more!

Author's Response: Ooh, I knew that the Pig Latin would be nearly as controversial as frick. But, I love Pig Latin and I can't write what I think people will like best. Gotta be true to yo'self, dawg. Respeck.

James is in 6th year, and Albus is one year younger than him. Rose is also a 5th year, as is Scorpius. Those are the age relations in canon, and I apologize if I didn't make this clear in my fic.

I've always wanted a big brother to be annoyingly protective! So I write lots of stories with big brothers. And thank you for your review!

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Review #22, by Water_FayYou Hate Me: Back to the Beginning

24th October 2007:
WOW! is all I can say! You have a very unique and interesting style of writing, you do a very good job of pulling the reeder in. While reading, I'm actually begining to feel what I imagine Piper is feeling. and it's weird cause I normally like Sirius Black...but right now...
(lol, had to get that out)

AMAZING JOB! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! (oh... and good use of words too!)

Author's Response: You have no idea how difficult it was for me to write this chapter. Sirius is my all time favorite character and i didn't want to make him the bad guy. But i had to. IT was really necessary. I hope you understand. You'll like him again though. promise.

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Review #23, by Water_FayWe Gryffies: How Aberystwyth Can Reflect A Girlís Internal Strife

2nd October 2007:
I liked it a lot. I just LOVE your writing style, it keeps me interested! I expecially love the imaginary journal entry, it was pretty amusing. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! Cool beans, my writing style keeps you interested! I have so much fun writing scenes about the Imagination Journal and entries from it, because it's such a strange thing for a sixteen-year-old boy to cherish. The next chapter will come...eventually...I have classes starting at 9 and lectures and sections all morning and early afternoon and then I have sports practice for 3 hours and I am starving so I have to eat dinner and I finally get home at 7, in need of a shower and with a ton of reading to do. So I'm going to be dramatic and say I have 10 hour days, and I just can't write fanfiction as much as I want =( I'd rather write about James and the Gryffies than fulfill my stupid obligations...

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