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Review #1, by Victoire von DoomA Tale of Two Faces: "Two-Face" Tonks: The Girl with no First Name

10th January 2009:
^^ Awww, poor Tonks. I like it, anyway, though. Lulz... Legolas... xDDD That's great.

Author's Response: haha. You're hilarious. XD

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Review #2, by Victoire von DoomFirsts and Seconds: Firsts and Seconds

2nd January 2009:

*steals Fred*

C'mon, Freddie, you can live in my room, yes. Don't worry, my parents won't suspect a thing. You're only an incredibly conspicuous redhead.

Author's Response: bwaha. *luff*

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Review #3, by Victoire von DoomCompliments: Compliments

23rd November 2008:
LOL. Awesome. Loved it. Jokes.

Author's Response: thanks very much. It just popped into my head so I thought i'd spew it out. XD

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Review #4, by Victoire von DoomMaggie: And Just Where is Jean?

13th April 2008:
Wow. Long. Exciting. Pretty much awesome. Great chapter! ^^ I love James, he's rivalling Sirius's funniness in this one.

Author's Response: well i'm glad it was appropriately long enough for you .. i did my very best!

I love Jimmy in this chapter as well x

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Review #5, by Victoire von DoomLeniency: Leniency

19th March 2008:
LoL, a brilliant piece of work! I like the light you showed both Lucius and Draco in. Very well-written, too. The only thing was that Lucius was throwing his gloves and cloak at Dobby... which would have set Dobby free... But other than that a fantastic bit of writing.

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Review #6, by Victoire von DoomMaggie: Who Said Detention Wasn't Dangerous?

7th March 2008:
*completely fangirl-esque reaction* BEST CHAPTER! OMG, BEST BEST BEST CHAPTER!!! Oh my goodness, this was excellent! I'm so happy, I love that they're in love, and I love Sirius, and I can't wait to see what happens with Remus being all werewofly. Poor Remus... I hope he doesn't hurt anybody (except maybe Ophelia or Jean, ha ha.) I actually liked the switching of the PoV in this chapter, but you often changed verb tense and that kinda irked me some. But other than that FANTABULISTIC!! Can't WAIT to see what happens next, GREAT job!!

Author's Response: yeah sorry about hte verb thing i have real issues with it

but i'm gald you approve of the pov switch, some didn't like it

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Review #7, by Victoire von DoomMaggie: That's Like, Totally Magmatronic

8th February 2008:
Dude. Poor, poor, POOR Maggie. She's right - everything always goes wrong for her, poor girl. Well, that's just terrible. Not the chapter or the writing or anything, just, y'know. Terrible that that happened to her.

And OMFG, Sirius is so hilariously hilarious. "Shall I wear my sex perfume?" xD That's pretty much the funniest line in here. LoL. Great work.

Author's Response: ahaha its because people are always going on about how they have several different perfumes for different occasions so i decided to make him cheeky with minnie about it lol

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Review #8, by Victoire von DoomA Death Eaters' Worst Nightmare: So Many Laughs

30th January 2008:
LOL!!! OMG, that's brilliantly funny! Same thing as with the other story - spelling and grammar. But jeez, other than that, brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT story!

Author's Response: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I'm planning on revising the stories so that they are as close to perfect as possible!

Thank you for the awesome review! it means so much to know one of my fave authors likes my syories!

The real life Elle

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Review #9, by Victoire von DoomBel Amour: Of Sleeping and Neon Pink Jelly

30th January 2008:
It was cute! It moved a little fast for a first chapter - consider adding more description and fleshing out the characters a little more. And you might need to give some of your spelling and grammar a once-over, but other than that really great! Lovely story, can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks SOOOO MUCH!!! I know it moved really fast, but there was so much info I had to put in for people to understand. I S U C K When it comes to HP words, but I'm getting better! I do need to watch it though. betas can't catch everything! Thanks so much for reviewing! It means a lot.

The real life Elle

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Review #10, by Victoire von DoomMaggie: Strange Requests and a Wrong Turn

23rd January 2008:
OH NO!!! Poor, poor, POOR Remush! That totally blows. And the switch over the Sirius's PoV was a bit against the flow, but I liked it anyway. And though it seems distressing, I wish I had Maggie's problem - too MANY guys liking me, now there's a "problem." LoL. Good chapter.

Author's Response: god yeah, what a 'problem'

i'm sorry about the POV switch, I just thought that chapter would be easier to write from Sirius' point of view

I hope it worked, anyway

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Review #11, by Victoire von DoomHow The Other Half Live: Meet The Family

19th January 2008:
It's a good chapter, but I do have a few comments. Chapters like this where you introduce a lot of characters at once are always really tricky - I have a hard time with them, too. But one thing you should really try not to do is just list all the different family members, you know what I mean? Like, the whole first part of this chapter is basically a list of everyone in the room and a brief description of them - it's hard, but you should really try to avoid doing that. Now, obviously, with this many people to introduce, it'll seem impossible to do it any other way. But you've got to make it seem natural, as though the reader is just standing in the room and is observing everyone. The way I do it is take it from one character's point of view and have all the other characters interact with the mc somehow. This is so hard to explain... Do you kinda see where I'm coming from, though? I wish I could think of a decent example... And ALL the characters don't have to interact with the person, you can sneak a few lists in between, but you have to cover them up with dialogue or something. *sigh* Am I being clear? Please tell me if I'm not - I really want to help. Other than that, though, a good chapter. I like George's line about Ron not being good with girls. Also Mrs. Weasley saying she's going to "hide" Ron. That's very classic Weasley family stuff right there.

Author's Response: Yeh, I do get were ur coming from. I had kinda heard that sort of thing already from a friend who read it before i submitted it, and she said the same sorta thing, but i really loved introducing everyone, and i didn't want to rewrite it all at the time, and i was desperate to get it validated (the queue was 1 hour!). But if i rewrite i will try and improve it...right now i'm just gonna get it finished i think (and i also have two other stories on the go which i need to add stuff to). But thanx for your advice, i really appreciate it! and the next chapter will be back to normal, so watch out for it! :D

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Review #12, by Victoire von DoomMaggie: Oh. Oh My.

19th January 2008:
Oookay, Lavender Brown's mom. Got it. When you had that line in the parentheses there I was a little confused. "Friend of... daughter's... Huh?" I was just slow at making the connection. But I'm good now. Anyway - another great chapter, like always. I liked the "chinwag" part. Ingenius. Well done.

Author's Response: well thankyou. i can imagine how that part may have been a little confusing. i wanted to make it obvious but not too obvious, if you catch my drift.

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Review #13, by Victoire von DoomHow The Other Half Live: Under The Cherry Tree

9th January 2008:
*sniffle* Aaawww! So cuuute! OMG, if my brother wasn't in the other room singing off-key and causing an annoying distraction, I might have cried, I seriously honestly might have, this was your best chapter. Sooo goood! OMG, 10/10, so good. You captured George's grief so well, it was so moving. Fantastic job.

Author's Response: OMG thank you soooooo much! I am really touched that you thought it was so good, and I'm glad you liked my emotional stuff. Maybe I should do more of this sorta stuff, might be a bit depressing though! But honestly, thanx so much - your comment has really made my day! :D

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Review #14, by Victoire von DoomThe venom of unrequited love: Gryffindor's Sword

6th January 2008:
A really creative take on Hogwarts history! Very, very good! (I also really like how you used Hayden Christensen pictures for Salazar Slytherin - he suits the roll!)

Author's Response: wow thankyou!

hayden christensen was a stroke of genius

me and my wonderful delightful chapter image and banner maker (fredthefrog252) cooked him up

jonas armstrong as godric was pretty good, don't you think? i did anyway lol

i particularly adore my last chapter image that fredthefrog252 made, when he is on a horse kissing a baby

it was perfect lol

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Review #15, by Victoire von DoomA Bite in the Night: A Bite in the Night

6th January 2008:
Aw, poor Remus. Psh, of course. I make such "duh" statements sometimes. Anyway, that was really good. You payed very close attention to detail, which, obviously, is good for any writer. And I think you captured the mind of little-kid Remus pretty well, how he was all proud of his ball and stuff. Very well done!

Author's Response: thankyou so much! i always love it when people leave reviews like this - where they say what they liked specifically

thankyou again x

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Review #16, by Victoire von DoomMaggie: Officer? I'm in Trouble

6th January 2008:
Lily, arrested? That's awful. I hope she gets of - she wasn't really the one who was wrong... I think... I like how you slipped Mrs. Weasley in there, very clever! Well written, a great chapter!

Author's Response: thanks von doom!

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Review #17, by Victoire von DoomMaggie: Flying Diaries and Cherry Red Doc Martens

5th January 2008:
Ooh. Poor Maggie. And at this part Jean kinda reminds me of an aunt of mine. LoL.

Author's Response: hahah i should like to meet auntie von doom

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Review #18, by Victoire von DoomWe Cannot Lose: We Cannot Lose

4th January 2008:
Oh my God. AMAZING. FANTASTIC. GREAT. You're an absolutely fantastic writer, that was wonderful! No wonder it won the Duel last year! Great, great, great job! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: I still don't understand how I came to be so fortunate to have had this story come to me. I cried so much writing it, and I am so gratified to know people like you are moved by it too!

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Review #19, by Victoire von DoomBleak Midwinter: Chapter 1/3

28th December 2007:
Ooooh, this is really good. You're a fantastic writer.

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Review #20, by Victoire von DoomThrough Their Eyes: Ginny

28th December 2007:
x3 I do adore Fred and George. ADORE. That was really good, I like them getting all protective, it's a different side to them. PLEASE do Ron next!!

Author's Response: I absolutely love them too!

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Review #21, by Victoire von DoomSirius' story: The sorting

26th December 2007:
I only really got a chance to skim this one, but YAY GRYFFINDOR! Lawlz, it's still really nice to realize he got in Gryffindor, even if you already know what's coming. Lawlz.

Author's Response: I know, I was excited about this chapter because of, of course, the sorting. Thanks for the review.

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Review #22, by Victoire von DoomSirius' story: On the train

26th December 2007:
I noticed you have a bit of a thing with run-on sentences. Other than that, though, really great.

Author's Response: thankyou, I don't really understand about the run-on sentences thing but thanks for the review.

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Review #23, by Victoire von DoomSirius' story: Getting away

26th December 2007:
Cool! I like that you included Andromeda.

Author's Response: people are reviewing it yay, I thought no-one liked this story, thankyou.

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Review #24, by Victoire von DoomMaggie: When Joking Goes Rogue

11th December 2007:
It's cute and funny and well-written (kinda like the rest of the story) but you're right, it is kinda random. I'd like to say that it offers extra characterization or something extremely intelligent and literary-sounding like that but... Well, I like it, but you're right, it doesn't really have much to do with the rest of the story. Oh, but that really lovey diary entry was good to have, if you revise this chapter I wouldn't take that out.

Author's Response: thankyou so much, it's really helpful when people do reviews like this.

it's really just a filler, as I just wanted to put into words how Maggie was beginning to have doubts about James and Sirius

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Review #25, by Victoire von DoomMaggie: Little Black Book

11th December 2007:
I like the way you incorporated Snape's story, I think it's so sweet how he likes Lily. The creepy little stalker... XD

Author's Response: it is sweet yes, but i would be pissed off if my ex-best friend started following me and taking notes on what i did lol

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