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Review #1, by ConnzTainted: Desperation

8th June 2008:
Cool chapter! Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks Connz! wings

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Review #2, by ConnzTainted: Lust and Damnation

26th April 2008:
Great chapter! I didn't expect this much, but it is really cool!

Please don't let us wait so long again for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi Connz! Nice to see you!
Gad you liked the chapter! I'm so sorry to keep you waiting for so long. I thought I'd go mad when after waiting for my chappie to be validated for more than 8 days, I got rejected for spacing issues. I still wonder what that could be, because I set the spacing just as usual: two lines after a paragraph. So I resubmitted it, waited for another several long days till it got through this time. :)
Anyway, it's here at last!
I'll try to be quicker next time, okay? Thanks, wings

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Review #3, by ConnzResolution: Ensnared by a Ruse

23rd April 2008:
I am re-reading Resonance at the moment and was thinking that I liked that better that Resolution, because there was not a lot of action lately, but, well, WOW, what a chapter! You got my attention right back to it. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

I'm trying to better manage the ebb and flow of the tension and action in this story. Unfortunately, the pace is intended to work when it's read in just a few sessions, not spread out so much.

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Review #4, by ConnzTainted: Cold Dawn

4th April 2008:
More! More! More! Please! :-)

Your writing and story is great! Go on!

Author's Response: Thank you Connz! Thank you so much! wings

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Review #5, by ConnzResolution: Twenty Years Later, Part 1

23rd January 2008:
Great chapter as always! But I would have loved to see / read more young Snape! That was a cool thing to bring up.

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