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Review #1, by SpanishSmurf2430 Days of You and Me: Insecure

13th March 2013:
Such a good chapter! I love how easy your writing is- not choppy nor awkward. Everything transitions well and works well. You are a great writer and I'm really glad I stumbled upon your story.

Oh! Shiba Inus are fabulous but notoriously stubborn and diva-like. My Shiba thinks that the word revolves around him but they are the most loyal and intelligent dogs. (:

Author's Response: Spanish Smurf is back! I won't be forgetting your penname anytime soon.

I'm so happy you're liking the story so far. It has been a great time writing it.

Oh yes. My shiba is very stubborn and a diva. And I love him. He is so great and adorable. And active, haha. I love that you have a shiba as well :) they are such fantastic dogs.

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Review #2, by SpanishSmurf24Gaze: Nobody's Home

11th June 2008:
wow this is really amazing
and extremely emotional.
i like it alot
keep it up and ill def. keep reading
: )

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Review #3, by SpanishSmurf24Red and Gold Silk Boxer Shorts: "That Time of the Month"

9th June 2008:
it was really good
a nice start
and i think your characterization of sirius is pretty damn good
: )

keep it up

Author's Response: thank you! Personally, I was iffy on the start, but thank you for making me feel a bit better about that. and thanks so, so much about the comment on Sirius' character. that really makes me smile; I love my Sirius. lol. Keep reading! I may post the next chapter soon. :D

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Review #4, by SpanishSmurf24Life and Times of a Ballerina: Chapter Sixx.

31st May 2008:
"You are so retarded Sirius."
love that line with my everything
and it was short but still good
i love this story tons
and yeah im so glad school is almost over blah
ive only like had two new chapters
but anyway.
i love your story and i fel so bad for blaire
stupid sirius

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing (: haha love that line too. Oh and I need to go an read the two chapters I haven't been on enoughh to check.

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Review #5, by SpanishSmurf24My Marauders: Wonder Woman

11th May 2008:
Oh gosh, your story is pretty much amazing.
Friggen Sirius needs to calm down!
Matt should have punched him back
even though I love Sirius dearly
he is so dramtic.
: )
And I totally agree with you on the needing summer.
I have absoluetly no time to write my story cause of school
But anyway. Keep up the awesome-ness of your story
: )


: D

Author's Response: SUMMER IS ONLY 2 OR 3 WEEKS AWAY!!!!! =D
I'm seriously going to like party!

But anyway...
I didn't have Matt punch Sirius back because i didn't want him to be the violent type. But now that i think about it, i don't want him to be a push over and i should have had him do something back

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Review #6, by SpanishSmurf24Seventeen Aint So Sweet (Especially When Youre A Half-Blood): Only This Moment

11th May 2008:
I haven't reviewed in a while
But all I really wanna say is
your story is completely amazing

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Review #7, by SpanishSmurf24Burnt Black: What I've done

19th April 2008:
Hi there
I like your story tonss!
Its very good and I like that Ray isn't all perfect and amazing like in other stories with oc's.
I love that she is very sneaky but can still be nice at the same time without seeming fake.
Ahhd if you actually understood that.
So far, I love it.


Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it! :)

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Review #8, by SpanishSmurf24Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?: Pathetic Accents

18th April 2008:
I only have like one thing to say
I love it so far.
Its amazing and I love that she is spanish


Author's Response: Oh! Thank you, thank you! SpanishSmurf? Are you spanish? If so, muchissamas gracias! It means a lot you like the fact she's spanish. I'm spanish myself so... =D

Thanks again!!

xx Marauders_xx

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Review #9, by SpanishSmurf24What It Is To Burn: Trouble Sleeping

16th April 2008:
Your story is fan-tab-u-lous!
Ahh wow..
I love it with all my life.
So intense
and I wonder who possibly could have been running their finger over her cheek (-_^)


Ahha you def. deserve more though

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Review #10, by SpanishSmurf24Life and Times of a Ballerina: Chapter 5

15th April 2008:
Yeah I was like "Oh gosh, she really needs to review.."
But yay they picked Brian ahah i knew it!
I loved how Sirius was just like... yeah I think i like her..

Gosh, they both need to be more perceptive and see that they like eachother. Everyone else does.

Can't wait for more
And this chappie def. was good, I don't understand why you don't like it!


Author's Response: i dont like it cause usually writing comes easy too me and it was really forced to finish this chapter thats why it is taking so long to get out a new one cause i cant finish the next chapter.
thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by SpanishSmurf24Can't Touch This: Cheater-Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

15th April 2008:
Wow that was amazing...

..I think that sums it up

how bout you?

Author's Response: hah! Thanks. I think it's pretty good so far. Lol. anyways, the next chapter is up so go read it! Thanks again for the review!

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Review #12, by SpanishSmurf24Run.: Water

11th April 2008:
Hey I just finished so far
And I love it and the I love the amount of detial you put in!
And so I love how in one of the previous chapters you included some description from Twilight
Which is my favorite book so definetly going to keep readin!


Author's Response: haha, yea, i love that book too! and i get a lot of my ideas from that book! lol. and i'll defenatly update soon!

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Review #13, by SpanishSmurf24Say, what?: Dear Stud

18th March 2008:
All done for now.
Aaha wow im strung up on coffee and chocolate
So amazingly awesomely fantastical story
oh well if i keep going im going to ramble on that would be the result of my caffine induced high.
Ok amazing.


Author's Response: oh caffine, the solution for paying attention to boring lections and chocolate, the solution to just about everything else! Thanks for reading and dropping a review

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Review #14, by SpanishSmurf24Life and Times of a Ballerina: Qudditch & Kitchens

16th March 2008:
Yay another chapter.
They should pick Brian, I like that name for various reasons.
But Sirius and Blair need to just admit they like eachother,
I wish it was as easy in real life as it was in stories, just write yourself what you want.
Ahah can't wait for the next.


Author's Response: we'll see who they pick (:
For Blair and Sirius it is about to take a nasty turn.
The next chapter is waiting for validation.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #15, by SpanishSmurf24Say, what?: Boys and Waffles

16th March 2008:
Wicked happy about what happened with Her and Sirius
And I loved ending with the Leprechauns.
Amazingly good.
Can't wait til the epilogue.




Author's Response: Yay, people like the end, nothing worse than a crappy finish, or no finish, I'm so glad I didn't abandon this

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Review #16, by SpanishSmurf24What It Is To Burn: Time Is Running Out

9th March 2008:
Oh my god.
That chappie was amazing
I don't know Sirius annoys me alot.
Aha like I know he should be sort of upset that no one told him.
But he wouldnt let anyone get a word in and then Lily sort of annoyed me too.
During the whole fight part with them and then Lucinda was just adding in info that made the situation worse I wanted Eleanor to like jump on her and beat her to nothing.
Is that bad? I was like ugly stupid person, cheat on someone and then try and make everyone elses life suck in the process.
Oh and I couldnt stop thinking if I were eleanor, I would have followed Sirius into the house again and screamed at him until he understood the whole situation.

But now the kiss!
I'm doing this a bit out of order.
But wow, what a kiss! I was like oh god you're going to get caught or something. My hands were covering my mouth I was shocked when he was describing what he thought of her to her.

It was an amazing chapter and this; this is the longest review I have ever written for anyone!
Yay can't wait for the next one, I'm going to like freak out, making scenarios in my head til its comes out.
Hehe (=


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Review #17, by SpanishSmurf24Dimples: Vanessa Rogers

8th March 2008:
What does Sirius know?
I need to know.
Really good.
Woah blue highlights, beats my soon to be red.
But wow rebel isn't she now (=
Hehe can't wait for more.

Author's Response: red highlights? whats wrong with that?? on of my friends just got red highlights and they look awesome on her.
its really what colour suits you best XD

thanks for reviewing


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Review #18, by SpanishSmurf24Pieces of the Mirror: A Whiskey Lullabye

7th March 2008:
Ok that was amazing.
its a great start
Cant wait for more.


Author's Response: Thanks so much!

I'm almost done with the next chapters so they should be coming soon!

thanks for the review!

xOxO- Mandy Mae

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Review #19, by SpanishSmurf24Chocolate: A Survivor's Guide to Sirius Black: A Bit of Muggle Magic

5th March 2008:
I just finished the fic so far and ;
this story is amazing.
And to be quite honest, that is a very vague and lack of better adjective, description.
I really love it
It deserves one of the best fics I have EVER read.
The first part reminded me of the ECLIPSE
which I am absolutely infatuated with.
Random tid bit.


1,000,000,000,000,000/10 (=

Author's Response: Haha yeah Lily was intentionally a ton like Alice in the first bit of this chapter xDD But I'll take it anywaiz. Eclipse is the best xP
:D I'm so glad you like it!! Thanks a ton!

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Review #20, by SpanishSmurf24Ruling The School: Chapter One

2nd March 2008:
Aw I liked it
It was like an amazing start
And sirius seems really sweet


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Review #21, by SpanishSmurf24Say, what?: Time Stamp

2nd March 2008:
Oh my god.
That was like amazing
But also absolutely frustrating
I have the flu and that honestly made me happy for like the first time this weekend.
Stupid owl, didnt have to give Sirius the damn letter.


Author's Response: I had the flu in January, figures the one year I don't get the shot, sigh. Thanks for reviewing and sorry to frustrate you!

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Review #22, by SpanishSmurf24Secrets: I'm Not Paralyzed, But I Seem To Be Struck By You

2nd March 2008:
Amazing Chapter
I expected much more of a reaction from her dad
But he took it reallly well.
And I love the title: Paralyzer by finger eleven =)


Author's Response: thanks..yeah, i figured he was going to blow up, but blaise cut in and went through the whole "game plan" so her father didnt really have much to react to..

im glad you caught that, not many other people did. i love that song, so much..i woke up to it on my radio like 5 days last week. so i had it in my head all day, including when i was writing

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Review #23, by SpanishSmurf24Life and Times of a Ballerina: Pranking time!

2nd March 2008:
Aha I liked the "My Girl" Prank.
And yay Sirius likes Blair.
I like how Blair like pictured their house together
Good chappie


Author's Response: awe thaankss (:

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Review #24, by SpanishSmurf24Along Came Sirius: Chapter Twelve: A Friend with Problems

23rd February 2008:
I just finshed your story.. so far
Its fantabulous.
I really really really really like it
Aha i love sirius with a passion
I feel bad that him and James are fighting

“And secondly, he’s not my best mate,” he said earnestly, “any best mate of mine does not call my girl, what was it?” he looked at her.

Thats my favorite part because Adara didnt even notice and if she did, didnt object to Sirius saying MY girl


Author's Response: aww thanks!!!! i LOVE sirius, too. he's mine. back off. haha. awww i know, i love that part, too. haha. thanks!

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Review #25, by SpanishSmurf24:

21st February 2008:
I really like it
This is going to be a really interesting story
i like your writing and your detail
Cant wait for moreee


Author's Response: Thank you so much!. Yes, I hope to make this story interesting and different. Hmm, funny. I always hear that I'm good with the details and have a slighty different writing. Thank you.

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