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Review #1, by Quidditch_KissesRespectable Distance: Piper loves the morning after

18th August 2009:
Continue! PLEASE! Gotta be honest, though, that this was a pretty weak chapter.but i still remember how AWESOME and HILARIOUS and quirkily written the other chapters were even though i read them a year ago ;P
So, please, keep writing. It sounds like you really love this story, so keep at it ;)

PS- I'd hate to say it, but i *think* there's a mistake in the chapter...unless the mistake was intentional. The phrase is "nip it in the bud" not "in the butt" ;)

Author's Response: Hey, no worries about pointing out mistakes...I miss them alot. It was work we say in the butt, idk why.

I am going to keep the story up; I'm working on the next chapters now. I agree with the weakness in the chapter...Once I get in my groove...all will be good.

Thank you, though, for the insightful review!

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Review #2, by Quidditch_KissesBeloved of a Hero: Epilogue: Reunion

10th May 2009:
Thank you.

There was always that missing chapter in Deathly Hallows. So, thank you. I deeply mean that. This whole story, too, deserves a thanks. It was truly amazing. What you did with it, with these characters and this world - it's awe-inspiring.

Though, of course, how could you neglect to have Harry finally say those three words?! That is my one and only complaint here... that you implied those momentous words, but we never get to have Harry actually say them :(

But hey, this isn't the moment to end a review on a poor note. Congratulations! You did it! You wrote a novel, and it was fantastic! 1 000 000 000 000./10

So...what comes now? What are you writing next?? And do you think you'll ever get a banner for this story? It REALLY deserves one ;)

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Review #3, by Quidditch_KissesBeloved of a Hero: Necessary Strength

29th April 2009:
you know, you ALWAYS have good chapters. And they're good for different reasons. Sometimes it's the wit, sometimes the amazing plot and action...
And then there comes a chapter like this one.
It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! It seemed like every word you wrote was connected on a ribbon of eloquence, creating perfect flow. And then the emotions you provoked! HOLY CRAP!
I would laugh,then cry, then think, then cry hysterically, then laugh, then wonder, then cry hysterically again, then be blown away.

One of the best chapters i've ever read. ever.

Author's Response: "Every word you wrote was connected on a ribbon of eloquence..." What a great line. And how astonishing that it would be used to describe my writing. Thank you so much.

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Review #4, by Quidditch_KissesBeloved of a Hero: The Right to Stand

19th April 2009:
"It was as if someone had found a way to put the Cruciatus Curse exclusively on her heart."
FAVOURITE line ;) Just thought i'd tell you that.

This chapter was fierce! Perfect weaving of your and JKR's stories!
PLEASE post the next chapter asap!!

Author's Response: I was particularly proud of that line, so thank you! Next chapter very soon, I promise!

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Review #5, by Quidditch_KissesBeloved of a Hero: Sacrifice For Love

31st January 2009:
I think you may have just equalled or even bettered Ms. Rowling in eloquence of plot intermingling!

This is,by far, your most amazing chapter. Maybe i'm just one for mental duals with Ginny and another character, but your writing seems to shine the more tense the situation! Great job!

Author's Response: Bettered? JK Rowling? !!! Wow. I'm honored, I really am. That is a truly excellent compliment, and I am humbled by it. Thank you so very much.

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Review #6, by Quidditch_KissesWhat You Couldn't Do: Requiem For Darkness

15th January 2009:
Whoa. I thought i'd leave a comment at this chapter here (mostly because of homework and hygiene - otherwise, i'd continue reading). ANYWAYS, this is honestly the most refreshingly thrilling and fantastically written story i've read in a LONG time. I haven't really been on HPFF in a while, and let me just say how grateful i am to have found your story! Though, i'm also a little angry. I stopped going to HPFF because it distracted me from my homework - but now your story alone will be distracting me from my LIFE for who knows how long :P :P Lastly, and even though this complimetn may sound weird, i absolutely love how your story jumps off my computer screen. Everything -your characters, plot and writing style - is so fluid that i just love reading this out loud. (I've even begun acting it out through a narrative voice. haha.seriously, though.)

Just thought the story deserved it's dues.

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Review #7, by Quidditch_KissesBeloved of a Hero: Thieves in the Night

12th June 2008:
Absolutely thrilling. That was an AMAZING chapter! Not only was their suspense and action, but my favourite parts were actually the Ginny-Neville friendship moments. This was a giant step forward (er, or another layer added) for the character development (which, by the way, is one of the best aspects of your writing).
The coolest thing about this chapter was the oddly skewed mystery taking place. We, as readers, know all about Snape...but Ginny doesn't. The msytery is not what Snape is, but how he reveals it to her - his character. It's incredible that you can write the mystery with such an angle, thus keeping the story this thrilling.
Could you remind how far this is in the school year at this point? It's probably an annoyingly straight-forward question, but i haven't read DH in a while and the whole time line of the story is lost on me at this point ;)
Update soon! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoy the story so much. Thanks for your review!

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Review #8, by Quidditch_KissesFools Like Me: I'm So Sorry

12th June 2008:
Ooh...this was a very descriptive chapter. Nice job :)
Good job with the emotions as well...smooth and rough at hte same time - just as all emotional breakdown are...hehe.

And just so you know, i LOVE the new banner :) I love the red...but there's no Scorpius on it anymore (wait, that was Scorpius, right?). Anyways, i think it's awesome.

Update as soon as you get back. Hope you are having/have had a good time at camp :D

Author's Response: haha! thank you hun. now there is a new new banner... also by me. this story has experienced several makeovers.

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Review #9, by Quidditch_KissesWe Gryffies: Make Your Own Kind Of Music

12th June 2008:
My mouth hurts. Do you think humans are biologically built to laugh this much? There's about a million lines i could repeat and tell you how amazingly awesome they are, but that just seems like a waste of 5 hours :P

ANYWAYS, i NEED to ask you one thing: Was Scorpius' song about Rose???

Fantastic chapter!!! :D It was well worth the wait. And, actually, i won't be uspet if the next chapter doesn't come out for a week or two because i have exams ;)
Bon travaille! (good job!)

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Review #10, by Quidditch_KissesDestiny Redefined: 27: Dumbledore's Answers

7th June 2008:
Ha! And you warned everybody of how dark and terrible this story was...
Well, i must say that this chapter was so wonderfully done up that i have tears of joy bundling up in my eyes. I just LOVE this chapter. it amy not be the most action-packed or mysterious, but it had its purpose.
And you wrote Dumbledore perfectly. (Nice ending, by the way: "Albus Severus? Honestly!"). The thing about Dudley was odd, though. I'm not going to say i believe it to be possible, but i believe the characters believe it to be possible ;)
Fantastic job with this story. Do we get to see Albus Severus in the epilogue, then? hehe.
P.S. You deserve to be in the top 5. Congrats!

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Review #11, by Quidditch_KissesWhen Luna met Rolf: Kiss me...

6th June 2008:
I know you must hear this a thousand times, but your writing is beautiful. You really captured the confusion of Luna and Rolf, both never experiencing love and thus confused as to what the emotion was. Your characterizations continue to amaze me :) Its very pure and effortless...well, it appears that way. And the was character-fitting. Child-like in its simplicity - just like Luna - and gentle - because Luna appears fragile to Rolf (like a sculpture in her beauty, easily broken). Fantastic job once again...and thanks for the shout out :D
I'm excited for the next you think maybe you could add Mr. Scamander's perspective in a chapter soon? I have a feeling that man is very observant...and he must have tons of thoughts floating around in his head ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

I hear it often but trust me when I say that I never get tired of seeing people praising my writing style. I'm just still with my head above the clouds about the things that I've been told so far:D And indeed, neither Luna nor Rolf have ever experienced love. Obviously, Rolf has had his fair share of women over the years but he has never loved any of them and simply being with Luna is so different and genuine that he's just as confused as if he were with a woman for the first time.

I'm glad you liked the kiss because I thought it was really Luna-ish in a way. And yes, Rolf sees Luna as a very fragile person... he'll realise this in an upcoming chapter:)

The next chapter will have a very detailed scene that continues what I've so cruelly stopped at the end of this chapter, which I'm sure you'll like:) You've nailed Newt there, but while there aren't any chapter strictly from his perspective he will figure more in the upcoming part of the story, predominantly after they come back from the trip:D

Thank you so very much for the sweet review! You're a love!

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Review #12, by Quidditch_KissesWhen Luna met Rolf: Coup de foudre

31st May 2008:
The detail of this chapter was amazing! I could picture each little thing happening inmy head like a movie - from the way luna stepped throught he pond to Rolf'shidden bewilderedness at Luna's revelations. It was just incredible. And also, this chapter flowed so well and was written with such a lightness - like a hand grazing the surface of a pond, actually.
Terrific chapter! And congrats on becoming Trusted :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!!

I'm so glad that you could picture everything in your mind because that's what I actually wanted: for the reader to be able to envision eveything. Such a sweet metaphor you've made with the hand grazing over the surface:D

Thank you so much for congratulating me, as it's such an achievement for me, really.

As you might have noticed the seventh chapter is already posted in honour of that:D



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Review #13, by Quidditch_KissesWhen Luna met Rolf: The trials of an untested heart

22nd May 2008:
Haha, cookies? Well, my guess would have to be Luna (or some variation on the name).

Another wonderfully written chapter (as usual:D), but something has been bothering me slightly. The clothes you dress Luna in seem so...un-Luna-ish. The way you describe them makes them appear classy and stylish, while i've always thought Luna to be more...eclectic. And actually, i've never thought ehr to be someone who is constantly wearing dresses. Why is she wearing a dress to go camping in Scotland?

I know that this is completely trivial, so -really- you should be extrememly proud that this is the only fault i can find in your story! Other than this tiny thing, your story is AWESOME.
Please update soon :) I'm excited for some Luna/Rolf interaction =)

Author's Response: Hello!

Oh but Luna's clothes are quirky, very colourful and as you'll see later on she does have a slight tendency of wearing clothes that apparently don't match. I've always envisioned Luna as a feminine person so I really wanted her to stand out by wearing not dresses, but really feminine clothes. I imagined her mother as being that type of person so I assumed that Luna would have liked to gain that habit as well. She's not wearing dresses as in very modern and really fancy ones. But rather funny and childish in a way... I'm not sure if you managed to understand a thing of my rambling:))

Anyway, I'm really proud of the fact that you haven't really found any major correction and I'm just... honoured that my story is liked by so many people. Your review is actually the 97th and when I'll reach 100 I'll probably die of happiness:)) I think that's every author's heaven:))

Ok this review was major rambling on my behalf. In fact what I really wanted to tell was Thank you!

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Review #14, by Quidditch_KissesDestiny Redefined: 24: The Many-Headed Snake

22nd May 2008:
aw, man! Another twist? I think you have TOO much fun with this ;)
Of course, though, i expect an explanation. I know it'll work out, but how in the world is Harry the original Cronus? Did this person exist AT ALL before Harry started playing with time?
Awesome chapter, by the way:) Update soon please!

Author's Response: hehehe, I DO enjoy the twists and turns. And yes, an explantion will be available for next chapter.

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Review #15, by Quidditch_KissesFools Like Me: A Cruel Joke

20th May 2008:
Wow. I want to scream with excitement at whats coming...but i can't because i'm too busy crying! This was such a good chapter!

So, it had to be Draco, didn't it? That's the only thing i could see stopping Scorpius. Maybe abuse...? Or moving away? Arranged marriage? (i know, these ideas all seem foolish, don't they? But i really have no idea!). And, about Al and Olivia, i dont really see it happenning at this point. Olivia is such a sell out. How did she even get in Gryffindor? Will she be proving herself later on?
Update soon!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it! I'm sorry I made you cry :(

Good guesses :) You'll find out soon.

Thanks Lauren!

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Review #16, by Quidditch_KissesFools Like Me: The Hard Truth

11th May 2008:
That was by far your best chapter yet! :) The emotions were raw and i could really feel how tense the situation was...
And i commend you because i usually despise Dramione, but your dramione add-on was actually relatively believabel, so i liked it :) Good job! Loved the chapter. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I thought it was a very emotional one as well.

I'm glad I could make you like/believe the dramione! That is quite a compliment.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Quidditch_KissesDestiny Redefined: 23: Paradox

11th May 2008:
This was definitely your best chapter yet! The detail in this is fantastic! And, though i am completely confused as to what's happening, I'm SO excited for the next chapter! Where are they going? Will Ginny ever live? Will Harry live? Cronus? Will they remember what's happened? Ugh! So many questions that i know you won't answer! Please post the next chapter ASAP...this was the best cliffhanger EVER!

Author's Response: it's coming!

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Review #18, by Quidditch_KissesWe Gryffies: Let The Sound Take You Away

2nd May 2008:
Hahahaha. You continue to amaze me! You've got the humour, you've got the romance, you've even got the drama...but you've also managed to include MYSTERY! I'm jealous of your awesomeness.
This chapter was great...and it really makes sense that James is left-handed (if you believe in the whole right- or left-brained thing). But, i gotta say, my favourite part of this chapter (and maybe even the story as of yet...wait, no that's a lie..."That's so Albus" takes the spot as best thing ever..but anyways...) I LOVE this line:
'I smiled crookedly at her, but a nice crookedly. Not like: “Blaaah, I’m a serial killer and I’m gonna get you!” More like: “Hello, love of my life. Your room is a surprisingly accurate representation of your personality. I can’t help but love it, like I so dearly love you.”'
Just fantastic.
Looking forward to another chapter :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm probably not as awesome as I may seem, but I think the best stories combine humor, romance, drama, and mystery. Maybe a couple of homicides too.

Naturally, I loved writing the "blaaah I'm a serial killer" bit. My more clever lines are always spontaneous. Planning can only get you so far ;).

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Review #19, by Quidditch_KissesDestiny Redefined: 22: One Year Later

1st May 2008:
oh wow. :o
Honestly, this wasn't your most wonderfully written chapter, but the intensity was still there. Do you strive to be shocking? Because i think you've accomplished the goal :P
As sad as i am that the story is almost over, i'm looking forward to finally seeing the whole picture. Your novel is addictive - seriously!
i NEED to know what happens!
So, you've definitely got talent...bucket loads!
And, after this story is finished, you better be writing another one? ...please?
I LOVE your stories :D
I'm not going to say update soon because i want the next chapter to be awesome, which requires time :P
So, update when ready!!! :)

Author's Response: I actually JUST finished this story this week and I'm trying to catch HPFF up. I don't have any immediate plans to write another story, but I have some ideas brewing.

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Review #20, by Quidditch_KissesWhen Luna met Rolf: The frightening routine of growing up

26th April 2008:
Another awesome chapter! I really love your writing style - the way you let Luna stop and think without breaking the flow of the chapter. It's such a great story so far and i look forward to Luna's relationship with Rolf blooming. We've only just met Rolf, but he seems like a fun character :P He's definitely going to get into some mischief, that boy.
Update soon!
Love the story

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm glad that you like my writing style and that you think that the flow of emotions isn't streinous... because all those random things that are mentioned there from the flower pattern of her mother's dress, the way her hands smelled and the impression that Porpentina Scamander leaves on Luna, those are her thoughts. I don't know if people can tell that because it's written in third person, but that was actually what I wanted. To build for people a window into Luna's heart and in Rolf's... the next chapter will host an insight into his mind, with his fear and his worries, his inability to confine to rules...

Rolf is a spoiled young man, but definitely he's got a good heart which he has not had the time or the desire to try it out, but Luna will help him open up:)

Thanks Lauren, for the review and for having followed the story so far:) I hope people won't be let down by this story.

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Review #21, by Quidditch_KissesThe Sorting Hat: Neville

22nd April 2008:
That was REALLY good. You've really thought thi one out, i can see. I think this explains why The SortingHat put Neville in Gryffindor perfectly! Fantastic job!
Love the short story collection so far :)

Author's Response: Thank you! You've made my day!

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Review #22, by Quidditch_KissesWhen Luna met Rolf: A new day, a new life

20th April 2008:
oh! I've been waiting for this story for a while now (youre signature on the forums has ahd me intrigued for quite some time;)) This was a fantastic start to a story, and you did a fantabulous job with Luna's character. I absolutely love the way you managed to mature her without taking away her odd dreamy-ness. This is a refreshing story and i cant wait for the next chapter...Update soon!
Good job on the first chapter. You've got me hooked :D

Author's Response: Sorry for making you guys wait so much! I'm glad you liked both the signature and the story... I'm relieved that Luna is the Luna we all know, because she's such a wonderful character and I wanted to make her justice... Yes, Luna has matured, but she has not changed that much. She's still odd and funny:) Thank you so much! Next chapter will be up soon if the queue allows it!

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Review #23, by Quidditch_KissesDestiny Redefined: 20: Conversations

15th April 2008:
*sigh* Yes, to answer your question, you did a fabulous job with Harry and Ginny's interaction. With any other character, i would question how forthcoming you made Ginny, but Ginny is not any other character ;) i can see the love she holds for him, the incapacity to outrightly lie. She may be dishonest to herself, believing things that aren't wholely the truth, but as long as SHE thinks they're the truth, she isn't lying to Harry. Well done!
And Ron's character was perfectly sculpted to. Not to mention Hannah - exactly how i pictured her.
But, sadly, there is still a hole in my heart. I want to think that Harry will fix things, but something inside me is biting at me and telling me that he won't fix things that don't necessarily need to be fixed.but still! He is rather selfish, isn't he! He's completely ignoring the potential happiness of Ron, Hermione, Hannah, and Neville. Gar...
Damn you Cronus/Harry!
I feel so empty inside... lol
Awesome chapter :)

Author's Response: As I tried to stress, I wouldn't say that these people are unhappy. They just feel like life didn't turn out the way they planned. They're not satisfied, but they're happy.

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Review #24, by Quidditch_KissesBeloved of a Hero: Questions and a Double Dose

13th April 2008:
That was really fantastic! Such arm was shaking with the rage Ginny was feeling. You are incredible with the way you can make a reader feel the same emotions as the characters. Update ASAP!
:) -Lauren

Author's Response: Wow, thank you, that is a great compliment. I wanted to show that Ginny isn't always in complete control of her emotions, and that she does make mistakes. I'm glad you liked the chapter, and thank you for taking the time to review.

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Review #25, by Quidditch_KissesThe Road Home: To Save Her Life

8th April 2008:
You tricked us all! I really thought Nyah's mother *cough Ginny cough* was in the hospital room. Though, i love your slight sarcasm when you say:
"Of course it wasn’t my Mum … that would be too easy … too perfect … waking up, alone, in a hospital after fighting off two grown men."
I always love when writers put original magic into their stories, so i commend you on this whole idea of taking aways one's magic. I really hope that Nyah keeps her magic. I think it would hurt her more to know that they will have to remove her magic then if she were told she was going to die soon. And when are Harry and Ginny coming back, eh? I feel they've been gone long enough! :P
Update soon, please! :)

Author's Response:

Hi Lauren! :D

You too, seem to have that computer bug - LOL - *cough*

Yes - it would have been way too easy for her to wake up, her Mum by her side and they lived 'happily-ever-after'. LOL Life certainly doesn't work that way, does it? :)

Removing her magic... sigh... there are a lot of tough decisions to be made for Nyah, and unfortunately, time is running out... her birthday is quickly approaching (faster than they all realize yet).

Harry and Ginny have to take more Muggle forms of transportation to get home as, in my story, it's illegal to apparate internationally without special permission and never with underage children, so it's going to take them a bit longer. BUT... we'll see Ginny for a bit in the next chapter! :D

Thank you for the wonderful review! I love reading them!

The next chapter is already in the queue, so keep watching! :D

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