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Review #1, by marauder ladyLiar: Children

3rd April 2016:
I have never before felt sympathy for Peter!! But this is so well written I totally do. And obviously for poor Remus.
Such an interesting take on it, Remus and Peter knowing each other before Hogwarts. I really really enjoyed this!!

Author's Response: Hey, Sophie!

Well, I'll take it as a huge compliment!
Peter is a complex character and while I can understand people just plainly hating him, I can't do so anymore... Knowing that my writing has made you feel for him at least a tiny bit makes me so happy!

And yes, of course... poor little Remus... I always feel so horrible for him and his childhood innocence stripped away so early... I love him so much, don't you?

Thank you so much for the swap! It's always so lovely!!!

Many hugs,

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Review #2, by marauder ladyAurora Borealis: If you love me, let me go...

19th February 2016:

Never ever have I ever felt sympathy for Draco Malfoy- but you managed to make me!!

This is so heartbreakingly poignant and beautifully written my lovely. Truely amazing.

Author's Response: aw thank you, love. I always love your reviews sooo much. Thanks for stopping by. ♥

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Review #3, by marauder ladySarah: [one]

11th January 2016:
Oh honey thank you. I'm touched!!

I can't put into words how amazing this is. The beautiful descriptions, brilliant characterizations, and oh my word the angst!!

Just wonderful and heartbreaking. ❤

Author's Response: aw thank you! I had fun writing this. it's the first thing I actually posted since our linked oneshots. I'm so happy that you liked this - as you know, I don't usually write Marauders era, but I decided to do that for you.
Love ya

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Review #4, by marauder ladyThe memories in your biscuits: The memories in your biscuits

13th September 2015:
I love this!!! I love the way the theme runs through, so simple but so effective. I've never thought of McGonagall being so vulnerable but there would be no reason why she wouldn't be under the veneer!!

The style of the writing is fab too, so poignant heartfelt, it really drew me in!

Lovely, beautiful story!

Sophie xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!!
I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this story!

I've never written Minerva before (the only reason I dared attempt it is because the challenge forced me to...) but it was interesting to dig into her character.

All of us have their vulnerabilities, don't we? It's what makes us humans. Minerva is a strong woman, but she's seen so much darkness in her life...

I'm so glad you liked the writing style too! It's great to hear that people are intrigued by what I write!!!

Thank you so much for swapping and for the lovely review!

All my love,

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Review #5, by marauder ladyForever in my Heart: Molly

6th September 2015:
You already know what I think of this, lovely, but I am saying again! Just beautiful. I know how much this piece meant/means to you and I know how much you put into it. That comes across so clearly.

Molly's heartbreak and worry is so clear and so well written that heartbreak for the reader is there too (if that makes sense).

This had made me cry on more than one occasion and it was truly and pleasure and a privilege to work on this collab with you

Soph x

Author's Response: Oh god, I just saw that I never even replied to this.

Thank you so, so much for everything you did to make this story come to life, and also for bearing with me when life suddenly went crazy and I didn't have time for this. The deadline has passed now, and I'm kind of glad there was one... I don't think I would have ever written this without you.

Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

~Anja xxx

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Review #6, by marauder ladyThe smile I gave her: The smile I gave her

23rd August 2015:
Aw so adorable. I love James!! Thanks for the link xxx

Author's Response: your welcome! Glad you liked it. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by marauder ladyConstant Vigilance: Nymphadora

19th August 2015:
Aw I love it. I was always curious about the Moody/Tonks relationship and this pretty much nails what I thought it would be.

Fabulous as ever my lovely!!!

Soph xxx

Ps- Wine and Italian food- pretty much cure for everything!!!

Author's Response: Aaah Sophie thank you so much for stopping by to read this. I always love your reviews and appreciate your opinion. I'm glad you liked this.

Sending you a big hug


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Review #8, by marauder ladyHaunted: X

5th June 2015:
Loved it just as much this time! It's so beautifully and atmospheric, I feel so so sad for poor Hagrid!

And you're more than welcome. I'm happy to help, lovely!

Soph xxx

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Your help and encouragement made me brave enough to post this, I owe you so much for making me believe in myself and my writing. It means so much that you like it!


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Review #9, by marauder ladyRevived: Prologue

21st May 2015:
I really enjoyed this. I'm totally intrigued, wanting to know more!!

The language is brilliant, portraying the angst well without overdoing it which might be a bit much for a prologue.

Overall I really liked it :)

Author's Response: Hey! You read it!

:D yay

Aww you really think so? It really means a lot, coming from an author of 29 stories ;)

Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. I'll keep you posted

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Review #10, by marauder ladyRomeo In Ivory: Icarus in Mourning

20th May 2015:
Wow. Just... wow. That was so beautiful. Sad an melancholy and beautiful. The way the timeless atmosphere was set up, and the use of rain and flowers just added to it and gave it a wonderful depth. And the use of the 3 fates (I think?) was really well done, giving a sense of inevitability.

My only question is who was, in the grave? And that is only due to my lack of next gen knowledge.

Overall, absolutely wonderful

Sophie xxx

Author's Response: Hi Sophie! Thank you for stopping by! :)

Gah, thank you so much! Yeah, it's the three fates - they sort of added themselves into this at the end, really - and Mallory requested angsty romance, so that's all because of her, I have to admit that :P Rain and flowers... I love writing both, especially weather - there's something so lovely about it, for me :)

The grave... yeah, it's not meant to be massively explicit, but it's meant to be Rose - hence the flower symbolism. I just didn't put Rose on the character list, haha :P

Thank you so much for the lovely review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #11, by marauder ladyTaming the Dragon Tamer: [six]

19th May 2015:
*Sque* (I haven't done that in a long time!) I'm so pleased Charlie's been honest and told Chris the truth, and admitted his feelings for him. That makes me so happy!!! And I was so sad for Charlie too! That's so heartbreaking, but now it seems he can master his panic attacks, hopefully he can turn a corner.

I loved it as usual, fab start to the day :D

Sophie xxx

Author's Response: Thanks again for the lovely words. It was a pretty good start to my day, reading this review. Re-reading it again now made me realize how important your opinion has become to me. It's like because I know you better than I know the other reviewers, I can trust that you would honestly tell me if the chapter wasn't good, so if you say it's good, I can trust that it actually is ok.
Thanks again, honey


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Review #12, by marauder ladyTaming the Dragon Tamer: [five]

13th May 2015:
Aw. I'm so glad Charlie's finally being honest. And, I'm so glad Chris found him. Awww. Just Awww. I'm lost for words at the loveliness!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! The next chapter is in the queue already! Can't wait to hear what you think about that :D

I'm so happy you're still reading and reviewing every chapter! That's so sweet of you!
Thanks for the amazing support!

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Review #13, by marauder ladyTaming the Dragon Tamer: [four]

11th May 2015:
Wow. I started the chapter smiling (a dragon with puppy dog eyes is a vision that will stay with me all day!) now I'm feeling really sad. Poor Charlie- such trauma that he can't even get support for. Fantastic how you've managed to do that!!

Loved it again

Sophie xx

Author's Response: Hi again, Sophie!
These reviews really mean a lot to me! I'm so happy you're still reading and reviewing. Charlie has been through a lot of terrible things... he has to realize that he's allowed to get help, but he's just so stubborn sometimes ;)


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Review #14, by marauder ladyTaming the Dragon Tamer: [three]

11th May 2015:
Phew *fans self* Loved it again. For some reason I found the 'this is going to be awkward' line much funnier than I probably should have hehe.

I can only imagine Charlie's frustration here- it's a shame he just can't admit to his family that he's gay *sadface*

I love your writing style (if I haven't said so already, it's extremely remiss of me!). It sets the scene so well, and has a great balance of description and dialogue (which I know I struggle with), both of which flow well and naturally!

Still Fab!


Author's Response: Hi Sophie!
thank you so much! I'm so glad you're still enjoying it!
I laughed a lot while writing this chapter. As you already found out, not everything can stay this happy and fun, but we wouldn't have a story if Charlie was just the usual, boring guy.


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Review #15, by marauder ladyTaming the Dragon Tamer: [two]

8th May 2015:
OOooo the tension. I can really get Charlie's dilemma and his denial here. Poor guy. I felt sorry for him as well, of the dragons as his babies. So cute!!! :p Almost can't blame him for lashing out a bit (not that I'm excusing it lol) with all the stress!!

Loved it again!

Sophie xxx

Author's Response: Hi again xD

Thanks for the review. I'm on my phone so I'm keeping it short here.

I've always loved that the most we know of Charlie is that he absolutely adores his job and the dragons. It's such a big part of his personality.

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Review #16, by marauder ladyTaming the Dragon Tamer: [one]

8th May 2015:
Hey- I thought I'd have a look at one of your stories as you've been awesome at reviewing mine (not before time, really).

I have to say I'm glad I did. I haven't read any stories with Charlie as the protagonist, and I don't know much about him but I do like your characterisation. I really feel his dilemma. I'm not gay, but I can definitely identify with the feeling of being the only single person at the table- that was captured really well. And his thoughts about Molly made me laugh out loud- that is so how she would be of one of her children was hurt. And that sentence about George- oh the feels!!!

I'm really looking forward to reading more of this!

Sophie xxx

Author's Response: Aw thank you! This review just made me SO happy. I'm so glad you like the story.


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Review #17, by marauder ladyPlum Velvet: Blue Leather

26th April 2015:
Wow!! Truely a beautiful piece of writing! I love Greek Mythology (although my knowledge is fairly limited...) so I was hooked when you opened with it! And I also thought that he had a Dorian Grey quality before you mentioned it.
I also loved the way you used darkness and light throughout, it gave the story such an other-worldly quality (if that makes sense!) I loved every word!! Gorgeous!

Author's Response: Hi there - thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you liked it! I'm a huge Greek mythology fan (and nerd, haha), so writing this was so much fun, squeezing in all the references and so on :P Yeah, can you tell I'd just finishd re-reading it when I wrote this? :P The whole immortal sense kinda suited him, though, all things considered.

Yeah, darkness and light was a theme I'd wanted to use for a while, especially in romance, because it's kinda overdone but also very classical, I think, so I'm so glad you liked it in this! I really loved writing this, so it means so much! :)

Thank you for the lovely review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #18, by marauder ladyThrough the Veil: Beyond the Veil

21st April 2015:
Hey. I saw your post on the forums about this, and as I love Sirius, I thought I'd give it a go. And I'm so glad that I did!! Absolutely beautiful writing and a really original take on it. My heart was breaking for him at the beginning, but how amazing for him to be reunited with James. The whole atmosphere of it was so poignant and ethereal which fitted with the idea of the veil I think. Again, wonderful!! xxx

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it. I honestly don't consider it my best, but knowing me I'll probably go back and edit it more later. :)

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Review #19, by marauder ladyInfinitesimal: Leo Minor

22nd March 2015:
Wow. This is a pairing that would never occur to me, but it's awesome- so wonderfully forbidden. I love the style of the writing, the honesty of it and the fact it's in first person make it really easy to empathise with James here, even though you know he's cheating on Lily. It's so poignant as well. Wonderful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

I know - it's not a pairing I read very often, but when my friends suggested it to it, the plunny just arrived immediately and I loved the concept behind it. There's an innate tragedy to it which I adore, so I couldn't resist! ;) I've been really into first-person-confessional-type stories recently, too, so that kinda influenced this a lot, too.

Thank you so much for the lovely review - it was so great to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #20, by marauder ladyStatue of Us: Autumn, 1978 (Part II)

7th March 2015:
How disappointed was I when I couldn't carry on reading! Great story and brilliant characterization. Loved it.

Author's Response: i'm sorry about not updating! thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by marauder ladyInnocent: Puddifoot's And Post-Boxes

5th March 2014:
That last part especially made me laugh!! I'm loving the Remus/ Tonks foreshadowing here! Also, I so wish Mad Eye lived in Brighton!

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Review #22, by marauder ladyInnocent: Of Mice And Men

1st March 2014:
Amazing details here. Brilliant description of Snape's mind. I keep meaning to stop and review but I keep forgetting purely because I'm desperate to continue reading!

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Review #23, by marauder ladyInnocent: The Boy Who Disappeared

28th February 2014:
I'm liking this more and more!! The way you've used humour to break up the darker bits as well as show the progression of Sirius and Harry's relationship is brilliant, and the comparisons with James are just so in character (in one of my fics, James and Sirius always get themselves into trouble making stupid bets so that little bit made me laugh even more!) I also felt so sorry for Remus, poor bloke! Fab chapter again xxx

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Review #24, by marauder ladyInnocent: Escape From Privet Drive

28th February 2014:
I loved the portrayal of all characters here- especially Sirius! There are glimpses of the Happy-go-lucky person I think he would have been had he not been imprisoned which makes it all the more poignant. Fab!!!

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Review #25, by marauder ladyInnocent: The Prisoner

21st February 2014:
I haven't been around on this site for ages, and just stumbled across this fic. I'm loving the first chapter. The writing is excellent and the story very well thought out. It's been bugging me for years about how Sirius had his wand! I love your explanation. And poor Harry- I'm feeling very emotional for him, perhaps more so than at the beginning of Philosophers Stone! Anyway, enough prattling from me, loving it!

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that! Hopefully you continue to enjoy it. :) Haha, I'd always wondered about that too, so I decided to answer it in this. :P Or at least suggest a possible answer. :P
I know; this was a sad scene to write. :(
Thank you so much for the review!

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