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Review #1, by joelineblackTrainwreck: June 25th 2021

11th February 2010:
i really think this story could be really good the only thing i really have to say is that Dom and Louis can't be identical if one's a boy and ones a girl that's fraternal twins

Author's Response: thanks for the review!

I said Dom and Louis are identical because they are. Dominique is an adrogynous name, so I figured, why not be different and make Dom a guy. I actually got the idea from "I am Man, Hear Me Roar" by RonsGirlFriday.

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Review #2, by joelineblackHelp Me, Please: Going into the New Year

8th December 2009:
omg A-mazing it was so good lol they are so going to get caught by the family they like each other too much to hide it i can't wait for the next chapter i'll keep a look out great job on this one i really enjoyed it

Author's Response: LOL. Thanks! :)
Haha, maybe. You never know what's going to happen. :) Intersting way to put it. :) But it sounds quite right. :)
Thanks so much. I sincerely hope it's written and up before the 20th Christmas Holiday queue closure. :) Thanks so much for your support. :) xxx

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Review #3, by joelineblackHelp Me, Please: "You better watch your back; one of them will catch your heart some day,"

31st October 2009:
i loved this chapter i think you should have more chapters in Scor's point of view lol. my only question is if the wedding is on the 27 of december why are they going back to school on the 28 i'm a bit confused on that? but really good chapter i can't wait to read the next one lol i've already read this one twice

Author's Response: So glad you liked it! :)
Really? Thanks! I was hoping somebody would mention something about that. :)
Yeah, I know they always go back after New Years but I really wanted a Hogwarts New Years Eve Party at the school and I think five (or six?) chapters is enough at the Burrow. :) Sorry if that confused you a little, it is a little weird. :)
Thanks! :) I hope the next one will be up soon. :)
Thanks for your review. :) xxx

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Review #4, by joelineblackHelp Me, Please: If It Was a Mistake Before...

15th October 2009:
omg i can't wait to read what happens next. i just love this story ,lol Rose, anyway please update soon i want to know if her family finds out about the "talks" scor and Rose have. And what about the wedding? and let's not forget the issue with Peter?

Author's Response: Oh, cool! :)
Thank you! :)
Of course I'm going to write the wedding. It was planned on being the next chapter but I just couldn't fit Christmas into this one so It'll be soon.
I have plans for Peter too... :)
Thanks for reviewing! :) x

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Review #5, by joelineblackFamous Last Words: Attacked. Not fun.

25th September 2009:
lol this chapter ends with a bit of a laugh i wonder what will happen next please keep writting

Author's Response: Yeah I thought it would be funny to add that. More is coming.

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Review #6, by joelineblackKlutzinator: The Aftermath of a Night of Drunken Debauchery (Not Really)

25th September 2009:
what is with the cilffhanger i need to see if she'll ride. this story is just getting funnier as it goes on please keep writing

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review! Heehee, I've already submitted the next chapt, should be out in two days or so. Keep reading! :D

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Review #7, by joelineblackThe Meaning of Love: Diagon Alley

22nd September 2009:
oh my god i am hooked please write anoter chapter please

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Review #8, by joelineblackStill Delicate: Nuptial Catastrophe

14th August 2009:
like oh my god what is the matter with them Scrop should just divoce his wife already nothing seems to get thur to them that one or the other is off limits. but whateves great chapter by the way lol loved it i just feel bad for poor Adian

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Review #9, by joelineblackDedicated: Different

7th August 2009:
omg i love this you have to write more on this story please please please

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Review #10, by joelineblackHarry Potter and the End of Illusions: Home for the First Time

25th July 2009:
this was really nice chapter after that ending of the last chapter i wonder what will happen next

Author's Response: thank you very much for the review :) i'm so glad you liked it :) we have a few more surprises till the end :)

thanks again


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Review #11, by joelineblackRainy Days: Absurdly Inopportune

22nd July 2009:
awww he's a moron but he's so sweet lol i really want to read more please update soon

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Review #12, by joelineblackHarry Potter and the Richard McNair Academy: Meeting at Hermione's House

22nd July 2009:
oh my the plot thickens i really like this story it sounds like it will be really good. i definately want to read more

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Review #13, by joelineblackPirates: Murphy's Law

15th July 2009:
omg so good i need more lol i wonder who came to hermione's rescue and how is harry going to get out of this marriage with cho i feel the end is near but the journey is dark please update soon

Author's Response: Thank you!
And this cliffie isn`t too bad ;)
And the wedding is the feature of the next chapter.

I`ll update soon, no worries!


PS. THe end is near: 2-3 chapters max. for the game, that is. And then, we have to deal with post traumatic stress of returning to reality.


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Review #14, by joelineblackBreaking Tradition: Chapter Ten: Drowning

12th July 2009:
that can't be all i need more. :c what is going to happen to Rose and Scorpius? they can't give up now; they need outside help. i can't wait for the next chapter this story is really good

Author's Response: I\\\'m so glad you like it! And you\\\'ll have to keep reading to see what happens! And there\\\'s five chapters left, so we\\\'ll see what happens. I\\\'ll try and finish up the next one and get it up as soon as possible. Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #15, by joelineblackHarry Potter and the Lost Souls: Wicked Thoughts

12th July 2009:
oh my the naughty thoughts that harry has lol i can't wait to see what happens between Harry and Ginny please update soon

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Review #16, by joelineblackThe Assistant: Chapter 1

5th July 2009:
lol i think this will be a really good story. i just have one question why is hermione from Beauxbaton instead of Hogwarts? just wondering but i do like the set up of the first chapter

Author's Response: Hi joelineblack,
For this story, I wanted Hermione and Harry to have no past at all, hence the reason she went to Beauxbaton, thanks heaps for reading and reviewing.
Sirius xoxo

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Review #17, by joelineblackStill Delicate: Weekend At Jenny's: Part I

5th July 2009:
oh god...i feel bad for Rose but Jenny is so right. Rose has to let him go i wonder if Rose and Daisy will ever get along i can't wait for the next chapter this is like my favorite story

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Review #18, by joelineblackDearest Constellation: The Aftermath

5th July 2009:
wow i don't know what to say except that Rose seems to have really bad luck this chapter i wonder why her mum thinks she's prego lol well i hope you update soon lol i want to read the next chapter

Author's Response: Ahh, thanks! I know this response is late, but I just thought it was fair to let my readers know that this story has been abandoned. :(
But thank you for having reviewed

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Review #19, by joelineblackPirates: Twisted Masquerade: Part III

30th June 2009:
OOo the polt is thick with mixed up love i can't wait to see who comes out on top lol. and what does Draco think he's doing telling hermione to "fight for it" has he lost his mind he's a Malfoy ?!

Author's Response: It is getting a little think, is it not? Almost too hard for me to keep up, actually. But I really am trying : ) He has lost his mind. For a moment.. But he will regain it in the next chapter :) Hold tight!

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Review #20, by joelineblackBreaking Tradition: Chapter Nine: Like Father, Like Son

27th June 2009:
oh my can't end like this i need more (T.T wah)
lol but the story is getting really good keep up the good work lol

Author's Response: Thanks so much! And yeah, I apologize about ending it there. The next chapter I hope is really insightful *ahem* I can't exactly say anything else, because I want it to be a surprise. But I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #21, by joelineblackEnough For Now: buried in the ground.

27th May 2009:
aww i feel so bad for Hermione but i don't really understand why her friends left her

Author's Response: they had their own lives to go on and live!

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Review #22, by joelineblackIn Too Deep: February 28, 1981

24th April 2009:
oh this is good lol i cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: thank so much :)

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Review #23, by joelineblackStill Delicate: Disaster

24th April 2009:
Oh.My.God. he slept in her bed oops much lol this is getting so good i wonder what Daisy wants to talk about? Please update soon :D

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Review #24, by joelineblackBreaking Tradition: Chapter Eight: FML

19th April 2009:
this was very funny i can't wait to hear the rest of the story lol i really liked the part in the kitchen and the ending was pretty funny too i love your version of scorpious it's so real i understand him

Author's Response: Awe, I'm glad you're enjoying my story, that means a lot to me! And I really try to make my characters as real as possible and be as relate-able as possible, so I'm really glad that I'm doing okay at it!

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Review #25, by joelineblackStill Delicate: Confessions

19th March 2009:
wow she really should stop drinking it gets her into odd situtions maybe she should take up knitting instead yeah. but i can't wait to read what happens next it will be interesting to say the least.

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