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Review #1, by KaramaaFlying Monkeys: Career Advice

13th June 2008:
:p funny. Nice name. Elphaba. I'm doing a one-shot for the challenge too, so I'll send that over when its finished:)

(I really overuse the faces, don't I?)

Author's Response: Thanks! And I do too :p so don't worry about it.


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Review #2, by Karamaa:

24th March 2008:
heyy. nice chapter. Im going to spend the night writing, so ill try to have something done. Shame about your other story tho :D

Author's Response: not really. thanks for reading! and reviewing, something more people should do. thanks again!!!

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Review #3, by KaramaaLucky Year Number Seven: First Day on the Patrol

6th January 2008:
Hey again,
Another great chapter. hehe finola. i like it. Okay well im of to write some more of my story. very good

Author's Response: :] i am sorry for not getting my newest chapter up yet, i am trying though!

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Review #4, by KaramaaLucky Year Number Seven: Ditched in Diagon Alley

12th November 2007:
Hey, I think your story is great. And just as interesting as mine :DD Thanks for the great review, and did you check out my other story? Well very good job.


Author's Response: haha. thanks alot. i will check out your other storyyy! I cant wait to read it. thanks again. you dont know how much reviews are appreciated!

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Review #5, by KaramaaMy Baby Girlís Wedding: Mrs. and Miss Evans

3rd November 2007:
Nicely written. Check out my stories if you want:D

Author's Response: I'll try, but I'm sort of crunched for time. I can barely find time to write, let alone read. I'll try though.

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Review #6, by KaramaaNever Say Forever: Perfection

3rd November 2007:
Very Good chapter. When will you update next? anyways, check my stories:D

Author's Response: Soon, I hope =)
I'll try to, but I'm kind of busy right now.

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Review #7, by KaramaaThe Potters 5(Well, Almost.): A Visit to St.Mungo's

13th October 2007:
AGGGH Kaleigh, I love this!! Is there a way you could email me every time you put up a new chapter?? I love it, and Im hooked.

Author's Response: :P

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