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Review #1, by AppreciativeReaderThe Accursed Twenty-Eight: Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter

31st January 2015:
WOW. Is the only word to express my feelings after reading the chapter.
Sorry to say this --- but please update soon. Can't wait to read what happens next.

Excellent narration.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you like it. I'll update again soon :-)

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Review #2, by AppreciativeReaderPride & Blood Prejudice: Double Union

30th December 2014:
Fantastic. Well written. Nice way of adapting the classic to magic and new era.

Happy New Year.

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Review #3, by AppreciativeReaderBeltane Night: VI: Legend

13th December 2014:
I read the story from start to this chapter for the first time.
I am very impressed with the plot. Narcissa OOC seems a refreshing change. The plot is coming along real nice.
Will wait for next updates eagerly.

Author's Response: I'm happy you find Narcissa being OOC as refreshing! I was super nervous about having her in my story and having her like this. It means a lot to have such a nice review!

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Review #4, by AppreciativeReaderJaded: The hardest part of letting go

9th December 2014:
Awww... that was a sad tale of Draco loosing Iris.

This chapter was a little solemn. Liked the lighter notes in chapter.

As always waiting for next update.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! :)

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Review #5, by AppreciativeReaderJaded: Wide awake

7th December 2014:
Nice chapter.
Loved the drunk / tipsy Hermione scene, especially "blonde .. gay guys" ... that was hilarious.

Author's Response: I enjoyed writing that part too! :)

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Review #6, by AppreciativeReaderJaded: Strange and beautiful

25th November 2014:
Nice plotting by Narcissa. Like Lucius's character in this story.

Waiting eagerly for both Draco and Hermione to wake up... Oh what a fun that will be.

Author's Response: Next chapter is up for validation :) Thank you for reading! :)

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Review #7, by AppreciativeReaderUnrequited Snowfall: Unrequited Snowfall

9th November 2014:
Definitely want to know what happen to them.

But even this is perfect ending to the story.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed the tale. It was a lot of fun to write.

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Review #8, by AppreciativeReader'Till Death Do Us Part: Epilogue

6th November 2014:
It was a fantastic story. I read the story all over again at one go. 8 hours straight. But it was worth it.
Hope to read more stories authored by you.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I can't believe you took the time especially all at once to read this. it means so much! Glad to hear it was worth it. And I can promise I will never stop writing fan fic especially dramione OTP! Lol anyway thanks for R&R xoxo

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Review #9, by AppreciativeReaderJaded: Already gone

2nd November 2014:
Very engrossing. You kept me hooked to the chapter. Had to read it all without a break, that too in middle of a lecture :) :)

Will eagerly await the next chapter.

Author's Response: I hope you didn't get caught ;)

Thank you for reading my story! :) Next chapter is already waiting for validation! :)

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Review #10, by AppreciativeReaderPride & Blood Prejudice: Son-In-Law

28th October 2014:
Interesting end to the chapter. Long awaited chapter. Waiting eagerly for the next updates.

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Review #11, by AppreciativeReaderDestined: The Future Mrs. Malfrey

24th September 2014:
lovely chapter. Ended too soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks! The chapters are gonna start to be a lot longer from now on. :)

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Review #12, by AppreciativeReaderSoft Mysteries: Lime Blossoms

21st September 2014:
WOW. That's all I can say.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun to write. =)

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Review #13, by AppreciativeReaderMarry Me: The One in a Million

21st September 2014:
Nice and entertaining chapter. You left us in a bit of cliff hanger situation.

Author's Response: thank you! I'm so glad you liked it :D

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Review #14, by AppreciativeReaderPride & Blood Prejudice: Shameful Act

13th September 2014:
Wonderful chapter again.

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Review #15, by AppreciativeReaderThe Happily Ever After Bookshop: Chapter 5: A Twisted Turn of Events

8th September 2014:
Just loved the chapter. Loved the interaction between Draco and Crookshank.

Waiting eagerly for the next update.

Author's Response: Haha thanks, it's fun writing Crookshanks into the story and with Hermione out of it Draco needed some interaction. =)

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Review #16, by AppreciativeReaderMarry Me: The Meeting

8th September 2014:
I enjoyed the chapter very much. Gave me good laughs and wanting to read the next ones soon.

Do update soon.

Author's Response: aahh thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it - I truly appreciate it :D & I've been a bit busy right now but I hope that I can update soon. fingers are crossed!

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Review #17, by AppreciativeReaderPride & Blood Prejudice: Dinner Invite

1st September 2014:
Oh how you made my labor day weekend great with a new chapter to the story.
Wonderful ending to the chapter. You have a very subtle way of presenting the humor in the stories. Love it.
As always eagerly waiting for next updates.

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Review #18, by AppreciativeReaderRedemption in her eyes: Redemption in her eyes

23rd August 2014:
WOW. It was a real emotional roller coaster. You are an excellent writer and I could feel the depths of Draco's remorse in the things he had to do.

Once again excellent penmanship. A beautiful story well written.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. Please check out my novella, it is a work in progress at the moment. Let me know what you think of it please.

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Review #19, by AppreciativeReaderPride & Blood Prejudice: Malfoy Manor

23rd August 2014:
Aw. The chapter was too short. But I enjoyed it.

Please update soon.

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Review #20, by AppreciativeReaderBusiness is Personal. : Chapter 2

22nd August 2014:
Definitely interesting point of view - Hermione.
Story is intriguing so far.

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Review #21, by AppreciativeReaderRetribution: Retribution

18th August 2014:
I enjoyed the story so very much. Its as good as Office Love. But Office Love will always be my all time favorite.
I read Office Love atleast couple of times ever so often ... it has never failed to cheer me up.
Wonderful and humorous short stories - you have a gift of writing them.

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Review #22, by AppreciativeReaderPride & Blood Prejudice: Departures

11th August 2014:
Superb. Love the story. Cant wait to read the next chapters.

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Review #23, by AppreciativeReaderBusiness is Personal. : Perdita, 1, Malfoy Inc, 0

10th August 2014:
I love the story so far. It was a unique beginning not the always conventional we read in all dramoine stories.

Please continue writing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hoped it would feel a little bit different. Hopefully you'll continue to enjoy it, and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you thought. Thanks!

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Review #24, by AppreciativeReaderMarry Me: The Beginning

7th August 2014:
Interesting start. Please continue with the story.
would love to read how it progresses.

Author's Response: thank you! :D

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Review #25, by AppreciativeReaderPride & Blood Prejudice: Another Proposal

21st July 2014:
WOW. Only one word to describe this chapter.

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