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Review #1, by LynnHelvenA Tale of Great Sorrow, Romance, and General Hooliganery: A Most Enchanting Tale

7th May 2011:
I actually died laughing. This is my corpse, reviewing because it would be a terrible thing not too. Seriously, this was one of the funniest stories I've ever read on here- I planned on picking out my favourite bits and quoting them back at you but I'd just be regurgitating the story in a different order.


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Review #2, by LynnHelvenRain: Rain

8th October 2010:
Hi! Thanks for entering my challenge! :D

This was really beautiful- I thought you captured the emotion of the moment really well, and it was a scene I could really imagine, the two of them kissing in the rain in the shadow of the castle... it was sad that it was just a dream!

Out of interest... do you imagine he ever does tell him? Perhaps not the tomorrow Hugo was hoping for, but any time in the future? I'm just intrigued. If he did... how would Scorpius have reacted?

I really enjoyed this story, thank you so much for writing it! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this, and your challenge really made me sit down and write the slash peice I'd been thinking about.

I don't know if Hugo would ever tell Scorpius... I think that Scorpius woudl accpet it, if he had known, but tell Hugo that he didn't think of him that way.

Anyways, thanks again! :)

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Review #3, by LynnHelvenInterrupted: Interrupted

7th October 2010:
I don't have words good enough to describe how impressed I am with this one-shot- even with only the one chapter, Marlene's personality as you have portrayed it came across as clear as day, and it was definitely tangible and believable. I loved the little interjections of her story, and how you ended the fic with it still unfinished and her thoughts still with it. Literally, there is nothing I could possibly criticise about this fic- it was one of the most original I've read :D

-- Jess

Author's Response: Thank you! I strive to get some sort of originality into what I write, and sometimes it comes out better than others. I figured, what better to write about than a wanna-be author? I certainly know the feeling.

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Review #4, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Sealing Their Fate

13th December 2009:
I've said it before but I'll say it again- I love how you write Voldemort. You give him this amazing human/inhuman vibe and he is just so EVIL (I sare say more so than in the canon), it's brilliant. I spent a lot of this chapter quaking in fear and awe! Awesome chapter ;)

You're Emilia Gaines?! Wow! That's so strange! *theme to It's a Small World Afterall* Funnily enough, I thought the writing style was familiar- I was wondering if I'd rp'd with an alter or something but this makes much more sense! How you find the time to juggle being awesome with this and that, and RL I will never know! *is still grinning maniacally*

I have also just remembered the first bit of this chapter- the bit with Peter was awesome! I love how you can just see him starting to rot from the inside, turning to the dark side, it's so. I say amazing too much. Some other word that means deeply deeply awesome :)


Author's Response: Really? Wow. I never think I write Voldemort well. I can write evil, but Voldemort always seems to be a particular brand of it. That's really cool to hear!

Yep, I'm Emilia. *Hums Small World theme* Hmm, I never would have thought the styles were similar, just because I write one person when RPing and multiple with fanfics. I don't know how, things get neglected I guess... *looks guilty*

Peter really is rotting. He just can't realize that his friends only want what's best for him. He thinks they're pushing him to be someone he's not and he just doesn't get that if he said he wanted out, they would stop pushing him. You'll see his complete turn in chapter 87. Thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Be At Peace

13th December 2009:
My little brother is now giving me worried glances, because I'm sitting here bawling at the computer screen! This was so moving, and sweet, and so very very sad, I started crying when James was talking to his dad for the last time- how do you do emotions so well? It was so vivid and believable and, I'll say it again, deeply sad. A very ubrupt end to the fluff :( I miss the fluff...

On PW, I'm really quite new, I'm Jared Fractus (4th year Ravenclaw chaser) and Chris 'Oz' Obsbourne (1st year Gryffindor who I hardly ever play with- he's not as fun as Jared!)- who are you on there?

Anyway, absolutely brilliant chapter, great job!


Author's Response: My family does that sometimes, usually because I'm laughing at something. This chapter was really hard to write, espcially when it came to James's reaction. I didn't want to go OOC with him, but I think he reactions were in character in the end. Ooh you'll be missing the fluff for a while. I think a lot of the fluffiness ended with this chapter.

Ooh you're Jared? I've RPed with you before! My character is Emilia Gaines.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #6, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Worrisome and Joyous

12th December 2009:
Are you trying to kill me with cute? Because you are succeeding! Just... just... I don't know where to start! I love how you write the guy mentality group thingy of the marauders when they're together, trying to talk about a serious topic- it's so cutely confused, and awkward and new and fun and I love it! And then the gingerbread men... that was a masterstroke. The bit about Sirius being bored and Remus' fear was uncannily me and my friend. Everyday. I felt stalker fear for a moment there! ;)



Author's Response: That's my plan - cuteness defeat! The boys are always so confused when they're trying to talk about something serious, especially considering they don't know the first thing about babies. The gingerbread thing... I have no idea where that came from. That's like me and my friends as well, boredom can be fear-inducing. Thanks for reading!

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Review #7, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Can't Always be the Hero

12th December 2009:
Oh. My. God. Somehow, I had managed to totally forget canon and that little revelation took me totally by surprise! I laughed like a loony laughy thing when James fainted, that was such a nice touch- you make cheesy work! At the beginning of this chapter I was deeply freaked by Peter's coldness towards (the Order and) Remus and his condition- it was so strange, and I wanted to punch him. And kick him. And add him to The List again. *deep loathing*

You wrote this chapter particuarly well, which is saying something, the action was descibed really vividly and I could completely picture all of the scenes- well done!


Author's Response: Canon does have a way of rearing its ugly head. James fainting was definitely cheesy, but good to hear it worked! I just had to do it. You'll want to punch Peter a lot in the upcoming chapters (especially chapter 87). Put him at the top of your list.

This chapter really worried me when I was writing the action, I'm never sure how it comes out. Thanks for reading!

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Review #8, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Until Death Do Us Part

12th December 2009:
Feel free to shoot me. I am a horrible, horrible person. Sorrysorrysorry! I had a bit of a fanfic detox and my god did I miss this story! Pottersworld took over my life (I would recommend it but it sucks all writing away so DO NOT PW) and school stomped on my toes. Anyway...

OMGARGHILOVETHISSTORYSOCUTEDYING!! Translation: You did a great job. The wedding was so cute, and Sirius' speech was well worth the wait and all his effort. I wanted to hug him, which is far rarer for a Sirius when I am involved! Your writing never fails to shock me in its awesomeness :)


Author's Response: Too late, I've already joined PW, a looong time ago. Who are you on there?

Well, that definitely sounds good. I had so much fun writing Sirius's struggle to make the perfect speech, only to have him wing it in the end. Ooh here, hug him! *pushes Sirius towards you* Thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Spreading the News

27th September 2009:
*dies* That was so cute! I just loved how happy everyone was for James and Lily (bar an unmentionable couple), and I have decided that Willie the House Elf has had an entirely new List created for her- the List of Uber-Lieb and Eternal Love for All of Eternity. LULELAE for short. *is never going to remember said list ever again*- because she is just so unberably sweet. *steals Willie*

Anywa, I wanted to step on the Dursleys when they slammed the door in James and Lily's faces, but it seems that Lily effectively did that for me. I wonder if Petunia will show up? Hmmm... I hold no hope for Vernon, but I do suspect Lily's words may have struck a chord with her sister. Hmm...

Interesting excerpt from the next chapter- who is Sirius talking to I wonder? It seems this chapter's reign of fluff has come to an end...

Update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: It was fun to write how happy everyone was, of course with the exception of... those two. Yay! Willie's created a list! I love Willie and now I'm working on how to pronounce the abbreviation for that list. Ahh! Willie's been stolen! Well, you can have her, until I need her again.

You should step on the Dursleys, although it might be difficult to step on Vernon. You'll find out if she shows up in chapter eighty one. Lily's definitely struck a chord.

You'll see who he's talking to. And yes the reign of fluff is over for now. Thanks for reading!

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Review #10, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Two Deaths Too Many

19th September 2009:
Wow, that was certainly an intense chapter! The way you did the action was amzingly vivid and realistic, and I loved how you slipped in James' proposal to Lily into the thick of it- kinda sets the tone for their entire relationship, doesn't it? The fighting was actually kind of scary- I feared for everyone, but it was great to see them all holding their own. I couldn't help but worry about Peter though- there is such friction between he and Sirius, you can see why the whole thing breaks down.

As you probably could have guessed, I loved this chapter as well, and I can hardly wait for the next! I shall have to abandon work for a bit to read again... what a shame that will (not) be!


Author's Response: The action part was really hard to write. I wanted to make sure you knew what was going on with all the Marauders without making it drag. Now that you mention it, the way James proposed really does set the tone for their relationship. Wow, the fighting was scary? Yay! The friction between Sirius and Peter will grow, but it'll level out somewhere because Sirius has to suspect Remus being the traitor.

Abandon work! No I'm kidding... oh and someone ask the name of the model used for Sirius in the banner, who did you use to represent Sirius? Thanks for reading!

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Review #11, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Wintery Revelations

19th September 2009:
Ohmigosh, the Order picture! I love how you stick things like that in- it always gives me this lovely warm feeling of canon in the making...

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to review! Real Life intervened for a bi, and I have had no time this past week or so! Hopefully things'll calm down again soon, but I have a feeling they'll only get worse...

Anyway, I absolutely loved this chapter- nicely fluffy pretty much the entire way through, and yet you maintain the feeling of angst and impending doom behind it all so well. I felt really sorry for the Pettigrews that christmas (I'm so glad for Peter giving Remus a job, by the way), and I really wanted a slice of that Chocolate Frog cake! I'm hungry now...

Awesome chapter! I would tell you to update soon, but the next one is already there! Halleuia!!


Author's Response: Yep, I had to put the Order picture in. Not only is it something a good portion of a chapter in OOTP is dedicated to, it helped me figure out when to off some of the Order members.

Don't worry about it. Real life is pushing it's way into my life so that's why I put this up early (tomorrow's either homework, a read through of the school play, or going to my aunt's for dinner). Hopefully things calm down for you.

I had to put in some fluffyness to counteract all the grim things that had been going on (and will go on). You really love the term impending doom, don't you? And it's an awesome term too. Peter is good for giving Remus a job and I feel kind of bad for him too, but not really considering what I'm going to write in the chapter I'm working on. You know, someone should really figure out how to make a Chocolate Frog cake.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #12, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Motorcycles and Wedding Crashing

3rd September 2009:
*general love* Remus+motorbike=love for all eternity! They were made for each other! *hides from a murderous-looking Remus* In all seriousness though, this was an awesome chapter- it's so rare these days to see one composed entirely offluff and happiness, and this was that! It made me happy. I was most especially amused by Peter and James' recollection of Remus and Sirius' arguments over the years- hilarious! I was amused :)

Anyways, this may be my shortest review ever of this story, but I is tired and so you'll have to excuse me. Basically, I live to worship your penmanship, and this was an awesome chapter! *eternal love*

Update soon. Or die. Painfully. You have been warned!


Author's Response: Yay let's pair off Remus with the flying motorcycle, until Hagrid takes it away, anyway. Yeah this really was just a happy, fun-filled chapter. Which is good considering chapter seventy eight is pretty grim... The part with James and Peter rattling off all their arguments, I had to go back and look through some of their stupidest arguments.

Yay penmanship worship :) Noo! I don't want to be warned *runs away* Thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Into the Woods

16th August 2009:
That was excellent! Seriously, that was one of the best chapters so far! (Which really is saying something, because Remus wasn't there to taint my judgement) The way you set the scene at the beginning was so perfect- I could really imagine the forest and you made it seem really eerie. You also write the action really well- I love how you balance description with banter-y dialogue, particularly the bit between James and Snape. And then when Voldemort can in- seriously, I had shivers! The way you descibed him was perfect, and I particularly liked his disdain for Lily, and yet how he was willing to be merciful in exchange for their talents.

Something also just occurred to me! Admittedly, I should have realised a long, long time ago, but still, better late than never. Harry Lupin- James seems to have so much respect for him, and maybe that is why he named Harry... Harry? That would be so cute...

Anyways, awesome beyond the realms of awesome and into the lands of. well, the majorly awesome I suppose... chapter! Update soon, I can hardly wait!


Author's Response: Wow, really? That's awesome because I was not sure at all about this chapter! YAY! And that is saying something since I left Remus out of this one, he'll be in the next chapter briefly. I try to balance the banter and the description, keep it serious and make it a little fun at the same time. The Voldemort scene was so hard to write (since it was his 'big entrance'). Voldemort despises Lily, but knows she'd be useful.

I am not saying anything about your guess as to Harry's naming.

I'm working on chapter seventy eight, I'll try to get the next one up soon. Thanks for reading!

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Review #14, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Adventures in Shopping and Disappearances

10th August 2009:
Aww, Remus torture-y-ness! One of the things I love about this story is how mostly it is centred around Remus with interludes from the rest of the marauders (though to be honest, that might partly be my bias talking) and it's all REMUSness! Happy days!!

Anyway... after that brief spasm, I must say I loved this chapter- it was a nice mix of fluff and seriousness, and I loved the reaction of the Order to finding out about Remus, especially Alice, who I am growing to love. Aberforth on the other hand... well, let's just say he had better watch himself because The List is never far from reach. He has been warned. Fabian also seems really sweet, from the excerpt ofthe next chapter at any rate- I cannot wait to read that!

Ooooh, this quote I loved especially, not qute sure why in particular... 'He knew what secret they were discussing, he only had one.'

Another great chapter (I would hardly have expected any less!), and I really look forward to reading the next! Hopefully my internet will be less spasmoid next time ;)


PS: Have you seen HBP yet? And if so, what did you think? Also, I must say because I am mourning- Artifex! :'( Didya cry? I did, very much, it made Red laugh. Lots. We re-read it listening to How To Save A Life by The Fray and practically drowned in our own tears! Anyways...

Author's Response: Ooh yeah this is definitely Remus centric (Seriously, you are going to love a few chapters I have in the brain - I can think of three already). Yay for REMUS!

I did try to put a mix of it, give you some happiness and then throw in some serious trouble. Alice is so sweet, she just makes me think she's the perfect friend for Lily. Aberforth will be okay with Remus, he's just not a trusting man. But he will warm up to him. I love Fabian (it's going to destroy me to kill him off, but canon must be followed...)

Yeah, that's an interesting quote. Remus isn't really the book of secrets, but his one is huge.

Unfortunately Remus will not be in the next chapter, but I'm sure you'll like it!

Ooh yeah I saw HBP at midnight (first time I ever did that) and I thought it was pretty good (no screen time for Lupin which stunk, but oh well. There's always DH. Will you have a gianormous box of tissues when Remus dies? I know I will) I'm so sad Artifex is gone! Stupid, backstabbing, ungrateful fledgling Ambrose is.

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Review #15, by LynnHelvenOnce Bitten, Twice Shy: The Truth

3rd August 2009:
OR THIS ONE!! WHAT'S GOING ON!? I just don't understand it, I love this one even more than the other one! This one was so sad because of the torture and then so SCARY with Simaltis and... well I'm sure you remember the shock on my face when I was reading it!



Write 36!! FEAR ME!!

Author's Response: I remember the shock. As for the 36, see / below

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Review #16, by LynnHelvenOnce Bitten, Twice Shy: A Promise

3rd August 2009:
OMG I hadn't reviewed this chapter! I LURVE this chapter! It's all suspensey and awesome, which is made even more awesome by the fact that it was such an anticipated thing (at least, I was anticipating it!)!


Write 36 dammit!


Author's Response: I can't write 36 you fool!!! If I could I would but writer's block is hard to get over!

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Review #17, by LynnHelvenThe Marauding Muggles: Scheming Idiots

1st August 2009:
Wow, and I thought it was good the first time! This is even better than it was before- your characterisations are perfect, your descriptions beautiful and everything about this story is excellent! I loved this stor before, and I love it even more now! I cannot wait for you to write the next chapter- do it! NOW! The premise of this story is just brilliant, and I really look forward to seeing what you plan on doing with it!


Or else.

Fear my wrath.



Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! I was actually scared that nobody would like this, yell at me for rewriting it and then beat me with a multitude of pointy sticks. :( But I'm so happy you like this one more! I do too, obviously. ;D

Thank you so much! It means SO much! And an update should be coming soon. I promise. :D

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Review #18, by LynnHelvenOnce Bitten, Twice Shy: Too Late

31st July 2009:
There was one small mistake that, cute as it may be, you may want to change. I died with laughter when I read it:

"Uncle Arty!" Caius yelled, leaping into Artifex's arms.



I haven't read this chapter in ages! It was the only one I didn't have on my hard drive, so happytimes for me! I forgot Remus was in this one being all wonderful and tortured and *squee*

I can't wait for everyone else to read the next chapter- it's going to be so awesome!

Update soon!


Author's Response: lol, whoops :/ Though I can see Caius doing that, and Artifex dropping him in disgust lmao

Next chap will be written tonight coz I'm babysitting :P

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Review #19, by LynnHelvenOnce Bitten, Twice Shy: The Last Test

30th July 2009:
I love this chapter! I think a lot of that is because I love how you write Regulus *squee* It's good to see Sirius back on the side of good again too- you did have me worried there for a moment last chapter! Aartifex!!! NO!!!

I'm being non-spoilery for anyone who reads reviews, not just dim ;)

Nah, you sent me 35. Does that mean 36 is done? Doesitdoesitdoesit?!?! MUST READ! SEND TO ME!!!


Author's Response: Nah, it's not done yet :P Thanks for not being spoiler-y but i reeeally don't think many people will be reading these reviews, other than me ;)

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Review #20, by LynnHelvenOnce Bitten, Twice Shy: The Dark Lord

27th July 2009:
This chapter is so freakish. In a good way! It's just... weird. You can see your love of Voldie- 'long fingers' and whatnot, but you have him characterized perfectly. He scared my soul! 0.0

It was very scary seeing Sirius being enticed by the dark side, but I do so love having knowledge of the future of this story... muhahahaha!

SQUEEE! *general story love* Didn't I tell you I'd review eventually? *looks proud*

Write chapter 36 SOOON! LEMME READ IT!!!


Author's Response: You've read number 36, haven't you? I thought you read it the other night...or was that 35?? Argh, it'll be done soon , either way :P

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Review #21, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: Prove Your Worth

19th July 2009:
Finally I can read and I can review once more!! *haleluias all round* I am back from the hideously hot and computer-forsaken pit that is the island of Corsica- hello!

Excellent chapter! It has been eagerly awaited I assure you (imagine a hagard girl sitting in a tent, rocking backwards and forwards as though having a nervous breakdown saying 'Internet...internet...') and I was not dissappointed- I love reading Remus at work, and I could really feel his exasperation here- you wrote it really well! His boss is on The List, by the way. I liked their mission as well, because it seemed realistic and not simply impossible. Happy, happy, Order-filled days!


Author's Response: I know how you feel, I was away from my computer for a week and missed it...

That's a funny thing to imagine, picture the same thing except it's in a cabin on a boat. Remus hates his job, which is ironic because a book store would be perfect for him. Good, his boss deserves to be on the list. Their mission really worried me, so I'm glad you thought it was done well. Thanks for reading!

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Review #22, by LynnHelvenOnce Bitten, Twice Shy: Detention

30th June 2009:
I love this chapter! So much *squee* Remus *squee* torture! YAY!!

Write 35, goddammit! NOW!! Or face my wrath! *looks vengeful, but fails to look intimidating*


(Don't make me threaten to hurt you)

Author's Response: Like you could hurt me :P Lol, I\\\'ll write chapter 35 when it\\\'s ready to be written, not before and not after :)

Happy times for Maisie; Jess torture :P

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Review #23, by LynnHelvenOnce Bitten, Twice Shy: Confession

22nd June 2009:
OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod, did I just understand that right? Chapter 32's done too? ARGH! *dies*

I'm so excited!


Yeah, look, you know I love this chapter *squee, James torture*, you know I love every chapter *squee, general torture* and I think you get the idea. I just had to SQUEE at you.


Author's Response: lol, yes 32 is done, and chapter 33 is in the making. :D you'll be able to read that too :P And, depending on how much time I have tonight and then tomorrow when I'm at school, probably 34 and 35 as well :) I just wish the queue would open again :/

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Review #24, by LynnHelvenOnce Bitten, Twice Shy: Getting Detention Is Easy When You're A Vampire

22nd June 2009:
You pain my soul, I hope you know that.

Here I am, innocently sitting in front of the computer, going 'Oooh, I'll read chapter 30 again, I feel like some good old Remus-torture' and what do I find? It's not up. And I'm at my grand parents', away from old faithful. Why?! Damn queue shutting... grr.

I love this title, and this chapter, it's so... different, and strange, when you compare it to the last few chapters and the ones soon to come...

Chapter 31!! CHAPTER 31!! I must read it! You realise, I don't want to come back to school for anything other than the fact that I get to read it? THAT is the depth of my love and desperation. Be aware. Detract that offer, and I will be forced to kill you and steal your laptop. Ha ha. Oh no, if I kill you, how will I read the rest?! DILEMMA!!

Author's Response: :P You can read chapters 31 and 32 when we get back ;)

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Review #25, by LynnHelvenYou Want To Make A Memory?: The Order of the Phoenix

15th June 2009:
Aww, yay! New chapter! It was the most frustrating thing- last night, I saw this updated and I was like 'Oh my god WOW!' and I clicked on it, and it started to load and then the Azanbeast (an evil tutor at my school) comes in and starts yelling and screaming and 'You-should-have-been-in-bed-five-minutes-ago'-ing and so I had to close it. Just as it bloody loaded. Grr. But all is good, because I only have to do two more exams and then it will all be over for a few months. Soon... soon...

Anyway, I digress. The point is I didn't get to be the first review. Grr.

Excellent chapter! I had a bit of a blonde moment when I was reading it, thinking that they were going to Grimmauld Place and things, and then I remembered eventually, only a moment before they apparated to wherever they were. I loved the scene with the order, how each of them was quite concerned about having 'children' as such there, but accepted the help. I feel kind of bad for Remus, because he has to tell them about him being a werewolf, but then again, I love Remus-torture -- so fun!

Ah, I look forward to seeing how they each prove their worth, and if Remus is going to be able to get away with leaving work early for full moon (I wonder how long that can last?). Ahh, happiness.

Great chapter, can't wait for the next update!


Author's Response: That stinks, but you did get to read it, so it's all good :) Good luck on those exams!

I thought the same thing when I started writing, but luckily didn't follow it through, so there was nothing to change. They kind of jump from place to place, there's no set headquarters. They were all concerned about it, but they're willing to let them in. You'll see when they find out about Remus being a werewolf in 2 chapters.

That'll all be in the next chapter. Thanks for reading!

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