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Review #1, by calderglen7 Years Later: The One with the Roommate Search

6th April 2008:
This reminds me of FRIENDS.

Author's Response: It's supposed to because my story is kind of a HP/FRIENDS crossover...

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Review #2, by calderglenI Loved You More: Lost Time

24th February 2008:
That was really sweet! Yay-he came back! And I loved the way you did it too! :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Glad you liked that.

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Review #3, by calderglenMaggie: Strange Requests and a Wrong Turn

27th January 2008:
:o uh oh. I'm feeling sorry for Remush, Snape's humiliated, Maggie is still insane, and Sirius is a man whore...

Not much of a difference there, then?

Author's Response: well, no, not really.

is that a criticism? if it is, i take it on board

thanks for R&Ring

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Review #4, by calderglenMaggie: Flying Diaries and Cherry Red Doc Martens

27th January 2008:

"I'm screwed"

Author's Response: hahahhahaha

"are you"

no kidding i know what you're about

thankyou for R&Ring

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Review #5, by calderglen25 Things James Thinks Lily Should Know About Guys: If we look unusally calm, we're probably faking it and spazzing inside.

22nd January 2008:
"Faking it and spazzing inside"... That's guys for ya! Hahahaha! Guys are so weird.

10/10 fave'd.


Author's Response: lol thanks

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Review #6, by calderglenA Kiss from an Angel: Sleep Walking

22nd January 2008:
I love the length of your chapters! Really good! I want Lily to kiss James again! Lol! Update soon? Oh and I nearly forgot- 10/10, Fave story! ;D

Author's Response: haha! thx!;) Maybe she will, maybe she won't =P Time'll show;)

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Review #7, by calderglenTo have and to lose: Nosy

20th January 2008:
Ha, sirius feels so sorry for himself XD 10/10 fave'd.

Author's Response: Thank you! I think Sirius might be quite liking the fussing he he!! :-)

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Review #8, by calderglenSeven Years: Seven Years

17th January 2008:
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! So cute, and I just HAVE to add it to my favourties! :D
10/10! I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D I'm glad to hear it's one of your favorites! It's nice to hear when people like what you write :) Thanks for the positive feedback.

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Review #9, by calderglenOh, you idiot!: I Could Carve a Better Man Out of a Banana.

16th January 2008:
Hahaha! I love these stories! So damn funny! PLease please please please please don't make james go out with ariel! UNless he's going to humiliate her in public :D


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Review #10, by calderglenI Loved You More: Little Fantasies

12th January 2008:
I want James to come back! I think Lily is losing it without him. I like how you write long chapters without puttine lots and lots of lines in between each sentence.

10/10 Fave author and whatnot...


Author's Response: Lily is losing it. She does love that boy. It's funny that you say that lines thing because lately when I've been uploading chapters, it puts gigantic spaces in between and I had to reload them to fix it.

THANKS for the great review!!

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Review #11, by calderglenBurnt Black: Parter in crime

8th January 2008:
wow, I haven't read this since September! Dude, you need to update more!

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Review #12, by calderglenGood Things: Prologue

1st January 2008:
Oh my god, I love it! I thought I'd leave a review because it's your first story, and well, everybody likes reviews! ;)

10/10 ~Kirsty

Author's Response: Ha! Thanks so much! Reviews rock. Hope you read on!

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Review #13, by calderglenEmpty: Caught In the Middle.

31st December 2007:
ha. Eaten by hippogriffs; I like it. 10/10


Author's Response: yea, children can come out with the most funniest of things, so I had to put it in.

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Review #14, by calderglenGrotesquely Twisted: Suspicions About a Supposed Potter

28th December 2007:
SHe can't be because if Lyra is 7 (nearly 8?) years younger than Harry, and Harry's parents died when he was 1, it's not possible... or maybe it is in some weird way. Hm.
I went into major detective mode there. :D Ha. 10/10

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Review #15, by calderglenPrejudiced and Proud: So Over

28th December 2007:
Evil twisted Marc! I love the story! Keep up the good work! Oh and 10/10


Author's Response: I know! he is awful!
Thanks so much, the next chapter should be up pretty soon, I'm almost done it and i'll submit it asap! :D

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Review #16, by calderglenI Always Loved Him... I Just Didnít Know It Yet: Chapter Twenty

26th December 2007:
5'm favouriting this as well. It rocks. Actually I favoutite quite alot of stories, but the ones I REALLY want to keep up with, I fave the author. I'll do that, okies? 10/10 again!

Author's Response: haha me too! Thanks!!!

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Review #17, by calderglenI Always Loved Him... I Just Didnít Know It Yet: Chapter Nineteen

26th December 2007:
What about the auditions? I wanna see sirius make a fool of himself! :o

Author's Response: ik im sorry but it just didnt fit and i had no way to make it work, i dont know why i started that subplot if i couldnt finish it!!


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Review #18, by calderglenOnce Again: Imprisonment

21st December 2007:
"Because without memory, there would be nothing."
I wanted to cry and laugh at the end of this. Cry because it was such a good ending, and so sad. Laugh because really, you have it so spot on.
I also agree that when people die, a little bit of yourself goes with them. It's kind of like them living inside you, when really you're dying along with them. It's true,and yeat it makes no sence.
When I saw the end note 'Marauders: rest in peace" It made me realise that they actually are dead. I read all these stories and I completely forget about Remus dying, abour Sirius dying, about James ever having died at all. I always remember Peter Pettigrew being a trator. But maybe it's Human Nature to forget things that are sad, and to rember things that make you annoyed. Weird...
Thankyou for writing the best fan fic I have read on this site since June.
Which was when I started reading things on this site. Golly this goes on for long, so for the last time...

Author's Response: This is the last review I have to answer in terms of this story. I've read it many times, I just never really knew how to respond to it.
I agree with everything you said. We forget all the time. We get caught up in the adventure and romance. The fact that everyone dies conveniently slips our minds. James and Lily. They left us long before the Harry Potter series started, thus their pain wasn't felt as heavily. But that of Sirius and Lupin and maybe even Peter. It will always be there.

Thank you for complimenting me so heavily. I'm not so sure that I deserve it. Thank you for reviewing and being so nice.

Now I really feel that the story is ending, for this is the last review I have to answer...


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Review #19, by calderglenOnce Again: And Then There Was One

21st December 2007:
Oh. My. God.
I love it! i especially like that you put no much detail into everything that happened on the night. Most people go up to the 'Lily, Run!' bit and then say something like, 'James took in the green light and fell to the ground dead.' I'd never thought of it like him taking in Lily's eyes or anything like that. So yeah, basically I hate it for them dying but love it for the amazing style of writing.
Oh, and congrats on the story being such a success. I've just been minimising it on my laptop, and taking random reads through the day befor eyesterday, yesterday, and today. It was great to read.
I'm going to shut up and read the next chaper now. ;)
~Kirsty 10/10

Author's Response: What you described is the sort of death scene I was trying to avoid at all costs. I have read many many death scenes in Fan Fiction. I wanted mine to be slightly different.

Ah, my success. Thank you for that. It's something I never saw coming. I'm glad you reading and I hope you enjoy the next chapter!

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Review #20, by calderglenDon't ever let go: Torture

19th December 2007:
Aw. How sweet. I liked the end bit "You like her like I like Lily". I wonder if this stuff ever happens in reality (the romance not the magic). I doubt it. I think the magic word is magical in more than a wand-way. lolz.
So anyway. before I ramble my head off, 10/10 added to faves. :D Update soon!

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Review #21, by calderglenDancing Through Life: Dancing Queen- Diondra POV

18th December 2007:
I love the fairytale-reality kinda thing you've got going on. Makes me wish hogwarts was real.

Author's Response: omg me too... that would be wonderful!

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Review #22, by calderglen'Til Death Do Us Part: The 2nd Installment: Wedding Preparations

17th December 2007:
"I turned six last week"

I love it, seems like something sirius would say.

10/10 merry xmas


Author's Response: AH! And Merry Christmas to you!

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Review #23, by calderglenLily Evans' List of the Top Five Ways to Turn off a Girl: There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Cologne

16th December 2007:
SO TRUE! Oh my god, it's so true. Somebody should write a book like this. God, guys so need to get this stuff into their heads that if they wear too much of the stuff they WILL smell like a fire in a perfume factory, and they WILL make the rest of the school high on chemicals.

Anyway. Ignore my rambling. 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, thanks for the review!!! You're so kind!

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Review #24, by calderglenMarauding Professors: Plotting for the Best

16th December 2007:
Ha! Greasy slimeballs, i like it. :D


Author's Response: Glad you liked it! It probably wasn't the most original prank I could have come up with, but it worked well enough. Thanks for reading!

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Review #25, by calderglenRidiculous: we all fall down

15th December 2007:
This is really really sweet! I love it! I think James is so nice!



Author's Response: thanks :D

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