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Review #1, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Sword of Gryffindor: Enter the Triwizard Champions!

28th May 2007:
wow it's taking forever to continue your new fic... i keep checking back, but for all I know, you're never gonna update again. you could've become a hermit away from society, or an Amish against technology. Maybe you've joined the ban Harry Potter from schools movement and refuse to set mouse on this website again. Who knows? Even if you're not updating your story, check back every once in a while and let us know you're alive.

Author's Response: The Dark Lord nedved Lives. he has been lurking in the shadows, (basically waiting for his home pc to be back up to scratch, processor blew and the ide/ sub connections on the mainboard are screwed so my secondary drives which i have my stories on are not accesible right now.) I know i should use my work laptop though, but for some reason, without my gazillion MP3's and all the little customizations i like on my pc it is not condusive to writing. I'm going to continue all 3 incomplete fics: Brothers, Scroll, and Sword.

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Review #2, by Harry PotterHarry Potter and the Scroll of Maledictio: Laid to Rest

28th December 2006:
I have been reading the legacies series for god knows how long and I've never found a single chapter that I disliked.
I don't know if it's simply that you had trouble breaking into the new story, but the beginning of the this chapter simply sucked. I kept reading and found that it got better, but the dialogue and events of the beginning left a really bad taste in my mouth. Harry just didn't feel like Harry (which is odd because I always felt that capturing Harry was something you did well in other stories.)
But, my main complaint is not that this story had a bad beginning, (i know you'll fix it, you're a good writer and i look forward to reading more) but that you left me hanging with the Legacies series. I mean come on, you can't introduce a character like the Dark Lord Azrael with an empty ten years in between plots that is expected to be filled up and then just leave it for a completely different story. It's a terrible cliff-hanger.
Whatever, I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing, you're the only author I read in this website anymore.

Author's Response: Well, I appreciate the honesty. Haryr doesn't feel liek Harry cuz in my opinion, he should be pretty messed up about now, the people who are really caring about him are getting murdered left right and center and his penchant for humour and tolerance for bs has gone out the window. Brothers in Blood isn't completely out as yet, so don't give up hope and that one. I have a lot of wirting to do if i want to get that up to the status of another epic from TDLN, but the base is there. It's the actual integrating of the new characters is going to be the hard part. I have more enthusiasm for Scroll because I can't go out of the norm for that fic, but i am going to make it very eciting none the less..with some more canon magic in it. Respect!

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Review #3, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: Brothers In Blood: First Lesson In Magic

6th October 2006:
FINALLY! god its been like 3 months since your last update...anyway on to the comments....

Great as usual. I've been reading this fic for so long and its kinda hard to keep track of who's dead and who's whoevers son or wife or godfather... dumbledore died when dudley bombed the church right? or no?

Also the vulgarity of the beginning of the chapter seemed reminiscent of some your older fics like Solidus and Halo... i kinda missed that.

So yea, update sooner, if its possible. I know you have a life, but the wait between chapters kills me.

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Review #4, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: Brothers In Blood: Brothers In Blood

19th July 2006:
this fic has more twists and turns than... something with alot of twist and turns! HA! anyway great story as usual. can't think of much else to say. update soon... um... kickass... yea... kickass.

Author's Response: Alot of revelations are to come up ahead, so it's going to have twists and turns like Shakira on a sugar rush..or something just as

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Review #5, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: Brothers In Blood: Lightning Strikes

13th May 2006:
NEDVED BACK IN ACTION! i love it, as always. i cant wait till the next chapter, this is looking really good.

Author's Response: Yes, back in action! Bigger! Better! ripe for the hype! Good to go and good to went! Shizzle.

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Review #6, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: The Rise Of The Dark Lord

20th February 2006:
*GASP!!!* hell of a finish *sniff* you have a real talent. a talent of writing and imagination. i love, and cant get enough of it. never finish the LEGACIES series, i'll read it till the day i die.... and maybe after that..... so when's the next one coming? dont keep us waiting 2 long, i couldnt take it. (you said it wasnt gonna be based on harry, so i'm asuming the next one is based on the Dark Lord Azrael? come on, you can tell peace!

Author's Response: The next one? Can't put a definite date, but if not march, April.

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Review #7, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: Hermione's Moment of Truth

28th December 2005:
WHEN'S THE UPDATE?! wow, i simply cant get enough. you mentioned another story not revolving around harry. malfoy, perhaps? of course. anyway i'm sure it'll be great as usual. how do you do it? keep kickin ass.

Author's Response: No. It's not going to be Malfoy either. How do i do it? Takes many years of training, high in the tibetian mountains, where the air is so thin that a wrong gasp of breath could be your last. That s where the Dark Lord has meditated, trained, and pondered on the the mysteries of the the afterlife, it's secret magicks and dark enchantments that have empowered me beyond my wildest dreams, granting me the strenght to climb every mountain, search high and low, then follow every byway, every path that i know. Fear not! The Dark Lord Nedved will ridfe off into the sunset someday, but it is not today- there will be an update.

So says I, the Dark Lord nedved. *cues evil laugh* mmmmuhmmuhahmmhahahahahahahah!

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Review #8, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: The Fall of Harry Potter- Pt II

26th December 2005:
wow... i almost forgot about this website... then i checked it back out and remembered this fic... damn... i'm hooked again. sorry for not reviewing like 4 chapters, but again, i havent been to this website in months. this story is so good, keep going. i cant get enough. peace.

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Review #9, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: The Dawning of a New Era

4th September 2005:
goddamn man, this story just gets better and better. i've been reading it for more than a year and i still can't get enough of it. i wish i could see this as a movie, cause itll look way better than j.k.'s harry potter on the silver screen. i just love this story. peace.

Author's Response: Yeah, if only this was a movie- there'll be tons of cool imagery- A dragon in the middle of 1990's London and a lone teenager facing it down the road like a western shootout?? i can see it already..*gazes faraway*

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Review #10, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: From the Depths of One’s Soul…

25th August 2005:
UPDATE DAMMIT!!!... eh... please?

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Review #11, by Harry PotterHarry Potter and the Ultimate Defiance: A Peculiar Morning

21st August 2005:
UPDATE!!!... um... please?

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Review #12, by Harry PotterHarry Potter and the Forgotten Hollow: Chapter 25: Hermione's Secret

16th August 2005:
the story is definately getting better and like it. oh, and for future reference, why doesn't harry just use the tunnle into honeydukes to get ut of the school? (you know, the one on the marauders map, through the statues back.)

Author's Response: It was stated in Half Blood Prince that the tunnels and secret passageways in and out were being closely watched and the one to Honeydukes was actually rumored to have caved in.

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Review #13, by Harry PotterHarry Potter and the Forgotten Hollow: Chapter 13: Persuasion Goes a Long Way

9th August 2005:
NOOO! i just wasted many hour of my life reading this story! why is he bck to school? NOOO!

Author's Response: Wasted? :(

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Review #14, by Harry PotterHarry Potter and the Ultimate Defiance: A Peculiar Morning

8th August 2005:
ahh, it's good to finally read some good post-hbp fics. keep writing, cause this is coming along quite nicely. p.s. i almost laughed when i predicted the first few words of this chapter: "Harry woke with a start." doesn't he always? lol. anyway...

Author's Response: LOL! You know, I think he does. ;-) Glad you liked it, thanks!

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Review #15, by Harry PotterNew Lives: School News

8th August 2005:
you know, though not a lot has happened, this is probably my favorite post-hbp fic. mind you, there's not a lot, and i'm constantly looking for good ones. i just haven't found a truly great one, but this one definitely has potential. i just wish the chapters were longer.

Author's Response: thank you. i very much appreciate your reviews. pls keep on writing reviews and pls read my fan fic. thank you

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Review #16, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: From the Depths of One’s Soul…

7th August 2005:
ahh, it does feel good to come home from week long vacation and see my favorite fanfiction updated. i see that hbp is having some influence on this with the Horcruxes. awesome chapter, i can't wait for more.

Author's Response: THe Dark Lord aims to please.

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Review #17, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: The Battle of London

25th July 2005:
<<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored YEAH!!!!! that was freaking sweet!i love it, and you are definately back! i can't wait till you update, cuz this is better than HBP. "REDUCTO ULTIMA"!! WooHoo!!!! that was awesome.

Author's Response: Thanks! I hoped I still had the 'touch'.... i guess i do!

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Review #18, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: Losing Luna Lovegood

20th July 2005:
do realise that, because of your story, i can't find a halfway decent story on this fansite? you set my standards too high and everytime i'm looking for a story, i expect it to start off all action packed and with perfect writing technique that matches, if not beats, that of J.K. Rowling. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!... you should probably consider that a complement.

Author's Response: it is indeed a compliment.! thanks so much for the support!

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Review #19, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: Losing Luna Lovegood

15th July 2005:
well... to be honest... kinda dissappointing, to wait 2 weeks get a chapter about half the size of the last one. oh well, it was't bad, and not all chapter have to be action packed, so, yeah it's cool. p.s. HBP comes out tomorrow. i'm willing to bet that this fanfic is 10 times better, but i'm still giddy about... i think i might wet myself.

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Review #20, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: The Dark Sons of Magic

2nd July 2005:
um.. hey nedved! where are you? i understand the story not being updated, but you not responding to our reviews? too wierd. hope you're ok. peace.

Author's Response: yeah- got caught up in some stuff- ..little leaving work party and boozing pretty much whoole weekend ..then a new job and stuff

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Review #21, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: The Dark Sons of Magic

26th June 2005:
that was awesome. i have been waiting for this chapter for god knows how long and it's good to see you back and kickin ass. my favorite line was: “'Yes, Commander!' Smethwyck saluted him. In a clear voice he called out the five names. 'Ross! Clearwater! Julien! EMMANUEL! Simmons!'" Why was that my favorite line? cuz my names emmanuel. good to see that you love your fans... or that jesus was part of the battalion. lol. anyway the chapter was better than what i expected. either that or i'm just so damn happy to see everything caught up.... i think going to cry *sniff*

Author's Response: LOL!!!!!

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Review #22, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: Heirs To The Founders

22nd June 2005:
oops, i meant why is it on hpff FOR THE FIRST TIME... i hate type-os (did i spell type-o's write?)

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Review #23, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: Heirs To The Founders

22nd June 2005:
oh now i get it. i was wondering why you said this chapter is on hpff if i clearly remember reading it, but now i remember that i had 2 read this chapter on (now a closed website.) oh well... anyway...

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Review #24, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: Heirs To The Founders

18th June 2005:
hiatus? A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break... interesting... i guess the point is that you're back on track... i haven't been this excited since i was a little girl. p.s. seeing as how i'm a guy, that last bit was a joke

Author's Response: I loved this review. hehehehehehehe

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Review #25, by Harry PotterLEGACIES: The Grim: Seventeen

1st May 2005:
finally! i had to right you to find you, but i did. good to have you (and the story) back.

Author's Response: Thanks dude. Have to start from scratch, but hey- no problem. Leave it to me! *does cool Anime thumbs up*. .

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