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Review #26, by crazybibliophileHe Just Won't Quit: One Word- Broom Closet

5th August 2009:
I like that she didn't regret putting her name down for tryouts. It's a huge decision, and okay, so she made it on the spur of the moment, but it doesn't seem like the sort of thing she'd regret - she's been building towards this for a long time.

Also, this made me LOL -

"Jo, have somehow ended up on the quidditch bandwagon- chaser tryouts on Sunday. I might need some sisterly advice so I don't end up looking like a complete prat. Kit"

Hahaha. I don't know if it was meant to be that funny, but for some reason I found it hysterical - I don't know, it's something about the tone she uses with her sister and the 'quidditch bandwagon', and the fact that I kept picturing Jo's face after getting this random note. xD

Also, I adore Oliver being chivalrous. He's such a sweetheart. Even if it WAS prompted by Beth (who by the way is awesome).

Brilliant chapter. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review (random note- *cue lots of ballons and streamers and a huge neon sign* the 90th review!) (it's the little things that make me happy ;D)

Exactly- the whole point of the plot so far has been Kit building towards this big decision. It was always very important that it was HER decision to join the team, she had to come to it of her own accord (with slight prodding from others). And this means she doesn't regret it as she's ready to step up to the mark and show what she can do. Of course that doesn't stop her worrying like an old hen about making a prat of herself at tryouts but though she's really nervous about it she doesn't regret signing up for it. It's kind of a key part of Kit- once she's made a decision she sticks with it. Gryffindor loyality in an odd form.

And the note was meant to be funny XD. Well, funny to the reader since the interaction between Kit and Jo is very much them poking fun at themselves. It's that not appearing to take things seriously when really they are. If that makes sense. If you enjoyed the note you'll definately enjoy the chapter 11.

That big Oliver bit was me appeasing all the Wood fanatics- it's easy and hard in a way to write Wood being nice. Easy because it's not hard to construct it. Hard because I'm constantly doubting myself and worrying whether he's in character or not. But he is just plain adorable isn't he?

And I could never have him being nice and sensible on his own, he was always going to need someone else threatening him to make him understand.

I'm so pleased you think Beth is awesome, it's a lovely thing to hear and I'm quite fond of her myself.

Thank you so much for such a lovely review. The next chapter is just getting a final edit and spell check so should be in the queue some point on Thursday. I hope you enjoy it as well. Thank you!

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Review #27, by crazybibliophileDaddy Dearest: In Bloom

2nd August 2009:
It's so horrible that Ron invited everyone in to see him except Rose. He had to know she was feeling guilty; didnt' any of the others tell him she'd been in to see him while he was asleep? I'm surprised none of them managed to knock some sense into him, though they might not have realised exactly what was going on. Or maybe they just didn't want to bother him while he was sick. Still, at least her family managed to get Rose out of the hospital - that was funny, and sweet of them. :D

But Rose is way too tolerant of Ron.

Scorpius and the penguins was so cute! That was so adorable of Rose, to do that for him. They are so incredibly, awfully cute together.

And the tattoos was just... wow. I totally was not expecting that. But the scene fit really well; their respective tattoos matched up with their personalities perfectly, particularly Scorpius's. I've seen the idea of moving tattoos a couple of times - it makes sense, what with wizarding photos - but I've never seen them portrayed in quite this way; usually it's stuff like phoenixes or snakes wandering all over the place but the flower idea was really clever.

Amazing chapter. :)

Author's Response: Oh Ron. Yes, he still is a jerk, huh? I am not going to say much about him, because the next chapter is VERY Ron centric, but I completely agree. And yeah, her family is quite awesome, huh? I had to throw in a Weasley moment - if my family already wasn't nutters, I'd want to be part of them. :P

Yeah, she kinda is, isn't she? Scorpius was right about her being a masochist. Or maybe she's just too compassionate...

Scorpius is such a cutie, huh? I figured it was time for Rose to give a little bit back. That, and I like penguins. :P

And yay! I'm so happy to hear that you liked the tattoo scene and that you thought their respective tattoos were perfect. I've spent a LONG time agonizing over what each of them would get (particularly Scorpius) so its awesome to hear you liked them. Really? You thought that was unique? Thank you so much! Yeah, I've seen the idea a couple times before like you, but I wanted to put my own spin on them. Thank you very much!

Thanks so much for the great review! :) I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. School started and I had some more surgery, so I've been sorta MIA lately. Thanks again!

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Review #28, by crazybibliophileA Mother's Dying Wish: Secrets Stumbled Upon

30th July 2009:
"Despite the countless appointments with her Healer, the long talks with Dumbledore, her friends, even Draco, the concept of the baby had remained firmly theoretical. Now, with the little pattering kicks drumming across the inside of her midsection, her baby was a physical reality. And, most importantly, it was hers."

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, this is so cute it even beats the last chapter. This story is so adorable. *melts into a puddle*

You're such a fantastic Dramione writer, the way you characterise them is awesome. And I loved the notes they passed to each other.

And yay a ball! It should be exciting, I can't wait to see how that goes. And it's so cute that Draco did so much reading on the Phasma Eternus phenomena... he luuurves her. xD

Loved this chapter, looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Oh, Crazybibliophile, your reviews light me up every chance I get to read one! Please don't melt into a puddle because I would love to receive even more in the future! :)

I'm extremely happy you enjoyed the notes - I absolutely love to write dialogue between the two. The ball should be interesting... especially towards the end. I hate teasing you, but it will be up soon enough and I do hope you continue to love it!

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Review #29, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Slytherin's Heirs

23rd July 2009:
In canon, one thing I could never quite believe was that no one would realise that the monster was a basilisk. Surely someone would have put the pieces together? If a second-year student like Hermione could figure it out then why not the teachers?

I wonder if Kerri will find it, and I wonder if the confrontation in the Chamber will go differently - because even if she does find the Chamber and destroy the basilisk, there's still the Horcrux to think of...

It seems a bit callous of Dumbledore to call her in for something so dangerous and only give her three weeks, but I suppose it's necessary - there's the safety of the children to consider, and really, who else could he ask? Kerri's kind of involved merely because of her parentage, she's going to be a teacher and she's the only person with skills suited to the task.

Author's Response: Especially Dumbledore. Or maybe that's how he came up with all of those brilliant plans. He'd have Hermione come up to his office at night and give him ideas. You'd think Dumbledore would have known what a basilisk attack looks like. And what about Kettleburn? He's the Care of Magical Creatures teacher. But the stories are told only from Harry's point of view so that can explain these kinds of holes -- he just wasn't in the "know".

I'm trying to violate the canon as little as possible so the Harry Potter story line will remain intact. If Kerri had found the chamber it would have changed everything.

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Review #30, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): The Closing of a Year

23rd July 2009:
"I'm guessing that you're leading the whole school. Have they decided to make you headmistress yet? You and Percy are such overachievers. Too bad he's not a few years older because you'd have made a good pair."

LOL. Okay, two things to do with that - one, Charlie is greatly amusing and it's funny reading him teasing Kerri. Their relationship is interesting - they're just like siblings, though Charlie has so many siblings and Kerri's one real sibling is so much older than her... Kerri and Severus are so different to Kerri and Charlie, though there are similarities. And two - the thought of Kerri and Percy! Just the thought! Oh god - they'd have world domination finished up and then they'd go and study together. xD

"I can't complain about it though because it's obvious that she's completely traumatized by the burglary."

Her poor mother. But a burglary is always scary - even though she wasn't even there, it makes sense that she'd be upset by it. Still, it seems kind of odd that she was worried about Kerri's safety when Kerri was the one to get rid of the burglar - then again, fear isn't rational.

Author's Response: Yes, Charlie and Kerri are a lot like siblings. When she didn't have Snape around, at least she did have Charlie.

Kerri's mother is being a mother. She's thinking of all the horrible things that might have happened to her baby.

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Review #31, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Neighbors

23rd July 2009:
"Nymphadora Elmcroft" - gosh, that sounds like a completely different person. It's so weird thinking of Tonks not being Tonks - even in the books that didn't really get addressed, because people still called her that after she married Remus... but seriously. How would she introduce herself to people after she changed her last name? If I were her I'd have kept the maiden name just to avoid that sort of situation...

It's also weird thinking of Kerri being robbed by a Muggle. The worlds seem so separate, but of course if she's staying with her mother the house wouldn't be warded or anything - though would regular wizards even bother to have anti-muggle wards?

Her mother's reaction was interesting, as was Kerri's reaction to her mother's reaction. (I'm not sure that sentence even made sense in my head, but... whatever.)

Author's Response: Yes, Tonks's name would have cause a lot of confusion I guess. In DH Harry just kept referring to her as Tonks though. That whole Remus--Tonks thing has always annoyed me. I always thought they were the most mismatched pair. I felt that Rowling suddenly felt the need to throw in a romance, looked at single people, and then just pushed them at one another. This story partially came from my dislike of that pairing.

Kerri's mother doesn't want her using magic so that would be why there are no wards on the house. (Although Kerri has been known to cheat now and then).

Kerri's mother is freaking out because she's remembering Voldemort's attack on her family's home. But more on that later.

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Review #32, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Going Home

23rd July 2009:
At least if Mary Ann does get a wand and tutoring from Kerri, she's younger than the boys so she'd only be coming a little late to her magical education.

She's such a fascinating character... she's so angry and bitter all the time, but she has good reason, and I get the feeling part of it is just a front - if she can be angry about leaving then she's stopping herself from being sad over leaving. The whole thing with the Christmas present kind of encapsulated her and Kerri's relationship for me - Mary Ann trying to reject her and being angry, and Kerri beign patient with her. Though I sometimes get the feeling that Kerri puts up with her more because she feels sorry for her than because she genuinely likes her; I suppose they can empathise with each other though.

I'd never actually given a thought to overseas wizard transportation, but it makes sene that it'd be a lot easier than Muggle travel.

Great chapter. :D

Author's Response: Mary Ann is behind in other things though. She doesn't read and write well. I have her writing letters in the sequel and I'm having a ball with it.

Mary Ann is based on a girl that I knew years ago from church. She had a difficult life at home and because she was different, the other kids who had normal families and had been raised in the church were pretty nasty to her. The girl was always being pushed aside, no one ever really wanting her. And as a matter of fact, her name really was Mary Ann and Mary Ann Grayback does look exactly like her.

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Review #33, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): The Partnership

23rd July 2009:
It's funny that Kerri dislikes being called a genius, even though she's so smart. I suppose for her it'd be just another similarity to Voldemort, and in her mind she already has plenty of those... most of them are fairly innocent traits though, and it's not as if she's using them to take over the world.

I like that you mentioned the Flamels. I always thought that people would have questioned their deaths more than we saw in canon - they must have been very famous, after all, and people would wonder what had happened to the Philosopher's Stone.

"He went one step farther from offering to kick Mary Ann out, and actually offered to kick me out too."

I cannot BELIEVE Gideon! What a prat! He'll never learn, will he? I suppose some people just refuse to listen to reason; I can't believe he's being so controlling over Tonks.

"Remus honey, does this outfit make me look fat? Wag your tail once for yes and two for no."


Author's Response: That's exactly why Kerri doesn't like being called a genius. She knows that she got it from her father and she wants to distance herself from anything related to him as much as possible. Remus is his own worst critic, and Kerri is hers.

It seemed logical to mention the Flamels. It probably would have surprised a lot of people when they simply dropped dead one day.

Poor Gideon just stays in trouble throughout this story.

And Remus had better be very careful to make sure that he wags his tail twice VERY CLEARLY.

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Review #34, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Badgered

23rd July 2009:
"Mel was waving his wand and gleefully shouting "Expecto Patronum!" over and over. Every time he said the incantation, another badger materialized and joined the chase.

Streak was trying to cast the spell, but unsuccessfully, possibly because he was laughing so hard and shouting insults at the fleeing dementor."

HAHAHA. Oh, those two are hilarious. The mental image of a heap of badgers tumbling towards the Dementors was just priceless. xD

And yay! Kerri to the rescue! I was wondering if her Patronus would have changed again, but I doubted it since she was still in love with Remus even if they were both being daft sods. It was interesting seeing a glimpse of her 'darker side' when she attacked Yestin - of course a threat to Remus would be the thing to send her over the edge, though it was nice that she managed to restrain herself from killing him.

And YES! Remus apologised! I would have been happy if they'd made up in any sort of way, but I reckon it was best that he was the one to say sorry - HE broke up with HER after all, not the other way around. And Kerri didn't do anything wrong, except for keep a few secrets that prevented him from understanding her completely. It's good that he could acknowledge his mistakes.

Author's Response: Mel and Streak are my two favorite out of the group and maybe that shows. Other than Basil, the ring leader, I give them more attention than the rest.

Kerri definitely does have a darker side that I like to bring out now and then. In later sequels she'll have to struggle with that more and more. Dumbledore might not approve of the Order going around slaughtering Death Eaters just because they can, but it's likely that Kerri won't see anything wrong with it.

Remus is a good guy and very reasonable. Eventually he would see that Kerri is following his conscience and get over it. And naturally he would be the first to break down -- not her.

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Review #35, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): The Breakdown

23rd July 2009:
"Because I'm not fit to have a kid. I drink almost as much as Shelia does and I'm addicted to certain potions. No. She needs to get away from all of us. We're none of us any good for her."

Oh wow. I think that line really drove home how completely messed-up Mary Ann's family is... the fact that Kim was admitting that she herself wasn't 'fit to have a kid' somehow had more of an impact than her saying the same about Mary Ann's mother, or someone else commenting on their family.

"Remus doesn't seem at all affected by the end of our relationship, so why should it bother me?"

Oh poor Kerri! I'm sure Remus is more affected than he lets on, but still. Poor Kerri.

"What's wrong?" asked Hagrid, sounding equally confused. "I thought you liked my fudge."

I love Hagrid. He's such a sweetheart... he's just so adorable. And I love Severus! It's so nice that even without Remus, kerri still has a support network to fall back on. But the thing is... Hagrid has a point, but Kerri has a point too. Remus was the one to dump her in the first place and I think they both need to talk things over, instead of just one or the other of them grovelling and begging to be taken back.

Author's Response: Sheila and Kim are based loosely on a lot of different people that I knew at the factory where I once worked. I suppose this particular part comes from the situation of a woman there who had just walked away from her children, leaving them with family because she knew she wasn't fit to keep them.

I wanted to bring out Hagrid's wisdom here. Some people pass him off as a big idiot, but he's not. Every now and then, even in canon, he comes up with some good advice. And Kerri...she's just being stubborn.

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Review #36, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): The Vampire, The Hairdresser and the Werewolf

23rd July 2009:
"Garlic is good for humans." I told her. "It has a compound that helps fight infections."

"Infections..." Ryann skeptically repeated. "Like vampires?"

Haha, I love Ryann. She's such a brilliant character. I love Jillian too - have I mentioned how much I love the two of them? They're such a clever subplot or whatever you want to call it; the thing with a vampire dating a human seems kind of similar to Kerri and Remus, and I like seeing their interactions with Kerri. :)

I also love how Mary Ann reacted to the two of them - it seems like she's a lot more fond of them than Kerri's friends. Maybe it's because they're not werewolves? Or maybe it's just because they didn't have any preconceptions about Mary Ann, because they didn't know about her reputation and they haven't been affected much by Fenrir's actions - so far, at least.

Author's Response: Ryann and Jillian have turned out to be very popular. They also happen to be the characters who almost weren't. I knew that by putting them into my story I'd have to put a slash warning on it. I hated to do that for fear that it would turn people away. In the end I decided that a big part of this story is about showing the unfairness of prejudice and discrimination. I felt that leaving Ryann and Jillian out of the story for fear of turning away readers would be hypocritical. they are. And I'm glad that I put them in.

The majority of Kerri's friends, except for Tonks, are male. Mary Ann has a tendency to be a bit afraid of men. Ryann and Jillian are both female so she's taking to them more quickly. And I think that she thinks the whole vampire thing is kind of cool.

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Review #37, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Remus's Rash Decision

23rd July 2009:
"Lockhart too --- maybe you could take a holiday together. (I'm just kidding. Please don't mail a curse to me or anything)."

The idea of Kerri being an annoying little sister amuses me. I hadn't actually thought of it like that before - I mean Sev's always being an overprotective older brother, which is also amusing, but the image of Kerri falling into the role of nagging younger sibling is just... hysterical.

"Today may possibly have been the worst day of my life. Until now, the worst had been the day that I found out for sure that Voldemort was my father."

Uh oh. I read that line and was very worried. At first I thought that something bad might have happened to Remus - and then... ooh dear.

"Having Remus in my life has always been like having a second conscience. "

The problem of course is that Remus isn't perfect either. And he doesn't understand her motivations in trying to help Mary Ann because he doesn't know about her father, and - gah. He's an idiot. Not everything revolves around Remus - even if he breaks up with Kerri, she'll still have problems in her life. He's a fool if he thinks that dumping her will solve them or that Fenrir would lose interest. He's still friends with Kerri, so even if that was Fenrir's only reason for stalking her then he would still stalk her. And at this point I think Fenrir's interested in Kerri just because she's Kerri, and because she's a human interfering with the werewolves and with his daughter.

Author's Response: Kerri is beginning to feel more and more comfortable with Snape, relating to him more naturally as a younger sister. The two of them bond a lot through the course of this story.

Remus is being completely irrational here. Remus has amazing patience and self control up until someone mentions Fenrir's name. Anything related to him really pushes his buttons.

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Review #38, by crazybibliophileHe Just Won't Quit: The little 'Puff that could

22nd July 2009:
Ohhh wow. I love how much Kit was affected by Oliver's comments from the last chapter - it's very realistic and you showed it very well, what with the repetition of the "You're running scared" accusation and her inner conflict and that. I'm actually all kinds of excited about this chapter, it was brilliant not only plot-wise but also in a textual sense - you used a lot of very clever plot devices and stuff. I don't know, I'm probably not making sense and I might be reading too much into it, but I liked it anyway. :D

Also, I love Jon. He's such an awesome friend. It was so nice of him not to mention the whole Quidditch thing and instead just give her food. :)

And Burns! I felt so sorry for him, the poor kid. That whole scene was very intense - you could really feel Kit's horror over the situation, and the fact that she hadn't known about it.

And hooray! She's trying out for the Quidditch team finally, on her own terms and not because she's been pressured into it. I can't wait to see where this goes. :D

Author's Response: You get the most biggest virtual hug for actually coming back and reviewing this. I can't explain just how much it means to me that you have done so after it being so long since this was updated. Thank you so much for that kindness. And thank you for such a thoughtful review.

I'm so pleased you liked the chapter- it went in a completely unexpected direction, with the whole Burns thing. I think in a way my writing has matured slightly and I do find myself putting more effort into it this time around and trying to different things, so no you're not reading too much into it :D. I really wanted to show that Kit was in a way lying to herself and that it took Wood to show her truth in a way. I always find it interesting that how we percieve our own actions is rarely how others do, and I wanted to show this through Kit.

I do have to say I have quite the soft spot for Jon as well. I really wanted to show just how good of a guy he is in this chapter since before it's mainly just the Beth and Kit side of things the focus has been on. I wanted to give some more depth to his character and also show how strong the friendship is between Kit and Jon, that it's not just a case of Beth holding them together, if that makes sense.

And poor little Burns. I felt so bad letting this happen to him, I know he's only a fictional character but still I couldn't help but feel guilty. Especially as I hadn't originally planned for this scene. Granted that's not saying much since I have a very general overplan and everything else just sort of goes where the plot bunny takes me. I'm glad Kit's feelings come across in that scene-I tried really hard with that section as I wanted to make her reaction believeable but at the same time wanted to make sure it came across, which at times can be a struggle for me.

Kit was also going end up on the team, but it had to be her choice and her decision. Partly because she's stubborn like that and partly because she then has no one to blame but herself.

My deepest thanks for this review. I hope you enjoy the next chapters as well. Chapter 9 is about 70% finished so it won't be long till I stick it in the queue. Thanks again

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Review #39, by crazybibliophileThen Shall I Know: Disarming Charm

22nd July 2009:
Haha! Of course the radio version of Hitchhiker's didn't start til '78 or thereabouts, and the books came later, so the Marauders wouldn't have the faintest idea of what she was talking about - I wonder if Remus came across it later and remembered. xD

I can't wait to see how the werewolf thing plays out; Hermione's managed to conceal the time travel from them because they had no reason to suspect anything like that, but if they confront her about Remus being a werewolf it'll be harder for her to pretend that she didn't already know. Should be interesting at least. :)

Also, Sirius and Hermione are still adorable, and will continue to be adorable, and will never stop being adorable because they are adorableness personified.

Brilliant chapter once again, it was great fun to read. :D

Author's Response: Hehe, I actually had an author's note written up with that info but decided it wasn't needed but yes, a year too early! It would be the sort of thing Remus would remember, I think.

I'm glad the storyline is working for you, and that the romance bits are as sweet to you as they seem to me when writing them! Thanks so much for the feedback, it's much appreciated!

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Review #40, by crazybibliophileDaddy Dearest: Misery Loves Company

22nd July 2009:
Go Hermione! It's about time she got rid of Justin, he's a right pain in the neck. He was being such a sexist idiot - I'm surprised she didn't dump him earlier, but at least she finally called off the engagement. Will he come into the story again or is that the last we hear of him?

Also - Rose feeling guilty actually reminded me of Harry a bit, after Sirius died. I can see where she's coming from - anyone would feel guilty if they were arguing with their dad just before he had a heart attack - but honestly, he'd said horrible things too, it's not like she was unprovoked.

Molly seemed a bit hard on Hermione, but I suppose it makes sense - she doesn't have the best track record for liking her daughters-in-law much (case in point: Fleur) and she was quick to turn against Hermione in her fourth year based merely on reports from trashy magazines.

I can't believe Ron only let Hugo in to see him and not Rose, after what he said prior to the heart attack. She was feeling so guilty and he couldn't even be bothered to see her - but then again Ron's always been quick-tempered and irrational, and given the direction his life's gone in it seems very plausible that he'd continue to be irrational. I get the feeling that the arguments with Rose and divorce with Hermione would have just made him bitter, leading him to alcoholism, which ruined his health and is proably going to make him even more bitter... vicious cycle much? I feel a little sorry for him but he doesn't really deserve it - he's an adult, and heaven knows adults aren't always mature but a certain amount of common sense is expected.

Amazing chapter, looking forward to the next confrontation between Ron and Rose - I doubt their next meeting will be anything but a confrontation, given the events of the last couple of chapters... can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Yep! Whoot Hermione. Our favorite fiery brainiac is back. :) I agree, I'm very glad to be rid of him. He was like a stormcloud hanging over my head in these last few chapters. I think that this is actually the last we shall see of him. :) Hopefully, that is good news.

Huh, now that you can say that, I can see the parallel there. Although, I wasn't really writing it with that intention. Harry and Rose are alike in a lot of ways - although, I would hope that she is a pretty good mixture of her parents too. And yeah, I agree, the guilt is pretty common, but yeah, Ron deserves some blame too.

Oh Molly. I really imagine her to be the "mama-bear-must-protect-cubs" type of mother. No matter how much she likes her daughter-in-laws, I'd imagine if they hurt her sons she would turn on them. And oh yeah! I completely forgot about that back in GoF. I need to reread the series sometime soon. :)

Yes, viscious cycle is a very good way to describe what is going on with Ron. And aww, I hope you start to feel a little worse for Ron over the next couple of chapters. He really does deserve it. And he'll explain all of his reasoning for not wanting to see Rose and only Hugo. :)

Wow, thank you very much! I'm so glad you like it. I look forward to writing that too - but you might be in for a surprise. All I'm going to say there. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! :)

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Review #41, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Kerri's Rash Decision

19th July 2009:
I shouldn't be so hysterically amused by the 'fan wars' that seem to be going on between Full Moon Rising and Hybrid. But it's just so funny! It reminds me of the debates that went on before DH came out - though if the "Snape is evil" fans versus the "Snape is a fluffy bunny" fans were this vicious, then the day DH came out might have gone quite differently... the same is to be said of the Harry/Hermione brigade versus the Harry/Ginny squad. Oh god, I won't be able to stop laughing for ages now - see what you've done to me, you fantastic author you?!

"You know, I do think that pretty girls actually taste sweeter than any other kind of victim, but maybe it's my imagination."

Oh my GOD, he is so creepy. I hate Fenrir. Though it was kind of funny when he was going on about her having 'water for blood' while she was seriously considering Crucio-ing him...

Author's Response: I was in the "Snape is a fluffy bunny" camp, by the way. I still take every opportunity that I can get to point out that I was right.

I hate Fenrir too, so it came as a surprise to find that I enjoy writing him. People have told me that I"m good at it too.which scares me a bit. It's kind of fun showing the gradual downward slide of his sanity though. By the time we see him in canon he really is completely out of his mind. He's not quite there yet at this point but I'm working on it.

Oh --- and thanks for all the reviews, by the way. I keep meaning to mention it and then forget.

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Review #42, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Mary Ann Meets Leo

18th July 2009:
Hagrid mentioning that female centaurs are usually more 'direct' than the males was interesting. I always wondered why we never saw any females in the books, and yet so many males; I suppose women usually make more sense than men though, whether they're centaurs or not. :D

"Are you interested in hearing the latest Lockhart incident? Somehow he contrived to lock himself in his own classroom, the poor man."

lol, 'the latest Lockhart incident' - it's like he's a TV show or something, probably a cross between slapstick and a soap opera. xD

It's sweet that Kerri's spending time with Mary Ann, and trying to find her a home. Celestia's reaction surprised me - I can see where she's coming from but still, it's never okay to leave a child in an abusive situation; I suppose at fourteen she's almost old enough to look after herself but what about when she was a baby, or a toddler? How long has everyone known about it?

Author's Response: The female centaurs actually show up later and again at the end of year three. I have a pre-written scene from the end of year three that's pretty intense. I didn't expect that the centaurs would be happy about a werewolf running loose in their woods, not even if he teaches at Hogwarts when he's on two legs rather than four.

Lockhart makes wonderful comic relief. I'll be sorry to see him go, although I don't think Snape will.

"How long has everyone known about it?" -- That's what Kerri wants to know. Probably for as long as Mary Ann has been alive. People are just too terrified of Fenrir to do anything about it, except for Kerri who doesn't have enough sense to be terrified of him.

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Review #43, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): The Howl Off

18th July 2009:
"The experiences I've had since meeting Basil and the others could fill a book. Whether comedy, tragedy, or horror I'm not quite sure. Maybe a mix of all three."

Hee. Poor Kerri. What a brilliant beginning to the chapter - it made me giggle. I love how you have so many hilarious throwaway lines threaded into the plot. :)

Also, it's probably lame of me but I found the idea of Kerri dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood absolutely hysterical. I wonder who would be the Big Bad Wolf? Probably every one of her friends, actually; they could rewrite the fairytale.

"I wish those legs were my girlfriend."

Such a typical Mel comment. And so very funny.

"Some (expletive expletive) was flirting with me. The dumb (expletive) offered me an (expletive) drink. If I ever see that little (expletive expletive) again, I'm going to (expletive) her (expletive) until her (expletive expletive expletives.)"

Haha poor Basil. And the poor band.

Author's Response: I hate it when I respond to reviews and they disappear as they did with this one.

I think what I commented on was how hard it actually was to come up with all that nonsense that Basil was spewing. I wrote actual sentences and then exchanged the words with the most random ones I could come up with. Bella Portia liked it so much though that she actually took an element of Basil's speech and put it into one of her stories.

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Review #44, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Werewolf Antics : Round Two

18th July 2009:
"Hey -- don't you talk about Voldemort." said Streak. "Voldemort is my buddy."

"No -- he's my buddy." Mel contradicted. "Voldemort and I collect chocolate frog cards together. And fluffy kitties. He loves fluffy kitties."

"I saw Voldemort the other day." said Basil. "He was standing on a street corner picking his nose."

"You started this, Kerri." said Remus, looking as though he wasn't sure whether to be horrified or amused, as claims about Voldemort continued to become sillier and wilder.

".Voldemort and Walden McNair are lovers, you know. I saw them making out in the woods the other day."

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I laughed so much I couldn't BREATHE at that little exchange - oh my GOD! That''s possibly the most hilarious thing in this entire story so far. Oh my god.

Congratulations - you've reduced me to incoherency. xD

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #45, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Mary Ann

18th July 2009:
"I'm sorry I haven't written for a while but I have a very good excuse. A dragon tried to roast me."


Only Charlie. *shakes head*

"And thanks for the fudge. A few of the researchers here have been amusing themselves by doing experiments on it. Are you aware that it won't set on fire no matter how hard you try? What on earth does he put in it?"

HAHAHA. I'm imagining this indestructible fudge monster glomping all over the place now. xD

I really like Mary Ann Grayback but oh, the poor kid. It would be so disturbing to have Fenrir as a father.

Author's Response: I can see Hagrid and Charlie in a few years sitting around comparing scars. And who knows? Maybe Hagrid's fudge could be a cure for cancer. Or maybe a new kind of concrete.

Yes, poor Mary Ann. And her mother is pretty awful too.

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Review #46, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Fyre, Frost and Crossbow Bolts

18th July 2009:
"Well, that's just typical Dumbledore. He's just cool."

Yes, he is. He really is. Dumbledore is just awesome, and that's exactly how I see him reacting to a situation like that; still, it seems that Lockhart's incompetence knows no bounds. Have I mentioned how much I absolutely adore the way you've weaved Lockhart into the story?

"Well, don't become discouraged." said Severus, not even bothering to ask about my progress.

Oh, that is so typical of him. I'd say that it was pessimistic except that it actually isn't; it's just that he's a very good teacher and he doesn't necessarily have to quiz her on her progress to know how far she's gotten with the spell... Severus rocks. :)

"Somehow I doubt Severus will be happy to find out that Remus and I are seeing each other. Not only is Remus a werewolf, but he was also part of a group of boys that bullied Severus when they were kids."

What a dilemma! The problem would be in getting Severus to forgive Remus; at least it would be easier than forgiving the other Marauders, since Remus tended to just stand by and not actively participate in the bullying - still, knowing about it and not doing anything is almost as bad, even if they were his friends.

Author's Response: Dumbledore is awesome. Is there anyone who doesn't think so? Even Voldemort probably thinks so in private.

Lockhart. When I finished the last story it just occurred to me that I could have twice the fun with him by having him annoy the snot out of Snape. In canon we could tell that Snape was bugged about them but in this story we get to hear if from his point of view.

Kerri is foreseeing something that will be a huge problem in Year Three if Snape still hates Remus by then. They'll all be living together under the same roof once Kerri and Remus begin teaching.

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Review #47, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Love, In Person

18th July 2009:
"It might be a mistake to use Lockhart's books that way. Seriously, try reading them if you ever want a laugh. They aren't supposed to be funny, but they are."

From what we hear about them in canon, I do think that Lockhart's books would be amusing to read. I mean honestly, if he mentions stuff like his favourite colour and his skincare products in a book about fighting Dark creatures then of COURSE it would be funny. I get the feeling that part of his fanbase would only be in it for the laughs. xD

"Thanks for the fudge you sent. You really do have a unique cooking style all your own."

Diplomatic Kerri is diplomatic.

"You might think of making some and sending it to Charlie."

Devious Kerri is devious! That's priceless, poor Charlie. xD

Author's Response: Kerri and Charlie are kind of like a brother and sister in some respects. Even miles apart they can pick on each other.

I think Rowling should write Lockhart's books next. I have no doubt that they'd be hillarious. I actually did make up parts of one of them for this story. I don't remember what chapter though.

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Review #48, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): With a Moo Moo Here and a Moo Moo There ...

18th July 2009:
Stalking Kerri's backyard is an interesting way of harassing her, but I have to admit it's effective - probably more effective than stalking her at the full moon, since he's around more often and it would annoy Kerri a whole lot more. And she's got vampire protection for the full moon, but she can't have someone with her 24/7.

"She likes nice girls who don't have tattoos or turn their hair pink." said Tonks. "It isn't me that she likes. It's the person Gideon is making me out to be."

Oh, poor Tonks. Poor, poor Tonks. Why would she let Gideon do that to her? It's obviously having disastrous effects on her self-esteem and self-confidence, and if she doesn't want to dump him because of it then she should at least confront him about it.

And what an inventive form of sabotage! Vashti is evil, but that's just hilarious.

"I think it was one of the bravest and most inspired things I've ever done, but I went into a round of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", specifically, the "moo moo" verse."


Author's Response: There's a lot more Fenrir in this story than in the last one. The situation with him will gradually get more dangerous.

As for why Tonks lets Gideon do that to her --- because women often do let their boyfriends do that to them. Mostly I'm thinking of my sister in particular though. But in Tonks's case Gideon is also someone she's invested a lot of time in and she hates to let it all go to waste.

Yes, thankfully Kerri is a quick thinker. And you'd think that the boys would have learned to be more cautious after this, wouldn't you?

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Review #49, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): Werewolf Antics

18th July 2009:
"I've never seen a grown man wear so much pastel. Are you absolutely sure he isn't gay?"

Oh, Lockhart, you ostentatious pastel-wearing thing you.

The letter from Severus was hysterical. I can just see him tormenting Lockhart like that! I mean, it ended in physical harm, but that was Lockhart's fault - he shouldn't have gone anywhere near a Grindylow if he can't perform simple third-year spells.

"For example, if he complimented your dresses and asked to borrow them, that's a very big difference from complementing your eyes and asking you on a date."

Severus is so brilliantly vindictive. xD

(And I think Lockhart/Filch is going to give me nightmares now.)

Author's Response: Well didn't you sometimes wonder about Lockhart whenever he was running around wearing purple and when he announced that lilac is his favorite color? I can understand Snape being suspicious.

I love writing Snape. He's just so much fun. With him I can let go and be just as vicious as I want to be. It's great therapy.

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Review #50, by crazybibliophileRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 2): The Monster

18th July 2009:
I love how "You kind of remind me of Aline Gardener" is such a dire insult. xD

Why on earth is Gideon being such a prat about the tattoo? It's not like Tonks has covered herself in them, it's just one little butterfly. And it's not in an obvious spot, either - it's on her shoudler, which would usually be covered by her robes. Tonks really is a free spirit; I can't believe that after all the multicoloured hair and spontaneous facial changes he'd make a fuss about a tattoo. A tattoo is actuall such an awesome and poignant thing for a Metamorphmagus to have - it's permanent while everything else about their bodies is always changing. And a butterfly is such a cool and meaningful tattoo to get for her, too.

Um, yeah, hope that made sense to you - didn't mean to ramble so much about that, but yeah, you get my point. Hopefully. :D

"Still, this business with Tonks and Gideon's parents makes me wonder if there's anything about me that Remus's parents would disapprove of. Well, besides the obvious 'spawn of Voldemort' thing."

That line made me laugh out loud. Definitely not something you'd tell the in-laws about. xD Though I suppose, if they could come to terms with Remus's lycanthropy...

And I can't believe Remus compared her to Sirius! I mean, how tactless is that, when they don't know that he's innocent yet? And it's hardly good for her self-esteem, especially when she reacts by deciding that she has a monster inside her. *shakes head*

Author's Response: Gideon's problem is that he's too traditional and Tonks. They've been together for a while but are starting to grow in opposite directions now. Actually, they remind me a lot of my sister and her ex-boyfriend with all of the making up and breaking up that they're doing.

Remus didn't mean the Sirius thing in a bad way. I think it's still just kind of hard for him to wrap his mind around the idea of Sirius being a traitor even all these years later and even when he "knows" that it's true.

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