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Review #1, by akasha101Flowers.: The Potions Master

6th May 2008:
o a cliffy.
but once again i asked you to make the chapters longer

Author's Response: I try so hard to make them longer but for some reason I don't like to put more than one theme in a chapter so if I tend to finish when I'm finish with one idea... I think the next chapter is worth it though.

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Review #2, by akasha101Saving George: Happily Ever After

11th March 2008:
george is so sweet.
i think you are skipping really quickly tho.
slow down

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Review #3, by akasha101Memories in my Blood: Chapter 6

6th March 2008:


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Review #4, by akasha101Street Rat: Chapter 3 The Return

18th February 2008:
OMG. please update soon
please please please please
please please

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Review #5, by akasha101Light's Hope, Death's Hunters: Reactions

13th February 2008:
loving the story
please update soon

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Review #6, by akasha101Street Rat: Chapter 2 Street Life 101

13th February 2008:
love the story
please update soon

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Review #7, by akasha101A Riddle Still Being Written...: *Hello Daddy, Goodbye Grangers*

13th February 2008:
i dont know about this story
first off
your spelling is off
its spelt Voldemort and Lucius
please find a beta b4 you post anymore

this message is not meant to be mean. its just some helpful tips for your story

Author's Response: i kno its not mean, so thanks for the advice

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Review #8, by akasha101Finding Himself: Trinity's Rave

19th January 2008:
are you ever going to update.. lol
please hurry

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Review #9, by akasha101Falling From Grace: Discovering Dark Secrets

17th January 2008:
please update soon
i am really enjoying this
but i dont know if i like what is happening with snape and the other... i wanted snape to be on her side... i think she has some kind of power that makes her powerful and voldemorts wants her. i want her to be a big person in this war... I DONT LIKE RON AND HARRY IN THIS STORY lol

Author's Response: really close to finishing the sixth chapter! snape might be on her side, but i havent decided yet. and ron and harry will look up!

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Review #10, by akasha101:

5th January 2008:
im cracking myself laughing i just read this chapter and the last 2.
omg i am laughing to hard
great work

Author's Response: Very glad to hear that you enjoyed the chapters so much. I hope that you like the rest of the story as it unfolds too! Keep reading! Thanks for taking the time to read and review. A.

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Review #11, by akasha101:

15th December 2007:
oh oh oh
please update soon
loving it
just a question

is ashley a boy - i think he is
and is harry gay in this story.
im rather confused

Author's Response: I'll update as soon as I get a chance, sorry I take so long. To answer your two questions, Ashley is very definitely a male, and a handsome one too! (And he certainly KNOWS how good looking he is! *grin*) And no, Harry isn't gay in this story, there aren't any gay characters at all. Glad you are having fun with the story and thanks for taking the time to review. I hope I cleared up your confusion. Andrew.

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Review #12, by akasha101.You.Don't.Know.Us.: The Riddles begin to be revealed.

14th December 2007:
please update soon
omg i love this story

is regulas still alive..

loving it

Author's Response: yup, its explained how soon, writing new chapter now!

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Review #13, by akasha101Unexpected Lovers: Running out of time

13th December 2007:
when are you going to update
i am always checking up and still you havent updated
please update soon

Author's Response: well i do apologise been a little hectic and got really stuck on more then one occasion so yah its been a little hard writing lately but will try get it up soon

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Review #14, by akasha101Harry Potter and Why didnít You Tell Me: Loss And New Way of Life

6th October 2007:
writing again
please update soon

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Review #15, by akasha101Unexpected Lovers: Confrontations and Plans.

6th October 2007:
wait... what happened
did i miss something
what is going on
did i miss an important convo between lucius and hermione

Author's Response: Well i kinda left it to make you guess what Hermione and Lucius were talking about but trust me everything will reveal itself all in good time.

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Review #16, by akasha101Deep In My Soul: Chapter 3

6th October 2007:
hey please update
i am really really really enjoying this story
i cant wait for the wedding

Author's Response: hey.
the next chapter will be up either tomorrow or the next day i dont know. when i put it up for validation it was only 5 days so we will see. the wedding is in the coming chapter and i was laughing as i wrote it.

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