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Review #1, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionBedposts and Broomsticks: Taking Action

25th October 2009:
update SOONER!
quick q

do u read my life is average...?
cuz the "well played, wood, well played" is VERY reminiscent of that site LOL

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
And I do read my life is average, I love that site so much! Its too funny!

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Review #2, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionPictures From The Edge: Making The Peace

26th August 2009:
absolutely excellent
but u take FOREVER!!
and o my dear sweet merlin the way u talk about wood makes ME want him!

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Review #3, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionBedposts and Broomsticks: Boys

4th August 2009:
i love it! omg u take far too long to update!
seriously one of the best HP fanfics ive ever read!

Author's Response: I know I know, I am terrible about the updates...for reals.
Wow your making me blush and I love the brava, made me smile!
I am working on the next chapter and *fingers crossed* it wont take to long for the next one! I will try really hard!
Thanks again, so much thanks!

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Review #4, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionThe Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw: Minor Obstacles Affect the Game, Major Ones Altar It Entirely

28th July 2009:
OMG FINALLY! Good Merlin, how long has it been!?!! Seriously this is one of the best stories i've read. I really love it.
Excellent chapter.
I LOVE Samuels!!!1 =D He's so...i dunno what to call it but he's the shyte!
great job

Author's Response: Dear Evans_Potter_Perfection,
Haaha, the shyte. That's definitely Samuels all the way :P Thank you so much! I know, it's been such a long wait and I'm terribly sorry! I'll try to update as soon as I can!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #5, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionVery Mature Potter...: I Didnít Get Shot By A Basooma

16th July 2009:
lmfaooo a basooma!!
and aw i loved it =]
update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^
I'll do my best.

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Review #6, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionA Selfish Sister: Chapter Five

16th July 2009:
aw i liked it =D
esp. the Lily/James part.
great job

Author's Response: :D Yay! A Review! I was thinking zip at this rate lol, but i don't blame people since I haven't updated in months, almost a year. But thank you for your review, it is very much appreciated :]

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Review #7, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionLiving Life: Chapter Sixty Eight

7th July 2009:
fudge poppps!1
well I'm sort of with Lily on this. did Henn even think it through? Seriously, marriage is...well...serious! And Lily has been more stressed than any of them! And James is being a sick bastard, and as much as I've felt bad 4 him, she's still being a complete jerk!

I really love Remus. It kills me to see him falling through the cracks, and Grace is hurting because of him too. Sirius is all alone because his friends are being idiots, and Merlin knows what Peter's doing now.

This chapter was great tho. They finally confronted each other, Henn and Lily, and James and Lily. Excellent job

Update soon!

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Review #8, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionBragging Rights: Chapter Twenty-Four. Elsie.

6th July 2009:
love it so much!!! if anyone deserved to have it easy, it was Elsie! Update soon! Great job on the chapter and I'm so happy for Elsie I really am! I hope Mute and Remus work it out too cuz it seems like James and Lily are set!

Update soon! i can't stress that enough! Gr8 Gr8 job! =]

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Review #9, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionShakespeare, Magic, and Me: "Oh lamentable day!" Nurse(4.5.21)

5th July 2009:
LMFAO!!! love it!!! update soon! lloooll

Author's Response: :D thanks! the next chapter is waiting to be validated!

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Review #10, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionPolychromatic: Everyone Is Trying, Everyone is Shining (Who Are You? . . .The Dalai Lama)

21st June 2009:
loool love it i actually read this already and read halfway thru and came bak to read it again cuz i thought i missed something. excellent by the way...umm i was just wondering tho..wat the heck is TDA? is it the forum...cuz that's where every1's getting their banners

Author's Response: TDA. Yeah, it's - The Dark Arts. And it's a forum that you can get to from the HPFF homepage.

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Review #11, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionDeath To James Potter: James And Jane Sitting In A Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

20th June 2009:
ok wait in one of the chapters she said YES! so why are they all of a sudden treating her like shit?
ok am i completely confused/wrong or just confused period cuz...she sed yes...they had sex...then he gave up on her and they never even had the date...
im lost..

Author's Response: Actually, she's told him previously that she loves him, but she wasn't ready then. And then they slept together because they were drunk - James told her he loved her, but she thought it was the potion talking. And then it was all too much for James and he had had enough just when Lily decided she was ready; and now he's got Jane and Lily wants him back. And you'll find out in the next chapter about why Sirius and Remus are so pushy for Lils to get over it :)

Sorry it's so confusing! Everything will be pulled together in the next couple of chapter, considering we're almost in the home stretch for this story! Thanks for reading :)

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Review #12, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionHow to tame a Marauder: After the exam

19th June 2009:
excellent. really brilliant!
update soon!
...o and just a suggestion, if u want to put emphasis on something, use italics not underlining.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks Evans_Potter_Perfection! It's so nice to know that more and more people are finding this story and enjoying it :)

As for the italics/underline thing, thanks for the suggestion. I've done it this way because I've put the spells in italics and I didn't want any confusion about what was a spell and what was highlighted for emphasis, but if it's too much of a problem I'll look at going through and changing it.

thanks again, and I hope you keep on reading. Next chapter will be posted as soon as the queue re-opens later this week.


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Review #13, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionBragging Rights: Chapter Twenty-Two. Mute.

18th June 2009:
i love it.
i love it so much its freakin amazing.

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Review #14, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionLiving Life: Chapter Sixty Seven

4th June 2009:
It was good but...I got kind of bored. Still a great story tho update sooner!!! And r u a trusted author? Cuz the que is abt to close

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Review #15, by Evans_Potter_Perfection25 Things James Thinks Lily Should Know About Guys: We can be so slow sometimes. It's not even funny.

27th May 2009:

Author's Response: lol :D
thanks for reviewing

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Review #16, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionCast the Die: Aileen's Troubles

22nd May 2009:
absolutely love it
i was waiting 4 another lily jealousy burst LOL
i wonder who did it
i honestly hope its aileen
4 sum reason i just dont like the ho

Author's Response: Lily will definitely have her jealousy burst... it's just simply natural for her to :) Haha. And it's okay that you don't like Aileen. I'm not liking her very much at the moment either and I'm writing her x)

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Review #17, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionFloccinaucinihilipilification: Volpone/Hookum-Snivey

6th April 2009:

Author's Response: pardon? :D

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Review #18, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionLiving Life: Chapter Sixty Five

1st April 2009:
he is such a jerk
i swear if i were her i wud drop everything and transfer 2 another auror division somewhere else
but she's not me lmao
but seriously
he's a jerk
he's supposed 2 LOVE her!111
arsehole! GRR!
he took her virginity, s3xed her AGAIN, and then kicked her out!

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Review #19, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionCast the Die: Divided We Fall

27th March 2009:
really really really good
and that cliffie was so good it SUCKED!1
cud u plz update faster? please?
o and...i rele dont like aileen

Author's Response: I will definitely try to update faster. I swear, it was supposed to be a New Years' Resolution but I guess I haven't been following that very closely for this chapter x) Haha. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionWhen Silver and Emerald Meet: Doubtful Future

5th March 2009:
i feel sooo bad 4 scorpius!
i mean ya wat he did was wrong
but he's helping her now! i hate chits like that! FORGIVE HIM ALREADY!
...i understand she's pissed and all...but GET OVER IT!
o and i loved how she just went "that won't be necessary. thank you." lmfao i was crackin up

gr8 job

Author's Response: Yeah, I know what you mean - I'm personally on Scorpius's side too =] Don't worry yourself over it though, Lily can be a smart girl ;)

Haha, oh yeah, thanks =] I really appreciate the review - your comments have helped me a lot!!!

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Review #21, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionWhen Silver and Emerald Meet: Tears You Apart

19th January 2009:
its very, very good, but very, very short. Excellent job.
Still, I think that making him bad really just sucked.
Going along with the Malfoy prejudice?
Proving them all right?
Here's hoping that you'll prove me wrong and make him good..
'cuz i rele think I'll end up hating it =[[

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm dreadfully sorry that it was so short but it just ended nicely there, with the cliffhanger you all love so much =]

That, my dear, is the beauty of a mystery... you really don't know anything until it's over, as you saw last chapter. Anything could happen with this story.

I really, really hope that you don't end up hating it; I think you should at least stick around and see what happens, okay? Can you at least do that for me?

I promise that with my stories, there's always just a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel ;)

Thanks for the review and I'm sorry that it had to happen this way =[

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Review #22, by Evans_Potter_Perfection25 Things James Thinks Lily Should Know About Guys: Before we call you, we try to plan out what we're going to say...

13th January 2009:
lmfao love it!! lmfao i luvv sirius man
gr8 job!

Author's Response: lol thanks :D

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Review #23, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionCast the Die: Trouble In Paradise

12th January 2009:
YES! ITS BAK!!! keep it on track plz i luv this story! AND GAH AILEEN! ITS HER [ i figured she had something to do with it the moment her face paled ] unless im wrong...

Author's Response: Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking when I was writing this chapter. I'm FINALLY updating this story again! Haha. Thank you for reviewing! I really appreciate it :) And there will be plenty of answers next chapter.

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Review #24, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionComing Back a Swan: Don't Trip

7th January 2009:
ok i love this story!!! A-MAZING!
i do have a small comment, though. You see, I don't speak French, and all the untranslated dialogue kinna throws me off...
anyway gr8 plot line gr8 job

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Review #25, by Evans_Potter_PerfectionPictures From The Edge: Comforting Lily

7th January 2009:
and aww fudgecake! Not Mrs. Weasley the first!
I hope she's okay =(

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