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Review #1, by lovesronDouble Cross: Mixed Chapter x3

17th January 2008:
another great chapter, keep up the good work :)
btw, AU stands for alternate universe (atleast I think so)

Author's Response: OKAY

Thanks for the Tip

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Review #2, by lovesronDaddy Returned: Christmas

1st January 2008:
I haven't left a review in a while, so I thought I would. I love your story, I've been following it for quite a while. Anyway, the chapter was absolutly beautiful, especially the ending. Poor Ginny is so worried. Anyway, keep up the fantastic work, merry xmas and happy new year :)

Author's Response: thank you so much! (: merry christmas and happy new year to you to!!


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Review #3, by lovesron19 Years: What Comes Next

20th December 2007:
beautiful, so completly Harry like, ending. Please, please update soon, you have captured these characters amazingly, can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #4, by lovesron19 Years: Disaster

1st December 2007:
what the hell happened??? you're killing me with the suspense, and the parallel between the past Harry and his own son is terrible, and so beautiful at the same time. Update soon!

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Review #5, by lovesronThe Keeper of My Heart: Confidence

1st December 2007:
great chapter! I'm so happy for Ron, and he's so sweet to Hermione, perfect :)

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #6, by lovesronWeasleys Never Say Die: Chapter 7

1st December 2007:
awww, so sweet! the perfect proposal from Ron, the perfect answer from Hermione. Update soon!

Author's Response: I'll definitely try. I'm having so much fun writing this!

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Review #7, by lovesronOn the Mend: Eleven: Letters from the Princess

20th November 2007:
another really cute, although sad, chapter, update soon!

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Review #8, by lovesronHarry Potter and the Fulfilled Prophecy: Making Plans

18th November 2007:
God Harry, don't you ever learn? No one is safe in war, those you love don't stand a chance if you leave them behind. But I do love the way you have written him, he is definetly in character, even if his never ending stupidity is somewhat annoying, even if it is true to the books.

Author's Response: heh, so I take it your not a Harry fan?

I quite agree, he's got a lot of flaws. One of the things that makes the books so compelling. Thank you for your comments, I'm glad you think I'm doing the character justice.

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Review #9, by lovesronDouble Cross: A Cross Lily &&& Breach the Line

14th November 2007:
I'll tell you the truth, wait, that's a bad way to start, gives you the wrong impression, so let me say this first: I absolutly loved it. Now back to my original comment...I'll tell you the truth, I'm not big on merauders stories, I mean to say, normally I really, truly, dislike them a very great deal. I just feel like there isn't enough canon information to write a decent fanfic on them, but you've done it. I completly love the way you have portrayed James, Lily, Remus, and Sirius in these two chapters. Exactly the way I see them. Update soon! :)

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Review #10, by lovesronHappily Ever After: Remus & Tonks

14th November 2007:
So terribly saddening in light of the events of book seven, a cruel, yet beautiful, tribute to what could have been, to what could have continued if they had not been killed in Deathly Hallows.

Author's Response: Yes, this chapter was a little sadder than the others... A little more subtle, I like to think. Thanks for your awesome reviews!

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Review #11, by lovesronHappily Ever After: Bill & Fleur

14th November 2007:
just because i forgot to say it while commenting on the last chapter, I completly and totally (yeah, that much) adored how Hugo ended up as Hugo, I mean I love JKR and what ever she says is perfect in my mind, but it was a little random, so I really enjoyed your explanation.

moving on to this chapter...again, absolutly amazing. I always wondered about the large age difference and how Bill and Fluer first began dating, and this is a very satisfactory answer to that question. We don't see much of Bill in the books, but I truly love the way you have portrayed him, he is definetly a Weasley, though perhaps a bit "cooler" than his brothers. Keep writing! (please do H/G, it would be brilliant)

Author's Response: I agree that Hugo being called Hugo was a little random, and I'm glad you liked my explanation!

As for Bill & Fleur - I really enjoyed writing them, it was good fun and not too much of a challenge, to tell the truth, although I've personally always thought that Fleur seemed OOC in HBP (I know that sounds wierd... But she wasn't that awful in GoF!). Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by lovesronHappily Ever After: Ron & Hermione

14th November 2007:
This was perfect! I absolutly love your style of writing Ron and Hermione, the scene after the burials was particularly touching. Have you considered adding a chapter for Harry and Ginny, or even Molly and Arthur? Either way, fantastic work!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! I haven't considered H/G or M/A, no, but perhaps a one-shot will appear some time soon? Thanks for your review!

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Review #13, by lovesronNever Let Go: Never Let Go

12th November 2007:
wow, that was amazing. I'm in tears, and I barely ever cry at the actual books, so nice job on that. I am so glad this didn't actually happen, but it was beatuifully written all the same.

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Review #14, by lovesronA Promise: A Promise

4th November 2007:
beautifully written, its so, well, ron. I can't wait to read the sequel!

Author's Response: Typical Ron, yes, don't we all adore him?

The sequel is "A Promise Once Made" and third chapter will be up in less than 4 days from now..

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Review #15, by lovesronContinuum: Chapter Twelve: Through the Looking Glass

3rd November 2007:
fantastic chapter, please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked this one.

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Review #16, by lovesron19 Years: Order of Merlin Ceremony

2nd November 2007:
very well done, the award for sirius just about killed me. Update soon! a little more R/H next time? please? :)

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Review #17, by lovesronWeasleys Never Say Die: Chapter 4

1st November 2007:
wow, way to leave a cliff hanger. update soon!

Author's Response: Yup, gotta keep you guys reading hehe...I'll try and update soon! =)

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Review #18, by lovesronChapter 37, Picking up the Pieces: Chapter 37, Picking up the Pieces, Part I

31st October 2007:
great chapter over all, Harry speaking to Dumbledore's tomb at the end brought me to tears. Its difficult to capture that kind of emotion, of sorrow, of regret, in a short story such as this, but you have done so brilliantly. Absolutly fantastic, keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! That was one of my favorite seens, but one of the most difficult to write. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #19, by lovesronContinuum: Chapter Eleven: Into the Twilight Zone

27th October 2007:
Wow. Extremly interesting take on the effect of using the time turner. I'm glad their was some sort of repercution seeing as it is a stated very clearly in the books just how dangerous it is to use them. The Weasleys just end up suffering more from the uncertainty and the situation with Tonks is simply awful. Brilliant idea, update soon!

Author's Response: I don't believe you can go back in time and not make some kind of was important for me to make that point in this story, even though Harry and Ginny thought they'd be able to do it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by lovesron19 Years: Fred's Secret

22nd October 2007:
beautifully done, its true, a piece of Fred remains. I love the Harry/Ginny relationship, how bout a little more R/H? anyway fantastic chapter, as usual, update soon!

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Review #21, by lovesronIn Loving Memory: In Loving Memory

19th October 2007:
very well written, loved the way the flash backs came in between the present time. Not a pairing I normally like, but it was believable in your story, so great job. Just wondering, i dont have a problem with it or anything, but was their a reason you had him call her Granger all the time? Anyway, fantastic story.

Author's Response: hehe thanks, i'm glad you liked it.
actually, no, i'm not really sure why i made him call her Granger.... i just think that it might sound better when he says it. last names are normally said when two people aren't close to each other, but i think that when he says it, it sounds friendly instead of formal. :)

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Review #22, by lovesronThe Keeper of My Heart: Sleepless

18th October 2007:
Loved it! It was just how the proposal would be with them, Ron saying the wrong thing and Hermione freaking out, then the two making up. I love the story but one this is driving me crazy, a lot of people do it, but your story is good enough that I think its worth telling you that she is NEVER CALLED "'MIONE" in the books. I get it, i mean it is your story, but just consider that its not really cannon. Anyway, perfect chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: thanks! I could have sworn Ron has called her that...but I may be wrong.

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Review #23, by lovesronRon and Hermione:It was never going to be easy: Ron's Princess

17th October 2007:
great! god I hope Hermione doesn't end up with Mclaggen! update soon :)

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Review #24, by lovesronThese Hallowed Halls: September 1st

17th October 2007:
Love it! btw its Dumbledore's Army, not Defense Association, but excellent job on the story. update soon!

Author's Response: Glad you are liking my work...and thanks for the tip...I did some research and DA stands for both...defense association was the official title when they were coming up with ideas:) I appreciate your view too

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Review #25, by lovesronBlissfully Free: Happy Muggle Halloween

17th October 2007:
Amazing chapter! sorry, i'm probably jsut being stupid, but wasn't this story set right after the battle, and werent Harry and Ginny already going to get married, like she said at the end of the first chapter? Well it was great anyway, even if i got a bit confused, update soon!

Author's Response: Hey you definitely aren't stupid! It was settled in my first chapter that Harry and Ginny would marry but there was no real official proposal. I did jump in time 6 years...but in the beginning of the chapter I tried to summarize what the main characters had been up to in that time. Truthfully, I wanted to advance in time because it is difficult to write about everyone’s grief (for me). And I imagined that Harry and Ginny would have a longer engagement period so that they could play Quiddich or continue schooling solo. I was worried that it would be a bit confusing, or that people wouldn’t like the time jump. But when I sat down to write this is what came to me…so I went with it. Thank you so much for your loyal reviews!!

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