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Review #1, by cuteybearkelHoqwarts Spin the Bottle: Hogwarts Spin the Bottle

9th October 2008:
Ernie is so mean to Hermione. But he helped H/HR happen, so he's cool. A good story. 9/10

Author's Response: thanks! im so glad that you like the story!

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Review #2, by cuteybearkelThe Owlery: The Owlery

9th October 2008:
"Hermione I'm not gay."

:) Very, very good. A nice, familiar setting and a well-explained past for the two of them. Harry falling all over himself is very cute and in-character. Excellent work. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I like going into detail about everything just so the reader gets the full picture of it all. Thanks for the review, L xxx

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Review #3, by cuteybearkelThe Talk: The Talk

9th October 2008:
OMG! This story made me laugh. Great job. I love the bit about Sirius knowing how to tell Harry about all of the contraceptive charms, but not wanting to give Harry any 'ideas'.

Polishing the broomstick, my God... :D

10/10 for major awesomeness.

Author's Response: XD Tor Petty and I thank you immensely!

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Review #4, by cuteybearkelOne hundred and forty going on twelve: End of the Dursleys

12th February 2008:
Yay! Fire that receptionist! Muhahahaha!

Well, at least he gave her her job back in the end, it must have been rather odd to have a couple of kids walk into your office and call themselves Lord and Lady Potter, then say they own the company.

Take that, you dumb Dursleys. Amazing as usual.

Author's Response: Hehe, I got that slightly angrry feeling at being ignored from my own youth, I used to get furious when I was young if I went into a shop and the assistant ignored me while they chatted away merrily to some adult customer. Grrrrr, lol.

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Review #5, by cuteybearkelOne hundred and forty going on twelve: Hermione and the Dursleys

13th January 2008:
HA! Take that, you evil child-beating Dursleys! Amazing chapter, as expected, hilarious too.

It was so funny that he was getting yelled at by his wife and mother for getting himself killed, even though he was standing there perfectly alive and well.
But we still never found out why Hermione was so angry... or did we and I'm just clueless? I mean, I know she was angry at him for getting himself killed, but he would obviously have known that in the last chapter, so why did he have to "find out why she was bloody angry"?

But who cares? Your writing is amazing, as usual. 10/10

Author's Response: Harry was clueless as you put it because it all happened while he was saving Hermione's life, thats also one of the reasons she got mad. thank you for the comment, next part will be along soon.

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Review #6, by cuteybearkelOne hundred and forty going on twelve: Chapter twenty five

5th January 2008:
Wonderful, as always.

Hehe, Voldemort is (was) a tree. Very creative way of getting rid of him, I must say.

Hm, but why was Hermione angry? I guess I'll find out...

Author's Response: I really dont think Harry should go about getting himself slightly dead in front of Hermione. thanks for asking the question.

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Review #7, by cuteybearkelWhy Us?: Epilouge

30th December 2007:
AAA! *sob* It's OVER? Wah!

Oh, I think you mean "foul language"! Fowl=bird :)

But OMG this was so amazing!!!

Author's Response: thanx :D

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Review #8, by cuteybearkelThe True Son: The Son of a Maia?

30th December 2007:
Ooo... I love the elf stuff. It's awesome. And you've got the background story working really well, it all makes sense. 10/10

Author's Response: 10! Yay! 10!!!!!

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Review #9, by cuteybearkelVanilla: Vanilla: The beginning

24th December 2007:
Yes I know I've already reviewed but this is so good...

I was always so mad at JKR for the ending of DH. Harmony forever! They are just meant for each other, honestly. I hated how Harry just randomly fell in love with Ginny in the sixth book, what was that about? Years and years without any feelings between the two (except Ginny's crush on Harry) and WHAM, they're soul-mates? He was around Hermione forever, and all she ever did was help him out, but he dumped her with Ron (I HATE RON) and ran off with Ginny. I'm not so much against H/G (although I've always been convinced that Ginny only liked Harry because he was HARRY POTTER (*gasp*), and not because she actually felt anything for him), but R/HR pushed me over the edge. Hermione deserves so much better than Ron! He's just attracted to girls because they're pretty, he eats like a pig, the list goes on and on.

Please keep this story going, you do such wonderful work and this is so much better than how things turned out.


Author's Response: As I've said beofre, I have nothing against H/G. Really. There is so much room for interpretation for Ginny's character in JKR's world that it could go either way. Plus, we never see just how Ron and Hermione act toward each other when Harry's not around.

Now, that being said: What girl in her right mind would choose Ron over Harry? The only thingk I cna thing of is that Harry never showed an interest in Hermione, therefore she settled for Ron.

I have a theory: Hermione knows Ron likes her. She see's how Ron acts towards her. She tries the same thing with Harry (henceforth in the 6th book they're always arguing). So finally she gives up and goes for Ron. Just my opinion. And I don't hate Ron. I think he's a flawed character, but all good characters are. Plus, I know guys like Ron, so he made sense to me.

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Review #10, by cuteybearkelWhy Us?: Closing the Barriers

17th December 2007:

This is the best story ever, please please keep writing or I will DIE!

Author's Response: dont do anything too drastic, now.
i wrote the epiloge and gave a few hints as to what the sequal will be about (if any). i hope you figure it out :D

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Review #11, by cuteybearkelI Promise: I Promise

7th December 2007:
Yeah, tearjerker. A bit, anyway. I didn't find it extremely sad but it was very good, good flashbacks and good writing style. 9.5/10 (but of course I have to put 9)

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #12, by cuteybearkelForever Yours: The End

26th November 2007:
One word: NICE.

10/10, Amazing story. I love it, and usually I don't like stories with new characters in them. A great achievement. I loved reading it and I hope that you will continue writing.

Author's Response: Aw thanks! Sorry it's taken me soo long to respond to your review! I haven't been on here in a while. I'm thrilled that you still read it even though it was out of your normal enjoyment! and that you enjoyed it even! Thanks so much for the review, and don't worry I'll still continue to write... it'll just be a while before something get up, maybe I'll write over the x-mas holidays... hm.... Well I'll go think about that lol. Thanks again for the review!

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Review #13, by cuteybearkelDaddy: As the Months Pass

15th November 2007:
RON IS A J-E-R-K!!! I mean, I know that he doesn't know about Hannah but for God's sake he signed the letter "I will always love you." Yeah, I'll always love you even though I'm dating this other woman, sorry about that little detail. I meant to mention it, really. I've already read the end and won't ruin it for everyone else but I just had to rant about Ron being such a jerk!

Even though I am an H/HR fan, I still love this story, it is so well thought out and deep. I love the part where Hermione was trying to sort everything out and convince herself that she couldn't have the baby, but there was that one pro "Because I want it." That is so amazing and I would never have thought to put that in if I was writing this story. You captured Hermione's character perfectly, treating a pregnancy like she was studying for exams. I'm pretty sure that she's the type of person who can only learn from books and can't really think for herself (she "sounds like she swallowed the textbook" - COS). I mean, she's not stupid, but there aren't really many books that explain what to do when you are having a secret baby that your boyfriend doesn't know about.

I thought her parents were going to be mad at her, but I like it better the way you put it. I didn't want the Grangers to have a fight, because that would just be out of character. I might have been cool for it to be more dramatic, but again, I prefer that they stay a happy family instead of hating each other.

Sorry about this being so long but I'm feeling very talkative today and I L-O-V-E your story! 10/10

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Review #14, by cuteybearkelNineteen Eighty One, with a Twist: Chapter 1: Manipulating the Book

13th November 2007:
Oo, love it! Everything ties in so well!!! I'm favouriting it right now and I'm going to watch for updates so KEEP GOING! You're doing great!

Author's Response: Thank you a lot for your review!
I'm happy that you liked the story and are willing to follow the updates =D
Also thanks for the praise, I hope to continue meeting yours and any other readers' expectations...

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Review #15, by cuteybearkelHermione’s Gift and Harry’s Curse: I'll Fight on for you...

13th November 2007:
Very good, wish it was longer and not so obvious, but still good. (I basically think that anything that involves H/HR is good!)

You might also want to think about skipping lines between things that people say, it looks more professional. Other than that, very good.


Author's Response: WOW!! Thank you sooo much!!! I love H/Hr and I just had that song stuck in my head all day.. sooo.. thats why it sucks, lol! And yup I'll skip more lines, for my next story. Thanks for the tip and the R&R!!!! On my next story I will try to do better. Thanks again Dude!!!! ;]

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Review #16, by cuteybearkelWhy Us?: Final Propositions

12th November 2007:
Can you say AAAH, boys & girls?

They're getting married OM-FREAKIN'-G

Author's Response: haha.

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Review #17, by cuteybearkelRaising Draco's Son: The Remake: Flourish & Blotts

5th November 2007:
Just to tell you, reading people's minds in Legilimency, Occlumency is blocking people from reading yours.

Minor detail.



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Review #18, by cuteybearkelThe True Son: In the House of the Dark Lord

4th November 2007:
Very Very VERY good so far. Keep writing!


Author's Response: Thanks. I will if u keep reading!

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Review #19, by cuteybearkelThe True Son: A Party for Death Eaters

4th November 2007:
Oo, nice plot!

Love it!


Author's Response: Thanks. *grin*

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Review #20, by cuteybearkelThe True Son: Trouble in Diagon Alley

4th November 2007:
AAARGH! Suspense!!!

hehe Weaselette.


Author's Response: ^_^ i love suspense!

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Review #21, by cuteybearkelThe True Son: Discovery in Dreams

4th November 2007:
Okay, I don't like Ginny much. Jealous little.

Anywho, cool chapter.


Author's Response: I don't like Ginny either! ^_^

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Review #22, by cuteybearkelThe True Son: Two are One

4th November 2007:


H/HR All the way!


Author's Response: YEAH! HHr ROCKS!

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Review #23, by cuteybearkelThe True Son: Ancestors and Sparring

4th November 2007:
OMG. Hermione is an elf?

10/10, but still wishing for a few less commas.

Author's Response: Right. LOL.

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Review #24, by cuteybearkelThe True Son: The Order of the Phoenix

4th November 2007:
Very, very, very, good! My only complaint is that there might just be a few too many commas, which make the reading a bit difficult.

Other than that, amazing!


Author's Response: Uh, yeah. ^_^ i have a slight problem w/ commas. Thanks.

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Review #25, by cuteybearkelThe True Son: Inheritance

4th November 2007:
Very good. Good 'n long, too. Very good dramatic words from Lily, James and Albus. I think I'll have to learn Elvish, though!

10/10 and I wish it could go higher.

Author's Response: Lol, thanks.

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