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Review #1, by redflameeyesThe Feelings Mutual: Caught

31st July 2011:
This story is so amazing! I only discovered it last night and I know it's a habit of reviewers who want to express their enthusiasm to make hyperbolic statements, but I literally stayed up until five in the morning finishing it, and I'll probably have to go over it again because I was in such a rush :) I kind of wish I'd discovered it sooner so I could have experienced it chapter by chapter as they were released, but an advantage to reading it this way is that I could really appreciate how different your writing is now - I got hooked with the more simplistic style at the beginning but it's gotten so much more interesting and exciting and captivating. It's really rare that fanfic writers manage to make an audience really care about an OC but Kristen is flawed, hilarious and really entertaining to read about - and your take on the Marauders is my favourite yet (especially Sirius). I can't wait to read the next chapter :)

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Review #2, by redflameeyesLiving Life: Chapter Seventy Two

19th January 2010:
Wow this was a really dramatic chapter... you finally updated! Yay! My favourite line was 'Why does it always happen to you, Evans?' Because it's so true :)

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Review #3, by redflameeyesHide and Seek: Brownies

25th December 2009:
OMG. This is possibly the best Oliver-Jane chapter ever written. SO MUCH CUTENESS.
And Oliver in the toga again? Wicked. :)
Could you possibly think of a way to have him shirtless permanently? It's a world of magic, surely it's possible. I mean, if I was in that world, that would be the first spell I'd cast. Oliver shirtless, forever. :)
Another good thing about the chapter was all the mention of food. It totally made me hungry for brownies and pork with mushroom sauce, potatoes and green beans.
Awesome chapter, can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you are loving it! And as for Oliver being shirtless all the time...you're right, it would get "old" after a while. I put that in quotes because I mean, it's Oliver...but at the same time there wouldn't be enough "OMG" every time it happened. I agree with you about the food. After I finished editing I went in the kitchen and made dinner...and cooked it :) Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #4, by redflameeyesHide and Seek: Linked Umbrella

22nd October 2009:
omgosh you updated! bless you :) and now i sound like a doddery old british lady. i'm 17. um... rock on. :p
what can i say, any chapter with oliver in it is a solid chapter and any chapter where he's moody and jealous is pretty damn excellent. not to mention the dishy denter factor, and of course there's the blood curdling, toe curling disbelief at the inane capabilities of the human race that amanda brings to the table. seriously, something needs to happen to that girl. preferably something involving poison or a bottomless pit.
anyway, i cannot begin to describe my joy at seeing that little 20 to the right of the semi colon. 19 was getting real old :)
the umbrella is very cute. well, oliver touched it, so it's more than cute. it's lickable xD and i got a very dramatic image of him watching jane rush away in the rain when i read that part. tres romantic :)
sigh. the idiocy. get back together, guys!
thanks so much for the chapter. can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Wow, rock on indeed :) I agree about Oliver being jealous and bitter. I love his reactions to things. And yeah...Amanda. She's...entertaining. Poison and a bottomless pit. I'm really glad you liked it. Lickable? Oliver is lickable. Yum!

It is rather romantic, isn't it? I think both of them have a lot to think about. I promise to update asap! Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #5, by redflameeyesRunning Away Brought Me Home: Confrontation #3

4th October 2009:
i think it's all great except lily should just get over herself... seriously, she saw him kissing another girl when they weren't together? big deal! he CLEARLY likes her now, regardless of what she thought back then, so she should just grow up and get over it.

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Review #6, by redflameeyesFinding Grace: Chapter 7-Worth

7th September 2009:
i love the story, but you keep spelling the word decent wrong
the word descent means a drop, decline, fall etc

Author's Response: thanks for pointing that out. sometimes when im typing i notice microsoft word auto-filling it for me and in another story i wrote it did that as well. i'll try and go back and edit it as soon as i can. thanks for reviewing. i appreciate the feedback.

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Review #7, by redflameeyesIn Moonlight's Shadow: The Party

5th September 2009:
wow, amy and matt's mother is a total bitch! i mean, it's sort of understandable, but still...

Author's Response: She has her reasons. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #8, by redflameeyesAmnesiac.: 'Tis the Season part II

29th August 2009:
yay new chapter! just out of curiosity, how many chapters about are you intending this story to have?

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Review #9, by redflameeyesSparkle in Her Eye: The Culprit

25th August 2009:
interesting story but i think it will be more interesting once the marauders enter into it, which i'm hoping is soon...? evil characters are kind of less variant.


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Review #10, by redflameeyesLiving Life: Chapter Sixty Nine

17th August 2009:
oh wow
lily just cannot stop screwing things up for herself! seriously, she's so self destructive it's freaking mind boggling. i LIKE her, but she is so annoying at the moment! and she is STILL really quite self centred.
sad about regulus though :) and go henn, grace and sirius for giving lily the truth, even though it still hasn't probably sunk in yet for her.

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Review #11, by redflameeyesAmnesiac.: 'Tis the Season part I

8th August 2009:
yay new chapter! love it! the weasley roasting is hilarious :)

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Review #12, by redflameeyesHide and Seek: Dancing with Dishy Denters

7th August 2009:
Amanda is a frigging pigeon.
Can't give you a fave quote, it's all excellent :) though the bit about the bird flu was cool, I do think Jane should have slapped her at that point and made it seem like she was just trying to be kind. I think I would have.
Liam sounds nice but I honestly think Jane's more of a diner-and-tuna girl than a dancing-and-risotto one. That's just my humble opinion though. Plus it sounds as though he may be a bit caught up in his ex and the way he kept mentioning Oliver, maybe he's got an ulterior motive with Jane?
Can't wait till the fundraiser! (I'm guessing Oliver will be there, hope so anyway because then I'll have the lovely mental image of him and Liam together in the same room, yum). Thanks for updating so fast, you rock!

Author's Response: Hahahahaha. Pidgeon? I love it. She definitely is. Thank Merlin Jane didn't slap her or her dad might have been too peeved to let her go out with dish Liam! And I think you're right about her food type, though I'm sure she'd be fine with Ollie taking her out for a night on the town. Thanks so much for the review, can't wait to see what you think of the next!

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Review #13, by redflameeyesThe Pitch: The Pitch

30th July 2009:
i think they are twins in canon, actually

Author's Response: There's no evidence one way or the other. There's very little mention of them, but the way they're grouped together seems to be the way Fred and George are grouped together, and I think that's why people assume they must have been twins as well. I like to think they were.

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Review #14, by redflameeyesGrief and Circuses: Grief & Circuses

30th July 2009:
oh my gosh, that was so sad, i actually had tears in my eyes! fred's death was absolutely the worst in the whole series, i was crying so hard when i read the seventh book. i still can't believe JK killed him! but his was really great :) just sad.

Author's Response: Fred's death was the only one that made me cry in the books. I really hated that the twins were split up, it makes me very upset. Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm glad you thought the story was good.

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Review #15, by redflameeyesHide and Seek: Are You Loony, Jane?

29th July 2009:
definite squealing when oliver took off his shirt... but honestly, he was such a prat, i can't believe angelina was so disapproving of her lipgloss-throwing antics, if it was me i would have freaking stabbed him!
that being said, its probably good it wasn't me. :)
i think katie asking about george kind of redeemed her for the rest of the crappy stuff she did this chapter. at least it shows she still has a heart. :)
and it was very cute of fred to attack wood in jane's defence. i wish i had legs like jane's. men just seem to succumb to her every whim if she wears something above the knee. how is that fair?
peach or mango? peach, man, all the way.
and fave quote? -

“Good luck with Bridget,” I said confidently, pushing open the door. “You’ll need it considering you probably have to read the Prophet aloud for her every morning.”

Ang snorted.


Author's Response: I think Ang was just disapproving because she knew they needed to work things out instead of throwing things at each other. :) But Merlin, the amusement! I agree about Katie. She still does care. It's completely not fair about Jane's legs. She has a gift. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #16, by redflameeyesWhoever you are: Chapter Four

29th July 2009:
i'm not sure if you mentioned this in your author notes because i haven't been reading them, but are you getting this from hana yori dango? its very familiar :)

Author's Response: i think i mentioned it in my opening chapter?? let me go see...

i guess not. thanks for reminding me to put that in my a/n. its loosely based on it, i'm kinda mixing it up though, i just loved the idea of the pompous rich boys, but of course what better way to place it with than the four marauders? haha. thank you for the review! i'll go fix my a/n now!!

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Review #17, by redflameeyesI'll Hate You Forever I Think: Things that go BUMP in the night

28th July 2009:
its blood CURDLING, not CURLING
just so you know
this isn't bad but i'm hoping the next one is better :)

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Review #18, by redflameeyesA Survivor's Guide: A Request

25th July 2009:
i've read on before and i know katie's life sucks, but really, she's kind of unforgivably selfish and bitchy here

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Review #19, by redflameeyesHide and Seek: Playing Pretend

17th July 2009:
yayyy, new chapter! love it!
but most of all, YAY, OLIVER!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I agree about Oliver :) He's back! whoohoo! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #20, by redflameeyesSeducing Teddy R. Lupin: Take That Pretty Boy

13th July 2009:
ooh i like this! fiesty victoire and teddy as a jackass, that's kind of a new spin on the relationship... can't wait to see how the story progresses! update soon!
and congrats on your exams! i have mine coming up and i am praying to the exam gods that i even pass. xD

Author's Response: Why thank you =D I can\\\'t believe I actually did that well on exams :) And thanks for reading!

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Review #21, by redflameeyesConfessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of pick-up lines, Scorpius' serenade and arguments

13th July 2009:
yay moodles, a new chapter! i'm so fricking excited! mainly because of scorpius, who is both hilarious and yummy :) and of course the funny antics of eleanor and adhara. i cracked up when i read the line 'you stupid sushi'. hehehe.

Author's Response: I\\\'m glad your excited, lol. I love Scorpius, too. I like writing Eleanor, too. Adhara, most of the time. I was trying to think of something that started with an s, to go with stupid. Sushi was just the first thing that came to mind. I love sushi. :)

Thankyous for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #22, by redflameeyesGreen Eggs and Ham: Green Eggs and Ham

11th July 2009:
awww so cute, gotta love the potter kids!

Author's Response: thank you! Its awesome to hear that people like it!

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Review #23, by redflameeyesLily: I Know What You Did: WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, chapter two

11th July 2009:
whoa... starting to really hate jane, no matter what happened to her, what she's doing is kind of inexcusable... and poor georgie! can't wait for the next chapter, and looking forward to the next lily chapter :) i know it's early but i'm kind of hoping she'll break up with sirius... meh, a girl can wish xD

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Review #24, by redflameeyesLily: I Know What You Did: THERE WAS NOBODY THERE, chapter one

11th July 2009:
omg! i am a fan of the story but i am NOT a fan of sirius/lily, maybe i didn't pay enough attention looking at the couplings of this story... did you put them in? i know some people like it but i find them as a couple so offputting!
anyway i don't mean to be too critical, it's just that sirius and lily together kind of make me want to vomit :)
good chapter though, and the note was very ominous and creepy. on to the next one... :p

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Review #25, by redflameeyesBragging Rights: Chapter Twenty-Four. Elsie.

11th July 2009:
this is my first review of the story and i feel terrible about that! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the story, and i love the characters and the unique twists you've put on them, they're so real and the plot is just amazing. so, kudos :)
in answer to the review question, i think that your portrayal of peter, as a character, reacted appropriately and i am so happy about it! i do have to say that peter as i imagine him, straight from the novels, would probably have a bit of a complex there and be a bit angrier, but that hardly matters because your version is a sweetie, and i love the couple :)
love the moment with james too, i can't wait for him to go find lily! i'm still sad about mute and remus though...

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