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Review #1, by Lily_Potter_2A Weasley in Slytherin: I'm a Slytherin now

3rd October 2009:
It's an interesting story, but is there a reason why chapter 4 and chapter 5 are exactly the same?

Author's Response: I'm really sorry for that mistake
thx for telling me
i fixed it now. Please read more!

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Review #2, by Lily_Potter_2The WOEG: Perforated plastic plane pudding (please).

29th December 2008:
Hi, I really like this story (along with more of yours). I've been waiting for an update for a while, but I just noticed that it hasn't been updated since 2006. That's too bad, but if you're not going to finish it you should put it as abandoned. :)

Author's Response: oh darling.
we'd love to write.
the last time we wrote together was in 2005.
sad yes?
love winky

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Review #3, by Lily_Potter_2:

25th May 2008:
I love this story, Please write more. Very. . . . . interesting, this chapter ends on a cliffhanger. Now i want to read more. Wonderful!

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Review #4, by Lily_Potter_2The Bargain: Dancing

9th February 2008:
This is my favourite story out of all my favourites. Please update soon!

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Review #5, by Lily_Potter_2Holiday Intrigue: Day Three: Early Morning Coffee

9th February 2008:
I love your stories. Update soon plz!

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Review #6, by Lily_Potter_2The Bargain: Snogging, Nearly

8th November 2007:
I really like your stories. This one is really interesting. Please write some more exciting chapters. It is in high suspense right now, and i'm not sure if i can stand it much longer. I enjoy reading your stories, and hope you write many more. :)

Author's Response: Thank you Lily_Potter_2! I'm happy your enjoying this story and my others! I will, but at the moment one of my oneshots is awaiting validation so as soon as thats done I'll put the next chapter up :) Haha thanks for the review!

Dixi x

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