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Review #1, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: Patronuses

21st July 2009:
i really really like remus.maybe u should just change your mind and make laura and him go out.. it would be an interesting twist hehehe

okay well im rather sad that i've finished reading..nineteen chapters has been a rather interesting journey

so please please don't forget to update...very quickly
and i mean quickly

ill stop rambling now
your story is amazing


Author's Response: You are brilliant! Thank you so much!

I think we must be on line at the same time so you'll be getting these responses rather quickly :)

I'm really pleased that you're enjoying it and I can say that I've just loaded up the next chapter for validation. The queue is 9 or 10 days long though so it might even be next month before it gets up (assuming no rejections etc).

As for Remus, well I'm not going to change my mind about how the story goes (the whole thing is pretty much written) but you'll just have to keep reading to see what I have lined up for him. If anything (*evil laugh*).

Thanks again for reading and reviewing, and I hope you follow the story as it progresses.

cheers, Mel.

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Review #2, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: Diagon Alley

21st July 2009:
finally back at hogwarts.. and without bea :D
hopefully some more interaction between laura and the marauders

Author's Response: Hi again :)

While I can promise more Marauder interaction, I'm not going to promise it will happen straight away. We are however nearly there so if you just bear with me for another couple of chapters ...

cheers, Mel.

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Review #3, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: After the exam

21st July 2009:
finally laura can enjoy hogwarts without her insane sister heh.. although i do love to hear about the crazy things she does

Author's Response: Hmm, I thought I'd responded to this but the system seems to have lost it! Oh well.

I'm glad that you appreciate that for Laura, having a sister like Bea could be a hindrance to, well, trying to be normal, so yes life at Hogwarts for the next couple of years will be much more interesting.

I'm glad you liked Bea, though - she's a great character to write but would be a nightmare to be related to. Particularly if you're a teenager who's trying to work out who she is and all that. I will say though that we don't see much of her for the rest of the story now she's graduated.

thanks again for your reviews, it's great to find such a dedicated reviewer. :)


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Review #4, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: OWLs

21st July 2009:
oh i think i love laura

Author's Response: Well, someone needed to say it! Sirius could get a bit self-involved I think, so I thought it would be a good idea if someone could put him in his place. And who better than Laura? It is her story, after all...

cheers, Mel.

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Review #5, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: A task to perform

21st July 2009:
exciting... using mulciber was rather clever.. and tying it in with canon even more so.

poor mary, im glad that laura figured it out though
and i love that lily might actually start to see james hehe.. i do love that ship also

Author's Response: Thanks again, I love your reviews :)

I confess to being a bit of a canon nerd so I've tried to tie in as much as possible with what we already know from JKR, though I do admit that trying to work out what Mulciber could have tried to do to Mary was harder than I'd thought it would be.

And I love the Lily/James ship too, you've probably seen that considering this story is currently more about them than about Laura. But I do give my heroine some more action, particularly from sixth year onwards, so the James/Lily thing will drop more into the background.

thanks again, Mel.

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Review #6, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: Good reasons to ditch Astronomy

21st July 2009:
oooh i like how you included the origination of the levicorpus spell and how it spread.. very original and interesting

Author's Response: Thanks burnt august! I've read a few versions of how it got out there but I just liked the idea of Lily losing it at James and using it on him, so I'm glad you think it worked. :)

cheers, Mel.

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Review #7, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: Putting out fires

21st July 2009:
increased interaction... sounds lovely heh

Author's Response: Hi again :)

Yes I know it's moving rather slowly but there were a lot of things I wanted to cover before I had the boys chatting away in every chapter. And besides, who doesn't want to read about Bea? (Okay, probably lots of people, but she does have one or two fans out there amazingly enough ...)

thanks for reading and reviewing so much, I really appreciate it :)


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Review #8, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: The fan club diminished

21st July 2009:
i really wish she would start up with remus instead... you see he's rather my favourite...actually to be quite frank im in love with him.. even if he is a fictional character.

although i do love sirius too.. so i suppose i can manage..kidding i love them both it doesn't matter which

and that elvira.. she's a piece of work isnt she

Author's Response: Hi burnt august!

I'm glad you like Elvira (well, you know what I mean) - she's very much of a type and she's been quite fun to write. Not as much fun as Bea, but still fun.

And Laura & Remus? Well I will say that you're not the first person to ask me about that and I'm not going to say if anything happens there or not, so you'll just have to keep reading. Sorry!

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Review #9, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: The girl least likely

21st July 2009:
i think you did a pretty good job with describing the dresses.. it was enough but not too much

and i like how sirius only asked her to dance on a dare.. although i hope at some point we'll get to hear exactly what the dare was.. most unlikely to what? heh

Author's Response: Hmmm - most unlikely girl he'd be with in that context. Who's not a Slytherin. We don't hear any more about the dare so that's all you'll get, I'm sorry :)

and thanks for saying I got the dresses description okay, like I said I'm not very good at that sort of thing so it's gratifying to have people like you saying that.

cheers :)

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Review #10, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: The end of term

21st July 2009:
oh i like the prank on those girls've been rather creative with all your pranks between lily and charlotte, and the marauders.

and the avery thing was brilliant too
good job

Author's Response: Thanks burnt august! To be honest coming up with pranks has been one of the hardest things to do for this story (harder even than clothing descriptions - you'll see what I mean about that later on) so I'm quite chuffed that you think I'm doing okay with that.

cheers, Mel.

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Review #11, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: Retribution

21st July 2009:
heh i really liked that chapter... you did a really good job capturing the personalities of the marauders.

seems like something they would do

Author's Response: Gee, thanks burnt august! I have tried to get the boys as close to what we know as possible but we have so little to go on in a lot of ways that it can be a stretch. So I feel rather chuffed that you think I got them okay. :)

cheers, Mel.

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Review #12, by burnt augustWhen They Were Here: Words Left Unspoken

21st July 2009:
this is beautiful

the first scene.. from sirius' point of view really moved me. you did an excellent job relaying the bond between the four.

by the end you even made me tear up a bit.
overall your story was lovely

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Review #13, by burnt augustHow to tame a Marauder: Return to Hogwarts

14th July 2009:
hi, i just finished up reading this chapter and i thought it was very good. a bit wordy with the explanation of her history but you did a decent job so it's good enough for me.

and i like marys speech so dont listen to the person who reviewed before me :D

Author's Response: Gee, thanks burnt august! I really appreciate that you took the time to read and review, and even checked out what had been said before you :) Ive had mixed feedback on Marys speech but most of it like you is supportive of it so its staying put for the time being.

I hope you keep on reading and enjoy the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

thanks, Mel.

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Review #14, by burnt augustNew to it all: In a new country

15th June 2009:
this is a really good start, i like tilly so far.

shes cute :)

try not to focus too much on materialistic description though..instead of saying she had brown hair and freckles and wore blue skinny jeans and a teeshirt and a ribbon in her hair you could say something like
oh i dont know

she shifted her weight nervously, her hand slipping upwards to brush back her dark brown hair.

and then you keep putting in those kind of sentences to slowly let the reader form an image in their head. as a reader i find it a little overwhelming to get all the details at once, you know?

sorry to seem critical.. but im just trying to help and to be completely honest i think you have a really good start here! this looks like a promising story.

oh and just glance over for some grammar, no big deal really because i always mess mine up. i just noticed you have a few capitalization errors.

i like your sirius black :D he seems entertaining.

update soon

Author's Response: thanks for the imput i'll be sure to think about that in future chapters i think im just going to set up the story in their first year then move on to their 5th year so we can get more love interest and as such more action and older views

thanks again

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Review #15, by burnt augustFinding: Finding

8th June 2009:
i didn't realize how long it took me to get around to popping by your other stories hehe.

however i was pleasantly surprised. i absolutely adore remus.. so you can imagine how this lovely scene affected me :D

im still a bit curious about zoi though... what exactly is she? i figured you were hinting at vampire but at the same time i wasn't really sure.

anyhow, i thought you did a really good job with the last couple paragraphs. you still got your point across beautifully without it being too vulgar or graphic.

good job :)

Author's Response: Hello, glad to head from you again! I like the marauders in general and Remus espetially and Im happy that this story didnt dissapoint you, since you like him as a charater too.

Zoi is complitely one hundred percent human, but I thought her as being a squib (thats why she cant do magic) I have left her history for the reader to immagine, since i couldnt do her enough justice. But Im going to edit this story and give some more information about her.

Thanks for commentiong on the last scene, it a relief to know I didnt make too much of a mess with it.

As always, glad to read and respond your reviews, thank you for taking the time to submit them. :)

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Review #16, by burnt augustBroken Ballerina: Changeling

28th May 2009:
this was lovely
i really like dorkas' character. its realistic and she actually has flaws unlike most of the one dimensional characters on here.

poor remus to be subjected to her misguided anger.

Author's Response: First of, thanks for reviewing both chapters :)! Im really happy to see that you like the way Dorkas is characterised, i tried really hard to make her as real and human as I could.
The Remus detail was the extra something, just to show what a nasty piece of work she really is... :P Thanks for the major compliment too, i really dont know what to say exept thank you, a million!

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Review #17, by burnt augustNumber 237: Of dried blood and escape plans

28th May 2009:
this story is so original and well written.
i really like it, i even added it to my favourites :D

keep updating you're doing excellent so far

Author's Response: Thankyou :)

I'm glad you've added to your favourites, it makes my day when someone does that :)

Jess Xx

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Review #18, by burnt augustThe Ways We Fall: Honking Horns and Sisterhood

14th May 2009:
oh this is lovely
might i mention again how much i love james

and sirius

and remus

oh and even little peter.. even if he did stray down the wrong past later in life. he can't help it that jk rowling was cruel to him though right?

it seems as if i've reached your latest installment. and for real this time!! it has been a pleasure reading this, you really have a wonderful story going. its a shame that you lost reviews but i wouldn't worry too much. im sure you'll have them back in no time :D

and i repeat please please please update soon!!!

Author's Response: YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER! Haha wow. I love to get dedicated feedback. I hope you don't mind if I don't respond to all of your (MARVELOUS) reviews.thank you so much for you positive feedback! I will update very, very soon (today, actually. The whole thing is done!) :)

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Review #19, by burnt augustThe Ways We Fall: Contemplations of a Werewolf

14th May 2009:
merlin remus is poster boy for a gothic hero.
pardon me if you're not aquainted with it... my english teacher has been drilling it in my head for the past couple months. something about mr rochester from jane eyre being a gothic hero. i don't really know to be honest.

anyhow enough rambling.
i really hate professor fudd. its so unfair what he's doing to remus. it's like he knows perfectly well but it taunting. thats sickening.

and my lovely remus. so noble. always putting others before himself.

lovely chapter

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Review #20, by burnt augustThe Ways We Fall: Half-Breeds and the Ministry-Approved Methods of Elimination

14th May 2009:
bugger it all, i could have sworn that was the last one
BUT, i can't say im not thrilled to find another couple chapters waiting for me :D

it makes me so sad to see my remus grieve so. i'd like to take my foot and ram it so far up professor fudds - well you get the gist i suppose.

i like jenna so far too, she seems like a good conquest for sirius. i would like to see more remus and felicity action though (:

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Review #21, by burnt augustThe Ways We Fall: Not One Little Bit

14th May 2009:
and at long last i'm caught up
i do hope you continue to update this regularly, it seems to have become one of my favourites

i like this chapter
poor louisa, she just doesn't realize how horrid she really is i suppose. i suppose she will grow up eventually. its a pity its taking her so long. or perhaps she wont. she is rather petty and vicious.

poor james. sirius remus and peter arent so very nice. ganging up on him like that. and lily is definitely jealous, its so cute (:

anyhow i hope you enjoyed my reviews. it always make me mad to see such an outstanding story with so little reviews. but don't take it to heart if it takes a while before the reviews start piling in. and im sure that they will. sometimes it just takes time for people to find your story.

anyhow you did a lovely job, please please please update soon!!


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Review #22, by burnt augustThe Ways We Fall: A Really Scary Story

14th May 2009:
that certainly was informative.
jesus i forget how much i hate sirius' mum and dad.
nasty lot aren't they.
its sad how cruel and brainwashed people can get to be.

you did a real good job with this chapter, you should be really proud of yourself. on to the last chapter :D

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Review #23, by burnt augustThe Ways We Fall: The Fail-Proof Plan

14th May 2009:
oh sirius' scar is reopened. i really do hope he stitches it up all right and proper.

i like the idea of the halloween party and the concept of louisa gurdy. i think shes excellent way to bring lily and james together.

if thats what you're going for of course :D

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Review #24, by burnt augustThe Ways We Fall: When In Doubt, Always Pick the Girl

14th May 2009:
blossoming love for my favourite character of all time. remus really deserves it too.

i loved how you wrote the argument between regulus and sirius, it was really realistic. poor sirius.

oh and annabelle seems like a lovely addition to our quidditch team. kudos to james for picking the girl

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Review #25, by burnt augustThe Ways We Fall: Eradication Methods

14th May 2009:
a bit short, but clever none the less.

your characterization of remus is dead - on
i applaud you for it

this story is turning out to be quite lovely and im glad i found it :)

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