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Review #1, by neverland:

28th December 2007:
*snifs dramatically* what about ME??? I understand you'll miss Tommy, but...what about your best bud? I dedicated a CHAPPIE to you.I actually listened when you were crying over the ending of a story.
*shrugs* oh well, doesn't matter. I can get over it, I guess.
Yeah, so, I find this chappie much better (and LONGER i guess ;) anyways, good job girl!! :)
Well, I'm going back to reading some Narnia FF haha.

Author's Response: I was going to dedicate chappie 3 to you, i'm writing it, but because of that i won't!!! Just kidding, chappie 3 IS for you.
Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #2, by neverlandBlack Hole: The Package

23rd December 2007:
wow, this story left me absolutely speechless. It is wonderfully written. I hope you update soon.

Author's Response:
I'll try to. I've hit a bit of a roadblock. (:

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Review #3, by neverlandI can manage him alone: I can manage him alone

9th December 2007:
Just like your other one-shot (we three kings), this one is beautifully written, and touching too.

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Review #4, by neverlandEndgame: A New Challenge

9th December 2007:
I'm a pretty sucky reviewer, I'll admit it, but I liked this one-shot. It was sweet, and funny.

Author's Response: Nah, not sucky at all, to me at least! Thanks for the review - nice to know you liked it!

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Review #5, by neverlandWe Three Kings: We Three Kings

9th December 2007:
This one-shot was simply lovely and sweet, and extremely touching. I'm on the verge of tears right now haha. I just want to congratulate you on the wonderful job you did in this one-shot.

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Review #6, by neverlandFade to Black: Storm Eyes

9th December 2007:
The only thing I can say is this: Beautiful. A beatiful, touching one-shot.

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Review #7, by neverland:

9th December 2007:
I must say this story is absolutely delightful. I love the way in which you write it, and I'm really looking foward to where you are taking this. Good job.

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Review #8, by neverland:

8th December 2007:
HI aguss!! I'm your first reviewer haha!

Well, it is a nice idea, but you have some problems with your spelling and with the time: Kelly Clarkson, ACDC and Fall Out Boys are not in the time where Bailey was a young girl.

But, apart from that, it seems good, and has nice potential. I liked the end especially, when you described Bailey's family. I don't know why, but there was something really nice about it.
Anyways, see you soon!
who else?

Author's Response: Yes,i know.Maybe ACDC is ok, but fall out boys and Kelly Clarkson aren't.
But, it's AU, and i liked the ACDC thing(wonder where i got it??I'll really miss him.)
Thank 4 reviewing!

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Review #9, by neverlandEver, Ever After: The Wedding

7th December 2007:
aww, that was so sweet! It did make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Great job.

Author's Response: weee. thanks (: glad you liked it

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Review #10, by neverlandFor The Good Grace Of God: An Idiotic Mistake

7th December 2007:
I'm an awful reviewer, I'll admit it, but I felt a need to review your story.
I loved Grace and her awsome personality, and I'm really interested in what's going to happen next with her. I also like Holly quite a lot, though Scott seems kinda uptight. Poor guy, I suppose it's from being a werewolf; I always imagined Remus to be kinda shy.
How could Grace hate Remmy?! It's great that she's not the typical "I-hate-Potter-and-Black-but-I-like-Remus" character, but I like Remmy! haha, only kidding, I really want to see where everything goes.
Yeah..I think I need to have some breakfast. I'm half asleep and probably saying very dumb things.
Great story,

Author's Response: Oh Dear God! You're not an awful reviewer! Just because you don't reviews some one's story doesn't mean you're an awful reviewer! I respect you and your stories and I know that you are not an awful reviewer. Thanks! I love Grace's personality too, Holly great too. Yeah, well, Scott'll loosen up eventually. There is no way in the world that I can make a character uptight and then keep them like that for the entire story. It's partly from being a werewolf and partly it's just how he is. Kinda sad actually, oh well, he'll get better. Remus is a bit (okay, a lot) out of character in this story; he's a bit more bold and outgoing. Aw, I know. It's just how Grace is. She just doesn't like him. And don't worry, I'm always half asleep even WITH breakfast :D Anyways, I saw that your banner by Tiara on the dark arts is ready and I must say, it looks beautiful! She does awesome work! Update your stories soon! Thanks a million for reading and reviewing neverland!

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Review #11, by neverlandM&Ms: M&Ms; That Extraordinary Candy

6th December 2007:
Interesting. I like the idea for this story, and the fact that it seems to be about an OC and James, and not Lily and James. It was kinda short, but sweet. I liked it a lot.
And, I love M&Ms. I'm a total chocoholic hehe.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, I'm getting kind of tired of the same old James and Lily stories. I read then every once and a while; only if they are really good. It is about an OC and James. I've always wanted to write a James/OC fic. Yeah, the first time I submitted it, it was too short, so...yeah. I like M&Ms :) too, but Skittles have my heart. Especially Sour Skittles. But M&Ms still rock! I'm more of a sourholic (if you can even be that). And by the way, I heard that you have a new story, I'm off to check it out :) Thanks a million for reading and reviewing neverland!

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Review #12, by neverlandProud & Prejudiced: A Condescending Visit

16th November 2007:
I'm a big fan of Jane Austen's work, and, when I saw this fic, I knew I wanted to read it.
This story is absolutely amazing. You have like a "thing" that reminds me of Jane Austen's way of writing and the way you've merged the HP characters with the Pride & Prejudice characters is great. So far, this story has gone really well, and I'm glad that I stumbled upon it.

Author's Response: What a shower of compliments! Thank you very, very much, I myself am glad that you stumbled upon it!

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Review #13, by neverlandHalfway To Infinity: Chapter Twenty-One: Bereavement

14th November 2007:
Well, first of all I should tell you that the ending was absolutely amazing. I loved how you used Dumbledore's line. Really fantastic.
This chapter was a little short (I am a fan of long chapters hehe), but really worth the wait. I like how you're developing Colm, though he does seem kinda shallow.
Well, great chapter and please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Yeah, it was short. The rough draft was even shorter, but I added a scene and some description to fill it a bit.

Yeah, Colm is a bit shallow as of right now, but he will get deeper, don't worry!
Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by neverlandAfter She Awoke: The Sleep

1st November 2007:
I knew there was a story like this somewhere in this page!!! A long time ago, I found this story and read the first chapter (loved it, btw), but I can't remember if I left a review or not. Then I left HPFF and never saw the story again.until now. Only yesterday I was thinking about it hehe, I wanted to see how it continued. And now I found it!! yaay!
Yeah..well, about your story
I'm really, really curious about what is going to happen next, so, please update soon.
For some reason, I love your character Stephanie. It's not like I'm a big fan of Sleeping Beauty or anything (I will always love Beauty & the Beast), but there's something I like about Stephanie.
This chapter (and the previous one too) was quite good, and now the story will keep on getting more and more interesting, so I'm really curious about what's to happen in the following chapter.
Update soon!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that it made such a lasting impression on you! I'll try to update soon, but I have to type up the next chapter and do a little bit of tweaking to it . . . anyway, thanks for the review. I'm also glad that you like Stephanie. I love her too, she's one of my favorite characters. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #15, by neverlandSnappy Retorts for Dummies: Snappy Retorts for Dummies

30th October 2007:
LOL!!! This was absolutely hilarious. I was rolling on the floor with laughter. Great job! adding to my faves right now

Author's Response: Oh good.


Isn't that a COOL word?

It's so... favesie.

Don't you think?

Heh heh.


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Review #16, by neverlandMissed Breakfast: Missed Breakfast Part I

25th October 2007:
LOL. This is reeeally funny...and good! Though reading it made me hungry...hmm, well, update soon please!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! And the thought of blueberry pancakes would make anyone hungry, much less the kinds that Sarah dreams about. Heh, I'm working on continuing on it, trying my best and all. It's hard to recapture the mood ^^ Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by neverland:

13th October 2007:
OMG OMG! OMG! ok, I got tired. Well, congrats on passing the 1000 words!!! There were some few mistakes, but it was a great chappie!! Just one teeny tiny thing. Maybe next time you could change words instead of saying "bloody" all the time, so that the reader won't get tired. Anyway, congrats!


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Review #18, by neverlandNinety-Nine Dead Candles, One Tale to Go: Dead Candles

9th October 2007:
I loved this story. The fact that it is about Lily, Severus and Petunia before their Hogwarts days was very original. I also loved how you ended the story. Adding to my faves!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for adding it to your faves! It's always nice to read more about Lily and Severus... after what happened. :) Long live Lily/Severus! Thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by neverlandBliss: Chapter One

7th October 2007:
this seems like a good story. I kinda feel sorry for Bliss. James is so mean! Oh well, please, continue soon.

Author's Response: Aww, why thank you! Yeah, Bliss is...a special character. And James IS mean. You'll just have to see how that plays out later. Tehe. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'll try to update soon.

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Review #20, by neverlandInfamy and Entropy: 2098: Erica Malfoy && Vincent Lestrange

23rd September 2007:
ooh, good story. I'm really looking foward to see what happens to Vera. Please update soon!!

Author's Response: I'm going to try and update as soon as I can. Since a year has passed since when I started this story there are a few ideas I want to be able to work into the plot so I've got to do a bit of restructuring, but I'm definitely going to try my best to keep up with this story as it is perhaps my favorite one of all time. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #21, by neverlandHalfway To Infinity: Chapter Twenty: The Muggle Revolt

23rd September 2007:
This was a very good chapter, as usual. I just love your writing style and the plot. Well, please update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'll update as soon as I can! I'm getting ready to send chapter twenty-one to the beta right now!

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Review #22, by neverlandPureblood: Patience is a Virtue

18th September 2007:
This seems to be a very good story! I loved the fact that Alex is a pureblood; most OCs are Gryffindors, and it gets quite tiring to see the same always, so your story is very refreshing (or at least to me). It's nice to see another point of view (in this case, a Slytherin's). I certainly will continue reading this story

Author's Response: yea i wanted to write something a little different then what i usually write (which is usually the Gryffindor OC) and i really like writing from a Slytherins pov. Thanks for reading =)

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Review #23, by neverlandMara: Chapter One

15th September 2007:
This seems to be a great story. It was really catching and interesting. I love the character Mara. Well, keep up the good job and please update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for taking the time to review. I'm glad that you like Mara...I have some interesting things planned for her...
I hope you enjoy the rest of it! :o)

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Review #24, by neverlandFatal Accident: Gets Along with Aquarius

14th September 2007:
I like this chapter a lot (loved James' pick-up line hehe). This story seems really interesting, so keep up the good work!!

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Review #25, by neverland:

12th September 2007:
aguss!!! your story is getting more and more interesting and I agree with cami, this would make a great movie. I cannot wait to continue reading this story!! you go girl!!!
I'm glad you like the banner, I was afraid you wouldn't like it. Well, continue writing, you're getting better!
your bff, bachu
PS: poor lily!! and you say I'm mean! (hehe, just kidding)

Author's Response: JAJAJA!!!

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