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Review #1, by never_too_oldHarry Woke Up: Draco Wins

22nd August 2009:
That was such a wonderful story. I remember reading this a long time ago and when I read it again, I realized I never actually finished it! Such a great surprise to read it again and see how it ended. Your plotline was wonderful and very imaginative. A sequel would definitely be a nice gift. :) I absolutely love your writing style, and when you're doing it with Harry and Draco, that makes me love it even more. Well done. Keep up the great work. :)

Author's Response: Hi there! Oh I'm so pleased you enjoyed this story. (o: Thanks for coming to read it again, and I'm glad it was completed this time so you could find out what happened in the end. I'm happy you enjoyed the plot line. I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my writing style. I definitely enjoy writing Harry and Draco, so as long as I have ideas about them, I'll write them.

As for the sequel - it's in my mind, and bits of it are on paper, but I don't have anything near enough to begin posting it yet. So I don't know if will come one day or not. I've not given up on it yet, even if perhaps I should. (o: Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by never_too_oldChandelier: Chandelier

15th March 2009:
:) Very cute. And hey, if you didn't have strange parents, then you never would have written this story. That was a really funny story, by the way. Man, I would be mortified if that happened to me while I was staying at my parents. Ahh!! Nice job! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, my Mom was too. At that age I guess everything is humilating. I still think it's funny though. XD

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Review #3, by never_too_oldThis is Why I Hate You: This is Why I Hate You

23rd November 2008:
Yes, sappy slash is wonderful every once in a while, and I truly loved it. I love Draco and Harry together, but fics with Draco and Blaise are so wonderfully yummy, too. And you've definitely made this one delicious for me. You didn't even need to put in smut for me to melt in this story. :) Love it! And that is why I love you. haha

Author's Response: Lol, thank you for ANOTHER gorgeous review! I'm pretty much good with all slash at the moment, and although D/H is still my favourite for Draco, Blaise is gorgeous so it's ok. :P I love you too!

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Review #4, by never_too_oldForbidden Love: Chapter 24: Caught in the Act (Part One)

9th November 2008:
Yay! I've finally been able to get some spare time to read this next chapter. :) (which I know you know exactly how that feels) :) haha Okay, on with the review...

1. omg So it was Harry? Ah! I thought it was going to be Ron. Scary about his dream, though. And poor Hermione, having to hear him talk to her like that.

2. I really hope Harry doesn't tell anyone. I'm glad Draco is making her go talk to him. Oh, and I loved this line: "Can't I be the over-protective boyfriend?" Yes, Draco. You most certainly can!! :)

3. So he was hiding in the RR. Good thinking Hermione. :) I like how Draco keeps sticking up for Hermione, in front of Harry. There's that protective boyfriend. :) haha You know, sometimes knowing other people's secrets can work to your advantage. You forgot about that part with Ginny, didn't you Harry? LOL Score one for Hermione! :)

4. Wow. Talk about a civil conversation between the two boys. Even using first names! I'm glad they're going to try to keep Hermione safe. I'm also glad to see that Draco doesn't want to leave her, but be by her side even more now. :) And that Hermione knows the truth. You rarely see that in fan fics... it's always 'oh, I have to protect her by staying away from her.' (*ahem* yes, I'm guilty of that) haha :) And darn... now they have to sleep in the same bed. ;)

5. haha Ron. He can be so gullible at times. :) I'll tell you what, though. Harry needs to learn on his lying a little more. They're not all going to be like Ron. lol

6. Aw, he missed her. He's just so cute. And he cleaned his room! :) It was about time. haha Ooh, Forrest Gump is a great movie. I always love your movie choices, Emma. :)

7. Great ending, with Draco pulling her close to him on the bed. I just wanted to melt, seeing his arm comfort her like that. *sigh* :)

Another great job, as usual, Emma! Good luck with your exams, and YAY for finally being out of school!! I can't wait to hear from you when it's all over!! :)

Love and hugs to you!!

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Review #5, by never_too_oldSecret Sins: Coming Clean

27th October 2008:
And we learn the story of how they came to be. Awww :) So cute. He was Harry's hero. haha I love how they each took turns telling the story, and how they would blush at times when they did. I also loved Ron's line about how he didn't have to worry anymore about Hermione choosing Harry. lol That was good. I'm also glad he didn't get too angry (after he already blew up in the He scared Hermione. haha And hmm.. seems Hermione may know something. :) MORE MORE!!

Author's Response: hehe :) welll I had to come up with some sort of back story on how the 2 enimies got together and it just sort of came to me ;) I"m so glad you liked it! I know Ron had to clam down (he really freaked out, even scared me a and of course our resident know-it-all has to start figuring it out before the boys even have a clue.. sometimes I wonder how those 2 manage to dress themselves in the mornings without

Unfortunatly there is going to be a serious delay in updates on this story... NaNo starts in 4 days I'm I'm psyched! 50,000 words in 30 days here I come!!

Wish me luck!

Love you!

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Review #6, by never_too_oldRelief: Relief

26th October 2008:
I truly liked this story. Your depiction of a minor character is really good. I love when people write about the different characters in this story. It just allows us to see the different sides of the story. The only thing wrong is the timeline, which you probably are already aware. They wouldn't have been in school the same time as Riddle, although you wrote it well enough to believe they could. :) Great story.

Author's Response: hehe.. i know.. and honestly it killed me to do it but it fit my story there's the joy of
I'm so glad you liked it!

Much Love

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Review #7, by never_too_oldWho'd Have Thought?: Who'd Have Thought?

24th October 2008:
I really liked this story. While reading it, I was sitting there remembering that I had actually read this story before. haha I'm not even sure if I left you a review, before the site crashed. But it doesn't matter. I read the story again and now get to review (possibly again). haha :)

I seriously love how you built up their friendship. I'm one to believe that as you get older, your childish ways leave you, and anything is possible. :) Harry and Draco, in my opinion, are a classic love/hate couple. The passion will always be there between them. The way you wrote their blossoming relationship was wonderful. I could definitely see this actually happening between them. Good job, Caitlin!! :)

Author's Response: I think you did review this before, though I could be mistakening you for another Harry/Draco lover :P I've been trying to put some time aside to read some of your fics, but they're long and I haven't gotten the time yet. I should be able to tomorrow though, look out for squeeing over the cuteness of the couple :P

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it and that it's believable. I definitely agree with the love/hate couple thing, as well as the maturing thing. Who's to say they don't become friends when they're older? Well... other than JK, lol. Thanks again!


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Review #8, by never_too_oldSecret Sins: Another Look

12th October 2008:
Ooh, I can't wait for him to tell them about Draco. And, aw... how cute of Draco to run to his side. So caring. :) And now he has more images of this redheaded girl. Wonder when he'll put two and two together. :) Good thinking about Harry using Protego again. Now, I will patiently wait for your update. :)

Author's Response: LOL.. I know, couldn't you just see Ron's face..haha.. priceless. There's going to be a bit of a delay before teh next chapter goes up because I'm almost done with a oneshot for a challenge and it has to be validated before Halloween but I promise chapter 4 will be up right after that!


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Review #9, by never_too_oldSweet Revenge: Er...what?

4th October 2008:
I had previously left you a review, prior to the crash. Of course, do I remember what I said? Not really, except that you made me laugh with the middle of this story, but also making me wonder what exactly was going on. haha The title was definitely perfect. Oh, and I also remember talking about Blaise's comment: "No, darling. But if you took the 'incredibly pissed' out of that sentence, then you'd be right." That was great!! How cute are those two?? hee hee Although... if it were Harry instead of Blaise... Mmmm LOL :)

Anyway, I'm sorry about your reviews. :( Same happened to me, too. So, I definitely wanted to at least give you another review to this chapter. Good job! Can't wait for more. :)

Author's Response: Aw, I remember you! You're a fabulous reviewer! Thanks so much for coming back and reviewing again! I really appreciate it. :D

Again, more great reviewage, thank you so much. *huggle*

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Review #10, by never_too_old10 Ways To Impress A Mudblood: VI. The Date

4th October 2008:
lol This story is still going strong. :) Love the end where he didn't have to have a kiss to get the handcuffs off. That sneaky little Slytherin. :) Oh man! And what was he thinking about bringing her into a bookstore?? That was funny. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hello there! Thanks, I'm glad you think so. Yes, Draco was a sneaky little Slytherin, wasn't he? xD I'm trying to write more; hopefully I'll update soon. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by never_too_oldSaving You, Saving Me: Three

11th June 2008:
:) My heart continues to melt with this story. I always love seeing Draco as a savior. This was really good, moondanser! You truly understand their pain and write it out perfectly. Their feelings for each other are so confusing, yet so right. They need each other. :) Okay... now I must go to work now. At least this chapter will be in my thoughts all day and I will be able to smile. :) Thank you!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! This story took FOREVer to write but I'm reall ypleased with how i came out :)
Chapter 4 should be in queue shortly ;)
Much Love!

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Review #12, by never_too_oldCursed: Part I

7th June 2008:
Okay, definitely wasn't expecting Beauty and the Beast. :) You must really have a thing for Disney movies. This one and the other one with the Lion King song? haha I am a TOTAL Disney freak, btw. :) What's great is that I actually live in Orlando, Florida, too!

Okay... moving on to your story...

1. I really like how you are keeping both the present and past together. It's nice to hear him retell his story and then seeing it first hand. Very good. :)

2. I enjoyed Amora's scene. I laughed when you could see her getting a bit impatient with him. And I loved Draco's line: "Great, just great, what a wonderful time to [be] under a curse when I have a psychotic Dark Lord after me! You sure have wonderful timing, miss." haha Such a git! :)

3. I really liked how you kept Dumbledore's funeral in this story. And then having Hermione spot him in the forest was great! I'd probably wonder the same thing about why she didn't alert anyone about him being there.

4. Poor Draco. His sexy looks replaced by a hairy beast. How COULD anyone love him now? haha Okay... side note: I don't know about you, but going back to the actual movie, I totally loved the Beast. I thought he was better looking than the prince, in all honesty. HAHA Oops, got off track a little. I'm just saying... :) LOL Yes, I am a bit weird...

Good chapter, Emma. Interested to know how Hermione will discover him and what will happen when she does. :)

Author's Response: Lol, I guess you weren't! Yes, I must admit I do have a thing for Disney movies! I watched them all the time when I was a kid, I do miss those days...*sigh* But yet I still watch "The Lion King" over and over and "Beauty and the Beast" alot! Lol, join the club! Damn, I wish I lived in Orlando! I went there when I was 5 and I LOVED it!

My response:

1. Thanks! I thought it would be interesting if I set it out that way because the prologue was set at the funeral and he was beginning to tell the story then. But I also liked showing so this was the result.

2. That scene was rather hard to write, but I liked it. Lol, who wouldn't get impatient with him? So annoying (but yet he's hot!). She was still trying to be her pleasent way though. Ha, I love that line too, it sounds just like him to say that. The git indeed!

3. I'm glad you like me using Dumbledore's funeral! I've always had a theory (yes, another one) that Draco might have snuck back to Hogwarts and watched the funeral because he was guilty about his death. Which is why I had him watch the funeral from the forest. Ha, I had to put in that Hermione saw him! I agree with you on that one.

4. I know! Poor Draco, a hairy beast! Aw, I would still love him! As long as he wasn't violent, to me he would be a cuddly beast! Oh I loved the Beast too! And I totally agree with you there, he was better looking than the prince! Lol, you're not weird, you're unqiue! As one of my friends say, we're all weird in our special way which makes us unqiue! (Or maybe I said that to one of my friends...I don't know!)

Thanks for your review! I can tell you that Hermione will be in the next chapter so get excited!

Emma :D

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Review #13, by never_too_oldSaving You, Saving Me: Two

7th June 2008:
Another great chapter. :) Well, I see Harry has noticed something different with her. Always a good sign when a friend can notice changes about you. Of course, how does one approach the fragile situation when they don't know exactly what's going on? That's the hard part, but I do hope she will find someone to talk to soon... perhaps Malfoy? Aww... when he followed her into the forest, I just had to smile. And again, as he began to start talking about it. Too bad he's Malfoy... did he really think she was going to talk about it to him? At least right now? Oh goodness... and now his father is here. I do hope he goes easy on him.

Can't wait for more. Intrigued about Harry's little secret gf, too. Hmmm... a girl with dark hair. Well, that narrows it down to someone completely of a different pairing. LOL I mean, we know it can't be Luna or Ginny. Hmm... I think I have an idea of who it is, but I'm not going to say anything, considering you wouldn't be able to answer me anyway. haha :)

Author's Response: Hehehe.. we're just full of secrets over here....;)
I agree with you though, I can't imagine that Hermione would have even considered talking to Draco (at that point) but he must recive points for trying ;)
A visit from Daddy Malfoy can never be a good thing... don't you think?
As far as Harry's mystery girl.. your right... she's going to remain a mystery... for now. I will tell you this though... I do not go into this new relationship too much, but it does become helpful/slightly important a little ways down the road ;)
Chapter 3 is sitting in queue as we speak... I hope it won't be too long!
Thanks for another wonderful review!

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Review #14, by never_too_oldSaving You, Saving Me: One

5th June 2008:
:) What an absolutely WONDERFUL start! My heart already goes out to both of them, and it's only the first chapter! The descriptions were beautifully used here. And at the end where Draco is smelling her scent, I just fell in love. I cannot wait for more!! I'm so glad I decided to click on your name tonight. I wasn't sure if you had come back to writing yet, or were still doing only videos. So glad you came back!! :)

Great chapter, once again. I look forward to more, that's for sure. :)

Author's Response: YAY!! I'm so glad you stopped by my page... and even happier that you liked how the new story is starting... Chapter 2 is all ready sitting in queue and will hopefully be up soon...
The story is actualy complete...
now we sit back and wait for
Keep and eye out!
Much Love

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Review #15, by never_too_oldThe Game of Love: Chapter Eleven: The Quidditch Date: Part One

4th June 2008:
Very good chapter!! :) I always have loved the idea of Hermione afraid to fly. It really suits her, I think. And I could just imagine what the other girls were thinking. Hermione is scared out of her mind, whereas the girls assume she is faking so she could be closer to Draco. Girls! LOL :) Aw, Draco is starting to think about the irritating little know-it-all. How sweet when he held her hand, knowing why she was nervous. Poor Viktor. haha I was dying with Maddi's screams. Let's see if SHE gets a rose next round. LOL :)

Again, great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Haha! That's exactly what the other girls were thinking! You'll get to see more of what they think of Hermione next chapter, hehe. As for Draco... I don't want to say too much about him. Maddi... oh dear, Maddi. She's actually based on someone I know. She won't be leaving just yet, I can tell you that :) Thanks for the great review!!! ^_^

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Review #16, by never_too_oldOne Plus One Is One: Chapter One And Only

2nd June 2008:
aww Very cute. :) Glad I saved this H/D fic for last!! Now that's what I'm talking about!! :D The only suggestion I have for you is to space out your story. Sometimes it can hurt the eyes when it's combined like that. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. Sometimes you just need a little PWP (even without it, too!) haha "Just pretend that I didn’t sound incredibly like a girl, alright?” That was great! :)

Good job!!

Author's Response: Thankee! I'm so glad you liked it! Yes, I just read back over it and I can see what you mean - unfortunately there is some problem with the admin and I can't repost anything. Or post it. It is tres tres annoying and has been going on for DAYS. Anyway. When I can I will change it, so thank you for the advice! And yes, PWP is definitely the thing to have, and as my first slashy one, I must say I think I did rather a splendid job of it (and I'm so modest, too!). Of course, I'm sure if I look back on it in a few months there will be a whole load of thingsthat I will cringe about and I'll have to do a re-write. Still. And yes, that was one of my favourite lines too! Glad you appreciated it! Loves!!!

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Review #17, by never_too_oldMy Dearest Enemy, My Dangerous Lover: Prologue

2nd June 2008:
Poor Harry. A dream like that and then he's all alone in his bed. Sigh. Of course, I can understand his shock that he was not only dreaming about Malfoy, but also a guy. That's a bit confusing, I must say. Would be kind of interesting to see if perhaps a certain Slytherin has some common thoughts on the subject. hint hint ;)

Author's Response: Yes, that dream was VERY confusing. And I think that there may be a little bit of reciprocation in the thoughts department when it comes to a certain little gorgeousness! However, I can't tell you, because I haven't written any more yet. BUT I WILL! I promise! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #18, by never_too_oldLike Breathing Under Water: Like Breathing Under Water

2nd June 2008:
Wow. You know, I usually do read it the other way around. Where Harry is more sensitive than Draco. But I liked your take on it. :) I feel so bad for Draco. He finally was able to love and then it was taken right from underneath him. Stupid Harry. I think you're right though. I'm sure Harry felt something for him, too. Good story. My heart aches for Draco now. Knowing his promise to himself for never loving again is just so sad. :( Very descriptive writing by the way.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing this! I really appreciate it! Yeah, I know that a lot of people write it the other way around, but as I said, this is really how I see it happening. I'm glad you liked my take on it, anyway! :) And although poor Draco sees Harry as not loving him, I think that deep inside, Harry does. Unfortunately it is a little too much for him to deal with and that's why everybody gets hurt. I was going to write a sequel but I think if I did I might ruin it. Anyway, very glad you liked it, and thank you so much for reviewing, it is highly appreciated! Loves.

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Review #19, by never_too_oldGiving Professor Snape A Dose Of His Own Potion: Absolute Chaos

2nd June 2008:
I definitely could see you had fun writing this chapter!! It was very amusing. I'm still laughing at your pairing. And PIG fighting for Snape?! SO FUNNY!! :) Good job, Rose. Thanks for lifting the ban so you could post this.

Author's Response: teeheehee! :D i did indeed have fun writing it! i'm glad you had just as much enjoyment out of reading it! and that you liked the choice of pairing!! and hahahaha yes, pig, THE pig the owl fighting for snape! one of my most amusing little ideas there...

and it was no problem lifting the ban! well, twas kind of bad of me... but i couldnt stand it any longer, id been since march without writing anything! lol!

thanks for the lovely review!

Rose :)

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Review #20, by never_too_oldThe Game of Love: Chapter Ten: Explanations and Invitations

1st June 2008:
Okay, quite honestly, I kept ignoring this story because I am not much of a fan of reality TV (especially the bachelor). Can I just say, here and now, how completely wrong I was in not reading this?! I absolutely LOVE how you are doing this story!! The fact that you have even kept it canon is what I absolutely love!! :) I could definitely see this happening later in life. Your writing is very enjoyable, by the way. I cannot wait for more updates on this story! Absolutely wonderful. I am so happy I decided to take a chance with it. Thank you! :)

Author's Response: Wow, I'm really glad you decided to click on my story! To tell you the truth, I don't really watch reality TV either. In fact, I haven't seen a single episode of The Bachelor in a very long time. Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thank you so much for the awesome review!!! :)

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Review #21, by never_too_old10 Ways To Impress A Mudblood: III. Muggle Studies

1st June 2008:
No way. I found this chapter still exciting, even if it was short. :) I was totally laughing along with Hermione. How cute is he trying to seem so smart and knowledgable about things like that? Toasters and phonographs. Gotta love history books. haha I was dying with the way he pronounced some of them. Priceless! Aww, she said his name. Perhaps he is starting to get in there now. :) She is already impressed. He's definitely on his way now.

Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Really?!? Thanks! Whew, I'm happy to hear it was still exciting :) Yes, Draco thinks he knows all about Muggle things but the textbook has failed him, lol. And Hermione is impressed...we'll see in the next chapter if he manages to keep at it! Haha, thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by never_too_oldForbidden Love: Chapter 20: Discoveries

31st May 2008:
YAY!!! Not only was there an update, but a LONG update as well!! So much information to process!! So much interesting and fun-filled things, too. :)

1. Aw, his photo album. :) I'm glad Hermione didn't take offense to him not wanting her to be around at first when he goes through it. It is a rather personal thing to do and he is still Draco. Still a bit hard for him to share personal stories. :)

2. I loved the photos. Always fun to look at old memories. And especially memories of his mother. So sweet. Wow... a sister?! Didn't see that coming. And what else didn't I see?? A possible thought that Lucius is NOT his father? Wow!

3. haha Felicity is still mad at Harry. Stubborn little thing, isn't she? :) Poor Harry. And then his scar begins to act up again? He just can't seem to get a break.

4. OMG Voldemort possessed Harry! And if that line he says is what I think, then I'm very scared for Hermione and Draco. Does he know? Oh man. NOT good. Well, at least Draco's skull was healed. :)

5. lol It IS a big event when Felicity will finally apologize. :) I'm sure that was very hard for her, even if she wouldn't admit the other part about him not making her a beater. haha Oh, and I was cracking up with these lines: “Come on, Harry, fight this! We can’t lose you!” “He’s not dying, Flick!” Perfect! :)

6. Oh man. Seeing Voldemort is never fun. And then to see that Lucius may soon be found. Oh wow. I wonder where this place is, too.

7. “Harry, please wake up! I’ll give you a cookie." lol I know I've said it before, but I love Felicity. :) And then when Harry said he actually would want one. Too cute. And thank goodness he told Hermione about Voldemort and Lucius. She has to tell Draco and let him know.

8. I really loved the different Head Girl/Boy photos. I laughed when I read that the only Hufflepuff he saw was in 1913. :) Wow... and then the picture of Tyler. What a shocking revelation! It has to be true. Well, at least, I HOPE it's true. For Draco's sake. btw: laughed at Tyler's name. Felton. haha Nice. :) haha

9. Okay, so Draco now knows Voldemort is looking for Lucius. Seems there are many people searching for this man, huh? And then possibly thinking he knows about them together... oh goodness. Frightening thought for the both of them. I wonder if Voldemort is going to tell Lucius. I definitely wouldn't put it passed him.

10. And finally... aww yay! Another dance. And not just any dance, but a Valentine's Day dance. Always sweet. Hope those two can keep from ogling each other all night long in front of everyone. haha :)

Well done chapter!! I cannot wait for the next one. :) Oh, any I'm not sure if I had said it somewhere else, but if not... then happy belated birthday! Glad to know you didn't get green hair!! :)

Author's Response: Ha, yes there was finally an update and that is was long! Well, all of my updates for this are long so that should please everyone, since there’s so much going on too.

1. So that was the big brown book, the photo album. I like to think some photos are personal unless you really want to share it and Draco is the type of person who would be private with that sort of thing. He might tell Hermione one day.

2. I love looking at photos, especially my baby ones! I got to look through heaps when I had my birthday because I made a slideshow of them. But for Draco, seeing past pictures of his mother makes him happy, doesn’t it? Ha, yes no one would see that coming! I thought it would surprise everyone when he sees a picture of his sister in the album! And also the thought Lucius is not his father! Intersting…

3. Felicity is a very stubborn girl. My friends say she reminds them of me, I can be very stubborn and not admit I did something wrong. And yes, poor Harry, his scar never stops hurting, oh dear.

4. It’s never good when Voldemort possess Harry. Oh, you’ll have to wait and see if he knows about them! Wouldn’t be good if he did. The good thing is that Draco is better!

5. I thought it would be a big event if Felicity apologised to Harry, which makes it funny, but yet she won’t admit it was a good idea to never let her be Beater. Ha, those lines came to my head and I just had to use them!

6. That scene was a little difficult to write, but it is never good seeing Voldemort and that he’s looking for Lucius. You’ll see where he was soon. It’s nothing major though.

7. I totally love that line. Like I said before, it came to my head and I just had to use it! A lot of people love Felicity, she has her own little fan club! Lol. Well, Hermione was going to ask why he collapsed in the hospital wing so he decided to tell her anyway. good that he did.

8. Ha, I laugh that there was only one Hufflepuff that was a Head. rather sad though, Ernie could have been Head Boy but then this would be a different story. Yes, he found the picture of Tyler! You’ll have to wait and see if it’s true! Lol, you have to thank my beta, sopper, for giving the name! She suggested Felton and it fitted perfectly!

9. Yeah, a lot of people are after Lucius, he’s not very popular these days. Not very good that Voldemort might know about them, scary situation. Again, wait and see…

10. Yes, another dance. Should be fun for the both of them, no debate who they’re going to take! But they can’t be seen together…hmm. You’ll see what happens!

I was so happy to see your name when I went to the reviews! I always look forward to them. Oh and thanks for the greeting, I had a lovely birthday, without green hair. I didn’t get Draco Malfoy, but I got a teddy bear called Draco Malfoy! I love him heaps. Thanks for the review!

Emma :D

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Review #23, by never_too_oldCursed: Prologue

30th May 2008:
OOOhhh Very good start, Emma!! Love the prologue and cannot wait to read more. You really captured Draco's sadness. I could hear the silent cries. :) Very good.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you loved the prologue so it would make you read more! I felt Draco's sadness when I wrote it and I was a little teary too. Thanks for the review!

Emma :D

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Review #24, by never_too_oldLily and James: Stubborn as a mule.

26th May 2008:
Interesting so far. I do like Potter's determination. Curious to see when Lily will stop hating him. Your writing is pretty good, by the way. Definitely on the right track. :)

Author's Response: Of course Potter will never give up ; )
and Lily is in denial about hate.

Thank you so much!

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Review #25, by never_too_oldVertigo: Psychology vs. Proof

26th May 2008:
Okay, absolutely amazing chapter!! I'm so glad I found this story. Truly wonderful. Keep it coming!! Love it!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, and I'm glad you found it, too ;) I hope you'll keep reading :)

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