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Review #1, by darker side of happyThe Duet Of Pansy And Draco: Cantata

30th April 2015:
Love this! Great twist at the end and Draco's personality was definitely on par! 10/10

Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this! I'm so happy to hear that you liked the twist and Draco's personality. He was a lot of fun to write!


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Review #2, by darker side of happyThe Choosing: Coming Out

26th January 2015:
Loved reading this so far. Great idea, and hope you update soon!

Author's Response: just uploaded chapter two, and waiting on validation :) glad you liked it

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Review #3, by darker side of happyThe Monopoly on Honour: Do we not Suffer?

8th May 2014:
I liked it alot. I noticed you havent updated in awhile so I hope you do consider doing so. I particularly enjoy stories like this!

Author's Response: Thanks very much :) It's always encouraging. I've been seriously ill these past few months and have final exams: but my last one is on Thursday, so don't worry, I have the next chapter almost ready to post :)

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Review #4, by darker side of happyFaction Before Blood: The Choosing Ceremony

2nd July 2013:
I have to admit I was slightly taken aback when I realized the houses would be no more. I do however enjoy the idea that you have used with the factions, although I'm curious to see how that will work out. As you wrote most are going to end up together anyway.
They were put in their original houses for a reason I imagine many would still remain together.

You write very well and I hope to see an update soon. This is definitely falling along the originality lines and I think this is going to be an amazing story. Write more soon!!!

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Review #5, by darker side of happyVinco Vici Victum: Conquer and Destroy

26th June 2013:
Oh wow I love this piece. I just happened upon it and I'm so glad I did. What an interesting life this would become. I would love to see if Daphne could handle her actions later in life or if it would haunt her. Well done indeed.

Author's Response: I am so sorry for the late reply, I haven't checked my reviews but now with the new layout I can see my unanswered reviews which makes things easier!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I have questioned whether or not to make into a story because after writing this, I fell in love with Daphne. It's definitely a possibility in the future.

Thank you so much for your lovely review and for taking the time to read it.

- Vicki

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Review #6, by darker side of happyAll the King's Men: Munich

25th June 2013:
I absolutely enjoyed it. I found it well written and your characters interacted nicely. I'm a fan of the epic war ;) kind of stories I look forward to seeing more writing from you!

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Review #7, by darker side of happySounds Like Broken Records Playing Over: Boyfriendish

21st May 2013:
I like the way you have set up the interactions between Pansy and Draco, and the reactions of their friends. I'm kinda attached to this story now, I went through the same sort of situation awhile back myself so its nice to have something to read you can relate to! Haha listen to me ramble, hope you update soon I genuinely enjoy your story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I'm so glad you felt you could relate :D you made my day! Hope you keep liking it! xx

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Review #8, by darker side of happyHufflepuffs, Death Eaters, And the Likes.: A New Life.

21st May 2013:
Looove this story!!! I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked on it but I have been pleasantly surprised. You've done a good job with these characters and I'm intrigued to read more so please update as soon as possible =)

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Review #9, by darker side of happyTo Burn A Wilted Rose: The Agreement

21st May 2013:
I have to admit a great summary. that's what drew me in to this story. I'm actually excited to continue reading and for more updates! It's a nice turn, with Hermione's parents sort of sacrificing happiness for her survival. Good job and update soon please!! =)

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Review #10, by darker side of happyDivided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter II

19th May 2013:
I enjoyed reading this, it's a nice little out take on the Founders. I like the idea thatatonetime the wizarding world stood beside Muggles to help, well before it all went downhill ofcourse. Hope to see more soon!

Author's Response: I figured it had to have started out well - the wizarding world wasn't always in hiding. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it!

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Review #11, by darker side of happySectioned: {diagnosis}

19th May 2013:
I found this story to be refreshing! It's a different take on Lily Potter II and as a fan of her character I'm always looking for an interesting and different side to her. Hope you update soon!

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Review #12, by darker side of happyLate Nights: Late Nights

18th May 2013:
I like the little moment that was shared between them Two kindred souls who know all too well the burdens placed on them!

Author's Response: Thank you! I feel exactly the same way about them, she is perfect for Draco at Hogwarts but I'm an avid shipper of Drastoria because I feel like Pansy was a bad influence on him

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Review #13, by darker side of happySnakes Love: She Is

15th June 2012:
This could be an interesting plot with the Voldemort idea. The only critique I have is maybe more fluid, but then again it is a prologue. I'm interested in reading more.

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Review #14, by darker side of happyPurity Always Conquers: The Tapestry

25th October 2011:
This was a brilliant portrayal of Draco.
He has always come across to me as a young man torn in two.

The responsibility laid at his feet for a family who has more sins and burdens than a man of Draco's age should have to bare. I think the desire to uphold the Malfoy name is strong in him, a value instilled literally from birth. But I feel Draco is lost on how to uphold this. He lacks his father's ability to destroy in its name so indiscriminately, yet he desperately wants to succeed in doing so.

The uncertainty of taking the Dark Mark and the consequences it held weighs heavily on him and I believe you did an amazing job in portraying that strong emotion.

The idea that Draco is alone was a focal point or so it seemed to me and I think you nailed it on the head in this piece. No matter how hard he tried to win respect or honor it always seemed to backfire for him and for the worse at that.
All though so many surround him Draco is well and truly alone in his task, his life and his mind.

I truly enjoyed reading this and I'm glad you entered the challenge so that I could have the opportunity to do so!

Author's Response: Yay, you made it :)

I agree, I think Draco was pitched into difficult circumstances and forced to wear shoes much too big for him. It would be a difficult mission for anyone to undertake, let alone a sixteen-year-old boy. I'm so pleased that I did the emotion justice here, as it's obviously the centerpiece of the story. Draco is definitely very alone, and I think you can see that reflected well in his desperation in the sixth book. He's much more goal-oriented than he was before, almost a totally different person.

Thanks for the kind review! I always enjoy an opportunity to write about my beloved Malfoy men. I look forward to seeing the results of the challenge :)


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Review #15, by darker side of happyDefining Moments: Lucius Malfoy: Last Man Standing

15th October 2011:
I saw where you had entered this into my Malfoy Men Challenge. I have to say bravo! This is an extremely well written piece. I believe you portrayed Lucius in a way that was right on the mark. I enjoyed reading the struggle he seemed to be having within himself, the Dark Lord or Draco.

I feel that no matter what Draco would have won out as he did of course. Lucius is a complex man not to be taken or written lightly. He has both good and evil within him and you captured this so perfectly. The transition he goes through in his memories are wonderfully pieced together. From a young wizard anxious to prove his mettle and bring what he thought would be honor to his family, to a tired worn man who with time begins to realize what a mistake this may have all been. Because in the end it was not worth his wife, his son and his home.

I truly enjoyed reading this, and thank you for writing a phenomenal interpretation of Lucius Malfoy.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your comments.

I always thought the Malfoys were complex, interesting people and that Lucius in particular has a full and distinct arc. I do have a tendency to, perhaps, write him "softer" than the stories warrant -- maybe because I'm influenced by Jason Isaacs, whose characterization is a nuanced one.

Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to read this story and for your review. BP

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Review #16, by darker side of happyWhere Did We Go Wrong: Prelude

5th October 2011:
Ah! I'm so excited, I love fics like this and I can never find one that seems promising. This is well written so far and I hope you update soon. I find stories that portray Albus in a different light besides Harry's little shadow are the mos intriguing I truly hope you decide to continue this story.

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Review #17, by darker side of happyOleander: cinderella's lament

4th October 2011:
Well written, I was not expecting the ending as it turned out. A very different outcome then I usually see in Pansy/Draco pairings. Well done!

Author's Response: thank you so much. i really pleased you enjoyed it

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Review #18, by darker side of happyMidnight: The Unattended Moment

28th October 2009:
Hermione is a bonafide genius. Truly she is without a doubt one of the smartest people in all of HP. Who else wold have thought of a time turner? It was a brilliant and life saving move.

Reading about Blaise has me even more pulled into this story.
If you rise high, that faceless, long-dead man had said, dont do it by climbing on corpses.

That line right there blew me away. It is so true whether in fanfiction or in reality. That was extremely true statement you made and it fits perfectly within your story. Its interesting to see Blaise's slightly human side, how he really plays for neither side only himslef a true Slytherin just like his comrade Draco.

I get more and more excited with this story each time I see a new update I never know what to expect and that thrills me in a story. I have no doubt this story will become one of the HPFF Dramione classics.

~Darker Side Of Happy~

Author's Response: Thank you! I wanted Hermione's solution to come from things she had encountered before. She always came up with very cerebral answers in the books, and I want to carry that on in my fic, as I think it's a key part of her character.

There's a definite tip of the hat in the fic to the many, many inspiring and tragic stories of WWI / WWII. That idea was one of the enduring ones to stick with me and I wanted to convery a little of it in the fic - I am glad it worked. As I'm replying on Armistice Day, it seems - apt.

Yes, I think Blaise is quite strongly ambitious; but that his ambitions have begun to change from focusing on himself to focusing on the wizarding world and the way it could be.

*beams* I am hugely flattered that you think this could be a classic; and I truly hope I don't disappoint you.

Thank so much!

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Review #19, by darker side of happyMidnight: Savagely Still

19th October 2009:
This was such an emotion feeled chapter. When Draco began to talk of his friends that were murdered it almost made me cry(and I dont cry easily.) To see a slightly human side of Draco was refreshing. Hermione had it right when she thought ''there were no rights or wrongs at the graveside'' that was brilliant wording.

And Dennis!!! He's so sneaky. Its strange in a way to see how much the war has changed seemingly innocent people into people who ironically now must use the qualities renowned by the Slytherin house, as a way to survive.

This story continues to thicken and grow with each new chapter and you always put in a wondeful surprise or cliffie!!

Im worried for Draco, but excited to see how this goes. The anticipation will have be back here every few hours checking for updates hehe. So please update soon!!

~Darker Side Of Happy~

Author's Response: Yeah, I think the main thing that strikes me about wars, and certainly those I've read around, is that right and wrong become very arbitrary. Everyone loses those they love; no one can be unsullied by the violence and the tragedy, even if you're on the wrong side.

Interesting point about the characters taking on more tendencies of Slytherin; I suppose it's a Slytherin world, now, where those qualities are what enables one to suvive, and if lucky, to live.

*grin* Glad you enjoy the little tweaks and twists! I have a lot of fun thinking them up.

The update's in the queue. Alas, the wait is currently 3 days, so it may be a little while...

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Review #20, by darker side of happyMidnight: Beauty In Terror

13th October 2009:
Once again another astounding chapter!!
You never cease to shock me with this story.
Even though Ive always tended to lean toward the Death Eaters side, I love the way the last vestiges of the Order continues to fight. I admire that kind of bravery when almost all is lost and hopeless and desperation and defeat starts to sink in on a daily basis they continue to move onward.

Draco is fast starting to intrigue me. He's such a dark character, sometimes when I read certain parts of this story I cant help but think that there is truly little difference between him and Voldemort. Perhaps the only difference is that he still cares about something: His family.

I'll be waiting excitedly for the next chapter!!
Continue the great work!!!

Author's Response: Thank you. Let's hope the shocks continue (in a good way!). I've always been a big fan of stories where the character struggle against massive odds; and of war stories, where I think the lines between right and wriong blur so readily.

Hermione & Draco began on opposite sides, each clear where they stood. And you may not be so wrong about Draco and Voldemort. Certainly they have their similarities - raised with that sense of special, different, better.

The next chapter's in the queue :D Thanks again!

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Review #21, by darker side of happyMidnight: Sparrows In The Gutter

8th October 2009:
I havent been on for days and I was so excited to see three new chapters!!
The banter between the two is hilarious, yet so serious at the same time.

Your characterization of Draco is wonderful, I absolutely love it. You keep him a cold blooded killer, yet somewhere there is still a human side to him for without it he would not care whether his parents lived or died.

Hermione is wonderful as well, she still feels as if she can save the world. It makes it so interesting to read, There is such a contrasting difference between her and Draco. One views it as a selfless chance to save the world, the other views it as a selfless act to save his own family only, which in a way is selfish.

Reading into the thoughts of Harry and Luna was a surprise. I didnt think those two would be alive, yet they are struggling to survive. And Luna, dear old Luna, who seems to be staying so strong and willing herself to move forward. Its an inspiration.

This story is magnificent and I dont say that lightly. It really is a wonderful read and I personally feel that there are not many other Dramione fics that come close to it.

I can not wait for a new update!!


~Darker Side Of Happy~

Author's Response: Hi! Great to hear from you again. Welcome back to the site ;)

I think Draco is the kind of character who would be drawn into the wrong side because of ambition, and later an inability to extract himself from the situation. After all, given what he's done, who on the other side would even listen to him, bar Hermione, who doesn't know the full extent of his notoriety (though she's beginning to glean some idea.)

I always loved Hermione's indomitable spirit in the books :) She never gave up. You've got the contrast between them bang on; it's whether they can move to see one another's viewpoint, and learn something from it.

A few other 'minor' characters will pop up in this story - I hope you like what you see of them too. Luna is a favourite character. She seems so eccentric, but is often capable of piercing insight.

Thank you so much! I love writing it; it's the first time I've ever written a fic where the characters aren't OCs, so it's quite a challenge. But one that is huge fun, and hugely rewarding.

I shall aim to pop the next part into the queue Sunday / Monday :)


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Review #22, by darker side of happyBeyond the Pale: inferno

30th September 2009:
I liked this story alot.
The way that they already felt for each other, and the way they were going to consummate that love, all the while, their elders planned tehir futures away.

Very good one-shot

Author's Response: thank you for such a nice review, and for totally understanding the story!!

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Review #23, by darker side of happyMidnight: Supplication

29th September 2009:
Im appalled at how horrific it must be for Hermione to relive those moments, over and over. Im surprised she has not cracked completely yet.

The shock on Draco's face showed, in my personal opinion, some emotion. Obviously the cold hearted man feels something, perhaps after whatever has happened to his mother and father, he learned to feel again. Not that he ever stopped feeling anything, but serving the Dark Lord would no doubt take a heavy toll on one's conscience. Nothing can change someone so much as the loss of those you love, especially at the hand of the man that you yourself have given devotion and loyalty too.

This is such a wonderful story.
So full of emotion, and reality, something lacking in many stories.
Continue writing!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I think Hermione is tremendously strong; after all, she sent her own parents away knowing that if it all went wrong, they would have no memory of her. But she has her scars: what she doesn't have is Draco's certainty of knowing just what the outside world is like.

Oh yes - as much as he'd like to feel nothing, Draco wasn't expecting to come face to face with his ghosts, so to speak. Voldemort has in him the perfect hostage, after all; he has his family, and of course, Draco has nowhere to go outside the ranks of Voldemort's followers.

*beams* I'm so delighted you're enjoying it! I've tried to think hard about how the outside world would work; what exactly would a post-war world look like, and how would the characters change. I hope you enjoy what's to come!

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Review #24, by darker side of happyMidnight: A Dead Geranium

21st September 2009:
Wow! Im blown away!
You have caught my attention with this story.
Its fresh, different and intriguing.
I love the way you write, its easy to read and understand yet put together colorfully and very descriptively.

The story line is very enticing, your summary drew me in and I was more than impressed with what you have written.
I can not wait for an update on this story.

You have written Hermione so beautifully. The way her mind works and the descriptions you use.
The small bit of dialogue between her and Draco was wonderful.

I hope a new update is coming soon!!
Because Im definitely adding this story to my favorites!
Continue writing!!

~Darker Side Of Happy~

Author's Response: Hi Darker Side of Happy,

Thank you for such a long and thorough review! It's incredibly kind and thoughtful of you to put in so much effort.

I was caught by the opening image of Hermione within a decrepit Hogwarts, alone (or almost...) and I tried to be as precise and vivid when I was writing it as possible - so I'm very glad that's worked!

Ah, glad the summary worked! Summarising is not a strong suit of mine.

I'm nine chapters in, so updates will be frequent - dependent on the queue length, and the poor overworked validators :)

I've tried very hard to keep Hermione and Draco as IC as possible, given what has happened to them in the intervening years; where they are a little different, I hope it makes sense based on canon and what you learn of their lives in the aftermath of war.

There's nothing like a bit of Draco / Hermione banter, is there? That has to be one of my favourite parts of writing the story so far.

I shall pop up the next chapter this week...

Thanks so much!

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Review #25, by darker side of happyThe Bittersweet Goodbye: The Fourth Night

3rd September 2009:
Im drawn in.
you have set up an interesting plot that will draw readers into you story.

The only thing I didnt like was the HERMIONE: AND DRACO: marks that you did before each one's separate situations and thoughts, of course you may have just done that to start out with to make things clear for the reader overall this was a good chapter hope to read more soon.

Author's Response: Thank you for your feedback and review. I think I am going to keep it like that for better understanding in the reader's perspective. I hope it doesn't bother you that much!

Please keep reviewing and reading, and THANK YOU so much :)

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