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Review #1, by PunkRockerSineA Hug Makes Everything Better: A hug makes everything better!

30th August 2007:
Teehee, I just favourited my own story xD I feel rather cheeky now lol

Author's Response: :O thats shocking sine! oh my i seemed to have answered a review for you :P

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Review #2, by PunkRockerSinerecovery: Voldemort

28th August 2007:
Let the mayhem commence xD

Author's Response: XD indeed!

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Review #3, by PunkRockerSinetime to travel: Being A Death Eater

25th August 2007:
Angela, finish the Dratted story already! And all the other ones for your poor, dedicated fans! Pch, over a year between updates when you and I both know there is more to this already written :P

Author's Response: ahhh *hides behind pillow* yer but i'm completely stumped on this story!!! true i've got a lil bit writen afterwards but not enough for a whole chapter and then i have no idea what to do! :S

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Review #4, by PunkRockerSinerecovery: Lupin and Snape

25th August 2007:
I already reviewed Ch 11, so I'm putting this here instead *giggle*

I've read Ch12 already, and had about an hour long *ahem* dicussion on what the plot will twist and turn into! I almost got told the ending too... but then I got thown out Angela's house :S xD

Author's Response: shhhh! lol! :P wow you've read all of chapter 12!! thats quite amazing considering i've only writen half of it! lol XD tho don't say whats going to happen or...i'll set suzy on you in phyics! XD

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Review #5, by PunkRockerSinerecovery: talks

19th August 2007:
Hello Angela :) Awesome story *clap*

The next chapter is where things get slightly more complicated, I can tell xD

Author's Response: :D thanking you sine! yer just slightly more complicated...although you might of put that since i hinted at what happened next to you when in chemistry! lol!

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