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Review #1, by MaryMacdonaldLove Amongst Enemies: Angst and Lust

18th May 2008:
Very good story, you're a great writer. I wonder what she was going to say in the end of that sentence... :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much. The next part is soon to come!

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Review #2, by MaryMacdonaldMaggie: And Just Where is Jean?

13th April 2008:
I know I've said before that I love this story but it is worth saying many times, so: I Love This Story! Update Soon.

Author's Response: lol dearie i'll do my very best thanks xxxx

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Review #3, by MaryMacdonaldI Promise: I Promise

9th April 2008:
Very Cute, I love the way you write! 10/10

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Review #4, by MaryMacdonaldFear of Water: Green Apples and Rotten Bananas

5th April 2008:
You have a great sense of humor, I love this story, great writing!

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Review #5, by MaryMacdonaldThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Confusion, Friends, Reasons And Me

5th April 2008:
Good chapter! she has many thoughts whirling around in her head :)

Author's Response: Thank you and yes, she does, haha. xx

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Review #6, by MaryMacdonaldFear of Water: Thawing, NOT

6th February 2008:
Wonderful chapter, this story is getting better and better. I hope you update as soon as you can because I really want to know what'll happen! 10/10

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Review #7, by MaryMacdonaldFear of Water: 8 Maids-a-milkin'?

4th February 2008:
Another great chapter! I liked the part when Aqua punched Sirius, and when he told about when he tried to make out with her. By the way, isn't Lily spelled like this, with one l? 10/10

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Review #8, by MaryMacdonaldFear of Water: Sunshine Time

4th February 2008:
Hilarious with the timetables and Sirius. Keep up the great work!

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Review #9, by MaryMacdonaldFear of Water: Untouchable Godesses

4th February 2008:
Very good beginning, it seems as if this story's going to be very funny!

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Review #10, by MaryMacdonaldMaggie: Strange Requests and a Wrong Turn

26th January 2008:
Oh, I can't wait for the next update! Hurry Up!!
Fantastic story! 10/10

Author's Response: thankyou mary, i'm so happy and thankful you think so x

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Review #11, by MaryMacdonaldMaggie: Oh. Oh My.

15th January 2008:
Great chapter, I'm longing for the next one!

Author's Response: well i am happy that you think so xx

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Review #12, by MaryMacdonaldHopeless Romantic: The Beginning of the End at Hogwarts

14th January 2008:
Great writing, I haven't got time to read more now but I'll definatly continue as soon as I can, thought I should review even though I didn't come so far into the story :)
It was really funny when Lily thought James was asking her out! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank You! And i really appreciate u reviewing my story and u should definately continue this story! I hope that u continue to laugh (and possible cry) with me to the end of this story and its sequel (which hasn't been started yet) hehe!
thank you again and keep reading and reviewing ~paige

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Review #13, by MaryMacdonaldAddicted.: Percy Weasley and Penelope's Ignorance Towards His Feelings

12th January 2008:
I think this chapter was great, but the first is still the best!
Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! I know, that story gets worse as it goes along. I'll update that story when The Many Woes and No One Can Love a Liar are complete! :D I'm glad you like it!

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Review #14, by MaryMacdonaldNo One Can Love a Liar: In Which The Truth Is Revealed

12th January 2008:
Great story, I love it! You describe everything perfect 10/10

Author's Response: OMG! Thank you so much! :D

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Review #15, by MaryMacdonaldTendo Dico Continuo Preteritus: The Crickham Four

7th January 2008:
This is a good chapter, I think you are very talented at describing people, it's almost as if I see them in front of me. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks very much :D

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Review #16, by MaryMacdonaldFlash from the past: Hermione's Denial

7th January 2008:
I like your story, you're a good writer.
I love the way you describe things. Update soon! 10/10

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Review #17, by MaryMacdonaldA Bite in the Night: A Bite in the Night

6th January 2008:
This a great written one-shot!
I am surprised that you haven't got more reviews...

Author's Response: thankyou so much for reading

i always thought that was the best thing i've ever written

so you reviewing is great x

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Review #18, by MaryMacdonaldMaggie: Officer? I'm in Trouble

6th January 2008:
I love your story, it's very funny!
Wonder what will happen to Lily, please update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: will do thanks

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Review #19, by MaryMacdonaldYour Time Will Come: When The Mist Clears...

4th January 2008:
This is a fantastic story, you're a great author!
Update soon. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!!

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Review #20, by MaryMacdonaldWaltzing Matilda: Chapter Three

3rd January 2008:
This is a fantastic story! Please update soon I have to know what happens, 10/10

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Review #21, by MaryMacdonaldDreams: Chapter 3

1st January 2008:
This story is so cute!
You're a great writer. 10/10

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Review #22, by MaryMacdonaldThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.: Parties, Almost, Betrayals And Me

31st December 2007:
I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: It should be up soon ;)

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Review #23, by MaryMacdonaldEverybody's Fool: Everybody's Fool

27th December 2007:
Really good One-shot ... wonder what happened after he went to the Dark Lord... 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you Mary ^_^

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Review #24, by MaryMacdonaldTo Just Disappear: To Just Disappear

27th December 2007:
Fantastic One-shot, I almost started crying. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much ^_^

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Review #25, by MaryMacdonaldThe Conspiracy: Seducing

27th December 2007:
I hope you will update soon, it's a good story and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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