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Review #1, by tragicYETmagicContours: Chapter Twenty-Seven

11th December 2013:
I nearly died when it says 'THE END" i was like ITS ONE OF THOSE STORIES WITH A HORRIBLE ENDING like someone dies or something. Those books kill me. I love this book thank you thank you.

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Review #2, by tragicYETmagicBreaking Even: The End

5th October 2013:
I got a bit teary at the end of this wonderful journey. I followed Beth for so long I have no idea what to do now, but that is also how I know this story is so great. I've cried, loved and even gotten angry while following Beth, Sev and the Marauders adventures throughout the three stories and I just want to thank you for making them come alive. I truly believe that a perfect story such as this should be read by many and I'm so glad it's so popular. I have adored it all and you deserve every reader, review and word of praise you get because you're a wonderful writer. It's such a shame it had to end, but if it had to I'm glad it ended like this. I cannot wait to see what new project you put your mind to and I will be waiting to give it a chance.
Thank you.

Magic xx

Author's Response: You really have been one of the reviewers who's stuck with Sneth the longest, and it was always truly lovely seeing your name back here on another review. ♥ I'm beyond flattered to have caused such emotions in you, and moreover to have kept you coming back, even after all this time. Reviewers are the reason I'm seriously looking to work in writing and publishing as a career. You guys have made me feel like I CAN do it, that it's not a pipe dream.

So thank you for being so great regarding this story, and for always saying such lovely things. ♥ And for being such a consistent and cheerful reviewer!

And -- of course -- for reading this trilogy in the first place. Thank you for ALL of it! ♥

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Review #3, by tragicYETmagicConfessions Of A Cool Girl: Welcome to the Fast Zone

26th September 2013:
I have waited a long time for this, don't worry I understand how hard it is to keep updating, thats my problem too. Please continue though, it's a really good book and has so much promise.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm making it my mission to persevere with this story, hopefully a new chapter will be born soon!!

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Review #4, by tragicYETmagicBreaking Even: Wedding Day

16th September 2013:
I'm supposed to be writing my overdue essay but I don't care!!! this was so perfect. It's sad about the marauders not being there but I am still blissfully happy with everything that has happened.

Magic xx

Author's Response: I am too! ♥ I'm definitely supposed to be writing an essay, or revising an essay, or revising my novel, but I'm going to sit here and bask in these reviews some more instead. Because I STILL cannot contain my emotions about the fact that not only are Beth and Sev officially married archives-wise, but that we're so close to the end of this book!

I am convinced James and Lily were at the wedding in spirit, by the way. ♥ It's just the sort of thing they'd come back and see, if they could come back and see anything.

Thank you for your review -- I'm so pleased you enjoyed the chapter!

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Review #5, by tragicYETmagicBreaking Even: Traitor, Traitor

3rd September 2013:
Sheesh, I feel drained from all this sadness. I can't wait for it to get happier again although i know that there had to be some doom and gloom after James and Lily died. I have followed this story for so long and it still makes me excited when a new chapter magically appears. I will be very upset when it comes to a conclusion but from now more sneth for me please. Haha.

Author's Response: I feel drained right along with you, my friend. :( But from here on out it definitely, definitely gets happier, and I absolutely promise that! I've mentioned it in a couple of other responses, but there's a Sneth moment in each of the four remaining chapters, and I'm really excited to share those with people and give them some hope after this whammy of depression. As it were.

You're seriously one of my longest-standing reviewers, and if I've never taken the time to tell you specifically how much it means to me that you're STILL here and STILL reading and STILL reviewing, I'm going to do it now. ♥ I don't know what I'm going to do without you once it ends! I come to recognize reviewer names after they've popped up repeatedly, and it feels like a weird sort of friendship after a while. ♥ So THANK YOU for helping make Sneth what it is, and for being here for so long, and your lovely reviews, and just everything!

More Sneth is on the way!!

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Review #6, by tragicYETmagicBreaking Even: Professor Severus Snape

12th August 2013:
I'm just so hyped up now I can't wait for the next chapter. This is just so perfect. I was squealing when Sev remembered Beth and was like "what have you done" so happy right now.
Well done!!!

Author's Response: Your response has made ME happy! ♥ I've been waiting for ages and ages to share this moment with you all, and it's just been killing me that you haven't known what's going to happen. But Beth and Severus are back together again -- it's no dream or hoax!

I can't wait to share the rest of this book with you, too. It's been so enjoyable, and I'm on tenterhooks for coming Sundays. Thank you so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by tragicYETmagicTrapped.: Servitude

11th July 2013:
The Marauders sound so terrible here. I hope Ivy gives them a taste of their own medicine. Reading this made me angry just like Ivy and you write very well.

Magic xx

Author's Response: Woohoo! I'm glad I snagged a new reader :)

It's a good thing you got angry because then I know I'm doing a good job haha. Thanks for the review! Keep reading!

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Review #8, by tragicYETmagicBreaking Even: An Awkward Encounter

19th May 2013:
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in ages!
I've been writing essay after essay for Uni but now that they are all done (for now) I decided to read some Sneth as a celebration.
It's hard to describe my reaction to this chapter and the two previous ones that I just read. All the deaths are making the war feel very real and I'm nervous because Sev must be responsible for Marlene and her family's deaths. As always I still love your writing and the way you can make me feel what Beth and the others are going through. It's like I'm in there with them not knowing what's going to happen next. I'm going to be so upset when this whole thing ends.

x Magic.

Author's Response: No apologies are necessary, honestly -- thank you for returning in the first place! ♥ I completely understand how busy schoolwork can be, but fan fiction is, I find, a great reward for it. ;) I hope you aren't working too hard!

ITR and BE got very real war-wise, I think, and that's largely because of all the deaths that were necessary, even while being awful. And you're quite right about Severus being involved in them, too, which is something I love/hate about him from canon -- knowing how much he was responsible for before Lily died and he turned spy for Dumbledore. HE IS SUCH A COOL CHARACTER.

I'm so, so pleased that you love my writing. I really am! ♥ Emotions and realism are two major points I try to get across in everything I write (as I'm sure I've told you) and when someone mentions feeling one or the other, or both, it's the biggest compliment in the world.

Seriously -- thank you for your review! I can't wait to hear more from you, and I'm looking forward to getting back into posting after my holiday!

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Review #9, by tragicYETmagicHonour Among Thieves: motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

2nd May 2013:
Of course i would continue reading this even though the updates are a little slow... I cant really judge I haven't updated my book in months.



Love Tragic

Author's Response: HEY! Thanks for reviewing, I am sorry that updates are very slow. We're near the end now though, updates will be faster (until they stop FOREVER). Eek.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by tragicYETmagicBreaking Even: Bridger

24th April 2013:
I am so scared!
I'm a little bit skeptical at the Marauder's attempts to find Sev's memories of Beth and give them back. I know if anyone can it will be them but I feel like Sev should explore it for himself as he has already started to.
I cannot wait to read what happens.
As always brilliant chapter and my favourite Snape/OC story by far.

Magic xx

Author's Response: I'm under the impression that the memory search won't go quite as anyone's anticipating, if past reviews are any judge, so you'll have to wait and see what goes down there! ;) If it does help, remember that they have no way to restore them -- yet... Severus will be able to do a bit more mental digging, definitely.

I'm absolutely flattered that this is your favorite Snape/OC. ♥ That truly means so much to me, and especially because not a whole lot of people write them! I never set out for popularity, but the reaction to these books has been unexpectedly amazing. I am very grateful to all of you for making Sneth what it is!

Thanks so much for reviewing -- it was lovely to see you back here again! I'm already eager to hear your further thoughts, too!

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Review #11, by tragicYETmagicA Gathering of Arts: The art of crying

4th March 2013:
I Miss Mary too..

I cry about it sometimes...

I love TAOB so much and when i found this, I nearly died inside.

You created a wonderful character and I was so upset that she died.

Thank you for your amazing stories I've read most of them and I will continue to read everything you write because you story telling is additive and so are your characters.

Thank you so much.

Love Tragic.

Author's Response: TRAGIC! I've missed you! I've really missed you!!! Hi :D

Thank you for being so lovely and I'm really glad you liked this too! Hopefully see you around soon :D

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Review #12, by tragicYETmagicSeven Moments: Near and Far

3rd March 2013:
This was wonderful.
I really enjoyed it, particularly the last memory.
"She sees me, too" is by the far the most perfect thing I ever read. I had to stop myself from squealing in happiness.

Well done,

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for reading. :)

Eee, Beth certainly does see him! It took Severus /sooo/ long to see her, and by the time he opens his eyes to his perfect half hiding in plain sight, she of course knows just about everything about him. Perks of staring from afar for many many moons. They just belong together. ^ ^

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Review #13, by tragicYETmagicBreaking Even: The Mind's Eye

26th February 2013:
This chapter was great, I loved it.
It makes so much sense that Sev now thinks he joined the Order to protect Lily. I can't wait to see what happens next. The flash of a memory with Beth was a perfect ending to the chapter as well and also the way that Sev's mind feels now after having so much removed. I've always wondered what it would feel like and you wrote it so realistically.

Magic xx

Author's Response: It's so great to hear from you on this story! :) I'm pleased as punch that you liked the chapter, too. Writing that Severus thinks he's doing all this for Lily has taken some getting used to, but there is hope in the memory flashes, of course. Those are pretty important to the rest of the story, too -- keep a lookout for them!

Thank you so much for reviewing this chapter for me. ♥ It was fantastic to see your name in my unanswered reviews stack again! I really, really hope you enjoy the rest of Breaking Even!!

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Review #14, by tragicYETmagicAgainst the Odds: Secret's Out

26th February 2013:

HE KNOWS!!! he knows. Omg he knows...

I am so scared. And... Happy.

Yay, what a great chapter, I'm so happy you have written more.

I can't wait to see what happens next, I love this book and I hope this motivates you to write more soon. ASAP.

Lots of love, Tragic.

Author's Response: I'll try and update soon :) Thank you so much for reviewing, and the encouragement!

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Review #15, by tragicYETmagicIn The Red: The Precaution

30th January 2013:
I hoped that Dumbledore would keep the memories!
I know he's a great supporter of love so it's hard to imagine him destroying them. The ending was a little unresolved but I actually like it. When Beth realises that Severus truely does not remember her I felt like crying but the conclusion brings back the hope that I lost, which then leads perfectly to Breaking Even. I've loved this story so much. Just when I thought I knew what was coming a new twist in the plot showed up and it really does make it an enjoyable read. Well done, I will definitely be counting the days until the final installment.

Magic xxx

Author's Response: There is hope yet! :) And your comment on his support of love is actually a very apt one, and I swear you've read my mind. You'll see why towards the end of Breaking Even!

Your reviews have been so appreciated, and I hope you know just how much they truly did mean to me. ♥ Seeing your name back after new updates never, ever failed to put a smile on my face.

Thank you so much -- and I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts on Breaking Even, too!!

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Review #16, by tragicYETmagicSeverely, Severus: The Most Official Finder of the Potter in the Flying Car

19th January 2013:
I need more, I don't know if you still go on this because you haven't updated in a long time but it would be wonderful if you could continue this has to be my very favourite story on here.

Magic xxx

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Review #17, by tragicYETmagicRule Breaker: Frustration and Forgiveness

30th December 2012:
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYA that was so cute.

Goodbye Theo and Hello Draco :)

that's whats going to happen.


Wonderful chapter, write again soon.

Love Tragic.

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked the chapter! Yes, eventually Draco will take Theo's place. :] That's been the plan all along. Thank you so much for reviewing! I hope you'll read more when it's posted. :D


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Review #18, by tragicYETmagicAnd Capers Ensue: Dead End

21st December 2012:
Please don't let Scorpious be dead.
I really love your interpretation of his character, it's very realistic and very well written.
Bea is awesome. I don't have to say anything more.
I like this chapter especially for Fred's involvement. It really helps the story in as a whole and shows where he fits in, if that makes sense.
Can't wait to read the next chapter.
Magic xx

Author's Response: Ahh thank you! :) I'm glad you like Fred's part - he finally gets a bit of time in the story -- properly! I'm hurriedly writing the next chapter now, hopefully I can post it right after the holidays!

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Review #19, by tragicYETmagicBlinded By Youth: You Have A Lovely Nose

14th December 2012:
I really love this story so I hope you do continue to update :)
I can't wait to see what the Marauders are going to do.

xxx Magic

Author's Response: Thank you and believe me when I say I can't wait to get to that part of the story. :)

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Review #20, by tragicYETmagicAgainst the Odds: Hope

9th December 2012:
The storyline is moving a little slow, but ultimately I can see why it's important. All in all, I really enjoyed reading everything so far. I can't wait to see what happens next. You write beautifully, especially your descriptions of dresses and so on, it really helps to visualise what's happening.

Magic xx

Author's Response: Thanks for your opinion. Honestly, I'm kind of afraid people will get bored! But I know what I want to happen, and I think it'll be worth the wait. Thank you for your review :) x

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Review #21, by tragicYETmagicIn The Red: Worth It

3rd December 2012:
Oh my God.
I'm so excited and scared at the same time for Beth and Sev.
A brilliant chapter as always.
I can't wait to see what happens next.

Magic x

Author's Response: Ahh, it's so great to see you back here again! :D Between you and me, you're quite right to be scared for them... although it might be for different reasons than you think. You know, I'm quite curious to see exactly what people think the resolution of this story's going to be, seeing as from this point where you've reviewed only five chapters are left...

Thank you so much for popping back in again, though! It really is so encouraging to see you're still reading, more than I can properly put into words. Thank you so, so much, and I'm very much looking forward to hearing how you react to what I've got in store! ;)

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Review #22, by tragicYETmagicNamed For The Moon: Named For The Moon

20th November 2012:
This was a lovely story and Luna's name just fits so perfectly.
I loved everything about it :)
Very well done.

Magic xxx

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Review #23, by tragicYETmagicIn The Red: The Prophecy Unearthed

19th November 2012:
The end of this chapter made me really sad.
It was fantastic though, I was cheering on the inside when Sev told Beth about the prophecy, I can't wait to find out how everything goes down.
Well done.

Magic xx

Author's Response: The end of this chapter is a bit sad, isn't it? I'm afraid that tends to happen a lot, I've noticed -- I promise that I can write happy things! I think I learned a long time ago that sad stories are more cathartic, more emotional, and I've just tended towards writing those, I think. But I'm very glad that you liked it all the same!

I'm very proud of Severus, actually -- can one be proud of one's own characters? And I suppose he's not even mine. Ah, well. I'm sure you know what I mean!

It was great hearing from you again! I'm so thrilled that you're still reading and enjoying this story. That does mean a lot to me, to have steady readers like yourself. ♥ I look forward to hearing more opinions from you on future chapters, too! Thank you!!

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Review #24, by tragicYETmagicTimes Like These: What The Hell's A Twix?

18th November 2012:
Loving where this is going :)
It's funny and the boys' personalities are perfect.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
Magic xxx

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Review #25, by tragicYETmagicHormones: A Little Competition

17th November 2012:
This is awesome.
I loved reading it, I can't wait for the next chapter.
You've written it very well, and I love the funny parts haha.

Magic xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I hope you like the rest. This story is quickly becoming something I really, really love to write. Thanks!

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