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Review #1, by AK CarmelThe Hard Life: Chapter 47 Talking

5th July 2009:
Okay why doesnt Harry want to testify and why does Sirius?

Author's Response: Well, surely you can understand why Harry wouldn\\\'t want to go before Wizengamont to tell the public exactly what has happened to him. On the other hand, Sirius is desperate to have Draco locked away, because Sirius is keen on having Harry go back to Hogwarts. If Draco is released (which will probably happen if Harry doesn\\\'t testify) then they would have to go to school together.

Does that explain it a bit better? Thanks for reviewing, I love that you review often!

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Review #2, by AK CarmelThe Hard Life: Chapter 46 Relief

5th July 2009:
Simply adorable chapter!

I love it

Author's Response: Thanks, I\\\'m quite happy with this chapter.

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Review #3, by AK CarmelGiving Professor Snape A Dose Of His Own Potion: Something Has To Be Done!

2nd July 2009:
ooo! i cant wait to find out what these guys are up to!

Author's Response: Hehehe! Thanks, hope you enjoy continuing to read to find out! :)

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Review #4, by AK CarmelArmistice: Dead and Gone

23rd May 2009:
oh my dear goodness! I new it!! I did!

I got your review!! thanks for reading my story
i havent abandoned yours and hope Harry and Ginny workout some how...poor harry!! that horrible woman! i got such terrible vibes from her to begin with!
its stupid of Harry to have kissed her though, but he was totally wasted it and if thats the worst that hes done than its okay
keep writing!

bwt i still dont like claire i mean james is giving her more than she deserves, i feel.

keep writing

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Review #5, by AK Carmel10 Things I Hate About James Potter: Ch. 8: I hate Sirius

10th May 2009:
you literally take years to update, but when you do its simply amazing and gives me reason not to abandon this story!!
Great chpter, wow, James is really impacted by that event! Pity snape doesnt even know! I mean he totally hates James for life because of it!
It will be really interesting for Lily to see this side of him, and maybe she'll realize he's not so bad :]

Author's Response: lmao that had me laughing :) not yearsss mostly a few months...ok.years! I'm happy that everytime i update it reminds you not to give up on me ^_^

yes, i think james would be because if it was me i would.

and yes snape knew i think he would see james in a new light :)

yes next chapter will be interesting to write (and short because its only a detour lol) and who knows this might be the even that makes her realize that james isn't so bad.

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Review #6, by AK CarmelPotter: Aboard the Hogwarts Express

30th April 2009:
Oh this was greatly sentimental! Great work!
Loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! :)
Yay, that's great.

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Review #7, by AK CarmelArmistice: Treason

27th April 2009:
awwh man this was a bit a of a let down!
i really wanted this to be harry/ginny
(My favorite paring!)
Mary irks me, i dont like her, or claire or james for that matter. i dont know..oh well
update soon

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Review #8, by AK CarmelArmistice: Solace

27th April 2009:
this story if full of ppl loving the same people isnt it?
thats terrible
cant wait for harry to meet the rest of the weasleys!

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Review #9, by AK CarmelArmistice: Birth Mother

27th April 2009:
poor harry
goodness, he must feel like scum
i hope he can forgive lily
i reallly dont like claire i dont know why i just can't bring myself to like her
james is a real idiot
he didnt HAVE to divorse lily espeically when he still loved her u kno?

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Review #10, by AK CarmelArmistice: Arcane

27th April 2009:
okay not sure what to think...but umm...im totally James and Lily, hehe.
i mean claire is knowingly cheating on james, and lily's never cheated on him so yea
but i agree james is an arse
i mean y did he marry her? (claire)

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Review #11, by AK CarmelArmistice: The Protectors

27th April 2009:
This is very very interesting
I like your characterization of everyone.
Just a question, will we be seeing any Ron and Hermione?
Personally, I always thought harry would be a basketball player too.
Also, I'm wondering where this takes place, because they dont have football in England

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Review #12, by AK CarmelLost: Expectations

24th April 2009:
Great chpater keep working!!

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Review #13, by AK CarmelLost: Among the Rhododendrons

24th April 2009:
Great chpter I really enjoyed the story!!
Keep writing I wonder where this is going!!

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Review #14, by AK CarmelAfter Dark: The Connection

24th April 2009:
So I was wondering if you let me know with contact info (through a review) who does your chapter pics? I was hoping they could some for me, or a new banner or something?
It would be amazing of you!!!

Author's Response: Did you mean by responding, hun? Well, there's an incredible site called The Dark Arts (there's a link on the home page of HPFF) where you can request banners and images once you have an account. The artist who does my chapter images for me is Sammm (whom I have credited above/beneath the images). Be sure to read all the rules and such on TDA and you should be on your way. :) I hope that was helpful!

Keep it jazzy,

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Review #15, by AK CarmelNormalcy: The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows

17th April 2009:
Amazing chapter!
Heart felt and intensive and moving!

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Review #16, by AK CarmelI'm Not a Champion: Durmstrang's Mascot

15th April 2009:
wow that was interesting and a very good pov for victor krum!
Poor Harry!!!
Great peice of writing!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so super glad that you liked the story and that you liked his pov! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, hun!! :) I greatly appreciate it!

Keep it jazzy,

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Review #17, by AK CarmelAfter Dark: The Alliance

15th April 2009:
omg you have to update this!! I can't believe u left us at a cliffy like this one!!!
I think Malfoy should become a vampire that'll give him soem back bone. loll
it would definitely help them fight
it would be kind of ironic and sad u know
Malfoy achieves mortality and what not (which may not be the best thing)

Author's Response: Haha, Malfoy certainly needs some back bone, doesn't he? But I guess you'll have to wait for the next chapter to see if he finally gets it. ;) Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and I promise to try and update as soon as I can!

Keep it jazzy,

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Review #18, by AK CarmelAfter Dark: The End of Summer

14th April 2009:
Great chapter really good characterization of everyone you write really well I'm enjoying this chapter a great deal! Keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so, so much! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story so far! Thanks bunches for reading and reviewing, hun! :)

Keep it jazzy,

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Review #19, by AK CarmelThe Hard Life: Chapter 45 St Mungos

14th April 2009:
I totally love Sirius!!
Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: thanks, will try

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Review #20, by AK CarmelThe Hard Life: Chapter 44 Getting it Right

14th April 2009:
Snapes good! He's totally awesome
I love how you played that out
so is he doing it out of the kindness of his heart or is it just another plot/plan?

Author's Response: thanks, i'm trying to keep everyone in the dark about snapes true intentions, although i think it's kind of obvious at the moment!

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Review #21, by AK CarmelHarry Potter To Live With a Lord: The Honorary

11th April 2009:
but if Alex was really harry, no matter how he grew up he'd beable to fit in with the gyffies right?

Author's Response: Well that is all the question with the nature vs nurture debate isn't it? The sorting hat did put him into Gryffindor didn't it? It would not have done that if he didn't belong there, I assure you. :) thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by AK CarmelHarry Potter To Live With a Lord: But Where to Put You?

11th April 2009:
i hope he gets along with hermione and ron

Author's Response: :D you'll see deary ;)

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Review #23, by AK CarmelNormalcy: Slender Threads and Things to Treasure Part II

10th April 2009:
Oh my gosh
this chapter brought me to tears!
you are a very serious writter
i honestly think this chpter is 100x more powerful and greater than "the forest again" in deathly hallows
you've capture so much more essences and power in these words! I was truely captivated!
Please write more!! You should definitely go pro like write a novel or something i would totally read it!
omg i'm going to cry again!
great great great job!!!

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Review #24, by AK CarmelWinning More Than The Match: Winning More Than The Match

26th November 2008:
lovely one shot!!
I enjoyed it emensely!!
Great work!!
I love how you portrayed the Gryffis! They everyone was well in character!

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Review #25, by AK CarmelTruth or Dare: The Return of Draco Malfoy, The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

15th November 2008:
I demand an update!!!
very silly and enjoyable!

Great Work!

The tyrannical narrator is yourself i take it?

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