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Review #1, by groteskq_fatalityHunting The Hunters: Perhaps a Vacation

6th October 2011:
AH I found this again! I think I started reading it last year or maybe the year before but I finally finished it! This was crazy good. I thought the ending was kind of rushed but at the same time I think you ended it well. Although I would've wanted an epilogue, the last two sentences was a great wrap-up.

Amazing job and I'll have to keep a look out for more of your stories! :)

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Review #2, by groteskq_fatalityThe Very First Kiss: Hypothetical, of Course

3rd June 2011:
ohhh wow this story got me hooked! the plot is interesting and quite awesome! and finally malfoy revealing some stuff that he shouldn't have. him losing his cool like that is not very malfoy-like. but gotta love it. i'm anticipating more! :)

Author's Response: Wow, i'm glad! Thanks so much:) Yes, but he is just so angry!


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Review #3, by groteskq_fatalityLady Malfoy: Live and Let Live

2nd June 2011:
Once again, another well-written chapter! This chapter made me sooo happy. It was quite blissful how they all realized each others feelings-- Pansy, Ron, Hermione and Draco. Their relationships with each other will become stronger because of this event. It's not much of a tragedy because in the end, it finally healed old wounds. Hermione is starting to pick up Draco's attributes and I really find it sweet! :) With Ginny and Eli though, I want to know what exactly happened. I don't know if it's good or bad.

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Review #4, by groteskq_fatalityLady Malfoy: Behind the Glass Doors

28th August 2010:
ah oh my merlin! that was so amazing. everything just started to unravel right there! are you kidding me!?! i knew it! i wonder what lestrange's purpose was? maybe he was jealous that his wife got with voldie and produced a son that actually fell in love and was willing to do anything for her? hmmm who knows. but i'm sooo damn excited for that next chapter! AH XD

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Review #5, by groteskq_fatalityLady Malfoy: To Hell and Beyond

21st July 2010:
AH! WTF MATHIAS! ohhh damn this is coming to an end and i'm seriously super excited as everything seems to unfold now. i'm glad that pansy at least resolved something in her life and she can hopefully move on! as for draco and hermione, i just hope things work out. or at least they both reveal things that needs to be finally revealed, especially with natalie and whatever 1213 is.

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Review #6, by groteskq_fatalityLady Malfoy: Simple Complications

14th June 2010:
holy mother of merlin! i just got updated since the last chapter i read was chapter 30? ohhh man, soo much stuff happening. and i knew that cassius was bad news from the start. there was just something sketchy about him. & ohh the mysteries are all slowly getting revealed! :)

update soon please! this is too good!

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Review #7, by groteskq_fatalityLady Malfoy: The Real Lady Malfoy

31st October 2009:
ha i knew it! i mean something was off with him...cassius i mean. and come on! bellatrix and voldie were a bit close...ferseriously. it was bound to happen.

hmmm many revelations this past two chapters! holy crap! hmmm i see ron and pansy getting together eventually. and poor draco. self-destruction is the only thing he knows how to do...hmm.

more please! :) this is soo intensely good.

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Review #8, by groteskq_fatalityHunting The Hunters: Going Into Hiding

31st October 2009:
holy wow. i finally caught up with everything and a lot, i mean A LOT! has happened--from the date to the park to the crazy, insane mark trying to kill them. 0_o im soo glad that theyre finally hitting it off though. love the little teasing that they do to each other. they like to patronize each other don't they? hmm i wonder what mark has against draco...mystery mystery.

quote of the day: “I find you uncannily alluring,” he finally admitted. ---aww. that was cute. :)

more soon please(...actually when you have time is fine. time is sooo limited!)

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Review #9, by groteskq_fatalityBetrothed to a Mudblood: The Wedding

8th October 2009:
holy wow! that was freaking epic. i love the usual and very typical bantering of the two. gosh that was just bittersweet. i mean i thought it was finally happiness but im glad that you ended it that way. im super super stoked for the crazy crazy, i mean CRAZY, chapters with lots of battles and torture! sooo epic! :)

more more more! :D

p.s. loved the snape doing the wedding arrangements. hahaha.

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Review #10, by groteskq_fatalityPirates: The Wedding

6th October 2009:
holy cow! wow! i mean that was epic! everything was just happening and i just finished watching the trailer and i could already see whats happening in my head! jeeze its just sooo good! :) and that little meeting with hermione and draco was definitely a plus to the epic scene!

more more more! come on! hahaha. :)

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Review #11, by groteskq_fatalityWinner Takes All: Their Minds as Cold as Ice

2nd September 2009:
aww i very much enjoyed the dramione flashback-ish. that was really good and despite what happened with rose and scorp, i think that what will happen with the both of them won't be the same with draco and mione. well i'm not sure actually, haha. hmm, wonder if theres some deep dark secret that scorpius is harboring to make him so cold...maybe its just his thing..who knows. :)

more please. :)

Author's Response: It won't end up being the same, like you said. Scorpius and Rose are different from their parents, especially in how they deal with their relationship. Hopefully Rose will be able to get over it, while her mother, and probably Draco too, never really have.

I still don't know what to make of Scorpius. Maybe he's just a cold fish. XD It's something I'm still trying to work out - Rose was an easy character to get into, but I'm having more trouble with him.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far. ^_^

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Review #12, by groteskq_fatalityThe Covenant: Survival Mode

30th August 2009:
ahhh holy wow. that was probably the best freakingly epic chapter ever. i mean i thought when hermione was kidnapped and the fury of draco was unleashed was amazing...but this just owned that. agilolf does not know what the hell he's dealing with so ha! wow...draco to the rescue eh?

this was so exciting and i'm so glad i checked my feeds before i went to bed because this definitely was worth it. :)

more soon yea?

Author's Response: Yeah, more soon ;)

I'm working out the kinks on 23, then I'll be posting it as soon as they'll let us. I'm so happy you liked this chapter! I really loved writing it; everything was exciting about it for me, too! While I was working on it I was just like, "oh, it'll be so freaking awesome if Draco does THIS, or if he gets to Hermione like THAT..." yeah, I LOVE it! So. Much. Fun. They're such great characters!!

Thanks, hon! :D

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Review #13, by groteskq_fatalityThe Covenant: Madness and Memories

25th August 2009:
wow, i finally caught up and insane i'm telling you! :) maybe there are loopholes to the convenant and the marriage since agilolf seems to be a cocky dog. but hmm lyulf is a smart man so perhaps faolan will talk. i really hope so. a little torture is good for the sould anyway, haha.

fav. quote of the chap:"Draco Malfoy remained glued to the tree that’d nearly been his downfall, and managed only to a mere breath of time, unwittingly claimed his heart. She didn’t know it; he wasn’t even sure if he knew it, however… he knew he’d never be able to look at her the same way again…" --this made me super happy and when he almost fell and had to cling to the tree was rather funny! :)

more please.

Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad you're up to date, and that I'm still keeping everyone on their toes, heehee. I try to write a good amount, but reveal things slowly, so that as the story progresses events and facts fall into place in a natural way. I've posted 22 and I can't wait for it to get validated so I can know what everyone thinks about it! The story's reached a pitch where it's almost in control of itself, and I'm just an innocent bystander, haha!

I truly enjoyed writing the flashback, and I'm so happy to be receiving such positive feedback on it! I love that you quoted it, and that it made you happy! Thank you :D

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Review #14, by groteskq_fatalityRose Weasley's Guide to Life: On: The New Year

25th August 2009:
ahh that was great! i mean, i love her nonchalant attitude and how she pretty loathes anything about her family. maybe she'll learn to love it eventually when she gets to talking with scorpius... poor rose for having to be the butt of everything. what an outcast in the family. :(

favorite quote of the chap: "I really don’t understand the filthiness of this lot. I must’ve done something horrible in a past life to be born into this family of potential sex offenders. Perhaps I was Voldemort? Or maybe Hitler?), then I’m left to clean up my stupid family’s dirty mess."--this made me giggle. haha.

ohh and the home alone reference was great! :)

more soon. :D

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad you're liking my bizarre humour and irritating pop culture references! I guess Rose is a bit of a Muggle pop culture buff (quite like myself ;) ). Thanks so much for reviewing! Yeah, I guess Rose's position sucks a lot, but we'll see how things turn out for her once the antics at school begin to ensue. And yes, maybe she'll learn to love them...or they'll learn to love her! Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by groteskq_fatalityHunting The Hunters: A Dire Warning

25th August 2009:
wth! haha. damn cliffhanger...although it wasnt really a cliffhanger per se...but oh well it felt like it. i finally caught up and so much has already happened. the last chapter was chapter 6 so i was super ecstatic that you had updated for a while and my feeds are stupid for not showing me! :) aww draco can genuinely sweet in a douche-y way. haha. mark, i'm not sure about him. he seems to good to be true and seems a little bit sketchy...maybe, maybe not.

harry is a little too crazy with this overprotecting business but i guess he has to since hermione is his best bud. he doesnt exactly want her to end up like ron. :( he shouldve talked to hermione about everything about the hunters instead of acting on vengeance! but ohwell.

more soon please! :) i'll definitely just check everyday to see if you updated. this was beyond amazing! :D

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Review #16, by groteskq_fatalityHide and Seek: Cheese to go with that Wine?

24th August 2009:
THAT WAS AMAZING. and definite hotness as you said. :) all of the men in jane's lovey life and twas exciting. very giddy-like of a chapter. amanda, wow cannot believe that girl, insane! and yes i would rather have her thrown off something tall but at the same time, jane date liam even for quite a while, just to piss oliver off. ohh jealousy is bliss. :D

more more more yea. :]

Author's Response: I can't even control the amount of hotness going on. Seriously. Amanda is definitely insane...and yeah, Liam is a dish so yeah. Thanks so much for the review and I promise to update as soon as I can!

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Review #17, by groteskq_fatalityBaby, like me: Baby, like me

24th August 2009:
this was seriously one of the best. for such a one-shot, it seemed longer because it was so well thought out and it displayed time passing by. it was almost like their children was reincarnated with their souls at that age, everything from their hatred to their little quirks that they loved about each other. :)

that made me super happy and content. :D

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Review #18, by groteskq_fatalityLady Malfoy: Rescue

23rd August 2009:
ahhh so good. i finally caught up and its insane! :) so epic and more revelations..cryptic but hey its exciting nonetheless.

damn teaser you gave us! haha. i want to know more but at the same time keep the mystery more mysterious. its just really good so update soon! and i am super excited mind you. :)

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Review #19, by groteskq_fatalityAscension: Bitter Shade

9th August 2009:
ahh that was soo good. everything in this chapter just worked out fine. i think that by talking to harry, hermione finally hears it directly from someone and to finally stop being in denial. ron and his anger issues makes him who he is but he is a genuine guy...just a little mad sometimes. its hard for hermione but i think she'll get by. ohh sweet draco.

more please! :)

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Review #20, by groteskq_fatalityRose Weasley's Guide to Life: On: Begging and Choosing

7th August 2009:
hmm this is very interesting and i like it a lot. i like that you're starting slow and developing the characters as we go. you're not rushing into the whole crazy cliche and typical rose/scorp/crazy family thing. the characters are great and they are their own. i like that rose is kind of the odd ball out and i know that this story is going to be amazing.

more please! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for such a kind review!!! I'm glad you're liking it. Thanks for reviewing and saying such nice things :)

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Review #21, by groteskq_fatalityTarot Cards: -and it begins

7th August 2009:
oh crap! ha, i definitely love this. something new and exciting! i was checking up to see if you updated contours and found this lovely new story of yours and very much excited for more of this (i still want more of contours but this sounds awesome as well). poor beatrice and her invisibility to everyone. sometimes its better being alone than have all the drama though, this should be good.

more please! im super anxious as to what will happen in the next one. :)

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Review #22, by groteskq_fatalityDragon: The Trouble with Mothers, and Friends, and Brothers

7th August 2009:
wow charlie, she must've been something (meg's mother i mean)! haha. poor carter and hmm the new guy is very sketchy! wonder if molly's got some crazy secret life and this guy is about to reveal everything...maybe use it as blackmail? hmm, interesting indeed! aww bill, what a charmer, ha at charlie for being such a loner, poor guy. i wonder if bill will be playing cupid for molly and charlie... :)

more yea.

Author's Response: Bill's got it all, devilishly good looks, a dash of adventure, and enough smooth talking to make a smoothie out of :)

You'll be seeing much more of Leopold to the dismay of Charlie ;) and he is up to something...

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by groteskq_fatalityA New Kind of Forbidden: Retrieving the Stone

7th August 2009:
aww im glad that harry and ron got out fast...less action than i thought but maybe you're saving the action for something else, whatever that will be. hmm everyone and their secret rendezvous are so exciting. im glad that jeremy is figuring things out and maybe come out to rose. that'd be nice.

more. :)

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Review #24, by groteskq_fatalityHide and Seek: Dancing with Dishy Denters

7th August 2009:
holy wow. liam is damn gorgeous! are you insane jane! that man is just (cant say perfect) amazing! handsome, gentleman, and just a sweet guy! i hope he stays that way and doesn't have this as a front just to get with jane. ha amanda is a little annoying, actually plenty annoying. she needs to be reprimanded! haha. maybe throw her off the space needle! :P

line of the day-- "I'm not usually this…well, perverted, during dinner.” -- that just cracked me up!

im sensing a reunion of some sort for that fundraiser...reunion of exes yea? :) haha.

Author's Response: I hope Liam stays that way too. He's just outstandingly gorgeous. I wonder if it's in his food. Space Needle! I like that one! A reunion, huh? Sounds like a fun time! Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by groteskq_fatalityPirates: Prelude

5th August 2009:
lmao. that was the best. everything was so rationale (or lack thereof)! malfoy is clever and him being a monk...that is something. everything about the wedding and the 3 yr old dream of being a queen is so true when you seriously think about it. everyone is crazy in this chapter and twas fun to read! :)

"I feed you to piggies when I done cutting you up." -- line of the day! lol.

more please! :)

Author's Response: Haha. I'm happy you're enjoying yourself! It all does make sense though, doesn't it. ;) I'm excited to update, but idk when I can. lol. : ) Good line, good line. i thought it was cute myself? lol
PS. Thanks for reading!

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