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Review #1, by JinevraSeven Years: First Year

18th October 2008:
so cute! I love the blend of hermione and ron! scorpius is well done too- the first time I've seen a rose/scorpius that was convincing!

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Review #2, by JinevraCan I Have A Kiss?: Night Full Of Surprises

4th April 2008:
hmm . . . from girl he "hated" to mother of his child in one night? bit much, don't you think? i dunno that even true love can work that quickly.

Author's Response: Well, it was actually meant to be a one-shot so I didn't expand it realistically. I may go back and expand once I have finished and make it a little more realistic. Thank you for reading and for reviewing!

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Review #3, by JinevraBecause of An Untidy Scrawl: Because of An Untidy Scrawl

2nd December 2007:
this is short, far-fetched, and you misspelled "Hermione" in the title page. nice ideas though.

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Review #4, by JinevraA Good Life Not Spoiled: Chapter 1

14th November 2007:
a good start- but there are alot of little grammatical things and some typos. i like your ability to flow the story well from where jk left off.

Author's Response: thanks. I'm trying to clean some of them up in subsequent chapters.

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Review #5, by JinevraWhat The Rain Brought In: Operation Snoop

19th September 2007:
i liked the idea of malfoy secretly loving hermione- or atleast liking a challenge. and the idea that ron is hurting over it (or hiding something else) is a nice background for the whole thing. i liked the beginning too, although it needs a bit more structure- a bit more in class time and such to make it really feel like hogwarts :-) nice work!

Author's Response: Yeah, it really is quite fun to write. Hmm...but IS that what's wrong with Ron? hehe. Remember, no one knows about Malfoy's "project." Yes, I know what you mean about them needing more class time. That's something that I really do need to work on. Thank you so much for the review!


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Review #6, by JinevraA New Beginning: Final Promises

21st August 2007:
wow- so good. a very awesome chapter. i like the ring- it's a nice touch. you really understand harry very well.

Author's Response: Thanks, Jinevra! I'm glad you enjoyed the ending and liked the idea of the ring. Thanks for your positive feedback on my characterization of Harry. :) My writing style has actually evolved tremendously since I wrote A New Beginning (literally years ago).

If you'd like to read more of my work, you may want to check out my "Dream" series. "A Dream Unlocked" is complete and posted here at HPFF. The sequel, "A Dream of Hope" is my current WIP. At this time, chapters 1-33 are posted and ready to read. I've finished my rough draft of chapter 34 and completed my preliminary revisions. It has been passed it off to the capable hands of my beta. When he is able to read, then I'll make my final revisions and post as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and taking the time to post a review! I appreciate it. Good luck with your own story!! :) Sugar

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Review #7, by JinevraA New Beginning: A Night to Remember

21st August 2007:
wow. I'm sorry, I loved it up until they had sex on their first flipping date- Hermione would never move so fast and Ron (hormonal or not) would never allow her to either- I really like the story other than that though, it has alot of the same ideas I used in mine so far. The necklace was a great idea- I actually have something Harry gives Ginny in my own story, so it's surprisingly similar, lol. I really like your style of writing, apart from the whole sex thing. I have the feeling that characters like that would wait, building up anticipation. I have the feeling it makes stories even better, hearing about the characters thinking about things like that and coming close, but never quite achieving what they want. nice chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for your feedback, Jinerva. :) I'm glad you liked the idea of the necklace and that overall you've appreciated my writing style. Thanks for reading and taking the time to review! :) Sugar~

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