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Review #1, by lunylovegoodHogwarts Sanitarium: Connections

13th January 2008:
Now you have me hooked...
Please update soon

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Review #2, by lunylovegoodMurder at Malfoy Manor: 5

19th November 2007:
Hermione is a skeeming ho! It was so funny and I really didn't see the ending coming at all. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by lunylovegoodHermione Mosier?: To be or not to be...

9th November 2007:
You are evil for the cliffy, but I do enjoy where you are taking this story. I hope that the update will be up soon. I can't wait to see what will happen next.

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry about the cliffy, but I'm glad that your enjoying it. I will try to update as soon as possible. I'm just waiting for my chapter image. The chapter requires an image and i have requested one. I'll post it up as soon as i get the image. Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #4, by lunylovegoodDraco: Phoenix Rising: Chapter Fifty One - Epilogue

8th November 2007:
I just want to let you know that this is the best writen fanfic that i have ever read although i have only been reading fanfic for a few months. I enjoyed your story very much

Author's Response: Thank you! I tried to do it justice. I don't really write much Draco/Hermione any more, but I might try to crank some out.

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Review #5, by lunylovegoodSeasons of Wither: Fidelity

3rd November 2007:
I really enjoy draco stories and this one i like a lot update soon. perhaps in the next chapter we'll all find out if she tells draco

Author's Response: Haha, thank you :] Yes, indeed, indeed. Perhaps you shall, but even I know not yet!

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Review #6, by lunylovegoodI'm Already There: Break Ups and Break Downs

3rd November 2007:
i like... but where are you going with this? what month are they in now? they fell in love really fast.

Author's Response: Hmm.. quite true. With that, I was trying to point out that they'd always been good for each other and both needed someone to get them through the things they were experiencing. They fell in love so quickly because of that need for companionship and that they had always been a good match, they just couldn't see it themselves. Thank you for reviewing. -DracoFerret11

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Review #7, by lunylovegoodFor Better or For Worse: Charming Luna

28th October 2007:
cute! but what about draco?

Author's Response: you'll see him in the next chapter, I'm thinking of doing odd chapters Luna and even Draco until they meet up again...

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Review #8, by lunylovegoodBaby of Mine: The Order's Plan

10th October 2007:
I just read all of your posted chapters and enjoyed the plot and how things are with Draco and Hermione. I really hope you update soon

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Review #9, by lunylovegoodThis Beautiful Blessing: He's Mine

8th October 2007:
i enjoyed what there was of this chapter

Author's Response: Thanks, I think. =]

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Review #10, by lunylovegoodThis Beautiful Blessing: Beyond Recognition

22nd September 2007:
i'm not one to enjoy draco/hermione stories but there are one or two that i have enjoyed. I love your plot and hope that you update soon

Author's Response: I've got good news for you then, love. Just updated. Check it out. =] Thanks for leaving a review, and thanks for the comment. ^^

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Review #11, by lunylovegoodA Dursley at Hogwarts: Chapter 3 -- What Happened in the Meantime

9th September 2007:
really really good

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love that I am getting reviews. I've been so lonely! :)

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Review #12, by lunylovegoodA New Generation: The Sorting

9th August 2007:
Malfoy in Gryffindor? Nice! He seems to be so diffrent from his sniveling snake of a father. Good change for the Malfoy family.

Author's Response: yeah, i got the idea from Sirius being different from his dark arts family.

i'm glad you like it. thanks for reviewing and chapter three is in the queue.

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Review #13, by lunylovegoodA New Generation: On the Hogwarts Express

9th August 2007:
I like the fact that you made James seem like his grandfather. All and all I enjoyed the first chapter.

Author's Response: thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it. the third chapter should be up in about 4 or 5 days--it's awaiting in the queue right now.

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