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Review #1, by Teddy_BearA Promise: A Promise

18th June 2010:
aw! that was so adorably cute!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you for saying that! Little kids can be adorable, can't they?

Joop :]

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Review #2, by Teddy_BearSeven Years: Seven Years

12th April 2010:
Awww! That was so cute!

Author's Response: Thank You so much!!! Glad you liked it :)


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Review #3, by Teddy_BearLet Me Count the Ways: Let Me Count the Ways

5th April 2010:
Awww, that was really cute! I really liked the ending, that was really sweet.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #4, by Teddy_BearThresholds of Heartbeat: Thresholds of Heartbeat

5th August 2009:
It was really beautiful!

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Review #5, by Teddy_BearWind Up Doll: Act Three Scene Two: Broken Legs, and Halloween Plans

16th April 2008:
Poor Lily! I feel bad for her because she has to dance with Lucius.

Author's Response: Well in all fairness Lucius IS a babe..... But that's no excuse! lol

Thanks for the R/R!

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Review #6, by Teddy_BearFallen Heroes: Fallen Heroes

14th April 2008:
That was so good but it was also really sad! I almost cried!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading!! I really appreciate your support!!!

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Review #7, by Teddy_BearRemember?: Define "Hated"

24th March 2008:
Yay! That was so good. Loved the ending part.

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Review #8, by Teddy_BearRemember?: Molly and Rudolfla Are Back!

24th March 2008:
Yay! for molly and rudolfla!

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Review #9, by Teddy_BearRemember?: Twenty Galleons and One Crup

24th March 2008:
I like molly she is cute.

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Review #10, by Teddy_BearRemember?: Jeremy or Maybe Jarod

24th March 2008:
I think it was: good, great, wonderful, marvalous, magnificent, heart warming, funny, not so sure if it was beautiful but it was add to favorites worthy.

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Review #11, by Teddy_BearRemember?: Inseedio and Chocolate Bikini's

24th March 2008:
How cool would it be to have a room made out of chocolate. That would be really yummy!

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Review #12, by Teddy_BearStarry Nights: Starry Nights

24th March 2008:
I liked it! It was funny and it was sweet.

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Review #13, by Teddy_BearOur Own Happily Ever After: Our Own Happily Ever After

23rd March 2008:
That was so sweet! Poor James though what he must have been thinking!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Aw, least he didn't end up exploding with anticipation...I'm pretty sure it could have happened. ;)

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Review #14, by Teddy_BearSwitching with Sirius: A Rush Of Reality

22nd March 2008:
Yay! I just love Sirius don't you? He's always there.

Author's Response: I really, really do :)

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Review #15, by Teddy_BearDeath By Pregnancy: Death By Pregnancy

18th February 2008:
OMG that was so funny! I loved it! Poor James!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks so much. :) I'm happy to hear that you liked it.

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Review #16, by Teddy_BearA Future Unknown: Surprises At Christmastime

17th February 2008:
Ooh that was so sweet.

Author's Response: haha ive kept this comment unanswered for three months just because i like seeing that I had one comment ;-)

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Review #17, by Teddy_BearA Future Unknown: Quidditch Uh-Ohs

17th February 2008:
Ooooh I wonder what kind of questions?

Author's Response: WOW!!!
I havent had a review in like four months!!!

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Review #18, by Teddy_BearPotter and Prejudice: The Daredevil Seeker Extraordinaire

14th January 2008:
I think that was one of the best quidditch scenes I ve read (apart from jo's of course)!

Author's Response: wow, thank you so much!

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Review #19, by Teddy_BearOut of My Head (a Lily and James story): Can't End Well / All About Ellie

22nd December 2007:
I read it all so here is a review: Love the story it's really good. Its domino's but it is whole wheat and it is disgusting, especially when it is cold. Which it always is. Anyway Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you xD
Mmm Dominos ... no idea what you meant by 'whole wheat ect' but uh thanks?

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Review #20, by Teddy_BearWind Up Doll: Act Two Scene Three:Regret and Confusion

17th December 2007:
OH MY GOSH that was so awsome it was beautiful and it was so emotional. It was so good. Poor James what he must be going through he is so close yet so far away. Keep up the awsome work!

Author's Response: will do love, thanks for the review!

Happy Holidays!

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Review #21, by Teddy_BearThe Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans): I have a love/hate relationship with life

8th October 2007:
Oh my god that was so funny poor lily

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you!

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Review #22, by Teddy_BearOnce Again: Foam Party

15th August 2007:

Author's Response: YEAH!!!

Thanks so much. You're awesome for reviewing. =)

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Review #23, by Teddy_BearOnce Again: A dirty, lousy, cheating quidditch game

14th August 2007:
I GIVE IT A 100 OUT OF 10!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much!

You're so nice.

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Review #24, by Teddy_BearA Marauder Story: Friend or Foe part 3

10th August 2007:
Aw how cute!

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #25, by Teddy_BearA Marauder Story: True colours

9th August 2007:
I loved it that was a good ending for the chapter Amos totally got what he deserved.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, glad you liked it

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