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Review #1, by HallowsNotHorcruxesStill Delicate: A Beginning Of Sorts

29th December 2008:
NO! He got married :'(

This is a really great story, I'm already addicted

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Review #2, by HallowsNotHorcruxesDelicate: Ask Your Mother

3rd May 2008:
I love this story. I don't hate Dom, just want Rose and Scorpius to end up together.

Can't wait for the next chapter.


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Review #3, by HallowsNotHorcruxesSlytherin's Silver Trio: Chapter Two

22nd April 2008:
Great chapter and story.

Ooh I wonder what Albus will say?


Author's Response: Thanks! We'll see! ;)

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Review #4, by HallowsNotHorcruxesA Date for Christmas: The Set Up

19th January 2008:
Love this story :) Wow its really great. Keep up the good work


Author's Response: Thank you. I will continue on soon, I hope.

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Review #5, by HallowsNotHorcruxesBroken: Broken

14th January 2008:
This is really good Andie, really great. Please make it into a full length story. Yes, a couple of typos e.g. Fluer (should be Fleur)

I don't like the Harry/Luna paring but it works well.
I feel really sorry for Ginny :(

Can't wait to see how this story turns out.

Love Becca

Author's Response: Thanks Becca.
Glad to see a true H/G lover. Thanks for your review! Of course, you get a sneak preview at the story...

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Review #6, by HallowsNotHorcruxesDifferent: A Normal Childhood

28th October 2007:
Hey, great story but I'm confused are they six?

Oh my favourite character is Rebecca Gomnes. Wonder why?

Great chapter. I'll Write one like this.

Becca (Not that one) x

Author's Response: They were six at that moment in time, it was just kind of a explanation before I get into the real stuff. It's not as bad as you thought it would be now is it! Thankyou for reading!

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Review #7, by HallowsNotHorcruxesAll the Time You Need: Delicate Kisses + Silver Lockets

27th October 2007:
Hey, great chapter.

Only one thing, you changed tense halfway through. Was that intentional? I suppose thats my fault, sorry.

Other than that great chapter!


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Review #8, by HallowsNotHorcruxesHer: Done

26th October 2007:
Wow, great fanfic. Really good. I love anything H/G but this is great.

Keep up the good work

Becca x

P.S Can you read mine its called 'Rescue Me'?

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I tend to like the odd pairings that do not follow with the books, but this one was plaguing my brain at night, and I have never written anything before, so I decided to take a swing at it. I will definitely look your story up. Thanks again!

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Review #9, by HallowsNotHorcruxesAll the Time You Need: Peach Lipgloss and Parties

26th October 2007:
*Sings* I know what's in the box!

Love this fic. So much. Wonder who beta'd it in science? lol

Anyway, its the best. Great, great, great!

Can't wait till chap 3. Ooh, chap 2 of mine is nearly finished

Love it! Becca x

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Review #10, by HallowsNotHorcruxesOvershadowed Heart: Full Circle

22nd October 2007:
This is such a great fic. When one of my friends recomended it to me I thought Hermione/Charlie mabye not. But now I love this ship! I especially love the way that you didn't leave Ron/Hermione out of the story.

All round one of the best stories I have read on this site.


Author's Response: A friend of yours recommended my story? *feels special, all of a sudden* :) I know, I had the same thought the first time I heard about Charmiones. But this ship kinda worked for me from the start. However I couldn't leave Hermione and Ron out of it - it wouldn't have been realistic! So I had to kill him off. Sniff sniff...

Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this fic. And thanks for leaving a review. :D

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Review #11, by HallowsNotHorcruxesLiking Scorpius Malfoy: Almost

20th October 2007:
Aw, this is a really great fic.

I thought they were going to get together, oh well mabye next time ??



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Review #12, by HallowsNotHorcruxesThe Long Road Ahead: Pride and Finality

17th October 2007:
Wow, I love this story, this is the third time I've read it. This and Shattered Reality are the best fanfictions ever!


Author's Response: Wow. Thank you. What a sweet thing to say ...

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Review #13, by HallowsNotHorcruxesPopping the Question: Dinner at The Burrow

16th October 2007:
Aww, its so sweet.

Just one more teensy little thing, is this an AU fic becasue Fred is alive?


Author's Response: Sorry, the Fred being alive was a mistake, so used to reading Fred AND Goerge. Sorry.
Lets just say it's a tribute to Fred. Ear Ear!*quote from Fred Weasley*

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Review #14, by HallowsNotHorcruxesPopping the Question: The Rings

16th October 2007:
Very good this story is really great

Again just one thing, what year is this set in e.g one year after Deathly Hallows etc.

Love it! Becca

Author's Response: As said in the first chapter, 4 years after Harry left Hogwarts, and technically Harry did go to Hogwarts at more than one point in the book!

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Review #15, by HallowsNotHorcruxesPopping the Question: Hermione's Baby

16th October 2007:
Hey andiebunny

Just one thing, shouldn't it be Healer and has Ginny already had James?

Still love the chapter.


Author's Response: Nope, all the years are kind of mixed up, and can you give me some authoritic license?

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Review #16, by HallowsNotHorcruxesPopping the Question: Shopping with Ron

12th October 2007:
Hey, andie

Love the fic. Ooh cliffhanger wonder what happens next!

Please read my fic 'Rescue Me'. About 50 words from finishing chapter 2!
Please Review!

Again love the fic.


AKA Becca

Author's Response: Becca bubba,
If you think I don't know who you are you are daft.
Thanks for the comment, off to read!

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Review #17, by HallowsNotHorcruxesAll the Time You Need: Dreaming

15th September 2007:
Hey Katie,

Love the fic, especially the name Blinky, hmm, wonder who came up with that? LOL

Can't wait till chapter two!

Keep the good work up

Becca x

Author's Response: Heh..Hi Becca!

Thanx for reviewing.
2nd Chapter out soon! Don't forget to read!

MizzKittyBlack xx (a.k.a. Katie!)

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