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Review #1, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: On The Properties of Grief

22nd April 2011:
First off: NO

this. is. so. sad.


Author's Response: I'm sorry. it's important :)
I didn't want to but i thought it would show the horror of it.

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Review #2, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: Silence

30th April 2010:
This was so sad! Jeez I hope Ivy's ok, though judging by your response to one of the previous reviews, Elizabeth was the last major death to hit the core group. I loved Aurora's reaction though, I know she walks around like she doesn't really care but in reality she's just putting on an act and her clamming up around the dead body of her cousin just proves that. I would love more having to do with her (as I have I annoying stated before :P) since I find her to be the most interesting. I was just wondering if there was something more to the reason as to why she acts so abrasive all the time other than being rejected by her family after being in slytherin and that idiot julian frost, or am I just making something out of nothing?

Keep it up! Glad to know that the story isn't gone for good!

Author's Response: She is abrasive for a reason, she is hiding from herself, she afraid to reveal her true self in fear of ridicule, more will become clearer.
and she loved Elizabeth in a way she would never be able to express.

thank you sooo much for reviewing, the next chapter is taking a small amount of time to write, but it will be back soon :)

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Review #3, by cooliecool19Living Life: Chapter Seventy Four

25th April 2010:
I want you to update soon gosh darn it!
I can't stand the wait. I love this story so much!

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Review #4, by cooliecool19How to tame a Marauder: Cataclysm

6th March 2010:
That was so depressing. It was well written but I just don't know what to say other than I can't wait to see Laura's father's reaction to Laura being alive and all of this chapter's craziness.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for reviewing!

Wow, I made you cry? I'm astonished. But thanks! *beams* It's a funny thing to write considering the subject matter but if I can make someone cry then I must be doing something right.

But yes, sorry about that. It had to happen though,unfortunately, so this is how it transpired in the narrative. As for Laura's dad's reaction, well you'll see that next chapter, which should be up next weekend once I've had a chance to give it the re-write it needs.

thanks, Mel

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Review #5, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: The Valentines Massacre pt two

3rd February 2010:
Poor Elizabeth :( I felt especially bad when she died because she had just gotten her first kiss and that only reinforced the notion of how young she is. I guess it makes sense though. The Potters, Blacks, and Lupins can't all survive. I felt bad that Alldra got snapped at at the end but I completely understand where Lily's coming from. You're right though it did end a bit abruptly but all the same keep writing, I'm loving all of it.

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much for reading, and then reviewing :) :) :)
yeah the first kiss was to compound how young she was. and no, they can't all survive sadly, some will be injured for life, some won't live, some will suffer external losses .. it's war.
Lily is not in the best place at the moment, she just couldn't put up with Alludra being her sarky self, not at that moment when she was grieving, she saw it as her trying to interrupt Harry's grieving. I love their relationship, it's complicated.

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Review #6, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: The Valentines Massacre pt one.

1st February 2010:
I'm loving the length of this chapter. I thought it was the best chapter you've done in a while but I was surprised that Alphie and Lolly broke up, didn't see that comming. I loved that we saw some of Aurora even if was briefly (hint,hint: MORE AURORA :P) I also loved the Francis and Diane interaction. I really like them together.

Author's Response: Oh children fall in love without actually being in love it's funny, they skip about partner to partner, who knows maybe the Cara thing will stick, maybe he'll be made to make it stick, maybe something will happen to bring people closer together.
Rori will have her day in the limelight, I love Francis and Diane, it's a soulmate friendship that will last throughout time, but that doesn't mean they'll always be in love :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for writing your review x
stay tuned.

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Review #7, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: A Grimmauld Fever

14th December 2009:
"sweating like a Muggle in Knockturn Alley"
I also liked how Addie described Rori in the beginning of this 'cause that's definately part of how I view her.

I'm glad you updated! This story means a lot to me and I wasn't sure if you were ever going to continue it due to the serious stuff you've been dealing with but I'm glad that you have.
Oh and by the way, out of sheer desperation i googled the name Genevieve Pennyfeather and Lily Evans in the same search to see if I could somehow find your story and found I Want That Life and I Have That Life (the latter I found after I switched Evans for Potter). I don't know how exactly I manged to find both of them but I found a chapter of each of them and then clicked something that led to a page that had all of the chapters compiled together on one page so I was sort of over the moon about it. I guess its true that nothing in cyber space is truly ever removable.

Author's Response: Oh well clever you :) congratulations, i didn't even think of doing that.
I love Addie, she loves rori but lol, yeah, thank you very much for reading and reviewing my work :)

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Review #8, by cooliecool19Whoever you are: Chapter Seven

13th August 2009:
i can't wait for the next literally i can't

Author's Response: haha thanks! i'm glad you liked it! thanks for the review! i'm still writing the next chapter so hang on tight ;D

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Review #9, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: The Homecoming

28th July 2009:
thanks for updating but i still would like some more rori!!! :)

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Review #10, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: Tidings of Comfort and Joy

16th May 2009:
pleassse, I really love this story, though I would like to see some more glimpses into Aurora's life and how she has been doing because I sense she's changed a bit.

Author's Response: She has been experiencing some changes ... i'll write about her soon i promise :)

I will update soon.

thank you for the review

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Review #11, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: Dented Peaches

5th April 2009:
I'm so sorry about your son! I hope he gains better health. This wasn't bad at all and I've wanted to see Bernadette for a while now, even briefly so I was pleased :) Update if you can but I'm sure your son is your number one priority so I'm not gonna put the pressure on. By the way, I LOVE the Frankie chapters, I've said this before but he and Rori are my favorites.

Author's Response: Oh he'll be fine but thankyou so much for you concern :) God speed.

I will try to update, i have my pen and paper with me so i'll do it that way when he sleeps or i have time on my hands.

I have to admit i truly love Frankie and Rori, we are alike lol. I've wanted to write Bernadette in more depth cause frankly in my head, the back story and the whole world she exists in, she is extremely colourful. But we may see her again ... we may lol.

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Review #12, by cooliecool19If you say Best Friends: I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

11th January 2009:
great chapter! Despite what Vic did to Sirius I still like her way more than I could ever like Olivia. Im also glad that gryffindor won!!
post again soon please!

Author's Response: thanks :):)
i'll do my best to update a.s.a.p. !!

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Review #13, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: The Red Mist

6th January 2009:
That was so heartbreaking though, but I expected it to be very tramatic. I'm really excited for the next chapter, and I really want to see more Aurora! She and Francis are my favorites.

Author's Response: I'm glad that my warning in the chapter summary prepared you for the traumatic nature of the chapter :)

Oh I'm going to make a start on the next chapter, there is liklihood that Aurora will be in it because i'm certain it will be about Elizabeth.

aw not many people have Francis as their favourite, thats so kind :) :) thank you.

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Review #14, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: Little Miss Bo-Peep

3rd January 2009:
i have waited so long for this. you have NO idea how long. i've reread all three stories over and over and over again. Im so happy you posted a chapter and I'm excited its about Frankie! Congrats on the baby and i hope you repost soon!

Author's Response: Oh thats wonderful :)

I'm so glad I'm back and have good reviews. Thank you for your loyal readership. I'm glad you like it's about Frankie he is an important character in my head :)

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Review #15, by cooliecool19Of Gossip and Drama: The Really Gross Lake

6th June 2008:
I really liked this story a lot, in fact i love all of your stories

when are you going to post another chapter of Lost At Sea, thats my favorite story...

once again: REALLY GREAT STORY :)

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Review #16, by cooliecool19Strictly Forbidden: Chapter Twenty Seven

3rd March 2008:
i have just discovered the amazingness of your story and I REALLY hope you update soon!

Author's Response: aww thankyou hehe i will try to

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Review #17, by cooliecool19Beautiful Mistake: A Talk with Black

1st February 2008:
omg please update soon, this chapter was amazing

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you want me to update soon. Shows some enthusiasm! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by cooliecool19Children of the Revolution: Scire quod sciendum

9th January 2008:
i lovvveee this story, but im a little confused at the part where it starts with the divorce papers. I understand it but I don't understand who's saying which part.

Author's Response: Sorry Ivy said it about the divorce papers and Remus denied it xx

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Review #19, by cooliecool19Lost at Sea: The Market

28th October 2007:
AAGH not decmeber!
omg thankyou thankyou thankyou however for another chapter u have no i dea how long i have waited for a new one!

it was so god

Author's Response: Sorry! :(

As to how long you've waited for a new chapter: about 2 months and 20 days if I remember correctly. :P

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by cooliecool19My Daughter's Father's Fiancee: Epilogue

13th September 2007:

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #21, by cooliecool19Her Secret: One Raging Teenager vs One Firewhiskey Loving Witch - Violence Anticipated

8th September 2007:
add another chapter son! i love this story so much

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Review #22, by cooliecool19How To Save A Life: Chapter 21: Mother and Daughter

13th August 2007:
ah! kara is EVIL
i don't want jamie to have to give up her speach :(
but i'm so glad sirius knows
great chapter!

Author's Response: hehe yes she is. thanks so much!

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Review #23, by cooliecool19Lost at Sea: A Chance Meeting

9th August 2007:
this story is amazing! harry potter + pirates of the caribbean = awesome. I really loved the fact that james acts all frustrated around lily, not that he doesn't have a reason *wink*

i just have one question, when moody is giving her strange looks is it possibly because he's figuring out that she's a girl or that he might already know? you probably won't tell me just had to ask. update soon!

Author's Response: Or, Moody could be giving her weird looks because she's just weird? Haha, you'll find out in due time....

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by cooliecool19How To Save A Life: Chapter 20: How To Save A Life

6th August 2007:
omg this is my favorite fanfic ever! I'm so excited for the next chapter! your amazing :)

Author's Response: thanks!

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