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Review #1, by The Black RoseThe Sharpest Lives: The Sharpest Lives

2nd December 2007:
Ooohhh, I really liked that! It fitted the song really well. It was a great song and I think it fitted your plot and Hermione and Draco really well!

Author's Response: oooh thatnkyou! soooo much! xxoxx Reeb

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Review #2, by The Black RoseHarry Potter and the Case of the Maltese Toadstool: Chapter 14-20

1st December 2007:
This is probably my favourite chapter so far. I loved that Harry, Ron, Ginny etc finally remembered Hermione and that Zacharias wore 'panties' as Dean called them. I also loved loved loved that you mentioned Northern Ireland, as I'm from there.

Author's Response: The classic rivalries did lend themselves readily to the storyline, especially it's humorous side. But it's all in good fun. And I'm sure you'll love the growing bonds of friendship as it wears on.

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Review #3, by The Black RoseThe Extremely Long Short Story Full Of Fairies, Bacon, Glitter, Spandex, Zipline, Hott Neville, Teddy Bears, Rocks, Fires, Dead People, And Why Haven't You Clicked Already?: Random... you know it!!!!

27th November 2007:
That is rather random and, in my opinion, completely and utterly pointless. There is no proper storyline to that and the title will probably scare many people off. And Hermione being named 'Queen of the Breakfast Underworld' is utter nonsense.

Author's Response: well that iz rly rude if u dont lk it dont read it i bet u write depressin stories!!

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