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Review #1, by ronaldweasleyisSEXYForever Untouched...Until Now: Prologue

26th October 2007:
I love this story!
Sara seems like a really interesting character. I can't wait to see what happens next, please update soon!
Can you tell me how to get the picture at the first of the chapter like yours, everytime I try it it comes up as a lttle box with a red x.
Anyways a beautiful chapter, update soon!


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Review #2, by ronaldweasleyisSEXYGhostability: Chapter 8

20th August 2007:
Heey , I love the story it's so interesting and i personally like the ship hermione/fred. I can't wait till you update and i've been thinking about fred's headache's , did malfoy do something to him?
I think malfoy threatened to hurt Hermione so fred gave him the bottle or he put the impreious cuse on him.As for the leak i'm not to sure but i'm keeping my ears or rather my eyes open.
Anyway this review was longer then i intended so I'll end it with a plead to update soon!

xo ~~ronweasleyisSEXY~~

Author's Response: it's ok, i adore long reviews. :)
Yay! another hopeless hermione/fred shipper! lmao.
i love all your guesses! they're great!! :D
lol and i like your name!!

thanks for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #3, by ronaldweasleyisSEXYErin: Chapter 16: Understandings

15th August 2007:
I love it!
It's such a cute story I can't wait to see how it ends!
Good job!
A definite favorite!
xx ronaldweasleyisSEXY

Author's Response: thanks!!! i'mhappy now =] haha.

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Review #4, by ronaldweasleyisSEXYA Contraceptive Controversy: A Contraceptive Controversy

10th August 2007:
I Loved it!
It was beautifully brilliant!
The part where they all seemed to know what it was was too funny I was practically crying with laughter by the time kingsley said'finger puppets!" Me and my friends were laughing so hard one of us was on the floor!
great job!
(definitly a favourite)

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