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Review #1, by cursedxangelSymphony of Life: Getting in trouble

13th June 2009:
Ummm. Please update, it sounds like it's gonna be an awesome story. : )

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Review #2, by cursedxangelThanks to Draco: katie

15th February 2008:
great story,, keep it up =]]

Scott Westerfield trilogy is amazing is it not

Tally Youngblood =]

Author's Response: Thank you the next chapter is almost finished. I love Scott Westerfield's books Uglies Pretties Specials There great. I'm glad I found someone whoose read those books. :-)

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Review #3, by cursedxangelBeneath the Moon on a Starry Summer's Night: Getting Ready

12th January 2008:
Its really good!!

it's got me quite curious as to what happpens next so please update soon!!

[x] good luck [x]

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad I could capture your attention!


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Review #4, by cursedxangelA Zabini Revealed: Happy times and then not so happy times

16th December 2007:
Heyy this sory is really good

But i would like to the one you wrote without the validators
my email Is

thankz please send xxx


Author's Response: oh yeah problem...

thanx 4 ur review

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Review #5, by cursedxangelNot So Perfect: Letters and Unwanted Meetings

11th December 2007:
Its a really good story
please update cus i am really intressted now

Author's Response: thank you i'll try to finish the 3rd one asap

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Review #6, by cursedxangelI, Hermione: Part 1: A Tale To Tell.

5th November 2007:
UMMM this story is alot like the book I,corriander
but its good

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Review #7, by cursedxangelThe Ghost of Godric Gryffindor: Epilogue

23rd August 2007:
bloody hell! uu should try and get that published cuz its good enough

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Review #8, by cursedxangelThe Rise Of The Violet Venom: The Introduction

21st August 2007:
awww man i hate cliff hangers please update

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Review #9, by cursedxangelHogwarts Sanitarium: Opportunities

20th August 2007:
*sing song voice*update update update it please
its really good

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