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Review #26, by ginwannabeThe Cruellest Addiction: Love

28th April 2008:
What do I think? I think I need to pick my jaw up off the floor. That was amazing, Ali. I'm completely blown away. It gave me chills. I love how you kept referring to her as "Shadow Girl" in the flashback, and the way you switched from first person to third. I love how you kept us guessing who she was married to and who she was in love with. If this is what the youth of this world can write...the future libraries will crumble from the weight of your books. I was writing drivel at your age. Wow!

Author's Response: Yay! Taryn! *runsaroundcrazily*
You think this is amazing? Wow. And you're a teacher.
And I'm glad you think the switching was okay, I wasn't sure about it, but if you say so!
And yeah. I like people guessing. *blushes*
The future libraries will crumble? Taryn! *huggleglomp* You're so nice!

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Review #27, by ginwannabeNo Matter What: Kissed by a Rose

27th April 2008: sweet! I loved this chapter. Ron always jumping to the wrong conclusion, Hermione losing her temper. It was just lovely. And I loved the analogy of the rose. Beautiful.

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I really loved this one, and I'm very proud of it. I was very happy with the rose analogy myself, and I'm so glad that it worked out well. Thanks again for reading and reviewing =)

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Review #28, by ginwannabeThe Thing With Feathers: The Thing With Feathers

20th April 2008:
HOW can Ron be so clueless? I swear he just infuriates me sometimes! This was so beautiful. I loved the bit with him picking at the threads, and Harry saying "Stop with the chair!" Just wonderful.

Author's Response: In my mind I just saw Ron going at it with the chair instead of focusing on what he SHOULD be. ; ) I'm glad you liked it, Taryn! And just what to do with Ron? Sometimes I think a slap over the head is in order. ; ) Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #29, by ginwannabeSatin Bows and a Scarlet Rose: Finnicky Friends and Delicious Duels

19th April 2008:
I love Naomi...and I'm enjoying this story. I look forward to reading more of it.

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Review #30, by ginwannabeWindward: Paint, Pictures, Pumpkin-Parfait

16th April 2008:
Oh...this is lovely. I loved the little asides about Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny. And I love how you set up that George isn't really all that taken with Verity before she throws Fred's picture away. The fact that he's grateful that she's not there when he arrives is testament to that. But really, if she knew Fred, how could she NOT have known it was a picture of him...especially if she cares for George at all. I'm so eager to read more of this!

Author's Response: I wanted to make sure I showed that he wasn’t exactly happy with his relationship with Verity, because it shows that he was already close to the edge and the picture just sent him over. And because it’s important for later chapters, but I won’t say any more on that. ; ) And I agree, how can you NOT tell the difference between them if you dated one for a while and worked with both for a few years? Tsk tsk, Verity. ; ) I’m really glad you liked it, Taryn! Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #31, by ginwannabeDestiny Redefined: 20: Conversations

16th April 2008:
I really liked this chapter. Much better than the last one, but it had Harry and Ginny in it. I'm curious as to what Cronus has to say now.

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Review #32, by ginwannabeThe Unsinkable Molly Prewett: Come On Down To My Boat

14th April 2008:
Swarthy pirate, huh? You weren't inspired recently, were you? I ADORED this chapter. I laughed so hard. I agree with Arthur though, Mr. & Mrs. Prewett's relationship would be exhausting. Always bickering, and manipulating. I love the relationship Molly has with the twins, and that they were giving Arthur advice.

Enjoy your mom's visit!

Author's Response: OMG you just cracked me up so much, I'm still laughing. Yay pirates! I'm glad you enjoyed the chappie, I had fun writing Molly's parents, and I love writing Gideon & Fabian. Men always think they know everything, even when they're only 13. Especially when they're only 13 heh. Thanks for reviewing! And yay I'm so excited to see my mom! And my nephew, and my brother and sister-in-law, and my little sis.... Busy busy.

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Review #33, by ginwannabeBedtime for Fred: Twins & Bedtime

9th April 2008:
Oh, Megan, this is so sweet. I loved the bit with Molly giving them the laundry list of things NOT to do, lol. You've never had to do that, now have you? ;o) I loved how you included all the boys, Charlie the hero for being able to spell his name with pee, Bill for just being so cool, Percy being Percy, and little Ron spreading spaghetti sauce in his hair...I can so picture that, lol.

I loved it!

Author's Response: No, not at all *lies down quietly sobbing* Every. Night. haha I had them eating spaghetti solely so Ron could put some in his hair. They always do that at that age lol. Thanks for reviewing, sweet pea! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #34, by ginwannabeNo Matter What: Dangerous Fantasies

8th April 2008:
Funny and poignant. I hope Fred doesn't get too melancholy though. Aren't we all lucky that Hermione went back in time?

Author's Response: Aww thank you!! =) Don't worry, he won't be melancholy again.. he definitely has a lot to live for! Thanks for reading and reviewig.

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Review #35, by ginwannabeConnection: Connection

6th April 2008:
Oh, that was lovely. I'd love to see you take this a little further. You actually have Luna quite well, and she's a difficult character to write, I know! My only question is whether or not Rolf's father would have been muggle, since we know that his grandfather is Newt Scamander who was a wizard.

Author's Response: wow, i didnt know that. we'll say either his father was magically afflicted or a squib or it was from his mother's side

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Review #36, by ginwannabeThrough the Bars of Nurmengard: Through the Bars of Nurmengard

6th April 2008:
Wow. You've done a fantastic job with the imagery in this. You have just the subtlest hints to Dumbledore and Grindelwald, but the lasting effects of that relationship come through so poignantly. Very well done!

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Review #37, by ginwannabeThe Unsinkable Molly Prewett: Cant Take My Eyes Off of You

4th April 2008:
LOVED it! Loved, loved, loved it! From the moment he woke Bilius up I was laughing the rest of the way, and like Bilius had to cover my mouth to keep from waking the girls! The beginning was a little slow, but it was interesting to see Arthur's family (at least your interpretation of them). Did you get Molly's dad's name from canon somewhere or did you come up with that one. I haven't researched them too much to remember the family tree that closely, but that's one heck of a name! Loved that he directed Arthur to her window...priceless! So much fun, and I'll be singing "Oh PRETTY BABY" as I go to sleep tonight, love that song, too!

Author's Response: Arthur's parents' names are canon, and "Uncle Bilius" may or may not have been one of Arthur's two brothers. So I invented Constantine's name and gave him a wife and impending family since they talk about the Weasleys being such a large family. But unfortunately, Molly's parents' names aren't known in canon. There's an Ignatius Prewett that married Lucretia Black (Sirius's father's sister, they never had children though) and Sirius says he and Molly are cousins by marriage, so I've made Ignatius Molly's uncle, and gave her father a coordinating Greek-ish kind of a name. I liked it hehe.

Yeah I wrote the beginning yesterday, the window scene's been written since chapter 3 *lol* I've expanded it since then tho. But the beginning is meant mostly to show his family and some Voldy intrusions into their little world. Thanks for the review!

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Review #38, by ginwannabeDestiny Redefined: 19: The Diary of Hermione Jean Granger

1st April 2008:
I can tell that this chapter was more difficult for you. It doesn't flow quite as well as some of your others. I'm very much a canon follower, and I know that with this story I have to set that aside, but I think this is probably my least favorite chapter so far. Don't get me wrong, it's still wonderfully written, but I'm not very happy with any of the characters right now...which I suppose is probably the point.

Author's Response: Completely right. Although BECAUSE of that difficulty, people thought that the chapter worked. Wait til the next chapter.

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Review #39, by ginwannabe:

23rd March 2008:
Phenomenal chapter once again, Gubby, love. Katy's kind of cheeky...I like that. It's funny that you call this an operetta...I see it as a bit of a dance myself. The story is still dancing around the true plot, James dances around the real reason he's chatting her up. Please keep up the story, pretty please, with a cherry on top?

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Review #40, by ginwannabeDestiny Redefined: 18: Pillow Talk

23rd March 2008:
OMGosh...I laughed so hard at the beginning of this chapter. Harry was mortified, and I found it completely amusing. I'm very much a canon shipper, but I imagine under different circumstances different things could have happened, but knowing the other timeline, and truly only ever seeing Hermione as a sister in that one...oooh boy, is this a shock. Honestly, this was just what the story needed, a little light hearted humor to ease some of the tension and drama. I loved the description at the beginning of Harry's shock at seeing Hermione...naked in his bed, LOL. Priceless.

Author's Response: I thought so too. A little humor goes a long way. It's kind of like taking a deep breath before I get back into some pretty heavy stuff.

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Review #41, by ginwannabeNo Matter What: Waiting Room Announcements

23rd March 2008:
What? This is the end? Ok...I know it's not the end, but I've caught up with the story, and now I actually have to WAIT for the next chapter? Not fair, lol. This is beautiful. I already told you that while reading the scene at the wedding with Harry I was struck with inspiration for my story and got a whole chapter written that morning! I haven't seen Dracula, I'm not a big horror fan, but you have me intrigued about what in that scene would have caused them to have to turn off the tv, lol.

I can't wait for the next chapter, now!

Author's Response: Hahah awww! I know what you mean. It seems to take forever until I'm able to post the next chapter.

I'm so glad that my story was able to help you with yours =) As I told you before, it really bothered me that he didn't really fully apologize.

Dracula is a really amazing movie, and an even better book. With the movie, they added a big love aspect to it, and it's just incredible. After chapter 11, you'll *really* want to watch Dracula!!

Thanks for reading + reviewing!!

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Review #42, by ginwannabeNo Matter What: The Effects of Wedded Bliss

21st March 2008:
This was a lovely chapter! I really, really liked the little missing moment from the first book, reminiscent of Ron and Hermione riding the broomstick out of the Chamber in DH. Which is another missing moment that should have been in the book. I'm looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Aww thank you!! I agree. They have soooo many missing moments for them. When I re-read the fourth book I found another one, so I wrote a story about it =) I'm excited for a time when I can put that one up. =) Thanks for reading and I'll put the next chapter up as soon as I can!!

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Review #43, by ginwannabeNo Matter What: Together Forever

21st March 2008:
I'm looking forward to reading this! I loved the flashback to Shell Cottage. That's one of my favorite parts of the book, and if the story wasn't told from Harry's point of view, we would have seen more of what happened with Ron and Hermione in it. I enjoyed your glimpse of it. Now, I've got to get back to the story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I really resent it being told from his view there =( It's rather upsetting. I agree with you - it would have been wonderful! Thanks for reading and reviewing =)

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Review #44, by ginwannabeRabbit Food-As told by Dudley Dursley: Dennis and Diaries

21st March 2008:
I loved seeing Dennis, that was a cute little scene. And I'm curious to see where you take the diary.

Author's Response: Thank you! I have big plans for the'll see where it fits in. Glad you liked!

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Review #45, by ginwannabeThe Unsinkable Molly Prewett: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

20th March 2008:
Oh, you couldn't pay me enough money to go back to high school, lol. Always worrying about what other people think about you, gah!

I liked the description of the common room's decorations looking like a Christmas tree blew up. I also loved the little bit between Molly and Siobhan. How much do her friends really know about her anyway? She intrigues me, and makes me just want to wrap my arms around her. She's so brusque and I know it's to keep from getting hurt. I'd love to see her open up and truly show herself to these friends a little more...have her sing at their graduation or something. *huggles*!

Author's Response: Siobhan's definitely a loner emotionally, although she does love her friends as much as she's able. She's a little emotionally crippled by her father. I ought to give her a singing scene later, that might be fun :)

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Review #46, by ginwannabeThe Unsinkable Molly Prewett: Daydream Believer

20th March 2008:
I swear, male PMS is worse than anything we get! I guess Arthur gets over being bosses around eventually, lol. I do feel for him, though, his friends really are taking the mickey out of him. But, I like Cosmo and Roddy even more after this chapter!

Author's Response: Seriously! Yeah Arthur will have to deal with it. But the twins aren't done meddling :) Guys apparently tease each other mercilessly and ceaselessly. Male bonding is quite inexplicable. I like Roddy. And it was nice for Cosmo to get to shine a bit.

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Review #47, by ginwannabeA Worthless Knight: A Worthless Knight

18th March 2008:
I can certainly see why it's taken you forever to post this due to Fleur...I don't know that I've ever read that much dialogue from her before, LOL. Gubby did a great job of "translating." I was so angry with Ron when he walked out on Harry and Hermione, *I* wanted to slap him. I'm glad he had somewhere to go though, Fleur really does see him better than his brothers...who, let's face it have always viewed him as their "kid" brother, destined to make "kid" mistakes. I hate that Ron overheard, and took it to heart...but of course he would, he never deemed himself worthy, although Hermione and Harry think otherwise.

I'm so glad he wised up, sucked up his pride and returned, because he truly is a hero.

Author's Response: Taryn! :D *Cowers and hides from Fleur* Gubby did od well didn't she? *huggle attackles* Your reaction to Ron walking out was very similar to mine - what a silly boy. You are right though, with sibling rivalry, sometimes it does take a relative outsider to see things straight. Ron has such a jealous nature, but I think he forgets that to his brothers, he is the one to be jealous of. He's the one who's dared break away from the family and he's the one standing in the frontline of battle. Whilst we know this isn't something to be jealous of, I have a feeling as a brother feeling helpless at home might see things differently.

I feel the same. In a way I'm glad JKR included the whole Ron thing, because, for me, it ultimately showed how brave he was. People forget how difficult saying sorry is. :) Thanks for stopping by, T! :D You rock! :D x x x

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Review #48, by ginwannabeFor All Eternity: For All Eternity

16th March 2008:
Why oh why did I take so long to read this? I've looked at it, but didn't have the heart to read a story about Ron dying, but this was amazing!

I loved the switching back and forth between Hermione & Ron. I loved that Dumbledore had her keep the time turner (he did after all send Ron the putter outer). I loved that she saved Fred. I loved that Ron had had the ring for a year already. I loved, loved, loved the whole thing!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you read it finally! =) And I'm thrilled that you love it. I know what you mean about reading something where Ron dies.. I had a hard time writing that part. But it worked out well in the end =)

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments, and once again, I'm so glad you loved it!! I'm writing a sequel now - basically their life story. =)

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Review #49, by ginwannabeDestiny Redefined: 17: Awakening

16th March 2008:
I *knew* it! As soon as you started describing her under the covers with them pulled over her head, I knew it would be Hermione. Interesting twist getting a little Harmony in there. And I'm assuming in this timeline that Dudley is once again good. Gripping once again...but I'm wondering, if Ginny didn't come out of the Resurrection Stone, does that mean she's still alive in this timeline? Curiouser and curiouser.

Author's Response: I figured Harmony fans would be pleased with that one. I thought it would be a fun idea. You're right, thinking that Dudley is a good guy again.

Keep your theory in mind. You could be on the right track.

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Review #50, by ginwannabeLate Night Massage: A helping hand

15th March 2008:
Very funny, and very lovely.

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