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Review #1, by felixyyOrigins of the Racketeers: When Edna Explained

10th March 2008:
It didn't suck at all, I loved the 'Roger' parts. At least Arry didn't do that did she?
Update soon.

Author's Response: It's taken weeks to answer this computer took against it and kept blocking it for its pornographic content. "What pornographic content?" I hear you cry. Yeah, that's what I'd like to know.

Anywaaay, I'm glad you found it sufficiently suck-free (hehehe XP), the Roger thing is Edna's little slice of crazy. Because everyone should have at least a little bit.

Cheers for reviewing.

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Review #2, by felixyyA Taste Of Summer: I Beleive in Fairies

15th January 2008:
Audrey really is my kind of girl :D
Can't wait to find out how will she manage the "Tom" situation. heheee

Author's Response: i like audrey too! :)

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Review #3, by felixyyA Taste Of Summer: Knock, Knock

29th December 2007:
Wonderful story :D
I really like your writing style and strudel (ok I know that was like two chapters ago but any ways)
Can't wait for more :D

Author's Response: I LIKE STRUDEL TOO!

I can't wait for more too.. i know that's weird but I'm excited to write it... if only I had more time!


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Review #4, by felixyyRavenclaw Racketeers: You Had Me At 'Oi You'

4th December 2007:
A! *hopefully the screaming is over*

I loved it this chapter and the whole story and arry and all the other characters (Especially Arry).

It has been amazingly fun waiting for the next chapter to come out.. although now I'm kinda euphorically sad. Is that even possible? Or maybe I'm just happy (you can never know with me O.o)

Might I say that I loved Arry best when she was sad (the top of her insanity) , but I adored the "I love you" HA! That'll teach Blaise to help the dark side! ... lool

I should stop taking now (I dare anyone to try and make me) ok just know that you are the best of the best and the origins are looking good :D

lots and lots of love felixyy

Author's Response: HAHA I know what you mean when you say euphorically sad. Also the whole '(you can never know with me O.o)' You've got as good a guess about my emotions as me. Happy? Sad? Just thinking about eskimos? Who knows?

I'm really glad you enjoyed it and feel free to keep on talking - at least then I won't be the only one talking incessantly.

I'm very pleased you enjoyed it so muhc and thank you veeeeeeery much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by felixyyYo Ho, Yo Ho, A Wizard's Life For Me: The Black Pearl

2nd December 2007:
Great idea :D I like to imagine Ginny and Hermione wearing those dresses..they would be pretty
Can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: They would be, wouldn't they? Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #6, by felixyyHitler...resurrected?!: The woes of Remus Lupin

20th November 2007:
lool :D love the insaneness
llamas are cute..why would he have a problem with llamas?

Author's Response: The llamas liked to chase Remus around and try to eat him. :O That's why he didn't like them very much xD

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Review #7, by felixyyPerfection: Dreaming

27th October 2007:
What a great story! You really show how does an anorexic person feel. I had an episode like that for a few months, but now I realise it was a sick idea and it's better to be normal and healthy.
Love felixyy

Author's Response: I'm glad you made that choice, it was a very smart one!

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Review #8, by felixyyMy Little Piece of Chaos: The Sherry-Drinker Prophecy

27th October 2007:
hahaaa that was fun. :D I mean really I laughed so hard imagening evee and draco in snapes bed... thats jjust so cruel for poor snapy-poo..
Lovee it and can't wait for new chapters.
xxx felixyy

Author's Response: Poor Uncie Snapesiekins, he'll never be able to sleep in his bed properly again. I'm so glad you found it entertaining, love Elle xx

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Review #9, by felixyyThe Walls Have Ears: If Walls Could Talk...

21st October 2007:
I like it, the idea is very original and you can write about so many stories... Cheers :D

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Review #10, by felixyyMy Little Piece of Chaos: That George Weasley

8th October 2007:
really nice. I think you should twist the whole thing once more before you end it. It would be more fun. HeHe
Wonder what crazy things will Evee do now that she got her dose of potion...
can't wait for the next chapter.
:* felixyy

Author's Response: I was thinking the exact same thing, and I think you'll love the end of the story cos there's one big twist at the end of it. Ah Evee, I really worry how I came up with her, because it's definitely part of my personality. I'm trying to write the next chapter but unfortunetly I've gone deaf in both ears because of an inner ear infection and I can hardly hear anything and it's VERY painful. But I just took a nice big does of painkillers so I'm going to try and write some more today. Much Love, Elle xx

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Review #11, by felixyyRavenclaw Racketeers: Tales of Mossy

23rd September 2007:
So. just one chapter left?
That's (I can't find a word for it..) grief worthy (that's two words!!! hahaaa I win!!) This one explained lots of thingys to me. Although my brilliant brain figured out most of it chapters ago.
Take time with the last one and always
with love (and no. lurggy's) felixyy

Author's Response: 'That's (I can't find a word for it..) grief worthy (that's two words!!! hahaaa I win!!)' LMFAO!!! Omg that sound exactly like me in an argument. I nearly choked on my crisps when I read this, good job, you nearly killed me. XD.

I'm glad your brain figured it out - you've had enough time with my painfully slow updating! Damn me! heh heh.

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Review #12, by felixyyHow To Save A Life: Chapter 25:Epilogue.

23rd September 2007:
A truly great story!
I'm sad too, because you could do a lot with a sequel, but I guess you made your mind.
For the las time love felixyy

Author's Response: thanks so much! I might do a sequel, who knows.

for the last time thank you. Love goodbyetoyou

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Review #13, by felixyyRavenclaw Racketeers: THA: Tree Huggers Anonymous

19th September 2007:
I have to ask you something. I'm not sure you mentioned how Reanne looks..
Hope I'm not bothering you too much.

all the lovee felixyy XD

Author's Response: hmm :S I probably didn't mention it. I may have but i dunno. I imagine her being slim, quite pretty, light brown hair thats just above her shoulders and a little bit taller than Arry. That helpful? And it's no bother at all ^^

Imglad you let me know theres no description of her!

Phoenix XD

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Review #14, by felixyyHow To Save A Life: Chapter 21: Mother and Daughter

13th August 2007:
I love you're story!
I would love it if you wrote a sequel. But why Oliver Wood?
cheers =D

Author's Response: thanks! I picked Oliver Wood just because on age. He's the closest to Rory's age. Thanks!

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Review #15, by felixyyMy Little Piece of Chaos: Stuck Inside a Dragon

6th August 2007:
Evelyn won't be able to make the potion any more...
That's the sad part , but I was jumping around all day after I read it. Hehee
Darling that was a truly amazing chappy!
My friend told me this joke today and I ended up on the floor lauging my ass of :D So there was a cow walking through a fruit garden and it saw another cow on the cherry tree. And the first cow asked the second cow why is it on the tree... The cow answered because it is eating raspberrys. "How come you be eating raspberrys if you are in a cherry tree?" the first cow asked, "I brought them with me" answered the cow. LOL I can't imagine a cow sitting in a tree =DD
Much loveee

Author's Response: Oh shoot you're right! No more potion, ah well, she can just make first years cry and use theirs! haha!
Thankyou so much, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. LOL, I love that joke, might even use it when Evee gets drunk next! Lot's of love, Elle xx

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Review #16, by felixyyHow To Save A Life: Chapter 20: How To Save A Life

31st July 2007:
Great story!
Please update.
I beg you!!!

Author's Response: thanks!

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