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Review #1, by PookhaI Dreamed A Dream: I dreamed a dream

9th February 2016:
A BvB review. You definitely did the song justice. And Les Mis is a terrific framework for this. In a lot of ways, Snape is like Javert (but so unlike in others).

I think you do a good job putting us into Snape's angsty bewailings. And I mean that in the best way. Snape has had his dream destroyed, first by himself in how he treated Lily, and then all hope of redemption with her destroyed by Voldemort.

You do a great job showing his pain here and letting us explore his more human side that isn't shown in the books much until the very end.

His choices trapped him at an early age and he's paying the price for it now.

A really good job of characterizations particularly, and a good re-telling canon scenes from his perspective.

Author's Response: Aww...thank you. I've never done a canon scene before as I'm nervous about getting all the characterisations and things right, so I'm really happy that you liked it. Especially with Snape who is one of my favourite characters. He has so many layers to him and so many experiences have shaped him into who he became. I found this piece hard to write, but maybe it's because it looked so grand in my head and then didn;t seem quite so grand on paper. But reading back on it now, it is better than I first thought. Thanks for your review


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Review #2, by PookhaKeep Calm and Carry On: A Guide to St. Mungo's and Carrying On

9th February 2016:
BvB review.

Don't sweat the AUness of the Scamander children being different ages and twins since it won't really impact your story much. As long as you keep putting great characterizations on them, then it it's fine really. It's much more important to have a strong story and good characterizations and you have that.

I see the tension now between Lily and Lorcan that seems more than just work tension. There may be a history or future there that we just haven't seen yet.

I like Lorcan's clumsiness and it reminds me of Tonks quite a bit. She was clumsy, but undeniably good at her job.

I like what Lorcan had written for his job descriptions so far. It sounds like so many times when I open up Word to write and out comes, not garbage, but nothing useful.

Branson seems like someone who would be good to have in the Ministry. It would be nice to see a bit more about her and I think that you have that planned for when they work up her platform and policies.

A really good read, and now I'm going to favourite it as well.

Author's Response: Heya, sorry you got ninja'd but I love hearing your thoughts on the chapter!

Thank you so much! I felt like a bit of an idiot when I actually looked up what Pottermore info was out about the Scamander kids...two chapters into the story. But I'm not so much a stickler for Pottermore stuff so I'm rolling with it. (We'll see what I'm feeling with the Cursed Child'll all be ruined!!)

Very perceptive! I also really love how you've worded "There may be a history or future there"-- something about that phrase is really lovely.

Lorcan is a lot like Tonks! I'd never thought about it but that's definitely true. (Incidentally I also love Tonks...)

Haha "not garbage, but nothing useful" sums up so much about life! I really relate.

Branson's policies are definitely expanded in the future chapters!

Thanks again for your review and your favorite! I'm so glad you're enjoying this story. :)


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Review #3, by PookhaKeep Calm and Carry On: A Guide to Keeping Calm and Coffee Stains

8th February 2016:
Here for a BvB review.

I was hesitant to read this story at first because I saw Lorcan/Lily in the header for the story and wasn't in the mood to read a Lily/Lorcan ship-centric story. I'm glad I opened it, since it wasn't at all what I expected.

You have a positive gift for writing snappy dialogue. Yes, there's a lot of cursing, but people really do talk like that (I have a hard time convincing my wife of that, as I was raised in the inner city in the Rust Belt and she was raised in a small town). Your dialogue flows naturally and when spoken aloud it doesn't sound strange or stilted.

Your action is well managed and it makes the reader present in the scene. I can picture Branson's office and her staff clearly.

I also really like Lorcan's characterization. He's so different from his parents and how people expect him to be (I also picture him this way). He's good at his job, but kinda lazy, but not in an intellectual way. He means to do good, but doesn't strain himself to push too hard. He may or may not change as chapters proceed, I'll just have to see.

Lily's kind of a blank in this chapter, but I see there's Lily centric chaps coming up, so this makes sense.

A great read and makes me want to read more.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for this wonderful review! I really appreciate it.

I've been thinking about working on the story summary because it's throwing a lot at you, and I think I've changed the direction a bit since starting. I'm glad you liked it though, despite your expectations! :)

Thank you so much! Writing dialogue is my favorite and least favorite thing. I swear a lot myself, so that just kinda puts itself in the writing, to be honest. The television show that inspired this fic is also full of very...original insults/cursing, so that was part of it. I'm glad it works!

I'm trying really hard to balance "showing not telling" with my general hatred of actually describing things, so I'm glad you think it's working! :)

Lorcan is my favorite. I love writing him, even though I mostly just abuse him, and I relate to him immensely. He's definitely fighting a losing battle against becoming super odd like his parents, but sometimes it shines through. I hope you like him as the story continues!

Yep, Lily develops more over time. :)

Thanks again for the great review!


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Review #4, by PookhaBraver than Most: Braver than Most

30th January 2016:
This is a great read. The PTSD and other problems that the survivors would have faced so often gets over-looked and just kind of 'black-boxed'. It's good to see someone step forward and just put it out there for the world to see.

You do a great job with Lucy showing her fears and making us feel for her. I also really enjoyed the soft way that Harry approached her and opened his heart to her. He's a good man and we get to see that here.

There is a weird bit of dialogue that I notice. At the end of the second section Molly (Nana) says, "And George, dear, Congratulations..." I think you may have meant "Congratulations, Percy..."

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Review #5, by PookhaBroken Memories: The Velvet Box

25th January 2016:
I've always been drawn to George/Angelina since I learned it was canon. I've always imagined their tough relationship with everything they went through together with Fred's death.

I really think you nailed the characterizations on the head here with how tough Angelina is and how broken George is at first, but that he wants to bury himself in his work and make people laugh again.

The flashback scenes are well-written and add to the background of the story and it makes it clear that this was no fling from Fred, but the real thing.

Technically well written with great flashbacks and great characterization.

I also like that you avoid using cliches in describing Angelina. It's too easy to fall into descriptions that are unnecessary in describing a woman of color (I've done it myself, so first-hand here).

A great first chapter that makes me want to read more.

BvB review.

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Review #6, by PookhaDragon Fire: A living fire to light the darkness.

14th January 2016:
This is the type of story I appreciate. A series of vignettes that illustrate a scene or character perfectly. You capture the friendship between Charlie and Tonks perfectly. This fits my headcanon with them so well.

I love the way you portray their friendship, and you do a great job keeping it ambiguous so the reader can make up his or her own mind about the extent of their relationship.

I must admit that Charlie/Tonks unrequited, or in the past is my second OTP after Harry/Luna and I find this story to be right up my alley.

Your descriptions are great and add to the feel of the story. The end scene with her seeming a bit of stranger to him, even though he's always able to tell her when she changes is great.

Beautiful and sad at the same time.

A BvB review.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Well, good thing you appreciate this style, because it's kinda my fave. I don't have nearly enough muse to deal with full-blown plots, especially for one-shots, and ideas just sort of occur to me in this way. I cba with all the filler stuff.

Charlie Weasley is pretty ambiguous! There is nada about him apart from his love of dragons, and that he was in the same year as Tonks. Therefore I made to the jump to them being friends.

Thank you so much! Your comments mean a lot.

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Review #7, by PookhaOnce More: Once More

12th January 2016:
This was very well written and beautiful in its simplicity. You may or may not know that Abraxas Malfoy died from from dragon pox, so this seems even more poignant to me.

I like the descriptions of the canon characters. I've always thought the main actors were a bit too pretty and not real looking enough to play Harry/Ron/Hermione. Your descriptions make them more like real people and less like models or actors.

The heart wants what it wants and this is a great example of it. Scorpius's reluctance to admit his sexuality even to himself rings true, as does his epiphany of what he was really like.

A story where the relationship is unrequited or not possible due to some reason is one that always speaks to me, so I like the Rose/Scorpius bits as well as the Albus/Scorpius relationship.

Nicely tied up and beautifully written.
'As was his want' should be 'As was his wont' it's a weird word but wont means customary doing.

a BvB review.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm glad that the BvB brought you my way.

Once you mentioned it, I remembered that fact.
braxas would have died long before Scorpius was born, so he would not have seen Abraxas' death first-hand, but it does make this all a bit more personal for him doesn't it. I'd like to say that I had written this story with that fact in mind, but I cannot say that I did. It is just one of those happy accidents that happen to an author that we have to thank the writing gods for.

I thought that the Rose in this story was a bit hard, emotionally, so I made her match it physically too.

That's well put, the whole story is about finding out that the heart wants what it wants. It's what Scorpius finds, that what his brain has been telling him that he wants might not be what his heart desires. He does still like Rose, but one too many times of her nastiness has extinguished any love for her.

This story was originally written for two challenges: one was for an angsty tale, the other was for a Scorbus one. As I was looking around at other challenges, I came across one that would sink my ship. I realised that for the ship of Scorbus to rise, the Scorose one had to sink. So a few additional paragrahs saw to it and made the whole work better for it.

Thanks for the CC, I have to go and correct it sometime.

Thanks again for the lovely review, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #8, by PookhaHefty Headlines: An Expose of Bullying at Hogwarts: Big Girls Don't Cry

12th January 2016:
This is an important subject to tackle. Too often fanfic is about perfect bodies, perfect personalities and the heroes are Mary Sue or close to it and the villains are mustachioed caricatures. I've got a first year in one of my stories who is plus size, but it's a sub-plot to the story rather than a main emphasis, so I applaud you for tackling this head-on.

I like the way that Constance and Jayde are both portrayed. Constance is obviously bright and well-adjusted except for being bullied and the self-confidence issues that go with it. Jayde, while being a muckracker is also sympathetic to Constance for some reason (which I believe will be revealed later).

I have a hard time believing Luna and Rolf would put up with a bullying Lorcan, but that's headcanon and up to the author. You do a good job showing the bullying without going too far. And Lysander being so different was a nice touch.

Going to favorite this and wait for more.

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Review #9, by PookhaPrincess: Princess

12th January 2016:
This is a really good character study of Astoria told in a few words. It shows who she really is. While she is spoilt, she is also a person with a conscience and does what she believes in when it can make a difference.

It answers a question my wife and I have always had. Surely, some of the Slytherins would have stayed and fought, even though canon contradicts it. I can't picture the whole house being the same, and this shows a Slytherin with that spark of righteousness.

Draco is presented very sympathetically here, even though his appearance is brief. He's certainly a match for Astoria here and I believe that these two could heal each other over time.

PTSD and related issues have to a problem for more than just DA members and that's something to remember.

Very nice to read.

Author's Response: Hello!
I'm glad you enjoyed this, and thought it was a good exploration of Astoria's character.
I don't think everyone in Slytherin would have supported Voldemort's cause. After all, they're place in that house because of the qualities they have/value, not because they want to be Death Eaters. I think Astoria is very ambitious and resourceful, which is why she's a Slytherin, but she doesn't believe in blood purity or anything like that.
I agree that Draco and Astoria would make a very good match. They were both very damaged by the war, and can understand one another, so they help each other heal as time goes on.
Thank you for the great review!
Cassie :)

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Review #10, by PookhaFive Exclamation Marks: Five Exclamation Marks

12th January 2016:
So, this being a Pratchett challenge makes it even more thoughtful. I also have been reading Pratchett for years. With his Alzheimer's it draws a parallel between the way his mind/abilities started to slip toward the end of his life and the way that Hermione managed to hide her illness until too late. It's poignant and moving.

Ron in this story is perfectly in character. Too often, he's just used to show humor, or as abusive (which I can't see, EVER). You show him as a loving, caring husband who's willing to go through great personal hardship to care for his sick wife. He has way more than the emotional range of a teaspoon.

I really enjoy the way that Hermione is using her skills, even though slowly unraveling to help with what she believes is important. She's still brilliant even though she's sick.

A wonderful read.

Author's Response: Wow, another lovely review, thank you so much.

When the Pratchett challenge came up I thought I should go in it, then when I got the prompt I knew I had to. It was a quote that I not only remember, but I remember it each time that I have ever had occasion to even think about using an exclamation mark ever since I first read it.

So even though he wrote stuff that was so funny, I just couldn't do it for the challenge. For some reason this story just popped into my head. I realised the same thing too, that I was eerily paralleling his slow decline in his later years. Thank you for the praise.

I really like Ron as a character. He was used for a lot of humour in the books, but he always to me had a lot of depth that his light hearted surface veneer hid. In so many of the Next Gen things I see, they have him being a violent guy. I can see that he might have an issue with his only daughter dating the son of his old school enemy, but even then ...

Take for instance his admonishions to Rose on the station in the epilogue. I really took those to be said in a light-hearted manner. He has a character arc in the books every bit as great as Harry's, even though it is largely played out in the background. I truly believe that, post-Hogwarts, this is him living his dream. Not the Hermione thing where she is slowly using her faculties, but him being a dad and a good husband. For Harry and Hermione were the dreams of professional careers, but for him I believe his wanted reward always lay in family.

Hermione, just because her faculties are degrading, doesn't necessarily mean that her magical abilities are as well. Also there are many forms of madness, some leave some capabilities relatively intact.

Thank you for reading and reviewing, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #11, by PookhaEvent 3: At Night's End: The sun sings lullabies.

7th January 2016:
This may have been written quickly, but it is beautiful. The descriptions of the colors give it a real, evocative feeling of what you are describing.

Ollivander had a hard time in the dungeon, and Luna's presence made all the difference. I like the added touch that she reminds him of his daughter.

It's good to see someone showing him making a wand, and describing it instead of just 'black-boxing' it.

Great that Sunflowers come up when he tests the wand. Luna's like a sunflower herself, always positive and unshakable in what she believes, loyal as a Hufflepuff, brave as a Gryffindor, intelligent as a Ravenclaw.

BvB review.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for stopping by! You are too kind!

Ollivander as a character is also very fascinating, and I found the relationship he had with Luna while they were at Malfoy Manor really interesting. If I was going to be tortured and kept in a dungeon for more than a year, I would love Luna to be my only company!

I find wand lore so interesting as well - literally being able to harness magic and put it into a wand, which then everyone uses to perform magic. THE BASICS of magic, essentially! Difficult to think about, obv.

And you're spot on with your description of Luna!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by PookhaHarry Potter and the Final Year: Chapter 4: Lightsthefire

6th January 2016:
Whew! that was a very long chapter, but very well done. I must admit that I don't have a strong head-canon of goblin lifestyle, so it was interesting to read a take on it.

I really like Stampofiron and her no-nonsense method and I actually like the cursing from her. She feels like a real person, as do all the other goblins in your story.

Harry is portrayed absolutely accurately, with astonishment, curiosity and an intelligence that often gets under-rated by many writers. He's not stupid, and is in fact fairly gifted (not Hermione gifted, but gifted). He sees more in people than any of his friends (Except Luna who notices everything, even if she mis-understands it).

This was a great chapter, and I particularly enjoyed that Goblin Made is the anti-Horcrux. I'm writing a story about a necromancer boy going to Hogwarts, and he's able to put small bits of peoples souls back into the zombies he can raise, so I understand about using bits of souls in different ways.

A great read so far, and so far I've been remembering to read more!

Author's Response: Hey there, what a great review, and totally unexpected too. I knew you were enjoying my story as of the first chapter, but I'm glad that you stuck around to read more.

It was a very long chapter, but there was no good place to split it up. I can remember talking to my beta at the time about this very issue. There was no logical place to split it so a long chapter it stayed.

I didn't really have any really strong head-cannon of goblin lifestyle either, not before I started reading this story. I came from it from this angle because of hints from the books. The banking staff seemed to be predominantly male, that was one thing. Secondly the wizarding world always seemed to be a bit behind the muggle one. I jumped off from these two elements and extrapolated them out. Living underground and caught between two great cultures might force the goblins along certain lines. What you have been reading is an exploration of all of that.

I really like Stampofiron too. She was a happy accident that the writing gods bestowed upon me. I wanted a tough boss of the kitchens, no nonsense and practical with it: after all of that she just wrote herself.

In my stories, I have tried to keep the swearing at a minimum. I have not excised it completely because I don't have to write for small children as JKR had to. But what I have tried to do is to only use it where appropriate or where it fits to do so. If she is a hard, no-nonsense sort of goblin, who has had to fight her way to the top and to make her way in a probably patriarchal society, then she very well might swear as a matter of course.

Thank you for that. I really wanted the goblins to be people. One of the things I particularly hate in sci-fi and fantasy is when an author makes a whole race stupid. We are diverse as a species, even within one society/country/city there are a wide variety of temperaments and abilities. I don't want to do less for any non-human characters I write.

Thank you as well. I really have been trying to make my Harry live up to what I understood his abilities and potential to be. As to his giftedness, it is funny that you should mention that. I have a particular head-cannon that is going to be coming up in a later chapter about that very subject. Stay tuned.

(ps. I know what you mean about Luna)

It is sort of, to my mind at least, much like an 'anti-horcrux'. One of the things that always keeps coming back to me is that statement of Arthur Weasley's when he admonished his children to never trust anything that could think and you couldn't see where it kept it's brains. That and a bit of logic was what got me on the path of what 'goblin-made' items must really be. I don't think it's too far from the books either. To my mind if there are things that JKR has established in her books - like the ability to transfer portions of your soul into items, or the transdimensional nature of extension charms - then it is free for us who are expanding her world to take them and run with them.

Take for instance your idea about the necromancer. That is quite an interesting idea that could very well fit in with what JKR has already established - horcruxes, inferi and the like. I wish you well with it.

I am very glad you have been reading on. Thanks for the very positive and lovely review.

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Review #13, by PookhaHere With You: Here With You

6th January 2016:
So, I really like Hugo's characterization here. He feels like a 17-year old, unsure boy (and being male, I would know). The relationship between him and Emma is well-defined in just one chapter, you know they'll be besties forever.

It was interesting to watch her reaction to setting him up on a date. I think she deliberately named people he would refuse until she named Finn, so he wouldn't have a good excuse to say no. She knew Finn liked him and subtly manipulated it.

It's good to see how far LGTBQ fic has come in just the few years since I joined. So many fewer people saying no to writing and reviewing slash and other types of the fic.

You handled the angsty teen dating scene very well and chose to do so in a respectful manner. Very well written technically with no errors that I noticed.

Author's Response: Hello!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Since I'm female, writing from a guy's POV has always seemed quite daunting to me, so hearing from you that it felt realistic is so reassuring!
Emma and Hugo will definitely be best friends forever. They've just been there for each other through so much that they can't imagine their lives without each other.
I honestly hadn't thought about Emma naming people she knew he'd turn down, but it makes total sense! I think she'd try and sneakily set him up with Finn. That subtle manipulation is very Slytherin, I think.
I'm glad you thought the date was handled well, and that it wasn't too angsty! Haha. I don't think Finn could be angsty if he tried.
Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #14, by PookhaThrough My Sister's Eyes: Through My Sister's Eyes

6th January 2016:
I really like when authors set themselves the challenge of writing a 12+ story, because it can be difficult with the forum rules to do so. I especially like that you set out to do a 12+ story that wasn't just fluff.

Great job characterizing the girls, especially Padma. She has a distinct voice from either of her sisters.

You also do a great job with explaining that the children already understand what happened, even though the adults are hiding it. The leak from Ravi that their Aunt Padma dies makes sense as Ravi's at that in-between age between child and adult.

A great job keeping it real. Your story reads real because it has the touches that give it that feel of something that actually happened.

Author's Response: Hello!
I'd never written Padma before this, so I'm glad you liked her! I really enjoy writing both children and minor characters, so this was a nice chance to do a bit of both.
I think kids see and understand a lot more than we give them credit for. They have such an honest, wonderful view of the world, and I really wanted to try and show that here. Padma understands what's going on, but can view it in a way that helps the rest of her family get through a difficult time.
I'm glad you thought it was realistic, as well.
Thank you for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #15, by PookhaBlood Moon: Blood Moon

6th January 2016:
Well, that was terrifying, in a good way. You do a great job building the fear through the chase, getting a sense of urgency going and then keeping the pressure on.

Fenrir here is appropriately animalistic and dangerous, and is shown as someone to be feared.

Your description is masterful, and it is clear and full without being overwhelming in it's descriptiveness (I hope that made sense, lol).

I also like that you imply a lot about other things that Fenrir might be doing to his victims without explicitly stating what they are, letting the reader picture it for themselves.

A great, atmospheric read.

BvB review.

Author's Response: Hi Pookha!

Thank you! That was my main concern in this - action is not my strong point so I'm glad you feel that this was good and I built the fear up well!

He genuinely scares me so I knew I had to portray that here so I am really glad he comes across this way. I think everyone would be scared to be confronted by him so I wanted to get that across that he is a terrifying monster.

Thank you! I do try and work on my descriptions so I really happy you enjoyed them and it wasn't too much!

Well I always get this underlying feeling about Greyback - he really gives me the chills for obvious reasons and it's not stretch to think he could be doing worse things than killing his 'prey'.

thank you so much for the wonderful review!


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Review #16, by PookhaA Few Minutes More: A Few Minutes More

6th January 2016:
They say write what you know and it sounds like you know about dealing with toddlers. I've always, always, always thought that Ginny got short shrift in the books, so it's good to see a Ginny-centric story where she's just not a crazy red-headed maniac as she is often stereotyped.

I really like the way she deals with the children individually and how she goes in angry, but when she sees them playing nicely together, she calms right down.

I also really like that each of the kids has their own individual personality.

Very well written from a technical perspective, too.

Author's Response: Hello there!

I agree with you about Ginny - I think J.K. couldn't done a bit more, but the books were really about Harry and good vs. evil. Haha - yeah, I have kids - and they were mainly the inspiration for this story.

Thanks so much!

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Review #17, by PookhaHow can I walk away?: How can I walk away?

5th January 2016:
So I don't normally read Dramione, but I'm glad I read this one. It avoids all the tropes and cliches by removing them entirely. It's a great way to show the ship without context.

You do a great job showing how they want to hide, but also want to be out in the light. The disappearing footsteps were a great choice of description.

I also like how Draco is showing more bravery here than he would have in his past. He wants to bring them to light, and he wants to show the world how it is now.

A great read for mood and tone.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and I'm happy to have written a Dramione that you kind of like. I do ship them and think they match each other but there has to be a major shift of Draco to bring them together. But here, I did skillfully dart around the specifics :) He's a changed along and walked a hard road to bring him to this point. He's sacrificed a lot in his life but he wont sacrifice Hermione. Thanks for stopping by.


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Review #18, by PookhaParachute: Frequent Visits to St. Mungo's

4th January 2016:
BvB review.

I don't think the conversation was too short. You really didn't need to fill in that space with the whole dragged out thing, so summing up was fine. It is okay to tell once in a while instead of showing and sometimes it's right when it's a long tedious conversation (like Lily's wheedling probably was here).

I like the feel of Lily not wanting to follow in the family's footsteps. She wants to do her own thing and be her own person.

You do very well at connecting the reader to Lily's feelings and we understand just how tired of feeling worried for her family she is. She's not just tired of going there, but she's also tired of worrying.

My favorite part is how you make us care about the characters.

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Review #19, by PookhaHarry Potter and the Final Year: Prologue

1st January 2016:
This was brilliant. I love 8th year type fics and have been thinking of writing one myself. I thought that Harry was perfectly in character and so were the Malfoys. I've pictured that trial going pretty much the same way, so confirmation of head canon is always nice.

This says a lot of not only Harry's character, but Draco's. Draco is not a nice person, but he's also not a murderer or really a Death Eater. He's a scared, prejudiced teenager who's come under the spell (ha-ha) of bad people and didn't realize until too late just how evil they were.

I completely agree that Narcissa would have avoided Azkaban and Lucius would have spent some time there. I've always vacillated on Draco, leaning toward how you depicted it here.

Great characterization and good dialogue. Keeping it in character the whole way through makes it easy to read and makes it seem real. Going to favourite this and try to remember to read more.

Author's Response: Well hi there, I just wrote you a review for the latest BvB, so here I am answering your review in kind.

Thanks so much for the praise. The story had been rattling around in my head for ages before I committed it to paper, actually long before I'd even read one single Harry Potter fan-fiction. As such it is full of my head cannons and what-I-think-should-happen-next's.

To have my head cannon match that of someone else is wonderful to me. This chapter was a necessary evil, in so much that it had to happen sometime. The stuff that happens in the next chapter and beyond is what was going through my mind for all those years, not the trial of Draco. But once I realised that it had to happen, the only logical place for it to occur was right at the beginning of the story.

It is really gratifying to me to read that you think that my characterisation of Harry and the Malfoy's was a match for the books - I really did try to keep them in the spirit of what JKR was doing with them. The stuck up upper-class mother and the spoilt petulant child of the earlier books dissapear in the light of the greater evil of Voldemort. They are much changed by the end of the seventh book and I tried to extrapolate that out.

Your second paragraph I agree with totally. Draco may never be nice. I remember reading that JKR thought that, despite all of the fan fiction that she'd heard of to the contrary, Harry and Draco would never be friends. I don't necessarily agree with that, but I think that it would be hard for them to become bosom buddies too.

We shall see what the community service of Draco's brings. I have started to write the chapter and it occurs sometime around chapter 10 or 12 or so. It will certainly be a learning experience for the young man, that it will.

So thanks again for the praise and the review, it was a very welcome thing to see and to read. Please keep reading and I hope you like what I am attempting to do.

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Review #20, by PookhaAnthony Goldstein's Chanukah: Anthony Goldstein's Chanukah

14th December 2015:
I quite enjoyed reading this. It's good to see the holidays from a different perspective. I must admit that I never thought about Chanukah happening during Hogwarts term, but this year it's 12/6-12/14 so it makes sense. It would be hard to be at Hogwarts during such a holiday, but Anthony handled it well here.

Thank you so much for this glimpse at his holiday. I like that the other students were accepting of his beliefs, too and celebrated with him (at least by wondering what his presents were).

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Review #21, by PookhaA Happy Holiday Indeed: Happy Christmas

13th December 2015:
Super sweet and any story featuring Dobby will be faved if good, and this one is GOOD. I like the way DD visits and spends time with Dobby. He knows that Dobby is very much feeling the same way as he does and they can both enjoy each other's company.

Terrific characterization of Dobby and DD.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you feel that way! I've always thought holidays would be very difficult for Dumbledore so I wanted to express that. Thank you so much for the lovely review! :D

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Review #22, by PookhaStar-Crossed : Party

12th December 2015:
Extremely well-written, especially for a first fanfic. Kudos for writing a minor character, too. I quite enjoyed Argus's characterization and the way he's worried about what his family thinks, but also the way that he wants to fit in.

The Shakespeare theme will help to tie it all together and it will be interesting to see more. I'm going to favorite this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this, I hope I don't disappoint!

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Review #23, by PookhaThe Cornish Pixie Clock: The Cornish Pixie Clock

11th December 2015:
I love this story. I'm always up for some fluff with Luna and I like Luna/Rolf quite a bit. Rolf knows that Luna's going to want something unique (like him!)

I really like the gift that he gave her with the clock and the wood-working that he had to do to fix it. I find myself liking your Rolf quite a bit.

Keep writing fluff, the world has enough angst! (Ah, write angst, too).

I really see the love that they have for each other come through in your writing.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!
Luna/Rolf is a ship I need more canon info on. They have to be a near perfect take on the cute 'quirky' couple.
I'm glad you liked my version of Rolf and his relationship with Luna. Rolf is, for lack of better words, my precious little nugget.
(Actually, the world doesn't have enough angst.)

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Review #24, by PookhaButtercup: The Anemones Won't Die

10th December 2015:
This is beautiful. So very Luna and Harry. The language is simple and evocative, and it shines through with power and grace. We can FEEL, FEEL, FEEL, the love and the simple truth of the pairing through your writing.

I admit that I was searching for a great Harry/Luna story to get me back into feeling this ship like I used to and this one was it.

Your use of language is clear and colorful. I like the way that some of the story read like poetry. Thank you for a beautiful and sad story.

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Review #25, by PookhaHurricane Luna: They Meet in a Tree

19th January 2015:
So I'll start with your headcanon for Rolf; T.J. Thyne. He's not my first choice (I picture Rolf as very large and Viking-looking, more like Zakk Wylde), but I love the choice and I can see the Rolf in your story looking like this. Great faceclaim for Rolf.

As someone who writes Luna a lot myself, I think you got her characterization right on the money. So many people make her too strange or not strange enough and then she's flat or not understandable or relatable. You got her spot-on.

Her eagerness to help and learn often exceeds her skill, but she learns quickly and she's willing to listen to people, but if they don't agree with her worldview, she will think about it then dismiss it if it's not correct to her. You capture that well here with her stubbonness about the birds.

I really liked Luna watching him for days in the trees before announcing her prescence. I've already read the other chapters and hope to review them soon.

Author's Response: Hey there!

Haha - So, SO many people comment on TJ! Thanks for the compliment about Luna - I can't wait to read some of your work with her in it!

Thanks again - I'd love to hear what you think about how this story develops!

♥ Beth

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