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Review #1, by potterprincess07The Unveiling: The Unveiling

24th May 2013:
This was beautiful! It made me cry, but it was also happy because of the love they shared. Bravo!

Author's Response: potterprincess07,

Oh, thank you so very much for giving this story a chance. Awe, it made you cry? *sends tissues*

You are so right about it being sad, but happy because of their love. Really, love can last years and years, even though two people are not together. It can and does remain strong through it all... through everything, love can endure.

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. Much appreciated,
Dark Whisper

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Review #2, by potterprincess07Tomorrow is another day: Chapter 6

16th May 2013:
Another wonderful chapter! The only thing I'm not sure of is Astoria's actions. It seems a little... not quite right. But other than that, I love it!

Author's Response: I am rewriting the chapters at the moment. So I will give that another look. I know so little of Astoria so I am searching to make it all seem right.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by potterprincess07Tomorrow is another day: Chapter 3

16th May 2013:
I love it! I love how (so far at least) this is so cannon, yet little things are here and there. Especially since 19 years is a long time, and there's no telling what happened in those years). Thank you for bringing Neville in. He's one of my favorite characters.

Author's Response: I just can't imagine not mentioning Neville. I liked him in the books as well!

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Review #4, by potterprincess07Tomorrow is another day: Chapter 2

16th May 2013:
I love the way you've written the characters! THey are so cannon. Harry reminded me just of his character in HBP and Hermione is still Hermione :)

Author's Response: Really? Thank you! I'm glad you think I stayed true to the characters. I was trying to find a way to have them remain the same, and still be different since they did grow up.

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Review #5, by potterprincess07Tomorrow is another day: Chapter 1

16th May 2013:
I really liked this. I love how everything came together and all of the characters fit in so seamlessly with the cannon characters. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! That was something that scared me a little. I don't want it to seem forced. Glad you didn't think it was.

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Review #6, by potterprincess07Tomorrow is another day: Prologue

16th May 2013:
Love! I'm usually kind of iffy on new people, but I really like Angela. At least so far :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like her! I know an OC can be tricky, so I hope I can avoid going wrong with this.

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Review #7, by potterprincess07The Cleverness of Uncle George: Try

14th January 2012:
I loved it! I think you did a great job at capturing each of the characters. I remember the first time I tried to write George, and it was hard at first, but after awhile it kind of started flowing. This is great.

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

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Review #8, by potterprincess07Bright Bright Bright Green eyes: Petunia

17th April 2011:
I love it! As soon as I read the review that you had left for me, I went to find this. It's amazing how much was unsaid in such a short amount of time (if that makes sense). It's also kind of ironic how we both posted them at almost the same time, and they kind of connect. Weird, but cool.

Great story! I love it.

Author's Response: thanks, its really strange. I wrote mine a few weeks ago, but only got a chance to post it today. Yeah they do fit. Is Dumbledore influencing us from beyond the grave ;D
Anyway, I'm glad that you liked mine thanks for the review back

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Review #9, by potterprincess07Delilah's Black Book of Poems: A Slytherin New Year's Eve Party

17th April 2011:
I'm SO glad her turned her down. Ugh. What a ... well words I can't write on here! I hope she gets eaten by a deranged Hippogriff.

And who is the girl who was able to read his mind? Is it just a random someone or someone more important? I guess I'll find out later.

And I want to go to the party as well. I'm not sure what I'd wear either.

Great job!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you didn't mind that bit of 'filler'... I just had to write him dropping her... I hate her too. LOL! :)

Mind reader girl was a random girl... but because of your review... that might change. :)

Also just so you know... no lion, raven, or badger costumes would be allowed at the party... so I hope that helps you decide on what to wear... XD LOL!

I decided to go as a black panther... I really, really like those! ;D

Thanks so much for your Review! I appreciate every word!

Dark Whisper

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Review #10, by potterprincess07The Wedding Night of Her Dreams : The Worst Story Ever - The Wedding Night of Her Dreams

14th April 2011:
This was great! I got a little confused at the end, but it was lovely. And I thought it was great how you brought yourself in it. Even better!

As for worst story? No. As for being funny? Yes.

And once again, you've done it again :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I admit... the bottom of my story is a bit confusing... it is referring to the beginning of April when the site was shut down. Boo hoo.

Glad you liked it... But really, as soon as the challenge is over... I'll most likely delete it. :}

Thank you so much for Reviewing! The others in this challenge are wonderful and I encourage you to read them all! They have made me laugh 'til my sides hurt!

With much appreciation...
Dark Whisper

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Review #11, by potterprincess07Regret: Pride

11th April 2011:
Here is my review. One, because I like it :) And two, after that note in the authors note, how could I not? I don't want to be one of 10. I also know what its like to see that there have this many reads, but only this many reviews. And when the number of reads greatly exceeds the number of reviews, its not fun.

So about the story. I think you did great with first person. It's a great story, and I wish I would have participated in this challenge. Though on the other hand, I've signed up for a lot of challenges that never get finished, because I run out of time.

Author's Response: Thank you :D!

I always sign up for too many challenges lol.

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Review #12, by potterprincess07A Man Barely Breathing: Malfoy vs. Malfoy - A File for Divorcement

4th April 2011:
I love this quote, and I think it fits so perfectly. I'm looking forward to reading more! And I read what you said about my review to the other story, and you are most welcome! I feel that reviews are important (as I love them myself!) because without them, its hard to see what people like/dislike about the story, and in some ways, they open new windows as in which way to take the story. And now I have gotten way off topic.

Back to the story at hand. I love it. It's so... fitting. Those are the only words I can find to describe it yet.

Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I love this quote as well. As soon as I read it on the challenge forums, I knew this one was for me to... 'take and run' with it.

This challenge really isn't due until June1st! But my fingers were typing fast and I couldn't wait that long... Thought I'd start everyone off early.

The next chapter should be up today!!

Thanks so much for the kind Review... It was a wonderful start to my Monday...

Dark Whisper

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Review #13, by potterprincess07Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Draco's Women

3rd April 2011:
Yay! An update! Believe me, for the past few days I've been checking this story over and over for an update and here it is! And it was well worth the wait. I love this side of Draco. It really gives a whole new side of why he has been the way he was. I love it!

Author's Response: Thank You! You sound so excited to see this finally up! It really warms my heart to know that someone out there was looking forward to it. And I'm glad it didn't disappoint!

I hate every one of those women I wrote about... especially Wolfe... but maybe not Poly Juice girl... I'm undecided on her. ;}

He just wants to be loved... WE LOVE HIM!

Thanks so much for your kind words... I thrive on them and they keep me going... honestly they do.

Dark Whisper

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Review #14, by potterprincess07Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Concussed Duck: Pipedream

2nd April 2011:
This is great. At first, I was trying to figure out where it was going, but love the Sherlock Holmes/Harry Potter connection. Or excuse me, the Larry Trotter!

Author's Response: haha thanks, this was just a little something to celebrate the change from Potter to Holmes on that amazing day of april first. Unfortunately, the staff bottled out and returned it to Potter. *SIGH*

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Review #15, by potterprincess07The Sorting Hat's Secrets: The Sorting Hat's Secrets

26th March 2011:
This is really good. You know, I've always wondered if there was something between Ravenclaw and Slytherin... and you're story sort of made that seem possible :)

Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I would have never gotten the idea had it not been a challenge on another website. The challenge was on pertaining to the sorting hat, but somehow this spawned from it! Thanks for reading! :)

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Review #16, by potterprincess07Unexpected: Lost

26th March 2011:
awww. This is the very first story I've ever read with Hermione and one of the twins, and I have to say, I like it. A lot.

Author's Response: I love this ship so much! I hadn't really heard of it to a little while before I started this. I immediately fell in love, because I was like duhh! This is so perfect! Thanks for taking a chance on this ship! I hope I haven't disappointed! :)

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Review #17, by potterprincess07The One That Got Away: A Welcome Feast, Indeed.

16th March 2011:
Lol, I don't know if this was supposed to be funny so to speak, but I found some of it that way. I loved the line "Pansy told me she was pregnant so I thought I ought to marry her". And I think its great that Neville AND Hannah are both teachers. A little rivalry there I think. So lets see, all that's missing is a Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. (Unless they don't need that anymore).

I also loved the part about "you managed to have two kids as well.' 'Well, Ron does visit on occasion' ". LOVED IT.

Great job!

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Review #18, by potterprincess07Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Hermione's Window Seat

16th March 2011:
Ooh, can't wait until the next chapter! And yes, quite a difference in techniques.

And I love how you brought up the whole "drivers license" thing.I mean, we can assume that somewhere in there she got one because Ron was going for one but I've always kind of wondered how she stayed connected to her family after all the magic issues. Its almost as if they were just kind of forgotten and conveniently always somewhere so Hermione would spend time with the Weasley family (but then, that's just me) [shrugs].

Great chapter! Can't wait until the next one!

Author's Response: I was trying to think of some little things that would make her feel alienated... I could have gone into technology and all... but thought it might date the story (and me), so I stuck with simple things.

Glad you liked it! There will be more soon!

Thanks so much for the reviews! You are awesome!

Dark Whisper

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Review #19, by potterprincess07Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Draco's Teenage Mouth and a Mother's Revenge

16th March 2011:
If only I could have heard Draco yell that about James Potter to Lucius...

Another great chapter.

Author's Response: LOL! Well... he had to say precisely the worst thing imaginable... and well... it has to be that.

Regardless if Draco meant it or not... it was meant to inflict pain... and it did.

Thank you!

Dark Whisper

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Review #20, by potterprincess07Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Draco Awakes

16th March 2011:
I have to say I love Abraxas. I never gave too much thought to the previous Malfoy generations, but I'm growing to love the old guy.

And I'm so glad that you brought Dobby in!

Author's Response: It seems everyone is loving the old man Malfoy in this story.

He is very cunning... in a happier kind of way... and obviously thinks "long term" with his plans. LOL!

I thought... how am I going to get these gifts to the Weasley house? Dobby, of course!

Thanks for the faithful Reviews!

Dark Whisper

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Review #21, by potterprincess07Delilah's Black Book of Poems: A Future Christmas Tragedy

16th March 2011:
wow. That is amazing writing. You truly have talent, my dear.

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! **squeals**

That makes me feel so 'happy'... for the lack of a better word at the moment.

I thought maybe people would not like this chap because of the 'reason' for the tragedy and think it completely unrealistic... but so is talking at length to a portrait, right?

Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment.

Dark Whisper

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Review #22, by potterprincess07Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Present Day Burrow and a Future with Astoria

16th March 2011:
This actually brought tears to my eyes. And it seems so canon as well. You do a great job of characterizing and keeping them true to how they appeared in the books, yet letting them branch out on their own.

Great job!

Author's Response: Tears? Awe... I think you might be the 2nd reviewer to have said that about this chap.

It is a sad one, getting into her mindset as to how torn she is, as she 'feels the need to be loved.'

And really... how sad to have Draco, but not really HAVE him...

I'm glad you liked it. And thank you so much for reviewing!

Dark Whisper

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Review #23, by potterprincess07Delilah's Black Book of Poems: Abraxas Malfoy and a Christmas Past

16th March 2011:
Absolutely wonderful. I only wished I could read the rest of what's posted right now. But alas, I have to go to bed, so it will have to wait until tomorrow :(.

However, I have to say, this is AMAZING. And yes, little barefoot Draco is adorable. I can even imagine Grandpa Malfoy. Hmm... never given him much thought before but I might have to write a story about him in the future :)

Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Wow... great compliments coming from a seasoned pro! Thank you!

My reviewers seem to love Abraxas, as he reveals much in these first three chapters. But I won't spoil anything for you. :)

Thanks so much for reviewing!

Dark Whisper

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Review #24, by potterprincess07The power of Love: Revenge of the Dark Lord.

15th March 2011:
This is really, really good. I am so glad that I stumbled on your story.

Author's Response: Simple and lovely comments like these keep me going ^^

Thank you for leaving a review behind and I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story too!

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Review #25, by potterprincess07The Bachelor: Ginny Weasley

14th March 2011:
Loved it. Just sat down and read the whole thing in one sitting. This is by far one of the funniest things that I've ever read. For some reason, I was it as a Tim Burton cartoon rather than the movie, and that seemed to work even better!

Great job!

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